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The Astrology Podcast

Ep. 355 Transcript: Transiting Eclipses in Astrology

The Astrology Podcast

Transcript of Episode 355, titled:

Transiting Eclipses in Astrology

With Chris Brennan and the Denver Astrology Group

Episode originally released on June 3, 2022


Note: This is a transcript of a spoken word podcast. If possible, we encourage you to listen to the audio or video version, since they include inflections that may not translate well when written out. Our transcripts are created by human transcribers, and the text may contain errors and differences from the spoken audio. If you find any errors then please send them to us by email: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Transcribed by Transcription Team

Transcription released May 26, 2023

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CHRIS BRENNAN: Welcome, everybody, to the May 2022 meeting of the Denver Astrology Group. This is our second meeting back in two years, and this is actually- I started this group in May of 2008, so this is actually our 14-year anniversary today, I believe.


Today we’re going to be focusing on the topic of eclipses because we find ourselves right in the midst of eclipse season where, two weeks ago, there was a solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus in the Tropical zodiac, and this weekend, late on Sunday night here in Denver, about 10:00 PM, there’s going to be a lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.

A few years ago, I think it was in July of 2019, we did a meeting of the Denver Astrology Group where we had people come up and share stories, and Leisa Schaim and I did an initial introduction where we talked about eclipses and explained our interpretive principles of how all you have to do is just see what house an eclipse is falling in, as well as the house opposite to that, and what happens is the eclipses will open up a sort of portal where great beginnings and great endings will start taking place in that area of your life, in six-month increments around that time. Because what happens is the eclipses will bounce back and forth between two houses in your chart for about a year and a half or sometimes as long as two years. So it just keeps bouncing back and forth and activating those topics in your chart, and different areas of your life having sometimes major endings and other times major beginnings.

Eclipses always act as catalysts for change, and change sometimes can be good, or sometimes it can be more challenging, but the primary idea you need to keep in mind is just that they’re catalysts for change in that area of your life.

Two years ago, we outlined most of the interpretive principles and things like that, but that meeting went so well when we had people come up to the mic and share their stories of things that had either happened to them in the past when they looked at eclipses in their chart, and the houses that they were falling in, or in some instances people came up and talked about current things that were happening now, and that they could see developing in their life with those eclipses taking place. I think it was in Cancer and Capricorn then, in the summer of 2019. That went so well that I wanted to actually do a follow-up meeting to that today, where we primarily focus on audience members sharing their stories about eclipses.

In the meetup announcement, I encouraged all of you to watch the recording of that previous meeting that I posted as an episode of The Astrology Podcast and to think about your charts and your chronologies and to try to come to the meeting with some stories to share. For some of you, you may already have some, and we’re going to have you come up to the mic and share them over the course of the meeting. For others, as people talk and share their stories, I want you to use the handout on eclipses that everybody got when they came in and to start thinking about your past chronology and major events that happened in your life and see if you can connect your life events with any past eclipse series falling in those houses in your chart. If you do, then you might suddenly have a story that you feel like sharing.

Other preliminary stuff: I am going to record this, and I am going to post it and release it as another episode of The Astrology Podcast, so anybody that does share their story has to be comfortable having that posted publicly on YouTube afterwards. I said that in the announcement, so that shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise to anybody, but just to reiterate that and give everybody a heads up.

The purpose of this is- one of the reasons why it’s helpful is because astrology really comes alive when you can actually directly hear from a person about their life experiences and their life stories as it relates to specific transits. And that experience is a lot different hearing it from a person directly and hearing somebody describe the visceral nature of their life experiences at a certain time in their life that’s so much different than just reading about what a placement should mean abstractly in a book. So, that’s one of the reasons why we’re doing this because dialogues between people and the sharing of stories is actually a really integral part of astrology that’s always been part of our tradition and history because astrologers have always sat down and read charts with clients and have always primarily delivered interpretations or delineations or consultations as a verbal exchange or a dialogue between the astrologer and the client. And it’s through that back-and-forth discussion between astrologer and client that the astrology and the way that the astrology is manifesting in a person’s life actually starts to emerge during the course of the consultation.

So, part of my other reason for doing this is that with people coming up to the mic, and then us talking to them and hearing their story and asking additional questions, it’s partially replicating what happens in an actual astrological consultation. So, if any of you haven’t had an actual consultation with an astrologer before, I’d highly recommend it, whether you’re a student of astrology, an enthusiast, or even if you’re a professional astrologer yourself, or you’re thinking about starting to read charts for clients, it’s a really good idea to get a consultation because then you can actually experience what it’s like and in some instances, if you go to a number of different astrologers you can get a sense for what you want your own style of consultations to be, and some of the things that you want to focus on or emphasize that you liked when you experienced that yourself, versus, maybe in some instances there could be things that you didn’t like, or you feel like you could do better that you’d like to adjust when you start offering consultations to other people.

I think that’s really important because a lot of really thoughtful, conscientious astrologers or students of astrology actually put off offering consultations or reading charts for other people far longer than they need to or far longer than is necessary, but one of the things that I like to say, that people often don’t realize until very late in their studies is that only about 50% of learning astrology is book learning, or happens through book learning. And the other 50% only happens when you start sitting down with people regularly and talking with them about their charts. So, it’s actually a really integral piece of learning astrology. And there’s never going to be a point in your astrological studies where you feel like you’ve learned everything that there possibly is to know and there’s nothing more you can learn because it’s a lifelong study, and astrologers are constantly, even very late in their life, learning new things every time they sit down and talk to a client and read a new chart that they haven’t read before. The big secret in astrology is that astrologers are actually getting something and learning something from having a consultation with a client at the same time that the client is learning something new as well. So, it’s a two-way exchange.

Alright, so that’s some of the preliminary stuff. One of the things, the diagram or the illustration I have up right now is from my friend Paula Belluomini who makes illustrations for me and diagrams. And this just shows the eclipses that are going to take place this year, which are happening in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus. And they’re basically just going to bounce back and forth between Scorpio and Taurus every six months. So, right now, we’re in the middle of the first full set of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio. We had one eclipse last November where it started crossing the sign boundary and moving from Sagittarius and Gemini over into Taurus, so we did have one Taurus eclipse, a lunar eclipse, on November 19th, but this month, and over the past couple of weeks we’re having the first full series in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, so it’s fully activating this axis. And then it’s going to stay in that axis, activating those two signs all the way through, I think, the later parts of 2023, we’re still getting some eclipses in Taurus or Scorpio, I believe. And actually, I have a diagram in order to illustrate that. Here it is.

This is a little excerpt which is also on the handout that I’ve given each of you. I’ll post a link to this handout in the description below this video for anybody watching the recording afterwards. So, this just shows the dates of both upcoming eclipses through the next few years, up until 2025, but also different eclipses that have taken place, going all the way back to 2004 because I thought that was a long enough time frame where people can remember and think back to events in their life a decade or two ago in order to track some of these eclipses.

So, here we can see the first Taurus eclipse happening back here, November 19th of 2021. The current Taurus eclipse happening on the 30th of April, 2022. And then the Scorpio eclipse that’s about to take place on Sunday happening on May 15th, or about May 15th. But then, after that point, we’ll continue to have eclipses in October and November in Taurus and Scorpio. It’ll start to switch to Aries in April, but then we’ll still have some residual eclipses, like this one, in Scorpio in May of 2023 or all the way into October 28th of 2023, still having an eclipse in Taurus.

So, everybody right now, as they’re watching this or thinking about this, should think about where the signs Taurus and Scorpio fall in your own personal birth chart and what houses those two signs coincide with. For my purposes, I usually will be using and recommending, or in my personal practice I use Whole Sign Houses, where you just identify the rising sign, and then you count that entire sign as the first house, the sign after that is the second house, the sign after that is the third house, and so on and so forth. And just thinking about what whole sign house the eclipse will fall in will tell you a lot about what topics or areas of your life will be activated. However, you can also use the same technique with Placidus or Porphyry or any other house system, depending on your own preferences. And if you do have a preference besides Whole Sign Houses, when you come up to the microphone, just let me know what it is, and I’ll cast your chart using that house system.

Alright, so here’s a diagram that just shows some of the significations of the houses that we can expect might be activated when eclipses start falling in that part of your chart. So, the first house primarily relates to your body and physical incarnation, but also your character and your spirit. So, there are often dual significations of body and mind that come up when eclipses start falling in the first house. Of course, whenever eclipses fall in the first house, that means there’s also going to be a secondary set of eclipses falling in your seventh house, which is the place of relationships, partnership, marriage, and other people. So, when an eclipse starts happening in the first house and the seventh house axis, it goes in a sort of teeter-tottering between self and others in the person’s life for about a year and a half or two years.

In other instances, when the eclipses move to the second house-eighth house axis, it starts activating the sector that has to do with your own personal finances and financial resources, or secondarily the resources of other people in your life, which can include things like your partner’s finances, but also things like debt, inheritance, and other topics like that.

Third house is communication, short-distance travel, and education. And that’s opposite to the ninth house of foreign travel, religion, beliefs, politics, but also education such as college learning.

The 10th house is career, reputation, and that’s opposite to the fourth house, which is your home, your living situation, and your parents.

The fifth house is typically things like children and creativity, and it’s opposite to the 11th house, which has to do with friends, groups, alliances, and your hopes and wishes for the future.

And then finally, the sixth and 12th house is a little bit more tricky because a lot of the more challenging topics that we associate with life tend to fall in the sixth-12th house axis, but some of the topics that come up when eclipses fall in the sixth house can be things like focusing on your health and what it takes to maintain good health or avoid or address things if difficult health issues come up. And the sixth house can also have to do with your work, or if you find yourself running a business, it can have to do with people that work for you or employees. The 12th house, on the other hand, when that is activated, sometimes issues pertaining to mental health can come up. Other times issues pertaining to isolation and solitude and, in some instances, the healing nature of isolation and the need to pull back sometimes in our life and not be as public or not be as social. And the 12th house can also have to do, sometimes, with people that we don’t get along with in our life or that work at cross purposes to us, which can sometimes be, as the ancient astrologers say, just outright enemies or people that work against you, but in other instances, it can also relate to sometimes things that we do that undermine our own efforts in life or ways in which we work against our own best interests.

That’s a really rough outline of some of the topics we should expect to see activated, and there’s a bunch of additional variations and nuances and details that will come up when different houses are activated in the chart, but that gives you a rough outline of what we’ll be paying attention to and looking for.

Does anybody have any questions about eclipses, or the interpretation of eclipses, or what we’re going to be looking for, or just questions about how this is going to go before we get started with people sharing examples? [Paused to wait for replies] No? Ok. Who has researched this ahead of time and feels like they have a really good example of a set of eclipses, either in one house or in two houses across an axis, that they found in their own life and feels like coming up to the microphone to share their story? Bethany?

Bethany, what is your birth date?

BETHANY: March 11th, 1990.

CB: What time?


CB: What place?

