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Gemini in Astrology: Meaning and Traits

Gemini in Astrology: Meaning and Traits

In episode 356 astrologers Camille Michelle Gray and Nicholas Polimenakos join the podcast to talk about the meaning of the zodiac sign Gemini in astrology, and some of the traits and characteristics of people born with that sign prominent in their birth chart.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and it is a masculine or diurnal sign, mutable, airy, and ruled by the planet Mercury.

This is the third in a series of episodes where we do a deep-dive into each of the signs of the zodiac, one per episode, in order to really understand their core meaning and significations.

Camille and Nicholas’s credentials for this episode are that they both have prominent Gemini placements in their birth chart. Camille has Mars in Gemini in the first house, and Nicholas has the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini.

During the course of the episode we talk about various keywords and traits associated with Gemini, and also look at some birth charts of famous people who were born with different planets in that sign.

Some of the keywords we discussed were drawn from a Twitter survey:

What keywords do you associate with Gemini?

For more about Camille check out her website:


For more about Nicholas check out his website:


This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Watch the video version of this episode on the meaning of Gemini in astrology:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 356 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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  • Excellent episode! Camille and Nicholas are both interesting and well-spoken, would love to hear from them again.

  • I just wanted to share a quick story that made me smile while I was listening to this. My 5 year old (Gemini sun & Mercury with Virgo rising) asked me the other day if I breathe when I talk. She said she doesn’t. It made me laugh bc I had never stopped to think if I do. Her 5yr old mercurial brain picked up on it immediately and we had a very in depth conversation about breathing when we talk.