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Astrological Consultations

A list of astrologers who offer astrological consultations, many of which have appeared on the podcast in various episodes, and are officially endorsed as reliable for giving good readings.

Chris is not available for consultations, but recommends the astrologers below.

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Most of the astrologers listed below specialize in reading birth charts, although some offer other services as well, such as electional astrology, synastry, or horary astrology. Please read through their websites and bios to find the one that is right for you.

Claire Moon

Claire Moon is a professional astrologer specializing in birth chart interpretation, forecasting, and electional astrology, using a blend of both Hellenistic-era and modern techniques. Seeing the chart as a reflection of both the internal and external worlds of a person, her readings explore various tendencies, gifts, and challenges to inform the path ahead or make sense of the past and present.

Nick Dagan Best

Nick Dagan Best has 22-years experience as a professional astrologer, and 28 years of study. He has given workshops on three continents. He uses a hybrid model of ancient and modern techniques, and is a known expert on planetary synodic cycles. He offers consultations online or in person in Vancouver.

Camille Michelle Gray

My consults are steeped in the soulful concepts & archetypal poetry of Evolutionary Astrology and are informed by the technical and traditional techniques of Hellenistic Astrology. I hope to provide affirmation of your humanity and to illuminate what your natal promise has promised you.

Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson has nearly 10 years of experience as a professional astrologer and almost 20 years of study. He uses a combination of modern and ancient techniques with a predictive focus. He gives natal astrological consultations, electional timing services, horary question interpretations, rectifications of unknown or uncertain birth times and astrological tutoring services.

Joy Vernon

Practical advice couched in easy-to-understand metaphors combined with real life examples. Joy’s inspiring and compassionate reading style synthesizes knowledge with intuition to offer insight and direction. If you have questions about life and the future, a session with Joy will light up your way. Astrology, tarot, and combo readings offered.

Kira RybergKira Ryberg

Kira Ryberg is a certified, traditional astrologer based in Paris, France who specializes in natal and electional astrology. She helps foster a connection with the cosmos through practical insights and Hellenistic techniques.

Bear Ryver

Bear Ryver is a certified professional Hellenistic, Electional, and Horary Astrologer using fierce compassion and gentle humor to help clients hone strategies for grounded growth and embodied empowerment. Winner of OPA’s 2018 Most Promising Astrologer award, he’s presented his work at conferences like NORWAC and ISAR; former teacher for Portland School of Astrology and mentor for AFAN.

Aerin Fogel

Aerin Fogel has been consulting professionally as an astrologer since 2012, alongside core pattern readings and tarot. She specializes in an integrated, holistic trauma-informed healing perspective through natal chart readings, synastry, family charts, and more, merging modern psychological perspective with traditional techniques.

Micah CaniffMicah Caniff

Micah Caniff is a queer and non-binary astrologer with a passion for making traditional astrology accessible to all and fostering your understanding of personal patterns and strengths. Offerings include natal chart consultations, solar return chart analysis, month or year ahead forecasts, and client specified Q&A consultations.