BETHANY: Henrico County, Virginia.

CB: How do you spell it?

BETHANY: H-E-N-R-I-C-O. Usually, it comes up.

CB: Virginia?

BETHANY: Virginia.

CB: Alright, so you have 26 [degrees] Aquarius rising?


CB: That’s correct?

BETHANY: You know, I haven’t actually memorized the degrees. Oh wait, I can check in my book. But that’s probably it. Yeah, well, this says 27 [degrees], 42 [minutes], but I don’t know why it would be different.

CB: Ok, that’s pretty close. So, 26 [degrees] Aquarius rising. So, you’re an Aquarius rising. I think that’s the best rising sign, I think, personally.

BETHANY: I agree. I think so, too.

[Audience laughs]

CB: I don’t know, that’s just my-

BETHANY: We’re just so unique.

CB: Subjective opinion-

BETHANY: Yeah [laughs].

CB: As an Aquarius rising. Alright, so what’s your story? Is this a current eclipse story, or is it a past eclipse story?

BETHANY: Do you want one? I have a whole series. I can be pretty quick.

CB: Let’s say we have five minutes to run through it, so you can do as much as you want as long as we can do it relatively concisely.

BETHANY: Oh yeah, I can get it in in five for sure.

CB: Cool.

BETHANY: So, I figured we’d start with the 2020 thing since that’s how long it took us to get back here.

CB: Ok, so that was the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse series.

BETHANY: Capricorn-Cancer. Mhmm.

CB: So that was bouncing back and forth between your sixth and your 12th houses?


CB: Ok.

BETHANY: I feel like also because I was learning at the time, it was really poignant, you know, where I was like, “Oh my God, this is what’s happening.” So, it was 12th and sixth, and I was just spending a ton of time studying the healing arts like alternative healing, so I was working at it, and I was doing it.

CB: Can you come up a little closer to the mic?

BETHANY: Yeah. Can you hear me now?

CB: Thanks. Yeah. So you’re studying the healing arts?

BETHANY: Yeah. A lot. Always, like 24 hours a day. Unless I was sleeping.

CB: Like what kind of- what specifically or what healing arts?

BETHANY: Herbalism.

CB: Ok.

BETHANY: But also Reiki, and I was starting that practice, and I was working at it as a day job, too, so I was studying at it, but it was super right in there in the sixth because I was also just an employee. I was like a shop herbalist. I wasn’t like a manager or an owner or anything.

CB: Yeah, I like that thought because that’s one of the positive ways that sixth and 12th house placements manifest, especially when people have a lot of emphases there in their birth chart, is they often find themselves in the position of trying to heal or trying to help others.

BETHANY: But at the same time, I was doing all this work in Capricorn, so I was isolated. I mean, it was just me and my co-workers or my classmates, and that was it.

CB: Right. During the pandemic.

BETHANY: Covid. You know. Right.

CB: Right.

BETHANY: So, I was at home, and I started working a lot on myself, so I actually went to therapy for the first time and did Internal Family Systems therapy. You can see I have that whole pile-up there. So there’s a lot. A lot of work to do.

CB: So that was also finishing your Saturn return.

BETHANY: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So, I was working on the structure of my body also because I was doing a 12-series, like a [inaudible] 12-series, so I was deeply getting to all the engrained unconscious nervous system imbalances. So, that was the 12th-sixth.

CB: I like the therapy. I’ve seen that come up a lot in the 12th house as a way of healing, but healing of the mind rather than the sixth house, which tends to be more like healing of the body.

BETHANY: Right. Yeah. But that manifested as what I’m doing for others, but I was doing it for myself, too. I had really strict diets, like elimination diets, and yeah, so there was a lot of that.

CB: So you were doing diets- elimination diets partially to address health issues.

BETHANY: Mhmm. But also to learn how to do them and to help others- to facilitate other people on how to do them.

CB: Got it. Did you identify some of the dietary stuff at that time, or was that already pre-existing?

BETHANY: Both. Yeah, it was kind of like I was coming back to it, but also, there was new stuff popping up all over the place, so I was like, “Oh, I guess I’m allergic to peanuts and eggs, and I never knew that.” So that’s good.

CB: Yeah, finding allergies, and that you’re eating stuff that’s making you sick and not realizing it.

BETHANY: Exactly.

CB: Which is a really literal manifestation of that concept of the 12th house being the place of self-undoing, which sometimes that can be- it sounds really abstract, or it sounds kind of scary sometimes, but it can be sometimes very literal manifestations of just, is there something I’m doing that’s tripping myself up that I’m not aware of because it’s a blind spot, up until a certain point when we become aware of it and are able to address it.

BETHANY: Right. Yeah, and my Jupiter is there, too, so I feel like there’s always that positive twist on it. Things were bad, you know, it’s my sixth house, but it’s fine because I’m going to help other people figure that out.

CB: Right.

BETHANY: Yeah. Alright, do we have time for two more eclipses?

CB: Yeah. Please.

BETHANY: A series. Alright, so then there’s the Sag-Gemini one, so that’s my 11th and fifth. I think the biggest thing that happened there was I decided I wanted to have kids. And it just became the focus. I was like, “Ok, well, I’m developed, myself. I’m past my Saturn return. Now it’s time to get creative with this body and mind that I’ve been working on.” So, that happened-

CB: Nice. I love that. That’s brilliant. So, you start having eclipses, and the great beginning or opening of a portal in your life at that point was the idea of wanting to start having children?


CB: In your fifth house, yeah.

BETHANY: Yeah, and my community has been changing a lot, you know, because I was in a traveling community where we were just nomadic and roaming around, and then it, you know, then it started traveling in the chart and ended up in Sag, and everything is changing again, and so that brings us into this series, where I’m getting married, and I’m moving back to my home town, which is huge. These are two things though, that if you had told me six years ago that I was going to be doing those things, I would have laughed at you. In no way is that happening – I’m getting married and having kids, and moving home to Florida.

CB: You literally just paid your last month of rent, and you’re packing up and getting ready to move across the country, and the Taurus eclipse just fell in your fourth house.

BETHANY: Yeah, and I’m ending my job, which has been the only job that I’ve really held down for longer than six months, in my life.

CB: You’ve had it for several years at this point, and the eclipse on Sunday is about to fall into your 10th house of career and work.

BETHANY: Yeah, and that day was actually the day, for no reason at all, me and my fiance were like, “I think I’m going to quit my job on May 15th. I don’t know why, but I just really feel like May 15th is the day.” And then I ended up having to stay, but I’m actually getting this transformational ceremonial botanical bodywork session done by one of my mentors, you know, kind of, yeah. So, it’s going to be this big- it’s huge. It’s probably one of the biggest things, and it’s on that 10th-fourth angular, whatever that’s called.

CB: Yeah, that axis?


CB: And you’re also in the process of you’re about to start doing astrological consultations, right?

BETHANY: Yeah, so I’m really working on building my own practice where I can start incorporating all those things that I learned through the sixth and the 12th and building this whole thing where I’m like, ok, I feel like a baby bird, you know, where I’m about to jump out and be like, “Ok, now I’m just doing consulting work.” I’m going to do herbalism. I’m going to do Reiki. That was another thing that happened in the 12th was I started doing spiritual work. So, it was literally work in the unconscious spirit realm. Just using my intuition. There’s nothing else there, really, you know? Yeah. So, here we are.

CB: That’s brilliant. I love that. That’s so exciting that you’re having both- you’re moving and having a major relocation across the country with the fourth house eclipses, but then also with the 10th house stuff, you’re moving more into starting to offer consultations and sort of becoming your own boss in some sense, versus having worked for other people up to this point.

BETHANY: Right, yeah, so it’s all transitioning, you can see it. Yeah, it’s crazy.

CB: Didn’t you- you were almost going to have your first astrological consultation or give your first consultation on the Scorpio eclipse on Sunday, and it may be rescheduled, but-


CB: So I thought that was really funny, just because of that, and the thing you said earlier about how you were being attracted or drawn to quitting your job also around the same date as your current job. Eclipses have a way- they have this magnetism to them, or almost like a black hole, except not in a negative sense, of just drawing things into it through a sort of gravitational vortex in your life, where suddenly you start feeling drawn towards doing certain things and either ending certain things or beginning certain major things at that time.

One of the things that everybody should pay attention to, though, is that sometimes at the time when you’re experiencing it, you may not realize or experience it as a major beginning, subjectively at that time, and sometimes it’s only in retrospect or years later that you look back and realize, “Oh yeah, that thing that I started then actually turned out to be a big deal.” And that’s actually one of the reasons why we’re focusing largely on sharing past stories because, actually, a lot of you right now, there may be some major thing that’s happening in your life right now, but you’re not registering it as being a significant event because currently it may look like a relatively minor thing and it’s only in retrospect that you’ll be able to realize how much of a life shift and how much your path in life kind of diverged at that point, around the time of the eclipses. Yeah, so I like all of your examples for that reason because now we can see some of this, but also, you have a good sense of how major some of those things are going to be in the long term.

BETHANY: Yeah, it’s weird. Especially the fifth house one, where I was just like, “Oh, I don’t know what happened, but I woke up, and all of a sudden, I wanted to have a baby, and that had never happened before.” And it was a little later, you know, it took a couple months, but it progresses. I wonder what song I heard on that day, or something, you know, where I was just like, “Me, too. I also want a baby.” You know? [laughs]

CB: Right. Yeah. I love that. Thank you for sharing that. That was really good.

BETHANY: Great. Yeah. Pleasure.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, so that was a really good example to start with. Does anybody else have an example they want to share that comes to mind? Yeah. Alright. What’s your first name?

AMY: Amy. A-M-Y.

CB: What’s your birth date?

AMY: March 12th, 1997.

[audience giggles]

CB: What time?

AMY: I was born at-

CB: There’s a lot of people in the room that just felt very old all of a sudden.

[audience laughs]

AMY: 9:46 PM. Sorry, 9:44.

CB: Many people, including myself. Just wanted to put that out there.

[audience laughs]

AMY: I was born in Troy, Michigan.

CB: Detroit?

AMY: Troy. T-R-O-Y. Troy. Sorry.

CB: T-R-Y?


CB: O-Y. Ok. Michigan. Is that right? There we go. Ok, so your Ascendant is super, super late.

AMY: Yeah.

CB: I just wanted to mention that. I don’t know if you rectified it, but normally, if you were a client, I’d have to rectify your chart just because if we set it for 9:44 PM, the software program defaults to 9:44 and zero seconds, but if we animate the chart and move it forward 13 seconds, so if you were born at 9:44 and 13 seconds, the Ascendant had moved into Scorpio. So I just want to mention that as a point for new students of astrology, if your Ascendant is super late or super early, you actually, you usually need to be careful and try to rectify it because it could be one or the other. Do you have any sense, or is there one that resonates with you more? Or do you not have an opinion at this point?

AMY: I definitely resonate. I also have Chiron right on my Ascendant when it shows up.

