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The Astrology Podcast

Ep. 300 Transcript: Highlights of Prescient Predictions From 2020 Astrology Forecasts

The Astrology Podcast

Transcript of Episode 300, titled:

Highlights of Prescient Predictions From 2020 Astrology Forecasts

With Chris Brennan and guests Austin Coppock, Leisa Schaim, and Kelly Surtees

Episode originally released on April 14, 2021


Note: This is a transcript of a spoken word podcast. If possible, we encourage you to listen to the audio or video version, since they include inflections that may not translate well when written out. Our transcripts are created by human transcribers, and the text may contain errors and differences from the spoken audio. If you find any errors then please send them to us by email: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Transcribed by Andrea Johnson

Transcription released August 14th, 2023

Copyright © 2023 TheAstrologyPodcast.com

CHRIS BRENNAN: Hey, my name is Chris Brennan, and you’re listening to The Astrology Podcast. This is Episode 300, and I’m recording it on Sunday, April 11, 2021, starting at 6:32 PM in Denver, Colorado. So over the past few months a listener of the show named Alicia Park put together a montage of highlights from each of the forecast episodes that we released last year in 2020, and these forecast episodes—we’ve been recording them since 2015 with my friends Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock. And we got together, starting in late 2019, in November of 2019, to record the forecast for the year ahead for 2020, and that year we got together in person to record it because we knew it would be an important year. So Alicia focused in particular on statements or predictions that we made that ended up being prescient in light of future events and how things turned out. So this episode is basically a supercut of a bunch of different statements and predictions that we made about the future that worked out pretty well last year.

So I just watched the full video today after Alicia sent it to me, and I thought it came out really well. And I’m pretty happy with our track record last year, so I decided to go ahead and release this as Episode 300 of the podcast. I think it provides a nice review of how things went last year, both astrologically and just in terms of world events in general. And it also provides some insight into our process as astrologers and as people that do astrological forecasting, both in terms of our process of making predictions and how and why we made certain statements, as well as just showing our process of, in some instances, learning and growing as astrologers during the process as we went along, just like everyone else trying to get through and trying to survive last year. So my hope is that people will find these highlights both interesting as well as useful from an educational standpoint. And I think it’s just a nice way to look back now, since the podcast has reached this milestone of 300 episodes.

While you can listen to the purely audio version of this episode—if you normally listen to the audio versions of the podcast—I’d recommend watching the video version of this episode since the video will say in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen what episode each clip is from, as well as the date that that episode was recorded, which is kind of important context as you’re watching through these clips, seeing at what points during the year or how far ahead of time we’re making some of these statements about future events. So in addition to this episode milestone, we also recently hit 75,000 subscribers on YouTube. So I wanted to say thanks to all the listeners and all the patrons that have supported the podcast over the years. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to make it to 300 episodes now, so thank you. All right, with that introduction out of the way, let’s take a look at the highlights that Alicia compiled from last year.

2020 Year Ahead Forecast (Recorded November 23, 2019)

CB: Are you prepared just in general, like mentally and spiritually for 2020?

AUSTIN COPPOCK: Getting there.


AC: I have—

KS: I will be.

AC: 38 days to be fully ready.

KS: Yes. 38?

AC: Oh, I was just gonna hide in a bomb shelter all year.

KS: Are you?

AC: I think I’m gonna be teaching classes—

KS: You’ll be teaching—

AC: Live from the bomb shelter.

KS: Live from the bomb shelter. I love it. I love it.

AC: We have to start with the Saturn-Pluto.

KS: I think we do.

CB: Yeah, that is the ‘elephant in the room’.

KS: Yes.

AC: Yeah.

KS: The big rock everyone’s trying to pretend isn’t there.

AC: The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is heavy.

CB: Sure.

AC: It’s heavy and it’s big. It looms.

KS: There is a looming quality to it.

AC: Historically, Saturn conjoins Pluto at very heavy moments in history. And we’re, I think, at an appropriately heavy and momentous period of history. We all agree that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is not ‘snugly’?

KS: Correct.

CB: Right.

KS: It’s the ‘anti-cuddle’ aspect. It’s so dry. You know, Saturn in Capricorn—like the pure energy of that is like distant or detached or hands-off.

AC: Yes.

KS: Yeah. And it can become isolating, or there can be this feeling of barriers.

CB: Yeah, isolationism.

KS: Yeah.

CB: That’s a good theme if we’re talking about this in a mundane sense, with different themes of security and what it takes to create a greater sense of security versus a sense of isolationism as something that goes along with that.

KS: Yeah.

AC: The Saturn-Pluto conjunction historically has been very ‘pro-barrier’ and ‘pro-wall’.

KS: Very ‘pro-wall’.

AC: A wall being the archetypal physical structure which creates separation.

KS: Yeah.

CB: Pluto tends to just amplify whatever it’s touching and let it go nuts with whatever its normal tendency already is.

AC: Yeah.

KS: Yeah.

CB: So if the normal tendency for Saturn is to build walls and create a greater sense of exclusion and separateness then Pluto is just going to amplify that and blow it out of all proportion.

KS: It makes it very extreme.

AC: Yeah, and we can just check history and it’s true every time.

KS: Yeah. Yeah, so that’s the start of the quarter.

CB: In about mid-February, Mars moves into Capricorn, where we have all of that other outer planet action going on this year.

AC: Yeah, there’s a lot there, right?

KS: Huge.

AC: There are several different conjunctions to think about. And Mars adds fire, right, and separation and action.

KS: Yeah, there’s divisiveness.

AC: It’s not just Mars in the same sign. Mars and Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn are all very close by degree.

KS: Yes. Now that’s an ‘anti-cuddle’ aspect.

CB: There will be no cuddling in the third week of March.

KS: None at all.

CB: Okay. So many astrologers associate it with the financial collapse and the recession that happened in 2008, with Pluto ingressing into Capricorn. But now at the very end of Pluto’s transit, we have these intense conjunctions taking place before we finish up that transit through that sign.

AC: Yeah. And I believe that the United States was born with its Pluto in the third decan of Sag—or sorry, Scorpio or—

KS: Capricorn.

AC: Capricorn.

CB: Right.

AC: Gotta learn my signs.

KS: Yeah.

