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Transiting Eclipses in Astrology

Transiting Eclipses in Astrology

Episode 355 astrologer Chris Brennan leads a workshop on how to understand the meaning of transiting solar and lunar eclipses based on where they fall in your birth chart, with a group of astrologers sharing stories of their past experiences.

This is a recording of a meeting of the Denver Astrology Group that took place on May 14, 2022 at the Mercury Cafe, a couple of weeks after a solar eclipse in Taurus, and the day before a lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

It was a followup to another meeting we did in 2019 that was released as episode 215 titled Interpreting Eclipses in Your Birth Chart, where we demonstrated how to interpret eclipses based on which houses they fall in your birth chart, and then attendees shared stories of eclipses in their lives.

For this meeting attendees were instructed to go back and watch the recording of that last meeting, and then come to this one prepared to share stories of how eclipses had worked out for them in the past.

Here is a handout that shows what signs the eclipses fell in from 2004 through 2025:

Eclipses 2004–2025 Handout

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:48 Overview of eclipses
00:10:25 Eclipses through the houses
00:16:50 6th/12th house eclipse story
00:20:35 5th/11th house eclipse story
00:28:26 4th/10th house eclipse story
00:36:50 2nd/8th house eclipse story
00:44:19 1st/7th house eclipse story
00:48:38 2nd/8th house eclipse story
00:58:56 3rd/9th house eclipse story
01:02:46 2nd/8th house eclipse story
01:08:18 6th/12th house eclipse story
01:15:48 4th/10th house eclipse story
01:30:53 2nd/8th house eclipse story
01:36:20 2nd/8th house eclipse story
01:42:00 6th/12th house eclipse story
01:48:06 November 8th, 2022 Taurus lunar eclipse
01:54:14 Solar return and secondary progressed eclipses
01:56:48 Upcoming astrology meetup in Denver
01:57:41 Sponsors and patrons

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Watch the video version of this episode on transiting eclipses in astrology:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 355 transcript

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