CB: Sure, let me put it in.

AMY: So, I definitely resonate with Scorpio very much, but I also feel like I have a little bit of the Libra, so it feels like a good mix.

CB: There it is, there. Ok, so you have Chiron in 1 Scorpio?

AMY: Yeah.

CB: Ok, so what’s your eclipse story?

AMY: Ok, so I kind of have a lot, but I’m going to go back to 2020. I basically had a spiritual awakening in 2018 in the July eclipses. I went to Africa. So, they were in Cancer-Aquarius. So I think they’re my-

CB: Let me pull that up. You said July of 2018?

AMY: Yeah.

CB: Here it is. So, Cancer and Aquarius, ok, so-

AMY: My fourth house and my ninth house, I think.

CB: Yeah.

AMY: Essentially, what happened there is I felt like I woke up and I found myself, which probably has to do with the fourth house of Aquarius, coming home to my inner world. And then that started a large journey of healing and awakening, but then in- so, I’ll go- that was just forefront. In January of 2020, so another Cancer [eclipse], I had a dream that I wanted to study hypnotherapy. And so I had that in January, and in July, I took action, and I went to hypnotherapy training and healed a lot of the Chiron. I had a sexual trauma when I was younger that was traveling with me for a long time, and then I also met my boyfriend who, we just broke up, and my seventh house is in Taurus.

CB: Taurus and Scorpio. Yeah.

AMY: So, I’ll kind of start that journey.

CB: Let me put your chart in Placidus really quick.

AMY: Yeah, that’s the one I have been using.

CB: Sorry.

AMY: Oakland.

CB: Here you go.

AMY: So, actually, on July 4th, 2020, which was the Capricorn eclipse, we met. It was the first day we got connected.

CB: July 4th, 2020?

AMY: Mhmm.

CB: Ok.

AMY: And then we actually moved in together in May of 2021, on the Sagittarius eclipse, which is second house. We moved into a house together, so we were collecting-

CB: Sharing resources?

AMY: Sharing resources. Exactly.

CB: Right.

AMY: And then, on November of 2021, I- that was a Taurus eclipse, I felt like I needed change in my work, mainly. I was not happy with the work I was doing. And I started looking for new jobs, and I moved here two months ago, at the beginning of March, and then Zack and I were planning on moving in together and then, so right around the April 30th, I think on April 20th, we ended up splitting up. So, there’s been a large dynamic of what my- finding my own feet again. Finding my own self. Who am I?

CB: Very first house.

AMY: Yeah, who am I without him?

CB: Right.

AMY: And now I’m creating other friendships out here. Since I’m alone, I have to go meet people. But I’m also- I have a large urge to do, kind of- I know that I want to be an entrepreneur, and that’s kind of bubbling at the surface. But I have to feel like I have to move through my own fears and my own wounds in my first house and to be able to share and spread that light.

CB: Right. That makes sense. That’s really common first house-seventh house stuff of just going back and forth between sometimes relationships ending or beginning, and then having this internal process of finding one’s self and defining a better sense of self both outside of relationships and other times within the context of relationships if other ones come up. So, that will probably be a process that you go through that goes back and forth over the course of the next year as you keep getting eclipses in six-month increments. I kind of, I don’t know, bias things too much, and it’s looked difficult because it also could have to do with the overlap of the house systems, but I’m suspecting you’re Scorpio rising, just based on what you’re saying and based on, if that Taurus eclipse that just happened, you know, in Taurus, if you had Scorpio rising and that was firmly your seventh house, that would be really consistent with what I usually see when a person has eclipses in the seventh house, just for whatever it’s worth.

AMY: Yeah, I’m really big into the healing arts. So, diving in deep- like hypnotherapy, I’m accessing my subconscious mind, clearing out everything that’s old and from childhood, from the past, and I know I want to help facilitate that with other people, but I have to do my own. I’m very deep. I like to have deep, intimate relationships with friendships, just not- go to the core more, which Scorpio is more intense like that, so I would definitely relate.

CB: Yeah, that would make a lot of sense, and that would bring up just, especially if your Ascendant was at zero degrees Scorpio, then you would just have Chiron right on the Ascendant and those themes of, you know, the traditional mythological themes of Chiron having his own wounds from early in life, but then learning from that and being able to help other people through the process of trying to heal himself. That’s a really common theme for people who have Chiron really prominent in their chart.

AMY: Yeah.

CB: Yeah. Cool, that’s really exciting. Well, the next eclipse, I guess, is on Sunday, right in your first house, so one way or another, just continuing that process of learning more about yourself and having a sense of yourself emerging more because the other thing that happens with eclipses is they’re also- this lunar eclipse especially is, a full Moon, where the Moon is super bright. And it has a way of illuminating things and bringing to light things and especially when it falls in the first house, it’s sometimes things about ourselves that maybe we didn’t see or didn’t recognize previously, but having that idea of something being lit up suddenly so that you’re finding or seeing something about yourself for the first time, and that being an ongoing process of discovery. So, it sounds like you’re on a really good track and, you know, headed in a good direction with all that.

AMY: Yeah, thank you.

CB: Thanks for sharing.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, do you have one? Cool. Alright, what’s your first name?

ALEX: Alex.

CB: What’s your birth date?

ALEX: May 21st, 1989.

CB: What time?

ALEX: 2:43 PM

CB: And city?

ALEX: Brunswick, Maine.

CB: What house system do you want to use?

ALEX: Whole.

CB: Is your Ascendant zero Libra?

ALEX: It is.

CB: Are you- and that’s another one where it’s like, you can go back and forth, but for- you feel pretty confident about Libra, or do you feel like it could go either way?

ALEX: Well, so, I spent a few years thinking that I was Virgo rising, and then I double-checked my birth certificate, and this happened, so that was a whole thing.

CB: Oh yeah. That’s an astrologer thing. Everybody, you know, whatever your parents have told you, birth time, I don’t care how certain it seems to be, but especially if it’s rounded, just always check the birth certificate because you never know. I had that with my sister where I had her birth chart for 10 years, and it was 1:30 AM, and then suddenly we find her birth certificate, and it’s eight minutes later, and the Ascendant changes signs.

ALEX: It’s like, what are the odds?

CB: Yeah, exactly. It’s almost like the Murphy’s Law of astrology, that if the birth time could be off and change something major, it absolutely will, just to mess with you.

ALEX: Yeah, I just have accepted it.

CB: Ok. Ok, cool. Alright, so what’s your eclipse story with Libra rising?

ALEX: So, I’m thinking really in a current mode, so that’s the second-eighth axis, but I’ll go back a little bit. I started a doctoral program in English and creative writing at DU in fall 2019. Basically, what that means is that if you’re in that program, you’re paid, and you work for the university. You teach undergrads. You work in the writing center. You’re employed in addition to being a student, whatever. So, the pandemic hit, and so, my cohort and I, when the summer was approaching, because we’re not paid during the summer, we all asked the university, “So, what are we supposed to do? What’s your advice?” And the advice was to apply for unemployment. So, we did that, and it worked out, but then I got notified – no one else did – I was notified in summer 2021 that it was actually a mistake, and I owed all the money from the previous summer back to the state. So, that began a bit of a journey with a lot of crying and talking on the phone to random people at the labor offices, whatever. But so, what ended up happening this past fall, around November, so, first-second week of November, I get notified that I have a hearing. So, I’m going to talk on the phone and sort of explain myself. So, I get on the phone with this very nice person, and I explain, so we’re hired by the university. We are employed. This is a form of employment. And what I end up finding out is that at DU, if you are a graduate student working for the university, on paper, you are not actually an employee. So, second house mystery business. So, then nothing really happened as a result of that hearing. The guy was so nice. He was like, “This is clearly an issue of, you know, really, semantics.” And so, I just kind of let it lie. And then in April, the beginning of April, I got contacted by the labor offices again, and they say, “It looks like you’ve been dealing with this for a long time. We’re going to fix it for you. And you actually qualify for pandemic aid, not necessarily unemployment.” A different thing. And so, that was my April. And then, last week, I noticed that there was money in my account, and it had been resolved. So, an eighth house gift, maybe.

CB: Right.

ALEX: Yeah, so I guess that’s a happy ending after a long bouncing back and forth, but-

CB: Yeah, that’s really wild. So, you just had that eclipse in your eighth house of other people’s money and debt, and suddenly, not only was it resolved, but you had an influx of money coming out of nowhere from this other entity?

ALEX: Right.

CB: Nice. Wow, that’s a really good example and good story. And then, one thing I meant to ask, so, the eclipses in 2019 and 2020, that was in your fourth house and 10th house axis, and you were working for the university, which makes sense of the 10th house placements. Were you living on campus?

ALEX: No. I live on Cap Hill.

CB: Ok. Cap Hill. I was just curious if your home and living situation came into play at all since you would have had fourth house eclipses taking place at the same time.

ALEX: Well, I did- it was- so, usually in the summer, I go back home to the east coast, generally, to do dog sitting/house sitting types of things, so the fact that that wasn’t an option, it was a fourth house intervention or something. An interruption.

CB: You got held back from relocating like you would normally do over the summer?

ALEX: Yeah.

CB: Ok. That would have been not just eclipses but also just Saturn just grinding through part of your fourth house at that time as well, in your Saturn return. Gotcha. Ok. Well, that’s really interesting. Do you have any sense of- so you’re about to have an eclipse in your second house for the first time on Sunday. You had that influx of money. Do you have any sense of how that might play out or any themes that are starting to come up that might be relevant in terms of your second house?

ALEX: Yeah, so, well, I’m finishing up the sort of on-site portion of the program. And we actually, my cohort had to compete for funding, so another sort of second-eighth thing.

CB: Right.

ALEX: But I received the funding, so essentially, I’m allowed to relocate for my fourth year and work on my dissertation, you know, wherever I need to. But I’m also going to be doing work for a friend who is a rising Scorpio, Pluto, in the first house.

CB: Nice.

ALEX: And that has been going on remotely, sort of off and on all this year, and it’s about to be a more in-person, regular source of income.

CB: Nice. So you’re establishing a regular source of income, and you’re also, after competing for funding, were able to get funded, where maybe you could have not or you could have lost that competition?

ALEX: Some of us, some of my group did not get funded, and that’s actually caused, not a rift exactly, but it’s, you know, we’ve been in this situation starting this program in the pandemic where we’ve supported each other, sometimes remotely and we came to this impasse, and it’s like you can’t- there’s nothing that those of us that got funded could do for the people that didn’t get funded. And that was painful and bizarre because you just can’t. They’re not- no one has enough to help other people in the group who don’t have anything.

CB: Right. Yeah, well, that’s an amazing example of just second house topics coming up and being so relevant, in terms of either enabling you to do something or alternatively in a way that could have blocked you completely in your tracks from doing something or pursuing a course of action, but in this instance actually getting the green light to proceed or to go ahead with what you wanted to do. And that’s really important with eclipses because, like I said, sometimes it can open up a window and take you in a direction, but other times it can also close a window or provide you with a blockage where you cannot proceed further, and you have to go in a different direction in that area of your life, so it’s interesting seeing that version of that or that scenario play out for you here in this instance.