CB: Yeah, the United States is having a Pluto return.

KS: Yeah.

AC: Mm-hmm. And so, yeah, in terms of individual charts that this year connects with more, this year connects a lot with the US chart.

KS: Right.

CB: So far, we’re just talking about Saturn-Pluto conjunctions.

KS: Yeah, we called it the ‘anti-cuddle’ aspect.

LEISA SCHAIM: I love that.

CB: One of the images of Mars-Saturn is Mars is like pressing the gas in the car all the way to the floor, like flooring it, while Saturn is like hitting the brakes at the same time, or like having the emergency brake on.

KS: Yeah.

CB: Having those dueling qualities of wanting to move forward rapidly, but also sometimes being stopped from moving forward, or having a barrier that you have to decide whether to attempt to just push through and remove from your way as an obstacle, or it’s something that actually stops you so that you can’t proceed further.

AC: Yeah. And so, one very common Mars-Saturn experience is frustration.

KS: Yeah, it sounds like that’s the word for Mars-Saturn.

CB: Right, ‘frustration’.

KS: Yeah.

AC: Mars-Saturn configurations can be unfortunate triggers for bad things if there’s disagreement between the gas pedal and the brake. In Aquarius, Saturn is in a vastly superior position.

KS: Yes.

AC: And so, the brake will naturally win and is probably the right move.

KS: Yes.

AC: So Saturn-Uranus—Saturn-Uranus have very contrary significations. When they get configured by hard aspect you see friction between “I’m trying to do this plan but things just changed.”

KS: Yes.

AC: One way that that works out is having to radically and quickly alter a longer-term plan to take into consideration a new and important development.

KS: Yes. Yeah, so that idea of having a plan but the situation changing faster than you can actually enact your original plan, and then having to go back to the drawing board, or even on the fly having to be a little bit flexible or a little bit spontaneous, which is not something Saturn does very well naturally.

CB: Quarter two, other stuff.

KS: There is a wealth signature that I often see referred to with Jupiter-Pluto, you know, how is money and power coming together to a certain extent.

CB: And extremes of those.

KS: Very extreme.

CB: Like not usually in-between but either extreme wealth or extreme poverty.

KS: Extreme poverty, yeah.

CB: Sure.

KS: Keep in mind this is the second time we’ve had Jupiter in Capricorn since Pluto went into Capricorn.

CB: Oh, right.

KS: 2008, we had Jupiter in Capricorn, with Pluto there as well.

CB: That was a fun time.

KS: I don’t want to cause any sort of concern for people, but just be aware that there may be an echo of the theme, if you like, on a macro level, but also at a personal level.

CB: In terms of fluctuations of wealth and things like that?

KS: Fluctuations of wealth. I think also in personal, individual life there’s extreme developments that can happen with Jupiter-Pluto.

CB: Alan White always used to say that it takes that which is really small and makes it really big, or it takes that which is really big and makes it really small.

KS: Yeah.

CB: And that’s just exacerbated even more with Jupiter thrown into the mix, which already has a tendency to make things big and overblown.

KS: Yeah.

CB: Sometimes during things like recessions some people collectively have a hard time, but other people find ways to not just take advantage but to take advantage of opportunities during those periods that might help them in the long term.

AC: Yeah. If you read biographies, you see that a lot of the best things that happen in people’s lives are a result of what they did when the worst times were happening. Mars in Aries is a consistent feature for the entire second-half of the year.

KS: Yeah.

CB: Yeah.

AC: Get used to Mars in Aries.

KS: The retrograde of a planet—Mercury, Venus, or Mars—tends to massively extend the amount of time that planet is spending in a particular sign.

CB: Yeah, which elongates a transit that otherwise should be short.

KS: Short, yeah.

CB: Sort of keeping a single note. Like on a piano, you have the keys, and you might press a key once normally and then keep going. But it’s like holding the same key—

KS: A press and hold.

AC: That sounds unendurable.

KS: A tone that’s added into this Mars retrograde is that square to Saturn.

AC: Yeah.

CB: A tone of frustration or restraint.

KS: Absolutely. Because Mars in Aries does not like to slow down or think about consequences or the long term or the future, and that’s what Saturn in Capricorn is kinda all about.

AC: Yeah, so there’s a lot of acrimony there. But a lot of people experience wild oscillations in energy levels, the range being total lethargy and berserker fury. Historically, Mars retrogrades—you see Mars dropping the rules of engagement.

KS: Yes.

AC: People will tend to fight dirty. If they fight, there’s a tendency for conflicts to be outside of proper and civilized bounds.

KS: That’s a beautiful way of putting it.

AC: Thank you. It’s something to watch in yourself and just to remember that even if you’re not having a big transit, if you’re around people like somebody is; and just taking into account people might be in a month where they’re gonna be much more unreasonable than they usually are.

KS: Yes.

AC: But, yeah, the Mars-Saturn—it’s rough. It’s a rough combination.

CB: There’s also an element of endurance with Mars—

KS: Totally.

CB: Having a retrograde in Aries. ‘Cause Mars in Aries is not normally something we associate with an endurance-type signification or aspect if we had to rank them.

KS: It would be a sprint.

CB: Yeah, normally it’s a sprint. But having Mars slow down and stay in Aries for a long period of time, and having that occurring within the context of a square with Saturn, is definitely bringing up some challenges in terms of how do you keep up your endurance and how do you develop endurance with initially what you thought was just gonna be a sprint.

AC: With Mars, I would say that the question is what’s worth fighting for? What’s worth the effort?

KS: Yeah.

AC: What’s not worth the effort? What’s not worth it?

KS: What hill do you want to die on?

AC: Yeah. Yeah, what hill do you want to—

KS: And the Mars retrograde comes in as a complication or just this extra thing that you weren’t expecting when we’re almost at the end of that Saturn in Capricorn cycle.

CB: Right. Like a stumble before the end of the race.

KS: Yeah, or just somebody throwing you a curveball when you’re almost there, and you’ve just gotta grab it and keep going with it basically.

CB: Yeah.

AC: It’s the last mile of the marathon.

KS: That’s exactly it, and all of a sudden there’s a hill you weren’t expecting. Or, I don’t know, somebody’s parked their car in the middle of the road and you’ve gotta run around, and it’s an extra 50 meters, which is the last thing you want to do when you’re running 40 kilometers.

