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The Astrology Podcast

Ep. 197 Transcript: Uranus Transits Through the Twelve Houses

The Astrology Podcast

Transcript of Episode 197, titled:

Uranus Transits Through the Twelve Houses

With Chris Brennan and astrologers Leisa Schaim, Eugenia Krok, and Joy Vernon

Episode originally released on March 13, 2019


Note: This is a transcript of a spoken word podcast. If possible, we encourage you to listen to the audio or video version, since they include inflections that may not translate well when written out. Our transcripts are created by human transcribers, and the text may contain errors and differences from the spoken audio. If you find any errors then please send them to us by email: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Transcribed by Mary Sharon

Transcription released July 30, 2021

Copyright © 2021 TheAstrologyPodcast.com

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CHRIS BRENNAN: All right, let’s go ahead and get started. Thank you and welcome everybody to the March meeting of The Denver Astrology Group. If this is your first meeting, we always meet here on the second Saturday of each month, always at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. here at the Mercury Cafe. Sometimes we schedule our meetings late because we’re always trying to catch speakers who are coming through from out of town and to keep things somewhat flexible. But if you sign up for our page on meetup.com, then you’ll always get the notice as soon as it goes out about the next meeting and you can pretty much guarantee that there’s always going to be a meeting here on the second Saturday of each month even if we schedule it extremely late, in some instances. Any announcements before we get started?

LEISA SCHAIM: As we mentioned in a couple of the recent meetings, the ISAR, what’s the full name of ISAR?

CB: The International Society for Astrological Research.

LS: They’re one of the big organizations that puts on conferences every couple of years, and the next one is going to be next September 2020 actually here in Colorado. It’s going to be in Westminster. So that’s really exciting because it’s going to be very accessible for all of us local people. If you are an ISAR member, the ballots should go out soon to vote on talks you’d actually like to hear. They’re going to choose about half of the talks that way as member votes. Keep an eye out for that if you are an ISAR member and vote for the ones you want to hear next year.

CB: Yeah. And so basically, all you have to do is sign up for a membership and that’s really important just because it’s going to be here and everybody’s going to want to be at that conference. So basically, everybody should become a member now because then you’re going to literally get to choose which talks are going to be at that conference in one year’s time. And it’s going to be like all the best astrologers flying in not just from the US but from all over the world to Denver for this conference. They’re shooting for 700 to 800 people, so this is going to be a pretty big conference and it should be a lot of fun. So pretty soon, we should be able to announce other things for scholarships and also volunteer opportunities for local astrologers because they’re going to need some help with groundwork locally to set this thing up. All right. Any other announcements? No? We’re always looking for speakers, so if anybody has any interesting lecture topics you’re interested in presenting and you want to make a pitch to us, just send either myself or Leisa an email. Or if you know any local astrologers, we realized recently that there’s actually a lot of local astrologers in Denver that aren’t aware of the group or that are practicing privately that could give a lecture but just aren’t aware that this lecture space is available. So if you know any local astrologers that might be good for giving a talk, please let us know.

LS: And if you or someone you know is nervous about giving a first talk if you haven’t done it before, we’ve also had meetings in the past where we give like two, three, or four short talks so you can dip your toe in the water just do like a 20-minute, 30-minute talk, so we’re always looking for that as well.

CB: Yeah. All right, so let’s jump into our meeting topic for today. As many of you know, the planet Uranus just completed a nearly decade long transit through the sign of Aries over the past week and it ingressed or moved into this tropical zodiacal sign of Taurus for the next seven or eight years.

LS: Yeah, till 2026

CB: All right. Today what we want to do is this is a bit of an experimental meeting, we want to try to give people an idea of what this upcoming transit of Uranus through Taurus is going to be like but not just from a mundane sense. A lot of astrologers will talk about Uranus in Taurus in very broad, not generic terms, but they’ll talk about it in a worldly sense of what world themes they expect to come up with Uranus in Taurus. And what I want to do here is try to personalize or get some sense of what this transit will mean for each of you in your lives personally over the course of the next decade by first talking a little bit conceptually about what we would expect a Uranus transit to be like through different parts of the chart, but then secondarily, not just talking about it abstractly or conceptually, but hopefully getting some stories from audience members about how they’ve experienced certain Uranus transits in the past. We’re going to anchor this primarily by talking about the transit of Uranus through different houses through each of the 12 houses which represent different areas of a person’s life in different sectors of the chart, and that’s going to be our primary frame of reference. And one of the ways that you can think about this, regardless of what your approach to astrology is, is that so the way Leisa and I approach it, for example, is that we’re usually looking at charts through the lens of whole sign houses where first you identify what sign the Ascendant is located in and whatever sign that is becomes the first house from zero to 30° of that sign and then the sign that follows the rising sign becomes the second house, the sign after that becomes the third house, and so on and so forth. How many people are already familiar with whole sign houses? Could you raise your hand? Okay, at least 75% of the room, give or take if not more. Good, that makes things easier. If you’re using whole sign houses, one of the things that you realize about transits is that as soon as a planet moves into a new sign, it’s also moving into a new house. And that’s one of the ways that you can test whole sign houses to see if it works is if there’s a shift in some of the topics and some of the themes in your life not long after a planet makes a sign ingress. And I say that’s one of the more compelling things about whole sign houses that people can actually test out and validate in their practice. Would you guys agree with that? One of the things I wanted everyone to do right now at the beginning of this meeting is to think about what whole sign house Uranus has just moved into if it just moved into Taurus in your own personal chart and to start to think about some of the topics associated with that house. And at some point, hopefully, we’ll get to that house and talk about transits of Uranus through that and hopefully give you some preview of what you might expect or what themes or events or circumstances you could anticipate might be coming up over the course of the next decade. Other preliminary stuff, I should have at the very beginning stopped and introduced everybody, to introduce you to our panels. Do you want to start by introducing yourself, Leisa?

LS: Sure. My name is Leisa Schaim. I’m the co-organizer of The Denver Astrology Group, a local astrologer here in Denver, kind of mix modern and Hellenistic astrology in my practice.

EUGENIA KROK: I am Eugenia Krok. I’m an astrologer as well [laughs] and a psychotherapist actually. I meddle psychotherapy and astrology.

JOY VERNON: I’m Joy Vernon and I am a tarot reader and astrologer at Isis Books here in Denver.