ALEX: Thank you.

CB: Yeah. Thank you for sharing that.

[audience claps]

CB: Awesome. Alright, who’s next? Yeah. Yup.

SOFI: Sofi. S-O-F-I.

CB: What’s your birth date?

SOFI: October 17, 1991.

CB: Time?

SOFI: 11:47 AM. In Detroit, Michigan.

CB: House system?

SOFI: Whole Sign is good.

CB: Ok. Alright, do you have 9 Sagittarius rising?

SOFI: Yes.

CB: Cool. Alright.

SOFI: So, mine’s pretty simple, and it involves two different houses. So, this was, let’s see, the June 5th eclipse in 2020. I broke up with my ex-

CB: Sagittarius? Was that Sagittarius?

SOFI: Yes.

CB: Yeah, ok.

SOFI: So, yeah, it was in Sagittarius. I broke up with my ex. I literally didn’t even know astrology back then, and it was within a few hours of the eclipse.

CB: What precipitated or- because that was in your first house. And I remember that one because we had a debate on one of the forecast episodes at the time because it was a partial eclipse because it was very far from the nodes, and when the eclipses take place far from the nodes, it’s just barely. Whereas when an eclipse or a lunation, a new moon or a full moon, takes place really close to the nodes, then it’s like total, and it’s more of an eclipse. But we had a debate about whether that was a real eclipse at the time, but I really felt like it was, and there were some events that took place that made it clear that that Sagittarius eclipse was starting the whole Sagittarius-Gemini series, so-

SOFI: I definitely felt it.

CB: What was it- so in your first house, without- you don’t have to get into too much if you don’t want to, in terms of the other party, but what was your internal motivation, or why did that come out of nowhere for you?

SOFI: Well, I had a lot of other transits. My Saturn return, Pluto square my Sun, so it’s kind of hard for me to differentiate. And also, I think at the time of the eclipse, Venus was retrograde on my Descendant, too. So, there was a lot going on.

CB: That’s relevant. Right.

SOFI: Really activated.

CB: Yeah, yeah.

SOFI: But it’s interesting because you were talking about the second- because before then, it was the Capricorn-Cancer, so we had just bought a house that February that year, and so then in, let’s see, the next eclipse after that June one was in Cancer, and then Capricorn, so we resolved the house situation, so it’s like other people’s belongings.

CB: That’s major in terms of that axis and both the financial investment for you personally to buy a house and also taking out loans, I assume, for that with the eighth house component.

SOFI: Yeah.

CB: Yeah, ok. So that was major. So then that was the first eclipse in Sagittarius, and you decided to break up at that point, and then did you have other first house-seventh house realizations over the course of the next year or so, as those eclipses continued to take place in that axis?

SOFI: I did have just a lot of, you know, going back and forth between learning about myself through others, kind of, and I had some relationships that started and ended during that whole period, so it kind of just, yeah, a lot of like you were talking about before, back and forth between myself and how do I relate to other people and yeah.

CB: Yeah, that makes sense. Did you, by the end of that, because now that eclipse series is finished I think as of late last year, as of December, do you feel like you came out of it with a better perspective about yourself and who you are and what you need, especially in terms of what you need in terms of relationships than when you went into it?

SOFI: Definitely, yeah. It was hard, but I learned lessons.

CB: Yeah, that makes sense. Alright, cool. That’s a really good example. Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, who wants to go next? I’m just going to start picking people if nobody raises their hand. [audience laughs] Oh, you in the back? What’s your name?

LISA: My name is Lisa.

CB: How do you s-


CB: L-I-S-A. Ok. What’s your birth date?

LISA: 3/3/78. March 3rd, 1978. Make you feel a little less old.

CB: 19- what year? ‘78? Ok, no, that’s good. I feel good about that.

LISA: [laughs]

CB: What’s your birth time?

LISA: It’s 9:06 PM. In Fairfax, Virginia.

CB: Alright. Oh, wait, house system?

LISA: Whole Sign.

CB: Ok. And is your Ascendant 20 Libra?

LISA: Yeah. Another Libra.

CB: Nice.

LISA: So, yeah, I mean, one of the things more relevant that I’ve been seeing is this Taurus-Scorpio, and it’s interesting because it’s kind of reflecting back on the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses that happened in that elongated time between 2012 and 2014. And at that time, my husband and I had just kind of gotten together, and we were really strongly financially building our family and just our world. And so that was really the focus at that time. I was working full-time, he was building his business, so it was just full on.

CB: So, merging your finances but also generating income yourself?

LISA: Exactly, exactly. And now, we have three kids, and I’ve been home, and he has, over the past couple years, kind of thrown all of that up in the air for good reason, but we’re kind of at this point now where we’re taking this chance, which I also see as being Uranus and that eighth house as well, with the nodes. And we’re kind of at this point where it’s exciting but also scary, where we’re, you know, making this big leap, as far as his business, and that goes, and so that’s really how I’m seeing this Taurus-Scorpio eclipses go.

And as far as the Scorpio end, from my point, it’s really been this deep experience of self-value, really. And just these different illusionary ways that I’ve placed value on myself in different ways that maybe haven’t been working, and that sort of thing, so-

CB: Yeah, that can be really important. Second house theme is issues of self-value, and sometimes people generate their sense of self-value and sense of self-worth based on their income or how much money they can make but sometimes at other times when that’s not going well, or there’s a period of reflection realizing that there’s other ways to determined your value of who you are and what you are that’s not necessarily always financial.

LISA: Yeah, definitely. It’s taught me a lot about the second house and how much we tend to emphasize the financial element of it. Where, for me, it’s been this huge, this really deep self-value excavation almost, which feels very Scorpionic in a way, too.

CB: Yeah, “excavation” is a great Scorpio keyword.

LISA: Yeah, but almost moving backward from that real quick, too, when the eclipses were in Gemini and Sag, which was in my third and ninth house, I was just- I was enrolled in between two to three different trainings. I just breezed through the video trainings online at that time, and I’m doing several others as well, but-

CB: Studying astrology and astrology classes?

LISA: Studying astrology, yeah, and other related elements, too. And as soon as the nodes started to move into Taurus and Scorpio, I was just like, “I can’t do this anymore.” It was so interesting and I didn’t realize that that was what was happening until somebody pointed it out to me, but it was, yeah, it was really fascinating how it all just naturally happens, as other people have noted before.

CB: Yeah, when the nodes and when the eclipses shifted out of a set of houses, how it’s almost like a light bulb is being turned off, and suddenly that’s not the activated area of your chart anymore.

LISA: Exactly, exactly. Now it’s raining in the finances, and, you know, what’s going on in all of these chances that we’re taking and that sort of thing, so-

CB: Yeah. And that’s also bringing it back to the current one. Uranus is at what? 15-16 [degrees] right now?

LISA: Yeah.

CB: That was one of the things about the Taurus eclipse that just took place is it was closely conjunct Uranus.

LISA: And I’m having my Uranus opposition.

CB: Yeah, that’s what I was seeing. Uranus is at 16 in Scorpio, so it’s not just the eclipses. That’s certainly part of it, but also, your Uranus opposition is happening on that axis at the same time, and you said that partially, with that Taurus eclipse taking place in your eighth and Uranus transiting your eighth and opposing your Uranus, that it’s partially something about your partner is doing or trying something new or different?

LISA: Yeah.

CB: What is it? Just vaguely, what is that?

LISA: Well, he was offered regular jobs, but he was like, “No, I want to go do my own thing.” So we have purchased several companies, and he just loves to get things going and start new companies and just build them. So, we’ve taken a chance on buying these companies, and he’s completely rearranging it. And he’s a Cap rising, and it’s happening on his MC-IC axis in Taurus and Scorpio, so it’s interesting, you know when you start looking at how that eighth house really reflects your partner’s chart as well. And so I think that overlap, too, is really fascinating.

CB: Yeah, that’s brilliant. And just that, with Uranus transits, just that drive or that need for freedom and need to be in charge, and that’s his underlying motivation right now is, wanting to do his own thing and in some ways be his own boss.

LISA: Oh yeah, he definitely has big boss energy, for sure.

CB: That’s so crucial during Uranus transits because it becomes just this internal compulsion that a person has to seek freedom one way or another, but it’s funny how, you know, in your chart, because it’s in the eighth house axis, it’s coming through like the partner is seeking that and the partner is the one driving that right now. And it’s not necessarily you because it’s not the first house or something, which is where we find ourselves in the birth chart, but instead, it’s coming into play from somebody else. And I think that’s a really other crucial piece of looking at eclipses as well as transits in general, is, sometimes when they’re happening in houses other than the first house, it’s not necessarily you, but sometimes it can be other people in your life and how they relate to you and important developments that are taking place in their life or actions that they’re taking that may have a side effect on your or impact your life in some way, but it doesn’t always necessarily describe you directly, and that’s really important to keep in mind because then sometimes once you realize that, it opens up your eyes to other events that are taking place in your life around you in the lives of people around you that are relevant to you in a very serious way.

LISA: Yeah.

CB: That’s really cool. Cool, well, it will be interesting to see how that goes since this will be the first full set in Scorpio and Taurus, and then we’ll, in six-month increments, have, you know, another instance of that later on this year and just eventually once it’s finished and things come full circle, looking back on it in retrospect and seeing how those changes were implemented in your life and what the implications ended up being.

LISA: Yeah. Either we’ll be living in our house, or we’ll be living in a trailer somewhere, so we’ll see.

CB: Yeah, it will be exciting either way, so that’s-

LISA: Yeah, exactly.

CB: Cool.

LISA: Thank you.

CB: Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, who would like to go next? Any new people? How many people is this their first time attending a meeting? Wow, that’s like 75-80 percent of the room! That’s really great. Because, you know, we were off for two years now, so we’re just getting things going, and I know a lot of people watched these meetings on YouTube and wanted to attend, but we weren’t doing it during the pandemic. And yeah, if there’s anybody- we’re going to keep doing these on the second Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM, here at the Mercury Cafe, so hopefully, that’ll be a pretty regular thing. Sometimes we schedule kind of late.

I’m going to start trying to fly in speakers in the future, and one of my ideas and sort of gears that are turning in my head is bringing out other prominent astrologers and having them together lead workshops like this so we can see how different astrologers look at charts and get different perspectives, but also have that sort of community or audience interaction, which just leads to some interesting things. It can be kind of unexpected because you never know what’s going to happen over the course of those sorts of discussions, but I think sometimes it can be so deep and interesting and profound that it’s kind of worth taking the risk of going into the unknown.

So, yeah, people listening to the recording should find us on Meetup.com and just search The Denver Astrology Group and sign up for it, and you’ll get the notifications as soon as we send out an announcement about the next meeting. Alright, who would like to go? Ashley? Oh, and then afterward, you. Ok.