AC: Yeah. And so, it’s challenging.

KS: It is effort, and it requires you to dig deep at a time when you’re already maybe a little bit depleted. Because if it’s the last mile of the marathon, you’ve already run 25 miles.

AC: Yeah, your glycogen stores are not nonexistent.

KS: Yeah.

CB: “How do I not be afraid of 2020?” That’s a good question from Erin.

AC: I would say one thing that I’ve considered when looking at the astrology of hard years is think about all the history that human beings have made it through.

KS: That’s a beautiful way.

AC: My grandparents did the Depression and then World War II.

KS: Yeah.

AC: We’re shockingly resilient if you give us a chance.

KS: Yeah.

CB: October.

AC: We begin with a Full Moon in Aries.

KS: Just some more big cardinal mood.

AC: Indeed.

KS: And we get some Mercury action, Mercury retro action coming through.

CB: Our third Mercury retrograde of the year.

AC: Note that this one will be covering the weeks leading up to the American presidential election.

CB: Yeah, it’s also opposite Uranus on that station.

AC: Yeah, that’s a great point.

CB: This is like the ‘October’ surprise. So Mercury retrogrades, general statements, the usual things about miscommunication or reviewing old communications or retooling old things. This one, though, that Uranus opposition is throwing in a major unexpected disruption-type signature.

AC: Yeah. And the ruler of this Mercury is—

KS: Retro Mars opposite the Sun.

AC: Yeah, it’s retro Mars square Pluto.

CB: So there’s a theme of contentiousness that it draws in as well.

KS: Totally. Because the sky is quite dominated by oppositions and squares.

CB: Mercury eventually stations direct around November 4-5, 2020 at 26 Libra.

KS: Yeah, in a nice square to Saturn. So the Mercury retrograde is over, but with the square to Saturn, we’ve got that sense of I don’t know whether it’s a heaviness or a pause. We’ve really gotta do this properly, or we’ve gotta think deeply about what we’re trying to bring forward.

AC: Moving beyond the obvious example of what will be the recent presidential election at this point, there’s a lot of stuff, as we said earlier, about power and thrones, etc., etc. Those themes run throughout the year. And then at the very end of the year, we have not just a lunation but an eclipse involving two royal stars.

KS: Yes.

AC: A lot of interest in who wins the power games, the ‘game of musical thrones’. And, historically, the cusp years around a Jupiter-Saturn pivot see big changes in not only who is in power but what patterns are in power.

KS: Yeah.

AC: So big eclipse on December 14. And then in the next week, Saturn and Jupiter both ingress into Aquarius.

KS: So let’s just pause for that—

AC: Here comes the next epoch.

KS: ‘Cause that is the end of Saturn in Capricorn. Done, December 20.

CB: December 20. So right at the end of the year.

KS: Yeah..

AC: And one thing I would just say about this Jupiter-Saturn, as Chris said, it’s probably not everything’s solved. What I’d say is it will be more natural and easier and more necessary to actually agree on the problems facing us collectively right now. ‘Cause part of the issue in the last several years is that problems can’t get solved because people don’t even agree on what the problems are.

KS: Exactly.

AC: And I think that the Saturn-Jupiter co-presence in Aquarius will force the, “No, this is really an issue.”

KS: Yes, you’re right. You can’t solve a problem till you’ve all agreed that it is a problem.

AC: Yeah, in something even resembling a democracy, you need consensus.

KS: Correct.

AC: It’s a big year.

KS: Transition and turning points.

AC: It’s a big year for the world.

KS: Yeah. But that’s December. Jupiter-Saturn.

AC: Yeah, that’s the show.

2019 Year Ahead Forecast (Recorded December 28, 2018)

CB: Jupiter ingresses into Capricorn and then there’s just this shift that happens at the very end of the year.

AC: Yeah, and Jupiter is fallen in Capricorn.

KS: Yeah.

AC: It’s one of the most difficult signs for Jupiter to do its thing.

KS: So it really is like the balloon has popped. We are dealing with—even I can’t spin this one. I don’t know that we can make this a positive. I mean, I just keep telling people to reduce your financial exposure. The less debt you have, the more insulated you will be from something like this.

CB: I have Jupiter in Capricorn, and I think that’s a fine placement.

AC: You are known for your buoyant, Jupiterian nature.

CB: So that is what Jupiter in Capricorn is like if anybody needs an example. But definitely taking advantage of what you have available to you and learning how to get the most mileage out of that.

AC: Chris, you make a very ‘Jupiter in Capricorn’ point by saying that disaster or trouble, malefic things, can be an opportunity.

CB: Yeah, making the best out of a bad situation, or learning how to thrive and grow even in a difficult environment.

AC: Yep.

KS: Yeah, so you guys just spinned something positive out of this.

AC: Well, I gotta try. We gotta try. Without a little effort this is horrifically depressing.

February 2020 Forecast (Recorded January 21, 2020)

CB: We are back again. It’s been two months since we met up last. We were younger then, we were much more optimistic.

KS: It does feel like a whole new astrological space out there ‘cause Jupiter has changed signs since we last spoke.

CB: Yeah, Jupiter changed signs, everything’s in Capricorn now. And that is only going to get worse, or that’s gonna increase in February when Mars moves in there. It seemed like in that span between the eclipse, the solar eclipse in Capricorn and then the Saturn-Pluto conjunction things got kinda serious, things got kinda real during that week or two period in late December/early January.

AC: By January 2, World War III was trending on Twitter.

KS: Yes.

AC: I was like I’m glad I didn’t sugarcoat. People were like, “Yeah, that’s kind of what you said.” I didn’t say, “Here comes World War III,” but this is gonna be gnarly and people are gonna be upset. And that was like, okay, the year showing its cards immediately.

CB: I wanna say we’re coming out of eclipse season. We’re coming away a little bit from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. But then in February, it’s like Mars goes into Capricorn and Venus goes into Aries. So some of that pileup of major outer planet stuff in Capricorn only gets intensified at this point. People with day charts may have been skating through some of the Capricorn stuff relatively okay. But then once Mars gets there and crashes the party in Capricorn, it’s like nobody’s quite getting through that area of their life without any disturbance whatsoever. The other thing that starts is that Mercury retrograde in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Miscommunication or even deception can be a major factor during those aspects since we get a re-doubling or an intensification of that as a possible theme.