CB: Awesome. And I’m Chris Brennan and I’m the host of The Astrology Podcast. I did want to say that we’re recording this today and may release it as a podcast episode in the future, so I want to encourage people to share their stories and we’ve got a microphone up front where we’re actually going to have people come up if you have a good story about a Uranus transit to share it with us. But I just wanted to say in the interest of full disclosure, since we are recording it, you have to be comfortable having your story shared with a larger audience outside of this, otherwise you probably shouldn’t share it publicly in this meeting. Okay. We’re talking about whole sign houses, the transit of Uranus through the house. Now it’s okay if you don’t use whole sign houses, that’s just going to give you a rough approximation at least with Uranus moving into this new sign of something that you could anticipate as being a shift in your chart. But it’s going to become more intense as the transit of Uranus gets closer to certain personal planets or certain sensitive points in your chart as it moves through Taurus over the course of the next seven or eight years, right?

LS: Yeah. So, you’ll start to notice something when it goes into the sign and into that new house. But if it starts to get close to a planet, it starts to get close to the Ascendant, Midheaven, different degrees like that, then you’ll notice it a lot more vividly.

CB: Right. I don’t want to give people the false impression that because Uranus went into Taurus last Wednesday that your entire life should have changed already [laughs] in the sector of your chart indicated by that whole sign house. That’s not the case. But instead what you’ll see is certain themes will start to change and start to develop gradually from this point forward and then they’ll peak or become more intense when Uranus starts hitting certain personal planets or points in your chart exactly by degree. Now, the other thing we should mention is while Uranus just made its final ingress into Taurus, it already dipped into Taurus last year and we actually got a preview of what this entire decade long transit is going to look like for about what was like six months last year.

LS: About five-ish, so it was mid-May 2018 to early November 2018.

CB: Right. So, Uranus in May of last year into Taurus and dipped into that house in your chart and then it stationed I think at 2° a few months later and then retrograded back out and went into Aries. You should think of that time period between what was it, May and October? Between May and October and some of the events and circumstances that were happening in your life even if they were somewhat subtle ones that didn’t fully manifest into major change, those could be a preview or a foreshadowing of some major events to come over the course of the next several years. Any other preliminaries? What do you guys feel? Maybe we should start, what are your primary keywords from the panel for Uranus or how do you guys conceptualize that when you’re thinking about it either nataly in a chart or especially in terms of its transits? Eugenia, have you ever had any major Uranus transits that stuck out to you that you remember in your mind?

EK: Yeah. [laughs] I’ve had Uranus plow through basically every planet in my chart. And I’m an Aquarius, so it’s awesome. I love Uranus very, very much. I’ve had him on my Sun and now he’s hitting my Moon at the moment. Can you hear me?

CB: Just move it a little closer if you can, that stand.

EK: Oh, that’s a little bit better. I actually have Uranus exactly conjunct my Jupiter in Sagittarius to the minute so I’m tight with Uranus. And I guess the perspective I look at Uranus is I look at it as the typical breakdown, breakthrough, all of that stuff, but I really think of Uranus as genius so there’s a lot I find in the natal chart but also by transit, there’s a lot of obsession wherever Uranus might be. For example, he’s been in Aries for the last handful of years and there’s been an obsession on the self, right? So selfies and an explosion of technologies around identity. Identity has absolutely transformed in the last eight years where we all have now two lives, right? We have the identity of me talking to you right now. But I just took a live video just before and there’s like maybe hundreds of people watching this who are not here who are watching the second part of my identity right now. So, obviously technology has a lot to do with Uranus but it has a lot to do with that obsession. And as a Uranian human being an Aquarius, I love him because he’s the great liberator as well. I had him when he was on my Sun in the ninth house, the house of foreign travel. For example, I was living in a hippie commune in Australia and I wound up traveling the world and I went to about seven countries at that time, and that was when I learned about counseling and astrology, reflexology, things like that when I was 20, 21 years old, and it totally changed the course of my life and liberated me from the ideas of living in America and opened up my consciousness to the world at the time. I love him. He’s crazy. He’s a bit intense, but I love him. [laughs]

CB: Yeah, and those are the types of stories like that simple observation of how that went in your life where Uranus went through your ninth house and you had some of those radical changes in the context of ninth house areas of your life like travel and philosophy and astrology and things like that.

EK: And I was a philosophy major in college prior to that, and the philosophy major is what made me and 9/11 happened also and that’s what got me interested in philosophy, and so I had to go see what was going on in the world. How could 9/11 happen? And I joined the philosophy sect in college and I took graduate school programs in it and then it was the philosophers who said you need to see the world to develop a good idea of it and so I did.

CB: Nice. Those are the types of stories that I’d like to focus on and share today, especially from the audience to whatever extent we can, is focusing on them and start to think about like a past transit of Uranus that was important in your life and changed your life in some significant way that you feel comfortable sharing with the group, especially a transit of Uranus through a house, but also if you can think of a transit of Uranus to a specific planet or a sensitive point in your chart like the Ascendant or the Midheaven or the Descendant or the IC. For example, one of my most memorable Uranus transits is that Uranus hit my Ascendant at 17 Aquarius when I was about 15 years old and that was when I discovered astrology. That was a really notable, unexpected, sudden and somewhat radical change in my life direction and my focus in life when the planet Uranus came to that sensitive point in my chart, which is the Ascendant. I’d be curious to hear other people’s experiences with things like that, like a Uranus transit to the Ascendant or the Midheaven or the Descendant or the IC as well as personal planets because there’s some people, for example, if you have fixed signs if like Taurus is your rising sign if your Ascendant is in Taurus, then that means Uranus is going to conjoin your Ascendant at some point in the next seven years or if your Midheaven is in Taurus, that means that Uranus is going to conjoin your Midheaven at some point in the next seven years and that could indicate some pretty radical changes in your career and overall life direction. Leisa, did you have any notable Uranus transits?

LS: Yeah. Let’s see. When Uranus hit my IC, so the sensitive point with regard to home and and family, I suddenly moved back into my parents’ house for a year even though I’d already been moved out for quite a while. And my wording at the time, I didn’t know almost any astrology, my wording at the time for the reason was I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and therefore if I shake up where I live, maybe that will shake up other things as well. [laughs] And that’s like a perfect Uranus type of thinking. And then after a year, I decided fairly spontaneously to move out west here for grad school and that’s been like a long-standing thing. I’ve lived here ever since for many years. Yeah, so sudden changes with regard to home.

CB: Yeah, maybe we should define some keywords for Uranus before we go any further. One of the keywords that you just used was like sudden, radical, and somewhat rapid changes in the life, right?

