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The Astrology Podcast


This page lists some posters, reports, lectures, and other merch we have for sale.

All of the proceeds help to support the production of The Astrology Podcast.

See our full merch page for more products:


2022 Electional Astrology Report

We just released our 2022 Electional Astrology Report!

2022 Astrology Calendar Posters

We just released our annual astrology calendar posters for 2022!

2022 Astrology Calendar Posters

Astrology Software

Find out what software we use and recommend on our astrology software page.

Online Astrology Courses

Online astrology courses taught by Chris Brennan:

Hellenistic Astrology Course

Electional Astrology Course

Electional Astrology Course

Audio Lectures and Workshops

Audio lectures and workshops in that are available from Chris Brennan: