This page lists some audio lectures, online courses, and t-shirts that we have for sale.

All of the proceeds help to support the production of The Astrology Podcast.


2019 Astrology Calendar Poster Bundle

We recently launched our 2019 astrology calendar poster bundle!

2019 Astrology Calendar Poster Bundle


2019 Electional Astrology Report

In December we released out 2019 Electional Astrology Report:

2019 Electional Astrology Report


Astrology T-Shirts

Our new line of branded astrology t-shirts on Amazon (click image for more options):

The Astrology Podcast T-Shirts


Audio Lectures and Workshops

Audio lectures and workshops in that are available from Chris Brennan:

Rulers of the Houses LectureZodiacal Releasing LectureTiming Peaks in Your Love Life LectureElectional Astrology LectureBirth Chart Rectification LectureThe History of Western Astrology in 90 MinutesTips for Becoming a Professional AstrologerHellenistic Astrology Introduction


Online Astrology Courses

Online astrology courses taught by Chris Brennan:

Hellenistic Astrology Course

Electional Astrology Course

Electional Astrology Course