AC: Poor communication, travel plan problems, electronic madness, etc., all the classic Mercury retrograde things. It’s Mercury in the sign of its fall sharing the sign with Neptune, and then adding retrogradation, and then eventually towards the end of the month combustion. And so, it’s really as underwater as Mercury can be.

KS: The Venus-Pluto and Venus-Saturn is Venus getting into the darkest part of the scary woods, which she’s been approaching for weeks.

AC: One of the vibes and landscapes that Saturn-Pluto has been putting out is the trapped in a scary place, whether it’s trapped in a world out of control, trapped in a house where there are fires coming up; you know, trapped in a relationship, whatever the trap is. Saturn and Pluto, historically, we see borders and boundaries and all that. Personally, we get that same theme, but it’s being stuck inside of. Stuck inside of walls that are ominous and unfeeling.

March 2020 Forecast (Recorded February 23, 2020)

CB: So the next major, major thing that happens is Saturn ingresses into Aquarius.

KS: I think it is a bit of a rough or bumpy landing with Saturn coming into Aquarius and Mars following suit.

CB: Saturn in Aquarius is a major long-term transit that everybody’s gonna be experiencing for the next three years. But it’s curious that it starts off at the very top of it with a Mars-Saturn conjunction. This initial preview that begins in March might begin with some sort of tension or even a crisis which brings up the issues, in some instances, even in dramatic ways that then will have to play out and be dealt with over the course of the next two to three years.

AC: It’s almost like the Saturn ingress is a preview. That preview begins with the vision of a troubled timeline—like the old Terminator movies—where you’re like, “Oh, God, if I don’t do this in the second quarter then I’ll end up in the bad timeline when Saturn actually goes back into Aquarius at the end of the year and next year.” There’s a little bit of an averting of a future crisis with that initial co-presence of Mars and Saturn. Like, “Oh, this is where things are going. If I don’t do anything that’s probably where they’re going.” But there’s time enough to change that. We just have to keep John Connor alive.

CB: So Mars is like the ‘T-1000’ who’s been sent back in time. The bad guy sent the bad guy first, but then later in December, we get Jupiter who in this analogy is gonna be played by the positive robot of Arnold Schwarzenegger circa Terminator 2.

AC: Yeah, exactly. So the second quarter is Terminator 1. And then if we survive Terminator 1, which we probably will, then we get to Terminator 2, which is arguably the best one.

KS: Yeah.

AC: But there will be liquid metal assassins, but we’ll deal with that then.

KS: The Mars-Saturn piece, to me, it feels very much like banging your head against a brick wall. Like I’m trying to do it, but I can’t do it yet, or there’s this bureaucracy or this delay or this preparation required to do the thing. And I didn’t even know I had to do this thing, so I certainly haven’t done the preparation. And it’s just a little bit of that frustration of maybe juggling different timelines—the more immediate of Mars versus the longer-term of Saturn—and trying to figure out what you’re meant to do and in what order. And it just feels a little bit like the last few days of March, first few days of April, it’s just like trying to get your head around this whole different thing.

April 2020 Forecast (Recorded March 26, 2020)

CB: It’s March 26, 2020, and so much has changed over the course of the past few weeks.

AC: I think it’s been shocking how precisely the events in the world have matched the astrology in a way I think we hoped wouldn’t be true. I expected a recession this year. I didn’t expect it to get triggered by a plague crisis. Something to learn from this is you can figure out enough about things that you can know what strategy to take, even if you don’t know why you have to take that strategy, and what metaphors are appropriate.

KS: I feel like we’re all getting a masterclass in the Saturnian approach of things like isolation, staying alone, being more of a hermit, being even more frugal.

AC: There are a number of moving parts to this. At the very least we can reduce it to Mars-Saturn, Saturn-Pluto, and Jupiter being massively outgunned.

KS: If you’ve got a problem, but there’s a solution available, it’s okay. We’ve got a big problem, but the medical and health systems are not able to provide what’s needed at the volume. And I think that is a little bit represented by Jupiter’s condition.

CB: Throw up this chart right here and it just shows you all of the planets are basically lining up right now in the sky and then some major event is happening on the Earth.

KS: And there’s so many nuances to this. It’s the three superior planets in the same place, but it’s also Mars and Jupiter chiming in on the Saturn-Pluto. And then if you’re taking total traditional, you’ve got the three malefics—the South Node, Mars, and Saturn—in the same place, and Jupiter really struggling by being so close to all of those. So there’s a number of ways you can approach this and describe this as a very difficult combination of cycles or planets.

AC: All of the ‘do-bads’ were in one place at the same time, right?

KS: Like a concentration of all the ‘do-bads’. They just got together and put all their crap in the same place.

CB: We have the Mars-Saturn conjunction that’s about to take place now basically in the next few days at 0° of Aquarius. But then later this year, in December, we have another conjunction at the same degree, which is the much talked about and very rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is gonna take place at 0° of Aquarius; which, to me, looks much more optimistic and sort of healing or reconciling in fixing some of the things that get broken during this time, around this intense period of the Mars-Saturn conjunction.

KS: Just a brief point too about how the air signs are known as ‘humane’ signs and tend to speak a lot to what goes on to humans and even human bodies. With two conjunctions in Aquarius this year, the Mars-Saturn is gonna be more about human problems, and the Jupiter-Saturn is gonna bring perhaps a little bit of helpful support, whether it is that we figure out how to do this new reality better, whether it is that there is more medicine or vaccines available. It’s worth mentioning Mercury finally leaving Pisces.

CB: That’s another maybe important layering at the tail-end of a Mercury-Neptune conjunction.

AC: I think Kait’s suggested this—start calling it a ‘goldfish’ yoga.

KS: I love it.

AC: Like a goldfish only sees what’s right in front of it.

KS: Yeah.

AC: And what’s been an issue for this whole Mercury-Neptune co-presence is not having proper context in threat assessment. Mercury-Neptune—it’s just not great for clarity.

KS: Not at all.

CB: Yeah.

KS: And especially Mercury just does not like being in Pisces from a technical, ‘doing Mercury’ things’ perspective. It’s like a combination of messy wetness.

