The Astrology Podcast Transcripts

This page lists transcripts of episodes of The Astrology Podcast that are currently available.

The podcast is meant to be listened to, not read, so we encourage you to listen to the audio if possible. Transcripts are generated using a combination of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and the text has generally not been edited, and may contain errors.

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  1. The First Episode of the Astrology Podcast
  2. Ben Dykes on Electional Astrology
  3. The Definition of “Astrologer” with Nick Dagan Best
  4. The Astrology of the 2012 Presidential Election
  5. The Fifth Episode of the Astrology Podcast
  6. NORWAC Recap With Kelly Surtees
  7. Mercury Retrograde: Myths and Realities
  8. The Issue of House Division in Astrology
  9. The Relationship Between Hellenistic and Indian Astrology
  10. The Future of Astrology
  11. The Astrology of Uranus and the United States
  12. Robert Hand on Reconciling Modern and Traditional Astrology
  13. Ben Dykes’ New Translation of Hephaistio of Thebes
  14. Data Collection and Celebrity vs. Personal Birth Charts
  15. The Ethics of Using Electional Astrology to Time a Birth
  16. Christopher Warnock on Astrology, Magic and the Occult
  17. The Rationale for the Significations of the Houses
  18. Modern vs. Traditional Astrology Debate
  19. Objective Versus Subjective Reality in Astrology
  20. Austin Coppock on the Astrology of the Decans
  21. Astrology and Tarot: Professional Parallels
  22. The Astrology of 2015
  23. Birth Data Collection, Sect, and Other Research
  24. Understanding Your Saturn Return
  25. Reception as a Mitigating Factor in Astrology
  26. Modern and Traditional Views on Difficult Placements
  27. The Life and Work of Astrologer James Holden
  28. Mitigating Factors in Traditional Astrology
  29. Branches and Traditions of Astrology
  30. Ancient Timing Techniques: Time-Lords and Dashas
  31. Tips for Learning Astrology and Becoming an Astrologer
  32. Astrology Forecast and Elections for June 2015
  33. History Channel Astrology Episode Commentary
  34. Astrology Forecast and Auspicious Dates for July 2015
  35. Prediction vs Forecasting & Cultural Acceptance
  36. Mundane Astrology with Benjamin Dykes
  37. Robert Hand on Sect: Day vs. Night Charts
  38. Astrology Forecast & Auspicious Dates for August 2015
  39. Venus Retrograde: Challenging Consensus
  40. Sun-Sign Astrology: Pros and Cons
  41. Birth Times and Improving Data Collection Efforts
  42. Mark Jones on the Therapeutic Potential of Astrology
  43. Astrology Forecast and Elections for September 2015
  44. Conferences, Detriment, Legality of Astrology, etc.
  45. Saturn in Sagittarius
  46. Responses to Common Scientific Criticisms of Astrology
  47. Astrology Forecast and Elections for October 2015
  48. Fate, Free Will, and Astrology
  49. Responses to Religious Criticisms of Astrology
  50. 10 Problems That Are Unique to Astrologers
  51. Astrology Forecast and Elections for November 2015
  52. Whole Sign Houses: The Best System of House Division
  53. Geoffrey Cornelius on The Moment of Astrology
  54. The Debate About Ancient Systems of House Division
  55. Astrology Forecast and Elections for December 2015
  56. Tips For Becoming a Better Astrologer
  57. Astrology Forecast and Transits for 2016
  58. The Star of Bethlehem
  59. Misconceptions About Older Forms of Astrology
  60. The Zodiac Debate: Tropical vs Sidereal
  61. The Debate Over the Origins of Hellenistic Astrology
  62. The Lives and Works of the Hellenistic Astrologers
  63. Astrology Forecast and Elections for February 2016
  64. The Significations of the Seven Traditional Planets
  65. The Professional Astrologer Book Interview
  66. Astrology Forecast and Elections for March 2016
  67. The Outer Planets and Relationships
  68. Joan Quigley and the Reagans’ Use of Astrology
  69. Astrology Forecast and Elections for April 2016
  70. The Astrology of Mars Retrograde Periods
  71. Medical Astrology With Lee Lehman
  72. Astrological Training, Certification, and Credentials
  73. The Life and Work of Astrologer Demetra George
  74. Astrology Forecast and Auspicious Dates for May 2016
  75. The Life and Work of Astrologer Maggie Nalbandian
  76.  Financial Astrology with Ray Merriman