ASHLEY: Hi, my name is Ashley, and my birthday is November 30th, 1992. 3:55 PM. And it’s in Longmont, Colorado.

CB: Alright, are you 28 Taurus.

ASHLEY: 28, yeah.

CB: Taurus rising?

ASHLEY: That’s right, yeah. And so maybe you guys can kind of help me piece some things together, but I guess something that kind of stood out- we have a lot of people talking about two and eight, that axis, but I kind of want to start on the Cancer-Capricorn, three and nine for me right now. I had- I’m sorry. I had a job in 2019, that actually, it was the week that Covid kind of started.

CB: So, end of 2019? Or do you mean end of 2020?

ASHLEY: Oh, I’m sorry. I think I’m confusing my dates. Let me see here. So basically, the year leading up to 2020, so 2019 most of 2019 into 2020, I worked this job that I basically worked alone in a room making tinctures, and I was able to listen to The Astrology Podcast literally for 8 hours a day, every single day of the week, so I do have notebooks full of notes. And that was a very three-nine thing for me, like learning and, yeah, just bringing that home.

CB: Yeah, eclipses were taking place in your ninth house, and you were doing intensive astrology learning, basically.

ASHLEY: Yeah, very intensive. And I was working but not really focused on my job. I was trying to focus on what I really wanted to be learning. So, that was just something I kind of noticed. And then 2020, Friday the 13th of March, I got laid off from that job unexpectedly. And, let’s see, that would have aligned with- I guess that would have also been kind of Cancer going into Sag at that time. And I’m, let’s see, Sag is eighth house-second house. So, I guess some background: the month before that- so I got laid off from this job. It was a great job. I loved it. Unexpectedly laid off, and in February, a week before Valentine’s Day, which is a relationship holiday, I got dumped by my boyfriend of a year. So, that was a really tough thing for me to get through, and I actually decided that I need to make myself happy, and I need to do things for myself, so I decided that I was going to start going to the Denver Astrology Group. And that meetup that was going to happen that week, the week that I decided, it was canceled because of Covid, and it never happened again until now.

CB: Right, so your first meeting was going to be March of 2020?

ASHLEY: Yeah. And so I was trying to be a part of this group to get over a breakup. And then I  got laid off from a job that same week that this group stopped, so that was kind of a tough thing for me. I also ended up just  getting a job really quickly to make money, and I was just like, “I need money.” So, I got a job. It basically started this track of me having jobs, getting laid off because of Covid, having a new job, getting laid off because of Covid. This happened twice.

CB: And that was also the beginning because Saturn went into Aquarius in March and April of 2020, so that was the beginning of your Saturn return in the 10th house.

ASHLEY: Saturn return, yeah.

CB: Nice.

ASHLEY: I did have Saturn dip into Aquarius and then retrograde into Capricorn, and now it’s back into Aquarius, so I’m full force Saturn return right now, but that was a little taste of that, and with all of the layoffs it was a very prominent two and eighth house thing. I had to borrow money from my family because I ended up actually having to go on unemployment, which I was trying to avoid. But you have to do what you have to do, so I was borrowing money from family. I was like, “I don’t know how I can do this anymore.” And I don’t feel like that at all anymore. Now I’m secure. I live in an apartment on my own. I’ve always had roommates, so it prompted me to get a place of my own. I have a job now that’s very secure, and now I’m transiting into my first and seventh axis with these eclipses.

CB: And before we get there, so basically 2020, later 2020 and 2021 was the aftermath of the breakup, and also I’m sure that changed some of the financial picture as well, in terms of not having a partner to pay half of rent or something.

ASHLEY: Definitely. So, we had this house, this awesome house with a yard and a dog. All these great things and we depended on each other to pay half of the rent, and it went from that to I went and moved into a friend’s basement for a little while. I met people online, that we got a house together. I didn’t know them. That didn’t work out well. And, yeah, so, it did prompt me to try to get financial security on my own, and I didn’t think I could do it, especially after borrowing money from family. How do you start from a good place there? So, yeah, so now I do have that, and it’s just a very second house-eighth house thing for me with my own personal security. And I feel better being alone now because I can do it.

CB: Right, that makes a lot of sense, and that brings up some of the meanings of the nodes. One of the things I find interesting about the Indian tradition of astrology is they have a much more sense of the nodes shaking things up and sometimes destabilizing things, and it seems like a common theme so far that we’ve heard a few times is the nodes moving into certain houses and eclipses starting to take place and that shaking things up or sometimes destabilizing or bringing things to an end, but then by the time that eclipse series finishes, you’ve gone through this whole journey of sort of discovery and trying to find balance in that area of your life and eventually, usually accomplishing it to some extent, so that you can look back and feel like you’ve made progress by the time those eclipses stop taking place in those signs.

ASHLEY: Yeah, definitely. And I would say, I mean, I have found security in the job that I have now, which happened during the eclipses in my second and eighth, so yeah. It’s extreme endings with a lot of jobs ending and then new beginnings as well. And I am excited to see how this series goes with the Scorpio-Taurus, first-seventh. I think it’ll be positive for me, hopefully, in terms of everything I just went through, ending the relationship, getting financial security, and now how can I focus on myself, but also maybe share that with another or even just one on one. Who knows how that could manifest?

CB: Yeah, for sure. As it jumps back and forth for the next year or so between your first house and your seventh house, and then you had one in late November already where the first eclipse took place in Taurus, and that’s kind of recent, and we just had a second, so maybe not a fully formed yet, but do you have any ideasor anything that came up with that eclipse, or those two eclipses starting to take place in Taurus that are sort of clear in terms of greater understanding of the self or more focused on the self for some reason?

ASHLEY: Mhmm. So, I would say around that time- so, my ex that, you know, broke up with me during that other time had been talking to me and kind of leading me on a little bit. And I finally put my foot down after years of being codependent and deciding that I don’t want to play these games anymore. I care about you, but I care about me more, so-

CB: Nice.

ASHLEY: Yeah. So that happened around that time. November-December of last year. So, it was kind of, yeah, going into my first. It’s about me.

CB: Yeah, and that asserting of self and your own sense of selfhood and what’s important to you, and sometimes the need sometimes to put ourself first, like that old cliche saying, sometimes can really make sense when eclipses start taking place in the seventh house and going through a process of feeling more comfortable doing that at certain points in our life.

ASHLEY: Yeah. Definitely. So those are just some examples. Thank you for helping me tie them together.

CB: Nice. That was awesome. Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Did you have one? Yeah? What’s your name?

LINDA: My name is Linda.

CB: What’s your birth date?

LINDA: 11/17/1953.

CB: What time?

LINDA: 5:10 PM. Denver.

CB: Alright, is your Ascendant 4 Gemini?


CB: What house system do you want to use?

LINDA: I usually do Regiomontanus.

CB: Ok, that’s cool. It looks like we got a William Lilly person or Renaissance. No? Ok.

LINDA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CB: Ok.

LINDA: So, I’m asking about orbs. So, the eclipse tomorrow is at 25 degrees Scorpio. That’s my Sun.

CB: Ok.

LINDA: It’s about five minutes different, or something like that.

CB: Yeah, it’s right on your Sun.

LINDA: Yeah. So, I know in ancient times, the kings would hide when that happened, so you’re lucky I’m here today, but yeah.

[audience laughs]

CB: I mean, they would actually get a substitute person, and they’d put them in place on the chair, so I don’t know if you’re actually the real Linda or if you-

[audience laughs]

LINDA: My avatar.

CB: Exactly. You sent an imposter. That’s how we know.

LINDA: So, I’ve been watching this coming up and saying, “Wow, what’s going to be happening? What’s happening?” And I’ve just tried to really dial it back health-wise and be super clean and really get enough sleep and all that, drive carefully. But what’s happening is an ending. So, I’m ending a 10-year relationship, and it’s amicable, and it’s sad. Yikes. But I noticed on your chart that we started our relationship on a Scorpio eclipse in November 2013.

CB: Ok.

LINDA: It was at 11 degrees Scorpio, which is right, my Venus.

CB: Yeah, it’s really close to your Venus.

LINDA: I thought that was interesting.

CB: That is really interesting. So, you started it under a Scorpio eclipse, and then you ended the relationship recently under another set of Scorpio eclipses?

LINDA: Yeah, it kind of started at the Taurus eclipse. April 30th. And then, yeah, we took a month apart, and we came back together and decided, yeah, it’s over.

CB: Sure. Do you happen to know his rising sign just by chance?

LINDA: Yes, we share rising signs. We’re within one degree.

CB: Woah. Ok, of Gemini.

LINDA: But he’s Capricorn.

CB: Capricorn Sun?

LINDA: Mhmm.

CB: Ok, got it. Yeah, so that’s really important, and I guess that brings up a theme that we’ve seen in a few charts but didn’t really dwell on much, of just sometimes one of the ways you can figure out what’s going to happen under a current eclipse cycle is just to look back about 8 years or so at what happened the last time that eclipses were falling in that pair of signs. Because the nodes will reverse positions about every 8 years or so, and the eclipses also similarly start falling in the same signs. So, sometimes the best way to predict the future is to look back into the past.

LINDA: Mhmm. The other interesting thing, and I think the reason I talk about it, it’s not so emotional, is in the zodiacal releasing, which I’m just learning about thanks to you. It’s a loosing of the bonds in the Spirit of Eros. It’s like, “Wow.”

CB: Oh wow. Ok. In both, in zodiacal releasing-

LINDA: Just for me, not for him.

CB: Sure, so it’s an Eros, loosing of the bond, which is usually major transition in relationships, but then also in Spirit, which indicates a major change or transition in terms of the person’s career and life direction, so it may mean that there’s something about this relationship ending at this time that also ends up impacting your overall life direction in some broader sense.

LINDA: Definitely.

CB: Ok. Interesting. And that raises a good point, which is just, even though we’re focusing on eclipses here, of course, no techniques in astrology work entirely in isolation, and we all always have multiple overlapping things going on at once so that, in reality, we should all be paying attention to multiple things that are happening that are describing different things that are happening in a person’s life at any one time. So, I definitely don’t want to give anyone the false impression that eclipses work entirely just on their own. So, that’s a good point that you know, other techniques can also sometimes give you more insight into the specific area where things are taking place when eclipses start happening.

LINDA: Yeah, that loosening of the bonds is May 18th.

CB: Ok.

LINDA: So, I’m like, “pft.” The reason I didn’t raise my hand to tell this story earlier because, you know, it’s not a first house-seventh house thing. So, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out, and of course, I’m in the middle of it, so I probably can’t, but it definitely has a lot to do with the daily routine and, you know, wanting space in my daily routine. That kind of thing, so.

CB: Yeah, right, daily routines and changing that. I mean, it’s tricky because you have that large stellium of four planets all in Scorpio. One of those planets is the ruler of your Ascendant, which is Mercury. Transiting Uranus is basically opposing that, as it’s coming up to oppose that right now.