AC: It’s a Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus, and also square Saturn, but moving from Saturn to Uranus. So this looks like people so ready to leave quarantine—this is just speculation at this point. But maybe there are some places where people go into protest mode against quarantines, or there’s chaos. Or maybe that’s when things get announced. Maybe it’s like, “Okay, first week of May, everybody can leave the house,” or whatever, but there’s just a lot of that—of moving away from Saturnian restriction and seeking Uranian freedom.

CB: So the sequence would be New Moon, Moon then hits Uranus. But then the Moon squares Mars immediately after that and you get the Mars significations, which are problematic and negative.

AC: Mars also does not like being contained or locked up. And Mars stimulates action, and on an emotional level, Mars stirs anger. So we may have something like that towards the end of the month. Where there are quarantines still in effect, people will be ready to get mad around that lunation.

May 2020 Forecast (Recorded April 28, 2020)

CB: It’s interesting how things are lining up so far here at the end of April. The date was April 25, and it just says, “Reopening of America Accelerates as States Prepare to Relax Coronavirus Restrictions.” Some of the concerns are whether there will be a second spike or a second peak of people getting infected with the coronavirus and then what happens at that point.

AC: And we know that what comes at the end of June, whatever it is is not good. It might be economic. It might be medical. It might be both.

CB: Venus square Neptune.

AC: It might be like being abducted by the fae, where you’re taken off into a fantasy realm for a while, and then you wake up in a cornfield and your wallet’s missing.

CB: Yeah, it’s such an overly-idealistic aspect.

KS: One of the things I thought of with that Venus-Neptune vibe throughout May was this uncertainty about exactly what you can and can’t do and when. There’s sort of this staggered rollout to do with reopening. “We think we’re gonna have this happen on this date,” and then a week or two later these other things will happen. “But we’re not giving you all the details and we’re reserving the right to change our mind right up until the last minute.”

CB: Venus-Neptune sometimes in its most extreme manifestation is ‘false hope’. And I feel like that’s one of the keywords we’re like dancing around here.

KS: One of the last things that I think is gonna come back is large group gatherings.

AC: I agree.

KS: The astrologer in me is like, “Well, that has to wait till Jupiter goes into Aquarius, unfortunately.”

AC: And even then it’s under pressure.

KS: Still, yes.

CB: When Jupiter stations retrograde at 27° of Capricorn, it gets the closest that it’s gonna get to the conjunction with Saturn at this point in time. But by stationing, it actually doesn’t reach or sort of aborts the conjunction basically. And so, it’s like there’s something that almost happens. Maybe it has to do with something like the restrictions lessening and then the realization that life isn’t fully back to normal; that we’re not all gonna be crowded into sports arenas or something like that again. But eventually Jupiter does catch up with Saturn in December. I know with some of the projections they were saying it would take at least a year to come up with a vaccine for COVID. So perhaps the conjunction has to do with finally coming up with something that could help to make it so people could do things like that again, like getting in large groups.

AC: I had one anecdote that I wanted to share that’s thoroughly astrological. So as you all know I’m a big fan of mixed martial arts. And the president of the UFC, which is the biggest organization, is a rather cantankerous fellow named Dana White. And Dana’s been like, “Fuck it. I gotta secret island. We’re gonna have fights with no crowds on ‘Fight Island’.” And somebody pointed out to me that that was the most ‘Saturn-Mars conjoined in Aquarius’ thing ever. We’ve got a crazy, secret island where there will be fights. It’s gonna be fights with no audience, which is kind of eerie. It’s appropriately, ‘plague creepy’. But, to be fair, a lot of fans, including myself, are kind of excited that there will be no crowd noise. There will just be this silence of two people locked in combat and the occasional grunts.

KS: I mean, it won’t be completely silent. It will be the sounds of pounding. I mean, punches.

AC: I wasn’t even going there, Kelly. It will be the sounds of attempted violence.

KS: Attempted violence.

CB: This is a family show, you too, just to remind you.

KS: Sorry.

AC: Yeah, take it to Fight Island. Get outta here with that.

KS: Take it to Fight Island. I love it.

CB: All right.

KS: What we’re sort of alluding to and jumping around with here is that the Mars-Saturn stuff is a shorter piece of a longer Jupiter-Saturn thing basically, and potentially we get some of our freedoms, if you like, back in this month of May essentially. But Jupiter and Saturn are still doing their thing. So some of the larger—like I don’t think international borders are opening up anytime soon. So there are pieces that are not opened up yet, but there are some smaller levels that come back. Like, Austin, you can go back to watching people kick the shit out of each other.

June 2020 Forecast (Recorded May 27, 2020)

CB: I re-released an old episode that Nick Dagan Best and I had done on Venus retrogrades. One of the things that Nick talked about was things like riots and racial tensions. There’s already recently, just happening in the past few days, protests in Minneapolis because of the murder basically of George Floyd by some police officers. Probably an important element of what’s going on right now in terms of the Venus retrograde can be tied in with that. And we’ll probably see a continuation of some of that story as people demand justice. And one of the keywords that Nick used for Venus retrograde was ‘challenging consensus’ and what happens when the consensus reality needs to be challenged in order to change or revise something, especially as a result of an injustice.

AC: Mars in Aries for six months—I think that planet will take up the duty of making sure that every cauldron of rage boils over.

CB: Mars moves into Aries. This is a huge shift because this transit of Mars through Aries is gonna last for like the next six months or something crazy like that.

KS: It is more than six full months.

AC: Yeah.

KS: And then, Austin, yeah, where does it go?

AC: Oh, it conjoins Uranus and squares Saturn when it enters Taurus. Next year’s better than this year, but it has a rough start.

KS: It does have a bumpy beginning, that’s for sure.

AC: So plan to start getting good at dealing with Mars in Aries. You’ve got a little bit of time to figure out how to kind of work with and adapt to and protect yourself from what it’s like when it rains gasoline every couple days. Mars brings high volatility to anything in general when it’s in Aries, including people’s moods and dispositions. Just think about like, okay, I’m gonna have to manage the gasoline all around me for six months, right? And the answer to that is to not be terrified, but how do you store it carefully. And that’s also a super abundance of fuel. What engines do I put this into? And we are careful when we work with gasoline, not because it is evil, but because it’s highly combustible.

