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June 2022 Astrology Forecast

June 2022 Astrology Forecast

In episode 354 astrologers Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and special guest co-host Catherine Urban look ahead at the astrology of June 2022.

The astrological forecast for June begins with Mercury coming out of its retrograde and stationing direct in Taurus, while squaring a stationary Saturn in Aquarius.

Later in the month there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, and a New Moon in Cancer on June 28.

Mid-month, the mood shifts after Mercury’s return to Gemini, when we get four planets in their own domiciles: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.

We open the episode by talking about the recent eclipses and other world events, and then transition into talking about the forecast for June.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

About the Astrologers

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Auspicious Date for June

The most auspicious astrological date for June is:

🪐 June 26, 2022 at 10:55 AM (Virgo rising).

For more lucky dates in June see our electional astrology podcast!

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Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Watch the video version of this episode on the astrology of June 2022:

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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