LINDA: And Leo’s at 25 in the fourth house, so household things, too.

CB: Right; you mean Pluto at 25?

LINDA: I mean, yeah, sorry.

CB: Yeah, so that’s squaring the Sun. Yeah, I mean, sometimes that can be part of it, is just when a person has a huge concentration of planets and eclipses start taking place because each of those planets rules one or two houses, it indicates a concentration all in one sector of the person’s chart, so when eclipses start hitting there, it can really activate a bunch of different topics at once. Yeah, so that’s really interesting. And then you’ve just said you’ve started focusing on some health things just in order to be proactive about stuff?

LINDA: Keeping it basic, yeah.

CB: Ok, nice. And has that changed your daily routines or how’s that impacted you?

LINDA: Yeah, yeah. In attitude. It’s like, this is a healthy way to do it, not like, “Oh, I have to do this.”

CB: Yeah, that’s major sixth house theme of just the things that we have to do in order to maintain health and vitality and those things that we work into our lives as a matter of routine and repetition. Yeah.

LINDA: They feel good. Yeah.

CB: You do? Good. Yeah, good. Well, that’s a really important thing, I think. Also, just to remember is, sixth and 12th house eclipses don’t always have to be scary or negative, especially when a person is being proactive about doing things. It can just indicate that’s the period in which they started taking that area more seriously or putting a lot of additional effort into maintaining health and doing things like that. So, I’ve seen people have eclipses or sixth house profections, and that was the year that they started working out or something like that and starting a major process of upkeep of their body and vitality that ended up lasting for many years. Yeah, cool. Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, we’ve got about 30 minutes left of this meeting. Does anybody else have an eclipse story to share? Or has this brought anything up? Yeah, you’ve got one? Alright, what’s your name?

GINA: Hi, my name’s Gina.

CB: Gina?


CB: G-I-N-A. Birth date?

GINA: February 23rd, 1989.

CB: Time?

GINA: 5:02 AM.

CB: Place?

GINA: South Miami, Florida.

CB: Miami?

GINA: South Miami is what I’ve been doing, but-

CB: Ok. Is your Ascendant- or what house system do you want to use?

GINA: I’m kind of trying to learn both, so let’s do Whole Sign.

CB: Ok. Alright, is your Ascendant one degree Aquarius?

GINA: Yes. So, I wasn’t planning on coming up here, but I kind of was sitting and scrolling through my Instagram, trying to piece some things together. And I have three that are somewhat sequential. And I’m kind of new to this, so I might need a little help.

CB: Sure. We’ll do it together.

GINA: So, February 10th of 2017, I was living in Florida, full-time job working in mortgages, married, owned a house.

CB: February 10th, 2014?

GINA: 2017.

CB: Ok, so we’re talking about, roughly, around a Pisces eclipse.

GINA: Yeah, February 10th. I think, is that the Capricorn one?


GINA: Oh, sorry, Leo.

CB: Oh, ok, so it’s Leo and Pisces. That month?

GINA: Yeah. So, on that day, literally that day, I posted a bunch of pictures of, I went up to Blue Ridge, Georgia, with my parents and my husband and his parents, for my birthday. It was a birthday thing. And while I was there, I just, out of the blue, decided that we’re going to move to Colorado. So, that was the start of it. I was like, “I really need the change in my life.” And being in those mountains triggered me wanting to be in these mountains. So, I mentally made that decision that day, sitting on the back porch, staring at mountains. And through the course of the first half of that year was convincing my husband that we were going to move to Colorado. So-

CB: Which is funny because that eclipse was in Leo in your seventh house, so it’s like you made that choice, but part of the then process then was convincing your husband and bringing him along.

GINA: Yeah, so I’m having a little hard time justifying the house relevance or the house axis relevance, so that’s probably where I need a little help. And then the next thing that happened was August 21st, 2017. Specifically on the day of that eclipse and I remember it because everybody in my office went outside to see it because we could see it.

CB: That was the Great American Eclipse.

GINA: Yeah, I guess so. We had the little crescent-shaped shadows all over the ground, which I thought was really cool.

CB: Right.

GINA: So, that day, I was keeping the secret from my job that we had just put our house on the market and were moving to Colorado. So, I can’t remember exactly, but I think a couple days later, or maybe a week or so later, it was the announcement to everybody – job, family, our house is going up on the market, all that, was shortly after that. And we were moving. I got a job. My husband hadn’t secured a job yet, or he almost secured the job, but I got a job doing mortgages here, and then we moved in late September/early October-ish. And then the last one is July 12th, 2018. This one I found the most significance. So, two days before that, on July 10th, 2018, I got laid off from my mortgage job, all out of the blue.

CB: Two days before July 12th, 2018?

GINA: Yeah, so July 10th was when I got laid off.

CB: Ok, that was an eclipse in your sixth house of work.

GINA: I don’t remember exactly. I was looking at it on my chart just a minute ago.

CB: Yeah, right here, it says July 12th, so two days later, there was a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer. So, Cancer would be your sixth house of work. And what happened was you got laid off?

GINA: Oh, yes. Ok, yes. And then I correlated that because of that extremely stressful event of getting laid off and having just moved here and oh my God, we just moved here, I got laid off, half of our income is gone, what am I going to do? You know? I immediately got very sick again.

CB: Shortly after that?

GINA: Yeah, early 2017, I got pancreatitis out of the blue, and then right after that eclipse, right after I got laid off, I got pancreatitis again. And then it just spewed a bunch of other health issues that just all kind of came up around the same time. It lasted for about a year, and it was a big struggle.

CB: Ok. Yeah, that’s one of the things that starts happening because the eclipses and the nodes move backward. You were coming out of a set of eclipses taking place in your first house of body but then also starting to go over to the sixth house, which can be both work, but also sometimes health or, in some instances, illness or ailment. So, it sounds like that’s part of it because the one two weeks after you got laid off around the Cancer eclipse in your sixth house of work and health, then there was a lunar eclipse in Aquarius two weeks later, which is your first house of body and physical vitality. So, you got pancreatitis, or it came back again at that point.

GINA: Yeah, I just had all kinds of health struggles at that point.

CB: Ok.

GINA: But one significant thing after that layoff, I did another one of those mental decisions that I was not ever going to work in mortgages or banking or finance or any of that ever again because I hated it. But I had just kind of ended up in that out of college, so-

CB: Ok.

GINA: During that time that I got laid off and was looking for a new job and all that, I was not looking for a job for which somebody would probably hire me because I have the experience. So, I was looking for other things and I ended up working in the cannabis industry, not in a dispensary, but in a corporate office.

CB: As one does when they move to Denver.

[audience laughs]

GINA: From Florida. [laughs] So, just my whole life since then has been changing. You know, I was working as an assistant, and then became an office manager, and then left that company because it was very toxic, and was an office manager somewhere else, and now I’m in marketing. So, it’s just, it’s been a very big change to me and who I am and how I identify myself since I moved here.

CB: Yeah, I mean, it sounds like part of it was just, it’s like we can see this here, July 12th, 2018, that was the sixth house eclipse, which is both work and health or illness, and the dual things that were happening that month of getting laid off and sudden ending of a job which is sometimes an eclipse thing, a sudden ending, but also the health stuff kicking up again, but then having an eclipse then also take place in your first house and you said you had a change where you decided for yourself that you didn’t want to do a certain type of work anymore, so it sounds like that was partially motivated by an internal change and a realization about first house self and what you wanted or who you were and what you wanted to do in the world.

GINA: Mhmm.

CB: Is that kind of where it came from, or how would you describe that?

GINA: Yeah, those July eclipses feel like I can make the most sense of them with my limited astrology knowledge at this point, but yeah, it was definitely a big mental shift. I’m done with this- being this person that I’m not, and I’m going to try to figure out who I am.

CB: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. What’s funny about that is in presidential elections, sometimes the last several presidential elections, the person who has eclipses taking place around the time of the election in their first house usually ends up being the one who wins because they end up going through a similar process of having to reevaluate who they are because suddenly they go from politician or whatever they are up until that point to being the president of an entire country or leader of the free world or whatever you want to call that and a complete redefining of their sense of self and what they’re here to do at that point. And it’s interesting hearing you describe a sort of version of that as well when it came to that change that you made at this time.

So, now the eclipses have shifted to your fourth and 10th house axis, and you’re about to have a lunar eclipse in Scorpio in your 10th house in a couple of days, so it seems like that’s again going to bring the focus back to your work, but also more broadly, not just sixth house job things, but instead, what you want to do in the world and what you want your direction in life to be after this point will probably become a major part of the focus over the course of the next year. Do you have any realizations at this point in terms of seeing where that’s going now, potentially, in the immediate future, or where are you at in terms of work and career?

GINA: Yeah, so I’ve been- it’s funny that you say that because I’ve been thinking about work and home a lot lately. We did end up buying a townhome late 2020/early January 2021. And I like it, but I mean, I still just want to be out in the woods somewhere in a little cottage or something, you know, instead of within a town/city. And I’ve been thinking about work a lot. I definitely am so much happier working in marketing because I really identify with that from a creative sense and fulfillment on what I’m doing and having fun, you know, doing my job instead of just numbers because I don’t like numbers. So, I was thinking, maybe about a week or two ago, I was telling my husband that I felt like I wanted to move again all of a sudden. And I was like, “I don’t know where this is coming from. I have no idea where we’d want to move.” He’s not going to move. He’s got a great job and has been stable. It’s not a thing, but it’s in my head for some reason.

CB: Yeah, you just had an eclipse in your fourth house, conjunct Uranus, and Uranus is actually on your IC right now, I believe, transiting Uranus because your IC, which is the focal point of the living situation sometimes, but Uranus is right there. I mean, even going back to the 2017/2018 timeframe, that’s pretty close to when Uranus first went into Taurus and into your fourth Whole Sign house, and this whole journey of moving to the other side of the country kind of began. So, that suddenly coming up, and you’re having feelings both, in terms of wanting to move, but also some implications in terms of your career at the same time.

GINA: Yeah, I mean, everybody made a sound, but I’m sure that I know the significance of what you just said about Uranus and all that, but yes?

CB: Sure, I mean, Uranus can sometimes be where you’re just saying earlier. It came up in one of the charts, they were having eighth house Uranus transits, and their partner was wanting to make major changes, and there was a drive for asserting his own freedom within the context of his career and his financial income. For you, having a Uranus transit in your fourth house, there can be a similar desire to suddenly break free of something that you feel like is holding you back or to shake things up and try something new, is usually the sense of a Uranus transit. When it’s going through the fourth house, it should theoretically then pertain to some extent to your home and living situation, so that kind of makes sense in terms of what you’re describing.

GINA: Ok. Yeah, that makes sense.

CB: Yeah, do you have any sense of what you’re going to do, or are you still just trying to process those feelings of just, you know, you have that impulse, but you’re not sure where it’s going to take you yet?