CB: Yeah, that was a great keyword, an ‘overabundance of fuel. Since we have Mars going back into cardinal sign, and with Saturn retrograding back into Capricorn, there’s a return of some of those tensions that we were having between March through the first part of May about wanting to move forward but being held back. But this time Mars is in Aries where that sense of there being a lot of fuel there that’s wanting to be burned is much more present and is a little bit harder to control than when it was going through Capricorn. One of the final other major alignments this month is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. It’s happening at 24° of Capricorn, and it’s the second conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto.

The big theme that I started realizing, but it became really evident at the beginning of May that I think was very much tied into the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, was just issues of truth and this deep desire by large groups of people, by everybody, to get to the truth of what is going on and to try to uncover the true reality of that which is taking place. For lack of a better term, let’s just say for the sake of discussion there were a lot of conspiracy theory videos that were going around on social media in early May, like the ‘plandemic’ video that got very big. And I think that that’s one of the themes of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that we’ll continue to see—a development and expansion of different attempts to sort of manipulate and control narratives and to question truths.

AC: Yeah, I think that’s exactly right. And that syncs beautifully with an article that Patrick Watson put out before all of this circus started. He just looked at the history of Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and found that microscopes and telescopes alike, that allowed us to see things we’d never seen before, arrived in the human world during Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. Which is being able to look at things—either big things or small things—but being able to look further in search of truth.

July 2020 Forecast (Recorded June 21, 2020)

CB: I remember a few months ago—and I wasn’t able to follow this as well as I wanted to at the time—but I remember there being some background discussion then when the first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction hit that some astrologers went back and started looking at historical conjunctions, and noted that the 1918 flu pandemic coincided pretty nicely with Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. But what’s weird is that’s kind of happening again right now if you plot this graph of the exact hits up against the COVID numbers, especially in the US, of just tests and diagnoses. That first exact hit of Jupiter conjunct Pluto was right at the beginning of April. And now we see the second exact conjunction happening right at the end of June as all of the numbers in the US, or some of the numbers, are starting to climb back upwards again, and I think there’s something really notable about that.

Here’s one graph that I found from the COVID Tracking Project on Twitter that shows cases of tests coming back positive in the US, and you see the initial climb happening and peaking around early April, which is basically when the first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurred. And now they’re climbing back up again. So we’re in the second peak now and that’s somehow gonna color the early part of July I think in terms of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and some of those energies. And then for whatever reason the third and final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto happens in November, not too long after the US presidential election. It sort of reminds me that no matter what happens in November, no matter who wins the US election, there’s gonna be accusations about the election being somehow manipulated or controlled, or things not being fair, and ideas from the other side, the losing side, that it was manipulated in some way. And I sort of wonder if that’s not gonna be one of our main talking points that we’re gonna end up seeing in the news in November with that third conjunction hitting at that time.

AC: Oh, yeah, and the rest of the things that hit at that time.

KS: I was gonna say there’s a lot going on in November that is all gonna contribute.

August 2020 Forecast (Recorded July 22, 2020)

KS: As soon as Mars came into Aries, we did start to see some of the numbers in different places around the world starting to climb a little bit. Venus coming into a cardinal sign is just kind of further adding into that. The keyword that I keep coming back to for this Mars square Saturn is ‘frustration’. That it’s taking longer than you want, that there is just a lot more effort required. Not even necessarily to create the momentum or the progress that you’re looking for, but there may be a lot of effort required to even just kind of maintain place.

AC: Saturn is the planet of time and durable things, but also the quality of time. This is a good Mars, this is a strong Mars. And so, we can be our best ‘martial’ selves; we can have all of our guns pointed in the right direction, we can be in great shape. But if the timing is off, it’s just not the right time for that push.

KS: Yeah.

AC: Even though that’s not exciting to contemplate, there’s something to be said for saving your strength.

KS: To riff off what you’re saying there, Austin, one of the great uses that I think astrology offers us is how to be efficient with our energy and our resources and our time. And an efficient use of energy and resources—when we talk about electing moments or the time and the month where the energy is really flowing, or the time in the year—that’s when you jump on because you kind of catch the current and you can get maybe a little bit more bang for your buck in terms of your effort. September and late August feels like maximum effort for minimum return, and it certainly looks more efficient to wait or to come back or to preserve, to conserve, to do a little bit more research or planning or preparation and leave the big push. For once, Mars is not in this very pressured situation.

AC: Yeah, I believe the military term for that is ‘in the shit’.

KS: In the shit.

September 2020 Forecast (Recorded August 25, 2020)

CB: We’ve headed into officially political season in the United States and it’s hard not to talk about that. Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks basically and then stations direct on Election Day. History question: Do you guys know the last time that Mercury stationed direct on Election Day?

KS: I do.

AC: I do. It’s 2000.

KS: November 2000.

CB: Exactly 20 years ago. Mercury periods are 20 years, which means that we’ve got a bit of a repetition 20 years ago. That unleashed this whole can of worms in terms of the election being undecided basically.

KS: Yeah, what I’m expecting is a delayed result. When you think about it, Mercury ends its retrograde, but it takes quite some time to get back up to a level of speed or pace. The end of the retrograde is not, “Now I’m going a 100K-an-hour again.” The end of the retrograde is, “I’ve just turned and I’m not facing backwards, but now I’m facing forward. But I’m still not really going anywhere.” It’s gonna take Mercury a few days to actually even get off the station degree. So some kind of delayed or contested result in the election. It seems like a no-brainer.

November 2020 Forecast (Recorded October 26, 2020)

AC: What Mercury is doing at that time, it’s stationing direct exactly square Saturn. Almost exactly square Saturn.

CB: Right.

AC: And all that slow-down, working through systems, do it over again—like maybe recounting.

KS: Yeah, count and recounting and then double-check a count.

AC: And so, if we’re looking for planets that look like a delayed result, that’s a lot of ‘delay’ language from the sky.

KS: I really think that that whole first week of November is just sort of that ‘hanging around, waiting on something to come through’ kind of vibe.

October 2020 Forecast (Recorded Sept 22 2020)

AC: The impressive prediction at this point would be figuring out when that’s resolved, right?

CB: Right.