LS: Yeah, definitely. So things moving more quickly than you’re expecting or that you’re used to, either or both of those. I would say also restlessness, things that were that house or topics of that house were okay with you up to that point suddenly you feel like you have to do something different. And I think different is probably one of the biggest keywords for Uranus, it’s like making a change, doing something different than you were doing. And so while Uranus is associated with things that are eccentric or off the wall or offbeat, it can be those things. But I think the real core is difference. And so if that’s different for you, then it might look off ball. But if you’ve been doing things like that too already looking off ball or already doing things in your life that are very eccentric, it could be a change from that. It’s just about change and innovating in your life.

CB: Yeah, change, innovation. What are some keywords that you use for Uranus, Joy?

Joy Vernon: I think we’ve covered quite a lot of them. I don’t know. When Uranus was in Aries, I was using freedom quite a bit, but it was partly because the two of those together really desired that intense amount of freedom. But yeah, unexpected is another one that comes up frequently with Uranus. I tend to work with it primarily considering it that sky god or to represent the heavens and especially moving into Taurus which is the Earth Mother, we get quite that contrast there. So part of that kind of heavenly, upper-level intellectual some of those types of things come to mind with Uranus.

CB: Sure. Yeah, I like that idea that you mentioned of freedom or liberation and that ties back into something Leisa was saying, but sometimes the sudden need for liberation in some part of your life where you feel that up till now you’ve been restrained or held back in some way. What are some other major themes?

LS: Technology often comes up quite a bit. So using technology in whatever area of your life it’s transiting is often a theme. I would say authenticity and experimentations because sometimes Uranus transits bring almost like experimentation for its own sake or it can feel that way and I think that’s often the thing that people say cautionary statements about like yes, make changes even sudden ones if they feel right, but don’t do it just for the sake of being bizarre or for the sake of just shaking up your life for no reason. But sometimes it is shaking up your life for no reason until you can figure out where you’re going from there and it can precipitate a more meaningful change at that point. But I think authenticity kind of like tied to the freedom idea because often it is I need to break free from something that feels suddenly stifling even if it didn’t feel stifling before in an effort to make my life more authentic to how I feel now even if that was different than just a moment ago.

CB: Yeah, and sometimes that can set you or at the very least make you feel like the odd one out or sometimes it can literally make you visibly in a group stand out as being not just independent, but sometimes odd or going against the grain or unique in some way is common, especially for natal placements thinking about the Uranus placement in your chart is that place in your life where you’re unique or where you stand out or in some instances where you’re actually like an oddball in some way. But that can happen. Oh, go ahead, Joy.

Joy Vernon: I think I’m going to change subjects, is that okay? Did you want to finish something on this? Sorry. [laughs] One of the really common ones is the idea of revolution and different ways of coming up with keywords for the planets. Uranus was discovered as a planet and not as a star in between the American Revolution and the French Revolution, and so the idea of revolting against something, trying to overthrow something that’s existing, some of those qualities are expressed, we find that expressed in the planet itself.

EK: And just to dovetail off of that, you have to think about the archetype of Uranus as you’re saying, the god of the sky. And in Greek mythology, it’s out of chaos is born Uranus or Uranus and Gaia and so the beauty of the chaos of outer space uniting with Gaia to create life as it is. And I think of Uranus just as the experience of looking into the night sky every night. You never know what you’re going to see. And it blows your mind when you go to different parts of the world and you look at the sky or if you see a comet or a star shooting, your mind has to think bigger. That’s when you feel small, is when you’re looking into the night sky and the poetry and the majesty of outer space, and that’s what happens with Uranus transits. They leave you in awe of the lack of control we have over our life and the sudden unexpected liberation. And because of that, when we have Uranus transits, they force us to be present, absolutely present, because we have no control. Just another quick example, I picked up my bags and moved to Egypt when Uranus moved into Taurus and it hit my Moon, my home. And unexpectedly, I moved to Egypt, and then unexpectedly I had to leave Egypt leaving me homeless for a year. And then I just moved to a new home as soon as Uranus moved into Taurus again here in Colorado. And I am going into it this time knowing that I’m not expecting to stay at this home either. There’s this freedom I have now, this absolute liberation that I can live out of a bag. You can ask me to pick up and go to a country and I can do that within 24 hours now because Uranus has been hitting my Moon, has absolutely liberated me from the confines of being in one place at one time. And like looking into the stars into outer space, you have to be prepared for that sudden change if you’re going to prepare for Uranus in any way, and that’s by being absolutely present to what is at the moment and non-attachment which is 100% Aquarius or detachment or non-attachment makes us present, no attachment to the outcome of anything and that’s the liberation of Uranus as well.

CB: Sure. So not just learning how to expect the unexpected but also to be comfortable with and content with things being up in the air a little bit in that part of your life to some extent as well. Okay, good. I’m trying to think if there’s any other major basic principles that we need to set down before we move into the delineations here.

LS: I think just about Uranus going through the houses, since Uranus goes through a sign and therefore a whole sign house for seven to eight years, you can usually look back even though there are these sudden things like yours for instance where when it does hit a planet. Usually, if you look back, it’s kind of segueing into the houses piece and see where you were in the house that Aries is in in your chart, where you were in 2010 versus where you were in 2018, you can see like this gradual evolution of something whether you have planets there or not. It’ll probably be more dramatic of a memory if you did have planets in Aries. But even if you don’t, there should have been an evolution over those seven to eight years.

CB: Right. Everybody should think back to what whole sign house Uranus has been transiting through since 2010, Okay. So start of that was 2010 and then it just ended last week and what house that was moving through in your chart and what changes happened to you over the course of the last seven years because that would be a good reference material right now for us as we’re trying to anticipate what some of this transit is going to be like over the next decade. All right. Let’s start going through the houses because we’ve actually got a lot of them to go through, there’s 12 houses. I’ve been doing horoscopes for the past six months and I’m really over how many signs of the zodiac there are in astrology. [laughs] I don’t know if anybody’s done that before, but try writing a column like 12 times over again and very quickly, you’ll start wishing the zodiac had fewer signs.

EK: Can I just make a quick little adjunct point right now? Because one of the things and I actually have a podcast as well called Bridging Realities, and I’m changing the name and everything here soon. But for now it’s Bridging Realities. And one of the things I’m also really inspired by is Uranus moving into Taurus is going to oppose the Uranus Scorpio generation, not just through the houses but just as a quick side note about this. I think what’s so interesting about Uranus moving into Taurus is it’s reigniting Uranus when it was in Scorpio, and every movie that’s coming out on Netflix right now is a reflection of Uranus in Scorpio. I have a lot to say about that. Obviously, we’re going through the houses today. But if you have Uranus and Scorpio, if you’re born between November 21st, ’74 and November 16th, ’82, this is a really, really, really interesting transit and I’m going to talk more about it on my podcast ultimately because I’ve really worked that generation out because of Netflix. [laughs]

CB: Yeah. No, that’s a really good point that we should frame this partially through that the hard aspects of Uranus to itself, those people are going to feel this transit of Uranus through Taurus the most in some instances. So that’s the Uranus in Scorpio people born in the ‘80s or what’s the time?