GINA: Yeah, no idea. I can’t see it, like there’s no realistic picture in my mind of what could happen, so I’m not thinking about it a whole lot or trying not to think about it. So, yeah, I don’t know.

CB: Yeah, and that’s ok. I mean, sometimes- one of the pieces of advice I think astrologers give people going through Uranus transits is to try to think outside of the box. And if there’s something that you maybe previously or earlier in your life considered to be a great ideal or idealistic thing, but just too off the wall or too unconventional, or just not feasible, I guess I would just revisit that and just try to consider whether that is actually feasible or that sort of unconventional or unique setup that maybe you always idealized, but could never achieve, if there’s some way you could achieve that now, whatever that means to you, relative to your own desires and ideals in terms of your living situation and what you would want out of your life.


CB: Yeah.

GINA: Thank you.

CB: Cool. Thank you for sharing that. And let us know. We’ll have to come back and do this at the end of the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse series, and maybe we can check in again at the end, and maybe you can come back and tell us what ended up happening and if you guys joined the circus and went on cross country, living in different cities and then stuff like that, or what you’re unconventional living and career situation ended up being.

GINA: Yeah, I will say over the past, I think maybe it was a 2020 thing, that I was like, “Let’s do van life.” But there’s no realistic way that we could do that right now, with jobs and stuff, so-

CB: Alright, well, I don’t know, I mean, yeah, thinking outside of the box, I guess that’s the main directive, so you know, see what you can do. Even if you can’t go to the full extreme if there’s some middle ground, sometimes that can be enough to channel the energy in a constructive direction.

GINA: Yeah, okay, thank you.

CB: Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, do you have one? Alright.

LAURA: My name is Laura.

CB: How do you spell it?

LAURA: L-A-U-R-A. December 31st, 1984. 11:29 in the morning. In Boulder, Colorado.

CB: Right, is your Ascendant four Aries?

LAURA: Yes, it is.

CB: What house system do you want to use?

LAURA: Whole is great. Thank you.

CB: Alright.

LAURA: So, this is more second-eighth house, which is why I’ve been sitting there for a while. If we look back at the last long one that Lisa, I think, looked at before from 2012/2014. That also fell in the Taurus and Scorpio axis.

CB: So the last time we were having Taurus and Scorpio eclipses?

LAURA: Yeah. That was my last year of grad school when I took out my prettiest and biggest student loan, which has the most interest on it. And then, I finished grad school at that time. I’m an acupuncturist, and at the time, I was living in California. They would only offer the licensing exam there twice a year, so while I was already licensed nationally, I couldn’t practice in the state I was living in, so I had no way of really generating more income than through the part-time jobs that I’d had. At the same time, my student loans then left deferment, so I was starting to pay a whole bunch back, and I was having a hard time getting stuff coming in the door. So, there was just a lot of resources.

I also knew at that point that I wanted to move back to Colorado. I ended up moving back here, I’d been living in California for 11 or 12 years, and I got rid of nearly everything I owned at the time. I moved back in a Honda Accord, with like everything that I brought back from a decade of my life.

CB: You got rid of all of your possessions?

LAURA: All of my possessions.

CB: I love that. That’s great second house eclipse story.

LAURA: Yeah, I was like, “Done with that.” So, now as I’m looking again as we’re back into a second-eighth house axis for me, one of the things that brought me back here was to be able to hang out with my grandmother because she was freaking awesome, and she got sick at the beginning of this year, and I took a lot of time off of work to help her out. And that means that since I work by and for myself in a client-facing business, there was once again no income, unexpectedly for about a month, and then I caught Covid.

So, I’m kind of, I noticed at the start of April, it’s the first time since I started my business that I was like, “Oh, finances are not where I expect them to be.” Because it’s a different thing. And at the same time, I know when I’m looking at the second-eighth house axis, my grandmother lived to be 94 and worked very hard to be able to save a lot of money to be able to pass on to her grandchildren, and there’s not a lot-lot, but I know there’s going to be a shift of income coming that way. So, when I look at it, it’s just been another set of a resource reset as far as other people’s money and my money. And that’s what I’ve got.

CB: That’s brilliant. So, you got both the second house stuff but also eighth house, some of the things that can come up are not just debt but also inheritance in some instances.

LAURA: Yeah.

CB: Yeah, that makes sense. That’s really brilliant, and yeah, that’ll just play out over the course of the next year, going all the way late into 2023, so you’re still pretty early on in that process, but this is a good example because it’s nice that you have that memory of the last time eclipses were taking place in that axis and what some of that energy was like so that maybe you’re a little bit more prepared to deal with it. It’s not your first rodeo or something.

LAURA: Yeah, and the last time, again, it was a moment where I’m getting rid of everything I have. I’m suddenly having to pay all these things back. This is wild. And it was fine. And it’s a similar feeling right now, where I’m like, “Ok, interesting. Not how I expect money to be looking, but I trust that it’s going to shift itself out the way that it should.”

CB: Yeah, and some of what’s brilliant about that is just the way that your chart is set up with that Saturn in the eighth house, in a day chart, and the ruler of your second house is Venus, which is in Aquarius, square Saturn, but with reception, and sometimes Saturn can have that tendency towards, on the one hand, things drying up in some sense, but also asceticism or being ok with less, being ok with that. And because it’s Saturn that’s prominent on your second-eighth house axis and in relation to the ruler of your second house, how sometimes taking that into your own hands and carrying that out or carrying that out deliberately and being ok with that and coming to terms with it rather than it being some external thing that’s forced on you.

LAURA: Yeah, very much so.

CB: Yeah, but it seems like that energy is something you very much own and are comfortable owning, to some extent.

LAURA: I think so. Yup, that’s what I got. Thank you.

CB: I like that. Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, I think we might have time for just one more example. You got one? Alright. How do you spell your first name?

MARK: Yeah, it’s Mark.

CB: Just Mark. Ok, yeah. First, I want to say Mark’s been helping with tech set-up today and with running a third camera, so can we give them a round of applause?

[audience claps]

CB: Thank you. Alright. What’s your birth date?

MARK: 2/28/1986.

CB: Time?

MARK: 2:25 PM.

CB: City?

MARK: Colorado Springs.

CB: Alright, 29 Cancer rising?

MARK: Yup.

CB: That’s a pretty late degree Ascendant.

MARK: It is. Yeah, another one. I did check my birth certificate. It does say 2:25 PM.

CB: Ok, good. Good man.

MARK: And maybe you can see my Pisces stellium, so you know, all water signs for my big three and Cancer rising definitely resonates with me, for sure.

CB: Ok, cool, so you feel good about that. What’s your eclipse story?

MARK: Yeah, so as I’m kind of looking at the sheet, thinking back to when I moved to Las Vegas in 2019, which was March. So, what precipitated that was the eclipses in 2018 because, at that time, I was DJing on a local radio station here in Denver. It was 89.3 FM KVO, so really cool community-based station. And at that point, that was really a highlight of my career. I was really looking to be a DJ at that time, and still currently am. So, being on the radio was such a huge accomplishment, and so, to look back, starting August 2018 with the eclipse in Leo, which was my second house, the time when I really kickstarted that journey. And being on the radio, it felt good. It was the first time I kind of broke out of my shell and did a lot of training, and I could kind of see later in 2019-

CB: When was that event, by the way, being on the radio?

MARK: Yeah, that was throughout 2018 and into 2019. So I would say actually probably around that time, August is when I started officially having my own show.

CB: Got it. Ok.

MARK: And before that, I was kind of doing some training with an Aquarius Sun. So that was kind of throughout July 2018, was where I was kind of doing some tutoring from a radio host who was an Aquarius Sun at that time. So,get on the radio with the eclipse in Leo, and then at that point, my mentors are like, “Mark, you’re doing great. You’re volunteering. How can you get paid for your passion?” So, you know, second house things right there. So at that point is when I decided to move to Las Vegas. I’m a Colorado native, so to move outside of the state was a new experience for me, so I move to Las Vegas in March of 2019, and what catches my eye is kind of that eclipse on zero degrees of Leo in 2019, which is pretty close to my Ascendant.

CB: Right, so there’s overlap between second house and first house.

MARK: Exactly, so I move to Las Vegas in March 2019. Kind of pursuing my- and really, I went there to build a home, you know, being from Colorado, experiencing the rising prices, I felt priced out of the market. Looking to shift gears, not just for my DJ money game, but to really find a place I can feel like is home and feel like it’s affordable and cozy, so to see that eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer is pretty stark when I look at this chart. And then around that time, later that week, in 2019, when my now currently ex, my girlfriend at the time, she moved to Las Vegas with me to kind of start to get out of Denver and restart a new life. So, that eclipse in Cancer is pretty fascinating. At that point, I’m like, “Cool. New city, girlfriend is coming with me.” I was feeling kind of on top of the world at that moment, and then you can kind of see that eclipse in Capricorn in July, you know, some relationship challenges at that point. I think it’s when I got a new promotion and new job. And then I’ll fast forward to 2020 because it was March, Friday, March 13th. Friday the 13th was my last day working my day job, and soon there after is when Covid hit, and I moved back to Colorado, so around that time that was looks like another eclipse in Cancer, in that January kind of activated that, so. Throughout that time, you know, I’ve been kind of back and forth through Colorado and Nevada in 2020, just dealing with trying to find a home still, you know-

CB: Was that relationship still consistent through that time?

MARK: It was. It was consistent throughout that time. So, you know, I see a lot of Cancer and Capricorn situations, you know, that would be my first and seventh house. Consequently, she has a Capricorn stellium, so that was activating her chart a lot as well. And ultimately, we were kind of bouncing back and forth, just trying to acclimate to all the craziness of having to pivot with all the Covid restrictions and life changes. And around December of 2020 was, yup, that eclipse in Sagittarius. We’ll, flash forward to that.

At that point, after kind of watching The Astrology Podcast and some other introspection and studying, I just had a pit in my stomach that, yo, I think this is going to be the end of my relationship with her. And I think we kind of said that in joking, but it’s just crazy because she’s into astrology as well, and so, we were kind of half joking about it, and then that actually kind of happened, where our relationship severed abruptly, which Mars is in my sixth house, so I can kind of see that as a kind of cutting experience.

And then, you know, I guess we can flash forward to the eclipses in 2021, some good old-fashioned 12th-sixth house eclipses. Because after that breakup, I spent a lot of time in solitude, just kind of reflecting on my thoughts. Just processing what the heck had happened in the world with Covid. In addition to that, processing my relationships with that girl, processing my relationship with myself, and realizing how did things precipitate the way they did, how was I responsible for that. Definitely no regrets, but just a lot of introspection and just trying to figure out myself and processing a lot of crazy situations, and then, you know-

CB: Introspection is a really good keyword for the 12th house.