KS: When there’s a clear result, yeah.

AC: That’s almost harder than picking who wins. It’s like does Mars direct do that? No, I don’t think so.

CB: Station direct on the 13th.

AC: Of November. I think that’s when the war really starts. The direct station of Mars is not a cessation of conflict. It is a change in the direction of conflict in a more direct, forward-moving direction. So I would say that doesn’t say accord. Again, I think it’ll be an intensification of the dispute around the election results.

November 2020 Forecast (Recorded October, 26 2020)

CB: The more I looked at this, the more I kept coming back to what you did, Austin, for some reason. This major, major eclipse that takes place in Sagittarius on December 14 in the United States Sibley chart, it has Sagittarius rising. So having an eclipse in Sagittarius at that time, December 14, would presumably mark something important happening at that time. The other thing that came up of course is just that Biden also has Sagittarius rising. So that eclipse is gonna take place in his 1st whole sign house pretty much no matter what. There were different indications that we found for different candidates. Like some of them were more in favor of Biden and Harris and some of the indications seem to lean more in favor of Trump and Pence. But the eclipse one to me was definitely one that was favoring Biden a bit more just because in the past several elections, the primary presidential candidate that eclipses falling in their 1st house or their 10th house tended to be the one that was winning at that time.

AC: So I want to add an additional piece to this. If we run the Vimshottari Dasha on the Sibley chart, the United States entered an 18-year Rahu period in 2016. And so, if we were treating the United States sort of like a person—it’s not a person, but some of these rules still apply, your time-lord was the dragon’s head—then you would just assume that eclipses would be even more important than usual for moving things around. I was gonna say ‘forward’—I’m not sure that’s the direction we’re going—but moving them.

KS: Moving things. Stirring things up at the very least.

AC: Right. Yeah, the charts of the candidates are just all lit up like crazy by these Sag-Gemini eclipses. One thing that I want to bring in as an advocate for Uranus here—because Uranus gives surprises and disruptions, we can no kind of when the box opens but not necessarily what’s in it. I feel like in addition to the known difficulties that we will be facing in figuring out a president, there’s gonna be at least one curveball that we don’t see from here.

CB: Yeah.

AC: There’s something that’s gonna come sideways in addition to the expected difficulties. Saturn doesn’t give surprises, right? And so, this Mercury stationing square Saturn on Election Day, we’re like, “Yep, these are all the Saturn reasons, these are the system’s reasons why this will probably take longer.” But then there’s whatever the Uranian input is gonna be. And we don’t have to know what it is to know that it’s scheduled.

CB: The thing that you really focused on and researching a lot for a few months there in the spring was the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and the proliferation of, for lack of a better phrase, conspiracy theories. No matter what happens on November 3 in the US, like either side or both sides are gonna have an explosion of major theories and observations or speculations about what happened and about underhandedness, or whether the election was valid. If there’s this huge explosion of COVID—both in the US, as well as in Europe or around the world and additional lockdowns and clamp-downs—then one of the results of that is gonna be a proliferation of conspiracy theories about whether it’s a result of government overreach or manipulation or what have you.

Post-Election Analysis Episode (Recorded November 10, 2020)

CB: It’s exactly a week now since Election Day.

LS: Yes. What a long week it was.

CB: The election happened November 3. It was undecided, and thus began just this excruciating week of everybody waiting and everything being up in the air.

December 2020 Forecast (Recorded November 27, 2020)

AC: Yeah, I mean, it worked out as expected. And then wasn’t it as Mercury cleared the square with Saturn that things began to look decisive?

CB: Yeah.

KS: Yes.

CB: What happened is there was just this agonizing several-day period where unlike most Election Days, it wasn’t decided that night. And Mercury stationed and it started moving forward again, but it was moving very slowly, and it was applying to Saturn for three or four days. And there were these funny headlines—this is one from The Washington Post. It says, “As Election Day drags into Election Week, the waiting is the hardest part.” And the subtitle says, “An anxious nation clinches its jaw and prays for the vote counters in Pennsylvania to hurry up already.” So I thought that was really great, funny, evocative language for Mercury squaring Saturn, and Mercury also being slow coming out of its retrograde period.

KS: The newscasters were literally saying, “Just be patient and stay calm. It’s just gonna take time.” And it was almost as though they were interpreting the astrology as they’re talking to all their viewers. And the other thing that I thought was so kind of literal in a very simple symbolic way was the idea that it was this very slow counting process. Mercury likes to measure things. Saturn likes to make sure things are done right. You know, we’ve double-checked and triple-checked, and it was probably as laborious as the astrology indicated it was going to be.

Post-Election Analysis Episode (Recorded November 10, 2020)

CB: There’s like a conspiracy theory that somehow there was something off about that, or that the mail-in ballots were fraudulent or something like that.

LS: Yeah, so we have the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction this week that can be tied into some of those conspiracy theories. And the reason is because Pluto can be about delving deep into things that are unseen or uncovering that which isn’t apparent. On the flip side of that, it can also be things like paranoia because it’s the desire to delve and try to find things that you think are hidden. And so, that can be things that are actually hidden, or just sort of like getting really sort of obsessive in terms of thinking things are there that aren’t.

December 2020 Forecast (Recorded November 27, 2020)

CB: There was this NPR Politics story on November 8 that said, “Experts say that the combination of President Trump’s continued false assertions of a stolen election and rapidly-growing social media groups sharing those claims has led to ‘the most intense online disinformation event in US history.

AC: To extend that out a little further, in a lot of traditional texts, Jupiter is truth and the pursuit of the truth.

CB: Right.

AC: And as we’ve talked about Jupiter has just been terribly abused for virtually this entire year. And if we were going to take the state of truth and see how healthy it was in terms of discussion on a general level, I don’t think truth has had a very good year.

Post-Election Analysis Episode (Recorded November 10, 2020)

CB: The COVID numbers all over the US are shooting up again. Kyle from archetypalexplorer.com plotted the three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions for me and their exactness on a graph, and then he plotted the daily positive test cases for COVID, and we can see the first two waves of COVID in the US kind of coincided with and tended to hit their high points just after the two earlier Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. And right now we are on track for the third major wave. Looks like it’s about to coincide with the third exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

LS: Yeah, I mean, it’s been bizarre living through it. You know, Jupiter-Pluto, it can come up with lots of different specific possible manifestations, but this is like ‘big death’, honestly. Like Jupiter is expansive, and Pluto can be about those kinds of dark archetypes.