EK: ’74 to ’82

CB: ‘74 to ‘82 because they’re going to be at their Uranus opposition. And I know next to the Saturn return, I know, Leisa, the Uranus opposition is one of your favorite research things because sometimes it stands out so much in a person’s chronology and it’s sometimes so cliche as a Uranus transit, right?

LS: Yeah, it can just be like a vivid Uranus on steroids kind of event. Yeah. But speaking of the Uranus opposition, it is a lifecycle marker as well within astrology. There’s very few things that happen at the same ages for everyone in astrology. Usually, everything happens differently because we all have different birth charts, but there are these kind of life cycle planetary movements and that’s like the Saturn cycle, the Uranus cycle. And so, speaking about Uranus today, it’s about every 21 years or so that transiting Uranus makes a hard aspect to its natal position. So early 20s, early 40s, early 60s and so on.

CB: Right. So, we got the Uranus opposition people, some younger people are going to be at their Uranus square, their first square. Which are those people?

LS: So Uranus in Aquarius, right?

CB: Right. Yeah. I’m feeling old. [laughs] I’m having a bit of a crisis I’ve mentioned a lot on the podcast recently where there’s suddenly an influx of a ton of younger astrologers in their teens and 20s coming into the field that all have Pluto in Sagittarius. And as a Pluto in Scorpio generation person, I was used to being for the past decade the youngest generation of astrologers and now that’s no longer the case, and I think that I’m going to feel that even more with people hitting their Uranus square now from Uranus in Aquarius since as I said at the beginning of this, I started learning astrology when Uranus was going through my Aquarius Ascendant. All right, so bear with me on that. And then finally, there’s going to be the waning square people. Some people are going to be getting the second square

LS: So early 60s.

CB: Timeframe of 60s in their age or?

LS: In their age, yeah, so if you’re in your early 60s.

CB: How many people are in your early 60s that have Uranus in that other square? In Leo? Who has Uranus in Leo? One, two, three, four, five, okay. And then for the other ones, how many people have Uranus in Scorpio? Okay, five, six. How many people? And then, so Leo, Scorpio, how many people have Uranus in Aquarius? One, two, three, okay. And then the last one and this is another big one, some people who have Uranus in Taurus are going to be experiencing their Uranus return as Uranus goes through Taurus. Do we have any Uranus in Taurus people in here? No? Oh, I was really hoping we did because that would be really interesting.

Unknown: What year is it?

LS: That would be the late 1930s, early 1940s, I think.

CB: Okay. Well, I’m sure though we’ll find some interesting ones, but I know the country the USA is due for another Uranus return once we get to Uranus in Gemini in seven years and that always coincides with some fun stuff in US history. [laughs] Civil War, World War Two, good times. [laughs] All right. Okay, I think that’s a good foundation. Let’s get into the houses.

How many people have Taurus rising or have your Ascendant somewhere in Taurus in the room? So, Doug, just one. Really? [laughs] There’s only one Taurus rising in the room? [laughs] All right. Well, I mean then we can put the spotlight on you for a second if you’re okay with that, Doug. I mean, what degree is your Ascendant if you don’t mind me asking?

Doug: It’s 25, so I got a ways to go as far as that.

CB: 25, okay, so it’s going to build up to it a lot. In our interpretation at least, you would start to see… So the first house, let’s talk first about some significations. Oh, this is funny because then there’s only one person so we’re basically just delineating your chart here. [laughs] But hopefully, some other people listening to this later will find it useful if there’s more than one Taurus rising in the world. The first house represents the body of the individual which is sometimes like their physical body and their physical constitution, their health, but it’s also that their body in terms of a person’s appearance. Sometimes the first house can literally represent how the person looks, how they present themselves to the world, how they appear to other people. Sometimes a Uranus transit going to the first house is funny because it can indicate sometimes radical changes with respect to the body of the individual or to the appearance of the individual. This would be a good time for some radical body modifications or if you ever wanted to get a tattoo or some piercings or something like that, Doug. I don’t know [laughs] if that’s on the table.

Doug: I won’t talk about those.

CB: Okay, okay. I’ll ask you later privately. Those are some things. In terms of though bodily like Uranus type stuff, have you studied that Leisa or have you seen anything like that?

LS: Well, I’ve seen people report things like gaining or losing a lot of weight during the course of those seven to eight years, changing their hairstyle or their style of clothing, that’s kind of like just appearance identity base. But in a more like broader picture sense because the first house is so primary for who you are, it’s like the most personal house in the entire chart. And so, when you talk about changing your identity, that can be a lot of things. I’ve seen people say they got married, they got divorced, they change their profession, even though the profession isn’t specific to the first house so there’s probably other things going on, but your identity can involve quite a bit of your life. Yeah.

CB: Yeah. And that’s important because that gets into the other area of the first house which is that the first house is not just the physical body, but it’s also to some extent the mind or the spirit of the individual. Because in ancient astrology, the first house was conceptualized as the meeting point between the sky and the Earth, and the sky was associated with the spirit or the soul of the individual and the Earth was associated with the body of the individual so that we focus on the Ascendant deriving from ancient astrology because that’s the merging point between the sky and the Earth or the body and the soul. So the first house is not just the physical body, but to some extent, you might say that this is where we get the character analysis associations with the first house. Uranus transits through the first house can sometimes indicate radical changes to the person’s character and sometimes their mind or their thinking can go through radical shifts or revolutions in some ways.

LS: Yeah. When you think about any of the Uranian or the Uranus keywords, it’s just basically amped up times 10 if it’s transiting through your first because it’s the most primary to who you think you are and how you present yourself to the world. And so, although Uranus transiting through any of these other houses is going to change in some way during that time period on those topics, the first house is almost like the most Uranian transit of all of them because it’s changing who you are.

EK: Well, and I would say I’m not sure if this is any of your experiences as an astrologer, but the primary client I see is having a heavy first house transit always. People come to me when their first house is getting triggered because like you said, if you don’t know who you are, how do you know who you are at home? How do you know who you are in partnership? How do you know who you are at work and then all the houses that fill in the gap? So, anything that hits that first house, if you have an identity crisis, I find that that is one of the more challenging transits most liberating ultimately, but the whole chart functions differently when the first house is transited by something important like this.

