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Stelliums in Astrology: Interpreting Planetary Clusters

Stelliums in Astrology: Interpreting Planetary Clusters

In episode 311 astrologers Chris Brennan and Patrick Watson discuss the concept of stelliums in astrology, and what it means to have 3 or 4 or more planets in the same sign or house in your birth chart.

In the first part of the show we try to address some debates and questions about stelliums, such as how many planets need to be involved in order for you to have a stellium, what planets or points should be considered when calculating a stellium, and what is the plural form of the word stellium?

After that we start looking at a bunch of example charts, in order to demonstrate what it looks like in real life when a person has a stellium of planets in a specific sign of the zodiac or in one of the twelve houses.

Later we also briefly touch on the concept of stelliums in mundane astrology, such as the Capricorn stellium that happened in 2020, or other stelliums that have coincided with specific events in the past.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below, although it is probably best to watch the video version if you can, since we go through a lot of chart examples.


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:55 Definition of stellium
00:03:49 Debate about 3 vs. 4 planet stelliums
00:06:26 Co-presence vs. degree-based
00:10:06 March 2020 Capricorn stellium
00:14:40 Transits, profections, and stelliums
00:17:14 Second house stellium story
00:19:10 Nodes and outer planets included in stellium?
00:24:11 Ascendant and midheaven included in stellium?
00:25:12 The plural form of stellium
00:28:24 Painting analogy for stelliums
00:31:17 Bill Clinton – 1st house stellium
00:33:50 Texts with delineations of planetary combinations
00:34:50 History of the word stellium
00:39:37 Judy Blume – 5th house stellium
00:41:43 How to weight the planets in a stellium
00:49:02 1962 Aquarius stellium
00:49:29 Garth Brooks’ chart
00:50:18 Edde Izzard- 5th house stellium
00:54:12 Thomas Beatie – 5th house stellium
00:57:33 Chris’ dad – 5th house stellium
01:02:29 The beauty of fate in astrology
01:03:23 Zack Snyder – 7th house stellium
01:07:07 Carl Sagan – 7th house stellium
01:09:31 Kurt Cobain – 7th house stellium
01:13:26 Beyonce – Libra stellium
01:19:03 Katy Perry – 1st house stellium
01:24:18 George Lucas – 1st house stellium
01:27:12 Richard Tarnas – 9th house stellium
01:28:29 Christopher Revve – 3rd house stellium
01:30:20 Meghan Markle – 4th house stellium
01:33:50 Mac Miller – 12th house stellium
01:38:39 T.S. Eliot – 1st house stellium
01:39:03 James Earl Jones – 1st house stellium
01:39:54 Lion King or Aladdin?
01:41:29 Michael Bloomberg – 8th house stellium
01:42:15 Paul McCartney – 10th house stellium
01:44:19 Harrison Ford – 10th house stellium
01:45:00 Bruce Lee – 12th house stellium
01:45:45 Joe Biden – 12th house stellium
01:48:20 Jimi Hendrix – 1st house stellium
01:50:25 Edward Snowden – 1st house stellium
01:50:55 Serena Williams – 6th house stellium
01:51:10 Danielle Collins – 6th house stellium
01:51:33 Van Jones – 6th house stelllium
01:54:25 Stellium summary
01:56:11 Stellium planets as house rulers
01:57:49 Mundane examples of stelliums
02:06:15 Patrick’s 4th house stellium
02:11:01 Closing remarks
02:11:40 Chris and Patrick’s future rectification course
02:12:00 Patrick’s YouTube channel and website

Watch the Video Version of This Episode on Stelliums

Here is the video version of this episode on stelliums on our YouTube channel:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 311 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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  • This episode brings up some of the grappling I do when assigning weight to a house in a chart when two stelliums are present. Keeping the rulers, quadrants, sect and everything else in mind is key as you said. So many layers to unravel! Still listening. Hoping you hit on a 12th house stellium.

    Thanks for all you do. The amount of information you share on your podcasts has been an incredible resource for me. Very grateful.

    • Agreed (RE: both multiple stelliums). One of the charts that I follow has a 12th house Scorpio stellium (Moon, Node & Uranus) and a 5th house Aries stellium (Sun, Venus & Chiron) for a female diagnosed with bipolar condition and also an orphan (thank you so much Vatican).
      Even with all of the information provided in this episode, the only clarity I have is that it is way beyond my ability to understand.

  • I would buy your audio book ! In fact I love you Chris you are so inspirational I love everybody on your show, thank you Austin and Joe and Kelly and thank you Chris, I am legally blind and anything that is put into audio I appreciate more than I can express! I get to learn astrology through mostly utilizing my good hearing but I appreciate your dry humor and laugh hysterically at you guys. Thank you

  • I would 100% sign up for a rectification course from you guys! It’s my dream to try to rectify my father’s chart; he was born at home in Syria in 1958, so there’s no recorded birth time, but family lore has always been that he was born Monday morning, “ready for work”–I’m pretty sure I have the right rising sign, but I’ve only been able to go by intuition.

  • I enjoy the hint that finding the conception chart would be interesting! Mine and my five kids have Mars in Virgo and grandkids have natal Mars in Virgo. As a girl I worked at university but love being a mum. Wild times Ahead for many but am Aquarius cancer Aries.

  • stella (=star) female word: plural: stellae (in postclassic Latin PRONOUNCED not written as stelle)
    stellium (=stellium) neutral word: plural: stellia