CB: Yeah. The reason this is so closely tied into the US is probably ‘cause of how it’s hitting something in the US birth chart itself, like maybe the Sibley chart.

LS: Yeah.

CB: You’re shaking your head, ‘yes’.

LS: Yeah, because the Pluto return is really what I’ve been thinking about. Although it’s hitting other planets first, they’re very close together. So it’s been hitting Mercury this year.

CB: Here’s the birth chart of the US. It’s the Sibley chart. Yeah, so there’s the Mercury, which is at 24 Cancer. And there’s Pluto at 27° of Capricorn.

LS: Yeah, exactly. So it’s really tied into that, and I think that’s part of why it’s hit the US so strongly. All of the stuff in the US chart’s hitting the 8th house—2nd and 8th—which is finances, and also mortality goes in the 8th house.

CB: Right now, at least currently, the death count hasn’t gone up as much as it had in March when it first hit and everybody was unprepared. So I’m hoping that that’s the case. One of the things that makes me nervous about looking at the—

LS: 1918 one.

CB: 1918 flu pandemic is that there was a mutation of the virus, and it mutated and became more deadly. And that’s what the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction coincided with, the mutation. And then I just hope it’s not something weird like that where it’s a mutation that comes out of this conjunction.

LS: Yeah, we’ll see. I mean, an important astrological principle is the thing that’s most pivotal is happening right then when the aspect is exact, but you don’t necessarily see the aftermath of it yet or the consequences of it yet.

December 2020 Forecast (Recorded November 27, 2020)

CB: “First 6.4 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine could get out in mid-December.” A lot of the worldwide lockdowns seem to be tied into at the time the Mars-Saturn conjunction that was going exact at 0° of Aquarius. I noticed how that same degree of Aquarius is where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction would take place in mid-December. So I was hoping since that was a more positive conjunction—where it’s like the first one was Mars and Saturn, the two traditional malefics coming together, and everything being really tough and really difficult—that hopefully Jupiter joining up with Saturn at the very same degree at the end of the year would indicate some sort of alleviation or maybe the development and release of a vaccine by that time. So far, I think that’s actually working out pretty well.

AC: Yeah, so that’s a really good call in retrospect, right? Saturn conjunct a malefic, the problem gets worse, signifies the real initiation of it at its full scale. And then Saturn conjunct a slow-moving benefic, ‘potential help’ or ‘solve’ benefic to at least try to counter the malefic.

KS: I think a lot about the ‘three graces’, the Sun and Venus and Jupiter, and how these are planets that can contribute to health and vitality in general. And to go back to your comment earlier, Austin, about how we think about the state of truth in 2020, given the technical condition of Jupiter in the sky, I also think generally about the state of maybe health or vitality. And so, it does seem to follow symbolically that—not that a vaccine is necessarily the be-all-and-the-end-all—there is a step towards something that looks positive or is generally welcomed as a good thing. And then I also think Jupiter’s still going to be co-present with Saturn for the time that it’s in Aquarius. So I think it’s an improvement, but it’s not quite as fully functioning as we know Jupiter has the potential to be. In the context of the vaccine, it makes me think about the difference between having a vaccine and being able to deliver or get it to where it needs to go. ‘Cause there’s two steps in that process from what I understand.

2021 Year Ahead Forecast (Recorded December 18, 2020)

CB: Round of applause, both to us and everybody that we have just about made it through the year of 2020. So congratulations. We did our forecast last year in November of 2019, and you guys came out here and we met up in person. But then that shift happened in December of 2019. Jupiter went into Capricorn, and that is when the time of troubles began.

KS: The time of troubles.

CB: Here’s some updated graphs with current hospitalized people in the US with COVID and how that ended up mapping out in retrospect with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions at least in the US, and to some extent worldwide over the course of the past year, which has just been stunning to see. Here’s the screenshot that I took of The Washington Post on the morning of December 14. We knew the eclipse was coming up. We had been talking about it forever. Even in our pre-election one we were talking about this being the final point where the election is settled. And there was this one story of “Electoral college convenes to cast ballots for Biden as president,” and then on the other side it said, “First vaccine given in [the] US.” And I just thought that was such a striking couple of news stories that happened on the day of that major solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

December 2020 Forecast (Recorded November 27, 2020)

AC: So one of the things that I like about where we’re going as opposed to where we’ve been is there was a concentration of malefics on one axis, or even in one sign for a lot of this year, and just getting the problem spread out so it’s not all of the problems in one place. One principle in astrology that this year has reaffirmed for me is that you can deal with one problem at a time, but two-on-one or three-on-one—it’s like suddenly somebody’s punching you in the back of the head no matter how much of a badass you are. And that same team-up dynamic, it isn’t three times as hard, it’s ten times as hard. And so, just declustering the malefics is really nice ‘cause it takes that ‘getting ganged-up on by life’ feeling out of it.

CB: Definitely, as astrologers, I think we learned a lot. And it’s been nice having these monthly and yearly forecasts to make our expectations about the upcoming time periods known. And then actually living through that together collectively and observing what actually happened was a really fascinating experience.

AC: Yeah, absolutely.

KS: Yes.

AC: From an astrologer’s point of view, I’m really glad to have some of the stuff in the rearview. ‘Cause I was like, “Oh, what’s that gonna be? It’s gonna be awful. What’s that gonna be? It’s gonna be awful.” It’s just like, okay, just turn over the cards and then we can deal with it. But looking at the various configurations this year and just going like, ugh, no matter how difficult something is it’s always better to have it receding in the rearview.

CB: We’ve all learned a lot this year. And it’s been great doing that together with you guys and going through that learning experience with the two of you, and then also with our audience and all of the comments and feedback we hear from everybody, which we appreciate and definitely helps us a lot.

KS: Yes, thank you all. It’s been a real privilege and an honor to sit down with you guys every month and be able to kind of keep tabs and go into everything. And thank you to everyone who listens because we wouldn’t really have a show without you, so we appreciate it. And just like that 2020 is done. Just like that.


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