CB: Yeah, because it can really seem to dominate or take up much more of your focus and put everything else in the background for a time.

EK: Right. If you don’t know who you are, how do you know where to live? How do you know how to be in partnership? Oh, I don’t know if this is who I am or how to relate to my partner anymore? And then of course, what would you do for work if you don’t know…

CB: That’s a really good point because what you’re bringing up there is that anytime a planet goes into an angular house or hits an angle, it’s also exactly aspecting the opposite angle at the same time. So Uranus transit to the Ascendant is not just hitting the Ascendant but it’s opposing the Descendant at the same time and to some extent, it’s also squaring at least from a sign-based perspective the fourth whole sign house and the 10th whole sign house, so it’s bringing in home, work, relationships and self. And sometimes the Uranus transit through the first and the changes in the self can be a radical catalyst for changes in relationships because if you suddenly go through a huge transformation in your identity or your body or your appearance or something, the question is how is that then affecting your relationships and your seventh house?

LS: Yeah. And so even though we’re talking about Taurus rising as far as the Uranus transit through the first, what Chris just mentioned is going to affect anyone to some extent who has any fixed signs on the Ascendant. So Scorpio rising, Aquarius rising, Leo rising and Taurus rising.

CB: Yeah. So the cardinal sign people have been getting it rough for about a decade now because we had not just Uranus going through Aries through a cardinal sign, but also Pluto going through a cardinal sign and then recently Saturn caught up and started going through Capricorn, a cardinal sign. So now the shift is going to be off a little bit from the cardinal people, you’re not completely in the clear yet because Saturn and Pluto are still going to be going through for the next few years. But at least now it’s going to shift with Uranus moving into Taurus, that’s going to start hitting all the fixed signs harder. So we’re not just talking about Doug our lone Taurus rising person [laughs] here, but anybody that has fixed sign angles. So Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, I’m blacking out, and Aquarius, you guys are going to probably be the largest beneficiaries of the Uranus [laughs] transit through Taurus over the course of most of the next decade because it’s hitting the most prominent part of your chart. All right. So with Doug, the last thing I wanted to say is just your Ascendant is so late as you noted at 25 Taurus that it’s going to take a while before that transit peaks because it may not peak until it hits the exact degree of your Ascendant. But I think if you start paying attention, even going back to last May for that brief period where it first dipped in, that some of the events and circumstances that will culminate at the time when Uranus exactly hits your Ascendant, you’ll see that the circumstances were already falling into place to allow that change to happen as soon as Uranus moved into Taurus.

Doug: Yeah. I’ll point out that as it moves towards my Ascendant, it’s going to actually aspect five planets on the way. Actually, six planets along the way.

CB: Hard aspects?

Doug: Hard aspects, yeah.

CB: So you have a bunch of other fixed sign placemants?

Doug: Right, I got six hard aspects on the way to the Ascendant.

CB: Okay. It’s like there’s a whole journey that you’re going to be going through [laughs] before it even gets to your Ascendant, and then that’s like the culmination of everything. Nice. Good. Well, I’m excited to hear how that goes. I’m excited for you. I’m actually genuinely excited just because that was such a positive transit, like I said, for me, of Uranus hitting my Ascendant and definitely some things were destabilized and there was a big shake up and things changed in ways that I could never have anticipated. And that’s actually honestly one of the hardest things I think astrologers have an issue with when dealing with Uranus and predictions is that it’s literally attempting to predict the unexpected or the unpredictable, and sometimes that’s all you can say is that you’re not going to be able to predict the exact changes that you’re going to go through during this time. We just know that you’re going to go through some radical unexpected changes that are going to transform your life in some way.

EK: Another thing is the nervous system. And so I think especially to the first house, the nervous system gets activated particularly. And again, it’s like breathing deeply. [laughs] This is how we work with Uranus is to just breathe really intentionally, seven seconds in, hold seven seconds, out seven seconds. Because the nervous system especially to the angles, we’ll feel it in our chest, we’ll feel him physically.

LS: Yeah, it’s often harder to sleep when you’re having strong Uranus transits and things like that so it’s like the excitement kind of rubs up everything and you have to capitalize on that for the events in your life but also calm down your body a little bit. Yeah.

CB: Right. Uranus transits are like drinking a quadruple espresso first thing in the morning.

LS: Yeah, exactly. [laughs]

EK: All day every day.

CB: And that reminds me, does anybody here have Aries rising or your Ascendant in Aries? Because he would have just been finishing your first house Uranus transit. Anybody Aries rising? One. Did you have any radical Uranus associated things that happened when it hit the exact degree of your Ascendant? It’s okay if you can’t think of any right now, but I’m just curious. Unknown: I’d have to look back.

CB: Okay, that’s fine. Stephanie, did you?

Stephanie: I have Venus in Aries in my fourth house, and I moved twice and got divorced when Uranus went back and forth.

CB: Okay, that’s a pretty good one. Do you feel like sharing that story really quickly at the microphone?

Stephanie: Sure.

CB: And actually, do you mind if I throw your chart up?

Stephanie: Well, it won’t show up as whole sign houses because I don’t use whole sign houses but it affected my home. First when Uranus hit my progressed Venus which actually my progressed Venus retrograded after I was born, so my natal Venus is 22 Aries, my progressed Venus is at 13 something like that, maybe it was at 14. So when Uranus hit it, my husband said he didn’t want to live with me anymore. At the same time in his chart, he was having a progressed Sun in Aquarius going into his fourth house so we both had this Uranian kind of energy. And it happened so, so, so fast like boom six months we’re gone in different homes.

CB: And how long had you been together prior to that point?

Stephanie: 28 years.

CB: Okay. So that’s a really good example of sudden, unexpected and really rapid change, sometimes that happens really quickly and just everything is suddenly different from one day to the next in some sense.

Stephanie: And then a positive situation happened where I suddenly met someone else new when I had Venus Uranus conjunction on my Venus, and I now live with him and we bought this nice house and stuff together and we’re still together, so we’ll see what happens now that [laughs] Uranus is shifting gear. So anyway, that’s Uranus story. But referring to you talking about the nervous system and Uranus even though it was not transiting my first house, I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. There was electricity literally running through my body. And with that being said, I’m born with Uranus conjunct the Moon, so it was definitely all kinds of Uranian stuff going on even though it wasn’t in my first house. It was very difficult to get grounded. I did everything all the books said to do, go hiking, hug trees, breathe, [laughs] take a hot salt bath. I took so many Epsom salt baths, chanting and everything and it helped, but it would just come back. Literally like lightning bolts coming out of my fingertips. It was awful, but it’s gone. [laughs] Anyway, that’s my Uranus story.

