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Practicing Astrology Professionally: Making the Transition

Practicing Astrology Professionally: Making the Transition

Episode 306 features a discussion with astrologer Claire Moon about the process of making the transition into practicing astrology professionally, and some considerations for becoming a full-time astrologer.

Over the past few years Claire has made the transition to practicing astrology full-time and making that her primary career, and so we sat down to discuss what that has been like, and talk about some things people should think about if they are considering making that transition.

Parts of the discussion also centered around what it is like to be a normal person who practices astrology, and how it can be kind of tricky sometimes interacting with people or institutions in your life who may view that as a weird thing.

For more information about Claire check out her website:


This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Watch the video version of this episode on becoming a professional astrologer here:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 306 transcript

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  • Hi Chris! This was a great episode! I thought the video and sound quality was awesome. I appreciate the insight that Claire Moon provided and just absolutely loved how she kept it real. Just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work, you are a great teacher. I’ve been listening to your podcast since 2015 (coincidentally during my 1st Saturn Return). You kept me great company as I walked my newborn around in the stroller as she slept. Anyways, I think I told you that when I briefly met you in 2018 at UAC in Chicago. Well I’m still a listener and have recently decided to become a patreon (it was so long overdue and so worth it!). I know you recently did an episode on the ephemeris (which was awesome), and you briefly mentioned transits, but any chance that can one day be an episode in itself? like a how to with examples? Thanks again for all the great content!

  • I would buy the audio book version of Hellenistic Astrology. It might require a supplemental PDF with an index, figures and footnotes. And some of the main text might require revision to flow better in audio format. But I’m interested.