MARK: Yeah, definitely. And so, you know, I think it’s just fascinating how throughout 2020 and 2021, it’s just bouncing around my first and seventh house, and then 12th and sixth house. And fortunately, with the current series of eclipses, I’ll flash forward to present time, I’m having nodal return, and to see my 11th house and my fifth house activated, I feel like the past drama of 2019, 2020, 2021; I feel stronger because of it. I accept everything the way that it happened. And when I spoke here last month, I’m really into gardening now. I’m involved in a lot of agriculture in my local hometown of Pueblo, Colorado. And, you know, I’m meeting a lot of really cool people, like-minded people all around the ideas of sustainability, gardening, community, teamwork, and also the realization with Uranus in Taurus that it could bring food restrictions, food shortages, potentially. So, it’s just relieving to feel like I’m a part of a community who it feels like we have a collective understanding of how to kind of get through these situations together.

And then how that’s activating my fifth house- last week, I was just doing some community gardening and randomly met a really cool girl out of the blue. So, I didn’t really expect that. And you know, I feel like lately, things are pretty fun. You know, my Scorpio fifth house, I’m really into composting, so something about the death and decay.

[audience laughs]

MARK: Yeah, literally. I’m very obsessed about- Scorpio. Obsession. People are tossing out grass clippings, and I’m doing a u-turn and packing up my SUV to compost it, so I wish you guys could see my backyard. It’s kind of a crazy house. But so I just feel very, at a good spot right now, just doing things for fun, doing things for agriculture, and feeling like I fit into a bigger community after kind of some dramatic 2020, 2021.

CB: Yeah, and that makes so much sense also in terms of- I know, you know, we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus last November, and it wasn’t too long after that that, I know you reached out to me, and you wanted to connect because you’d been wanting to connect with other astrologers as part of a community for a long time. And we started talking, and then we had that recent Taurus eclipse just last month, and we met for the first time. And then you then ended up playing a really integral role in helping me to set up for this meeting and suddenly find yourself kind of in the center of a community of astrologers here, so I can see your 11th house eclipses playing out there at the same time in that way.

MARK: Definitely, yeah, so all my current passions, still including music, you know, it’s the opportunities to do that, astrology, really deep in that practice in the last three years, so I’m very grateful to be here right now with our community here in-person finally, especially talking with you. And then my garden group once again.

So, all my passions and interests my fifth house are currently being activated with community. And, you know, I didn’t necessarily drive- I stayed in Denver yesterday for some business meetings. We’re working to try to bring a new restaurant into Pueblo, which is a non-profit, pay what you can, type model. Delicious food, so that’s kind of more Taurus themes in my realm. And then I stayed in town, and I played some poker last night, so that’s kind of some fifth house activations.

And you know, it was just nice being in Blackhawk, getting out of the city, just kind of being in the solitude of the mountains, getting some fresh air, looking at the Moon, which technically last night was still in Libra, but just really honoring the Moon as it’s coming into fullness. Me being ruled by the Moon, having a Scorpio Moon, it was just a fun time to just kind of be out there, just reflecting in preparation for coming here today. So, I’m excited that my fifth and 11th house is being activated now, versus all the craziness of the first-seventh and sixth, and 12th for the past few years.

CB: Yeah, that’s really brilliant. I look forward to seeing how those themes continue to emerge for you in terms of community and other things over the course of the next year or so as you continue to have eclipses in those houses.

MARK: Definitely, yeah.

CB: Alright, cool. Thank you for sharing that.

MARK: Appreciate it. Thank you.

[audience claps]

CB: Alright, well, it looks like it’s 4:00 PM, so this is kind of- we did start a little bit late, but it’s getting toward the end of our time in terms of wrapping things up here and still being able to hang out and socialize for a little bit longer, until we need to clear the room by 5:00 PM. Does anybody have any questions or anything before we wrap up this meeting when it comes to eclipses? Yeah. Marilyn?

[audience member asks a question off-mic]

CB: Yeah, let’s pull that up really quickly. I’m not looking forward to that one. That one looks kind of scary, I’m not going to lie. Alright. Ok, so Marilyn mentioned the next Taurus lunar eclipse that’s going to take place later this year. And I’ll advance the chart until that moment, and we’ll see a really lovely looking configuration of, let’s see, the Sun is at 15 degrees of Scorpio, so this takes place on November 8th, 2022, which I think many astrologers have noted happens to be mid-term election day here in the United States, at the end of the year.

So, the lunar eclipse will go exact at 15 degrees of Taurus, which not only is very closely conjunct the North Node at 13 Taurus but also is very closely conjunct Uranus at 16 degrees of Taurus. And that’s opposite the Sun, of course, at 15 Scorpio, but also, for some reason, Mercury is exactly conjunct the Sun on that day, opposing and applying to opposed Uranus, and all of that is squaring Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius. So, it looks like a very tense eclipse that’s going to take place at that time, but also a very Uranian one of something being really shaken up, and the destabilizing sometimes effects of eclipses being emphasized by the prominence of Uranus at that time.

Yeah, so that’s pretty notable, and that’s one of the other factors that comes into play with eclipses that we didn’t focus on too much during sharing stories, but just looking and seeing what other planets the eclipse is configured to, in some ways describing some of the energies that are brought to the forefront in the world at that time. And sometimes, that can be relevant in a very personal way, in our individual lives, but other times it can relate to changes that are going on in the collective. For example, there was a set of eclipses that took place in Capricorn and Cancer in November and December of 2019, and that’s right when Covid was starting to emerge and build up. And those ended up being the eclipses that were foreshadowing the emergence of Covid in the world over the course of the next few weeks or few months.

And then more recently, we had a Taurus eclipse here just a couple of weeks ago, and that was closely conjunct Uranus, and a lot of people have noticed there’s been some pretty major destabilizations in terms of the markets recently, where all of a sudden a bunch of markets, a bunch of commodities and things like that are suddenly going really up or really down and it’s caused a lot of disruptions in terms of the economy.

So, did you have any specific points about that, Marilyn, in terms of November?

[audience laughs]

Ok, yeah. Political astrology is a whole other thing, and we might have to do a meeting for that on its own once we get closer to election day, which we sometimes do or have historically in the past. Stephanie?

STEPHANIE: I just wanted to- sorry; my voice goes out sometimes. That Mercury is Cazimi the Sun that day in November. It’s not combust. It’s right there in the heart of the Sun.

CB: Yeah, Mercury is right there in the heart of the Sun on election day in November. Yeah. There’s a lot of big stuff, I mean, that’s potentially going to be an important turning point, in terms of the country, and I think the, you know, whatever party controls the House is going to be decided at that point and whether the Democrats retain it or whether it changes hands to the Republicans, which then will precipitate and lead into immediately after that, the next presidential election, which will take place exactly two years later, but that’s the lead up to that. Yeah?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Also, in that chart, I noticed Saturn being the in the fifth house means it’s not going to be a fun contest.

CB: That the square with Saturn is going to be, it’s not going to be a fun eclipse?


CB: Fun contest? Yeah.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: There will be some sex scandals.

[audience laughs]

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Or maybe it’s the abortion issue.

[several audience members agree]

CB: Yeah, yeah, so that’s a whole- maybe we can do a follow-up meeting on that at some point, which is just predicting with eclipses in mundane astrology and talking about world events and how eclipses relate to that. That might be a fun meeting at some- not quote, unquote fun meeting, at some point. It’s just eclipses sometimes signify being harbingers of major world changes. Yeah, alright. Yeah?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: It’s not related to the elections, but I was researching that Jupiter is starting a new 12-year cycle as it enters into Aries. I was wondering if you could speak on that a little bit.

CB: Yeah, I mean, that might be something we could do, or it might be fun to do a whole meeting on. I don’t know if I have anything to say about that right now, immediately, in terms of just relating to the topic of eclipses or anything like that, but everybody should think about, because Jupiter just changed signs, what Whole Sign house it just went into in your chart and that potentially being an area of growth and expansion over the course of the next year, as Jupiter moves through Aries. It will retrograde back into Pisces at the very end of the year, briefly, so it’s not completely done with Pisces. But one of the things you can do as we did with eclipses, we thought back eight years ago, is if you want to know what a current Jupiter transit is about, think back to 12 years earlier, what areas or what topics were activated when Jupiter went through that house, and you’ll sometimes gain some insight or a preview of what’s coming up as Jupiter again returns to that sign. Yeah. Any other- yeah?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: I just- another thing that could be really interesting to tie into eclipses is when they happen as a part of your solar return chart because I had one happen in 2007 on my birthday as a part of my solar return and there were things that happened that, in my whole life that year, basically was picked up and thrown in a whole different direction. And there were transits to justify what had happened in my life at that time, and I went back and realized that there was an eclipse in my solar return chart. I know that’s not what we’re talking about, but I don’t know; I just wanted to put that out there because it’s- it can be really impactful for your year. And could really put the- blow up the whole symbolism, I think, of eclipses, when they impact your year that way, your solar return.

CB: Yeah, for sure. That’s a great way of personalizing eclipses, is seeing if you have an eclipse in your solar return chart and that year of your life actually having much greater importance or standing out in some significant way in terms of your overall life chronology, compared to other years. That’s a really great point.

And that also happens with secondary progressions, which is that all of us at different points will have a secondary progressed new Moon and full Moon. And that can be the beginning of a new cycle when you have a secondary progressed new Moon or the culmination of something you started many years earlier when you have a secondary progressed full moon. But if one of those lunations also happens to be an eclipse, that can supercharge it and make it even more important for you than it might be otherwise. So that’s another good way of paying attention to eclipses.

Another good way of paying attention to eclipses, or seeing if they’re going to be important for you, is if you do the technique of annual profections, where you just count one house per year from the Ascendant. If you come to a year where it activates Cancer or Leo so that one of the luminaries is activated as a time lord for you in that year, then eclipses are going to be more important for you in that year compared to other years of your life. So, that’s one of the other filtering factors that we haven’t been applying so far here, but it’s kind of implicit because that’s sometimes the reason why these eclipse stories ended up being more important than others. It’s because there were background techniques that were indicating that those eclipses would be important in that year.

So, many other things to think about and lots of other things we can go into, but I think that’s it for this meeting of the Denver Astrology Group. So, thanks, everybody, for joining us today. We’re going to be…[audience applause] We’re going to be back here again next month, and I think we’re actually going to do a meeting on rectification because I’m having an astrologer- I’m having a friend of mine, an astrologer named Patrick Watson who is coming into town. And Patrick specializes in rectification, and I think we might try to do some sort of workshop-style format, where we had a bunch of charts today where, you know, it could have been an Ascendant in one sign or another, and I think what we’re going to do is, I’m going to ask people that have the Ascendant like that to come in, and we might do some on the fly rectifications where we switch back and forth between the two charts, and we try to quickly establish by communicating with the person and asking them questions that would implicate one chart or another, and try to establish what the correct rising sign is. So, I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the next meeting, and it will be with Patrick, here in person, in Denver. So, yeah, everyone, be sure to join us for that on the second Saturday of next month in June, and we’ll see you again next time.

[audience claps]

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