CB: Thank you for sharing that, I appreciate it. That’s good because it draws together two different themes. On the one hand, you see the general significations of the planet coming into play where it’s like a Uranus Venus transit so it’s like a disruption in relationships. But then also because the fourth house was tied into it, it had a literal manifestation in changing the home and living situation. So that’s something we’ll want to come back to, is that sometimes these delineations are going to be complex because every placement or every transit a person has is going to be tied into multiple things in their chart, and ideally, you would be taking everything into account. But for our purposes, we’re largely just going to be isolating specific transits or specific manifestations. All right. Did anybody have a good story of Uranus going through your first house or transiting your Ascendant that you feel like sharing? Yeah, you have one? All right. What was it really quick? Or give me the short synopsis and if it sounds good, then come up to the microphone. [laughs]

Unknown: I’m Sagittarius rising but Capricorn is in my first house. I’m in my 40s. I got married at around 20, divorced and in my early 40s I remarried, moved, quit a job, started a job…

CB: That sounds great, actually. Would you mind coming up to the microphone to share that just so everybody can hear you? [laughs]

Unknown: Well, I’ve said it.

CB: Yeah, I know. It’s just for the purpose of the recording largely because I want to make sure that everybody can hear it. So, you said that you’re born a Sagittarius rising?

Unknown: Yes.

CB: What degree?

Unknown: Seven.

CB: 7 degrees of Sagittarius rising?

Unknown: Yes.

CB: Okay. And so you said you have early Sagittarius rising and then when you got into your… What was it? Your early 40s?

Unknown: Yes.

CB: Where’s your natal Uranus?

Unknown: It’s at 13 Cancer.

CB: At 13 Cancer?

Unknown: It was stationary retrograde when I was born.

CB: Okay. So a stationary planet, that means Uranus is going to be more important for you in particular because a stationary planet is getting amped up or has an exclamation mark after it. So you had stationary Uranus in Capricorn, Sagittarius rising and so you go into, you said, your early 40s and you had a bunch of life changes at that point that would have been around your Uranus opposition transit. Okay. What degree did you say Uranus was at again?

Unknown: When I was born, it was 13 Cancer. So I don’t know the degrees when all this happened, but it was in Capricorn.

CB: Okay. Yeah, so roughly speaking, it was opposing at least certainly by sign. And then what started happening in your life?

Unknown: Oh, I met a man. I married him. Two years later, we had a child. We moved 100 miles away. I had two older sons who didn’t live with us. I started another job. My ex-husband lived here, My mother lived here. I took off and it disrupted everything.

CB: Were you already in another relationship when you met that other person?

Unknown: No.

CB: Okay. Had you ever had any intentions of getting married? Because that’s kind of late you were in your early 40s.

Unknown: I was separated for seven years before I got divorced. Well, yeah, close to six. Several years, probably about four years I was separated, and I had gone somewhere one night and a lady did my palm said I would have another child and I just said no, that wasn’t going to happen. But I met this guy, he’d never had kids, and he’s an Aquarius with a Capricorn rising and Capricorn Moon. He has his Sun in the first house also. And a few years ago, I discovered it’s like it just hit me, it’s like oh, he’s so Arian and besides being an Aquarian, he’s just things happen all the time unexpected.

CB: Yeah. You said he has Capricorn rising and Capricorn Moon? Yeah, that’s really interesting in itself, and I know your ears perked up at that just because what happens sometimes is when you’re going through a transit, in your instance, it was like Uranus going through Capricorn opposing your natal Uranus placement, sometimes a person will come into your life that has the same energies prominent in their chart. So in your case, it was like a Capricorn transit and a strongly Capricorn-placed person came into your life to manifest or represent that transit in some way.

LS: And he also would have been having very strong Uranus transits at the same time. [laughs]

Unknown: And my Sun is in the 11th house, so we would click in on several levels, I think.

CB: Sure, that’s a great example of Uranus opposition. Thank you for sharing that, I appreciate it. All right. Does anybody else have any good Uranus to the first house stories? Any of you panelists, do you have clients? [crosstalk] Okay. [laughs] All right.

All right, so let’s move on to the second house. [laughs] So the second house in some of its literal manifestations are things like finances, your money, your possessions, tangible goods in your life. What else?

LS: Your way of earning and income.

CB: Your income, money coming and going. Yeah. Uranus transits through the second house can sometimes indicate radical changes or sometimes disruptions to your finances to the way that you make money or spend money, your attitude towards financial matters. What else?

LS: I mean, the biggest thing I see with Uranus transits through the second are simply people changing jobs a lot or changing the way they make an income and oftentimes becoming self-employed or doing some freelance work because of the independence aspect of Uranus. Also, sometimes bringing in greater technology into their workplace or that allowing them to work on their own. So different keywords blended with that, but oftentimes changes in how you make a living is pretty common.

CB: Right. Do you guys remember any good client stories of Uranus transits through the second or anything like that jumps to mind? No? That’s fine.

EK: I think it just has your sense of security, you know? What you think makes you safe, you have to really reevaluate, especially if you have Taurus in the second which you do. You’re an Aries rising, yeah. I think that our sense of security we have to be very flexible about what we think that is and sometimes that is oh well, we think we have this money in our savings account that’s going to keep us safe and then maybe the idea of safety just shifts for whatever reason.

CB: Sure. Does anybody have Taurus on the second house? Does anybody basically have Aries rising? Just one? Okay, so one person Aries rising. Does anybody have or remember any notable transits of Uranus through your second house from the past?

LS: Or if anyone here is Pisces rising, then Uranus would have been going through your second the last seven, eight years.

CB: Yeah. Does anybody have Pisces rising and just finished like a major second house transit of Uranus? No. Okay. We’re going to find out that everybody has like one rising sign later in the zodiac. [laughs]

LS: Yeah. I mean, I’ve seen a few examples just informally, but like I said, previously it was just a lot of people starting to innovate and work on their own, work from home, figuring out ways to be independently working and bringing in income, but I’ve seen several of those.

Unknown: So one of my students has a Pisces rising and I also see the second house is [unintelligible 51.58] you get from foundation psychological foundation but it shows up there in the second. Well, it’s interesting to see what happened to her, lovely, lovely girl. She has Jupiter in the first house in Pisces so she’s very bright for Pisces rising, very, very sweet and her value system completely transformed. As a Pisces, it was probably easier for her to maybe remove the [unintelligible 52:35] and landed in the lovely place and I was talking to her the other day and she said, “I cannot even tell a lie right now.” [laughs] So I think that’s a good example that Uranus transit through the second house is just her value system is really shaken up. She got hurt by it. [unintelligible 52.58]

CB: Wow, that’s a really good example. Was there somebody else over here? Okay. Do you have any notable changes in terms of your income or finances or values over the course of the past decade that are worth like any good anecdotes?

Unknown: Yeah.

CB: Yeah? Okay. Do you want to come up to the mic to share?

Unknown: I don’t know about that, [laughs] but I have a completely different understanding of astrology. It’s like inside out.

CB: Okay. So your understanding of astrology changed during the course of that transit?

Unknown: Completely, yes.

CB: Okay. Do you have any natal placements that got hit specifically during the course of that like cardinal signs or was it just Uranus going through that house?

Unknown: I think it must. I’ve got Uranus and I don’t know which is on the Descendant, and Saturn’s on the Ascendant. My Sun is on the Midheaven, so for me those are the triggers whenever there’s a Uranus transit.

CB: Right. Okay, so you have a natal Saturn Uranus opposition, so then Uranus is kind of a prominent player in your life, both Saturn and Uranus are. Interesting. Okay.

Unknown: So basically no one will hire me. I don’t know why, I think that’s… And then during this time it’s been a complete understanding difference.

Unknown speaker: Did you lose a lot of money? Did your income go down?

Unknown speaker: Yeah, I didn’t have any to lose. Yeah, just complete difference.

CB: Sure. All right. Well, it’ll be interesting seeing how that shifts now that Uranus has left that sign and now it’s moved into your third house, so changes in like communication and things like that. All right. Does anybody else have any good Uranus second house transit stories so far? No? Okay, that’s fine. That’s a good segue then to the third house, so we’ll just keep moving through here so we can actually get through all 12. Third house, some of the primary significations?

LS: You want to go? [laughs] So the way you communicate, sort of teaching and learning any communicative aspect goes in the third house, reading, writing, things like that. Oftentimes when Uranus goes through there, it changes your… With the way of your communication, I don’t know if you want to share at all or no. [laughs] Yeah, I mean, because you had a really good example.

CB: Yeah. Aries is my third house. I have Aquarius rising, so Aries is the third whole sign house. And at the beginning of it when Uranus around 2010 on my birthday November 1st, 2010, a friend of mine had been doing a podcast but she was going to give it up to go to grad school, and she’s like, “Do you want to take this over?” And I’m like, “Sure, I guess. It’s kind of a blah thing, but I’ll waste some time and do a few interviews and then call it a day.” And over the course of the past decade, that became my primary thing and suddenly started taking up more and more of my time. It’s not just doing a podcast, but what it ended up being is innovating in uses of technology and learning how to use different forms of technology to communicate both in audio and video, but also just rapid changes in my ability to communicate which I wouldn’t have anticipated or expected going into that. I think if my younger self told me that I’d like sitting in front of a stage talking to a group of people and recording this to share with thousands of people afterwards, I would have said I was crazy and there’s no way that I would ever do that. But after a Uranus transit through my third house, I can definitely say that it radically changed my communication and it changed the way that I was communicating through innovative ways like using technology to leverage it. Yeah, so that’s my third house transit of… I’m not saying everybody’s going to start a podcast [laughs] if Uranus is going into your third house right now, but definitely thinking about ways that your approach to communication could change, thinking about ways that technology or other things could change the way that you communicate and other radical departures and communication style.

LS: Yeah. And yours was a really great example because it combined a few of those keywords so that’s why I was hoping you would share. But it can also involve education, third and ninth house can be education. So particularly something really typical would be starting to take classes online or starting to teach classes online because it involves the technology and the education. Also, siblings go in the third house, and so it can be shakeups either in your relationship with your siblings or your siblings themselves can be going through a lot of changes.

CB: Yeah, your siblings doing weird stuff [laughs] is a good basic archetypal interpretation of Uranus going through the third house.

LS: Yeah. And any of these people houses also whether it’s friends, parents, partner, siblings, sometimes because Uranus can be radical and sudden arrivals and departures, there can sometimes be over the course of those seven to eight years someone leaving your life in that house. I have seen that.

CB: Sure, sometimes disruptions in that way.

LS: Yeah. So, either estrangement with siblings or things like that.

CB: Yeah. So sometimes it’s just stuff going on in that other person’s life that may have nothing to do with you. And that’s actually something to keep in mind as we’re going through some of the houses that pertain to other people because while the first house pertains to you and it’s your sense of self and how you appear or your body or your whatever, the other houses sometimes aren’t necessarily, sometimes they relate to you like the third house is your communication, but sometimes to the extent that it relates to other people in your life, some transits like Uranus going through the third house may just be reflecting something that’s happening in their life. And that might end up having some sort of like cascade effect or affecting your relationship with them, but it might not necessarily. And that’s something important to keep in mind as you’re thinking about past transits is just during that timeframe when for example Uranus was going through your third house, did your siblings go through some unexpected changes or disruptions in their life? So sometimes thinking about it in that way is important so that you can actually gauge whether something actually happened and not always assuming that it’s something that manifested very literally in your life. All right. Does anybody have any memory of any significant third house Uranus transits that come to mind? Or even if you don’t have a third house transit, does anybody have Uranus in the third nataly that has a good story about something like siblings that were kind of Uranian? No? Are people nervous? I think everyone’s a little nervous to share. [laughs] And I hope that’s not the case too much.

LS: Either that or we have two rising signs.

CB: Yeah. Everyone’s going to have–

EK: I’m curious to see [laughs] who’s here by rising.

LS: Yeah. And so the Uranus transit would be Aquarius rising for the last seven, eight years of Uranus going through your third if anyone else here has Aquarius rising.

CB: Who has Aquarius rising in the room? Just one person. [laughs] Okay. I’m starting to get a little worried that we’ve got all–

EK: Well, just for a third house, I started my podcast in a third house profected year. And my co-host at the time is Aquarius rising. And so there’s another podcast that got started.

CB: Okay. So your co-host also was the same thing going through that transit?

EK: Aquarius rising, yeah.

CB: And then she ended up having a child, and that was kind of unexpected.

EK: Well, she’s got it moved now into her fourth. And so now she’s just full of children. And yeah, [laughs] that’s her thing now. But at the time she had a predominant place in her third house, and I was in my third house profected year.

CB: Well, that’s funny because wasn’t she also the tech person?

EK: Yeah.

CB: You were the talent. [laughs] Not the talent, she was also talented, but you’re not very good with technology I think you usually say quite openly. She was the one that was just brilliant with social media and websites and everything else.

EK: Yeah, when she started having the kids then that’s when my… It was a Moon progression, I’m sorry, it was my Moon in the third. And then my Moon moved into the fourth, and now the podcast has had difficulties because I don’t have that tech person and because I’m in the fourth house now.

CB: Every astrologer needs a good Aquarius rising friend that can do tech for them. [laughs] All right. Who has the Aquarius rising in the room? Do you recall any major, I don’t know if it hit any natal placements in your chart, so it may not have been a big deal. But do you recall anything from the past seven to eight years as Uranus was going through your third house that might represent radical changes in that area of your life?

Bethany: Yeah. When it went back from May to November, my brother was like, “I just need to get out of where I live, and we need to go. Will you travel with me across the country and try to find a place?” So literally from May to November we were going through the streets going around the country trying to figure out what we were gonna do with my brother.

CB: I love that. That’s great. Can I bring you up to the microphone. You don’t have to.

Bethany: Yeah.

CB: Okay, come on up. And the other thing is I might throw up your chart if you feel comfortable.

Bethany: Sure.

CB: Yeah, okay. What’s your name?

Bethany: Bethany.

CB: Stephanie?

Bethany: Bethany.

CB: Bethany. Birth date?

Bethany: March 11, 1990.

CB: What time?

Bethany: Thanks. 5:32 a.m.

CB: Where? [laughs]

Bethany: Henrico County, Virginia.

CB: How do you spell it?

Bethany: Henrico. So like a hen and then rico. So, h e n r i c o.

CB: Okay. Is your Ascendant 26 Aquarius?

Bethany: I don’t know what degree, but it is an Aquarius.

CB: Okay. So you have Aquarius rising, Aries is on your third whole sign house at least, and the ruler of your [third house] is Mars which is in Capricorn exalted in the 12th house in a night chart. Okay, so what was the story? So you have one sibling?

Bethany: I have two siblings.

CB: Two, okay.

Bethany: Yeah. One was chilling at home. He was good. But the other one was living up in North Carolina and just was fed up and had to go. And he just called me and was like, “Will you leave with me and take me across the country and figure out where we’re what I’m doing at all?”

CB: You said it started last May when Uranus–

EK: Moved into Taurus actually.

Bethany: Oh, it moved into Taurus. Oh, and then it moved back out. Okay, then. Maybe that’s totally unrelated.

LS: Yeah, well it makes sense because it was going back and forth between your third and fourth then.

CB: It wasn’t just going back and forth but is also squaring the ruler of the third house Mars, and it stationed at two. So it’s still within three degrees of that. So he calls you up and he says what?

Bethany: He says like, “Basically, can I jump in your car and we go across the…” I travel a lot, so it’s not totally crazy for him to ask me to do this. So, yes, we just got in my car and lived out of my car for that entire period trying to figure out where he was going to want to live. So we went all the way across the country, and eventually he ended up here.

CB: Okay. So this actually uprooted your own living situation for a point in time.

Bethany: Yeah, completeley.

CB: Okay. So that’s actually really important because that’s then part of the preview of what this transit now that it’s coming back to your fourth house is going to be about. So Uranus going into Taurus for you is Uranus going through your fourth. And so one of the just very simple interpretations is radical changes in terms of your home and living situation. So you guys drove around and lived in different places around the country over the course of that five or six-month period?

Bethany: Have you heard of freecampsites.net? [laughs]

CB: No, what is that?

Bethany: It’s a great website. We pretty much just… It was total chaos because you never know. It’s like a 50/50 shot as to whether or not you’re actually going to be able to stay in whatever place this was. So we pretty much just rolled the dice every night as to where we were going to sleep.

CB: That’s great.

LS: Yeah, that’s pretty perfect. [laughs]

CB: Pretty textbook Uranus. It’s like if you opened up the dictionary and looked up Uranus, it would be a picture of you including campsites. [laughs] So that’s great Uranus fourth house stuff. There’s some Uranus third house stuff tied in there because it’s your sibling. This also brings up another third house type signification though which is travel, especially travel by car and short distance travel that’s not international. You’re not flying to Japan or something like that, but you’re driving around to different places, and that’s very third housey. So that happened all the way during the course of Uranus in Taurus, and eventually you guys decided to settle down last fall or winter or something.

Bethany: Yeah. Well, we worked really hard really fast at the end of that. And then he ended up living here, and then I moved to New York and settled down there. And it’s kind of been like, “Am I going to stay in New York? Am I going to move here? What am I going to do?” since then.

CB: Are you just visiting here right now?

Bethany: Yeah, for three weeks.

CB: Okay. [laughs] So your living situation is still up in the air a little bit?

Bethany: It kind of has always been. [laughs]

CB: Okay.

LS: Yeah. And Uranus is actually going to come up to square the ruler of your fourth house at home pretty soon in addition to transiting your fourth house, so it’s kind of like a double whammy with regard to change and up in the airness in terms of living situation.

CB: Yeah. So that will probably be when Uranus hits around five degrees of Taurus and squares your Venus, the ruler of the fourth. That’ll probably be the high point of the fourth house transit, I would think.

LS: Yeah. And that’ll be July to September this year because it stations in August around six degrees. So, yeah, it will be hovering right around there and kind of concentrating on it in August.

Bethany: Okay, I was thinking about moving here in August. [laughs] Is that a terrible idea? Should I do it?

LS: No, it’s a great idea.

Bethany: It’s a great idea? Okay, good. Yeah.

CB: No. Well, one of the things I love about your story, it’s a good example, is that while some people might interpret this negatively, you actually enjoyed the freedom and liberation that came along with what you’re doing it sounded like.

Bethany: Yeah. I love traveling, and I think it was really good. It was super challenging because my brother’s got issues. [laughs] And so do I. So, yeah, together it was like we just really grew a lot trying to figure out what was going on. Yeah, so it was positive.

CB: Good, yeah. I think you’ll see some continuation of that theme but to the extent that you continue to adopt that attitude of trying to just roll with it and be flexible like Uranus loves flexibility. I think that’s always one of the greatest pieces of advice that astrologers give on Uranus transits is that the more flexible you can be to just being open to going where it seems to be taking you or going on the impulse, usually the better it’ll be. Because if you try to fight it sometimes and hold on to and stop your life from changing in that way, sometimes that’s when it will sort of more forcefully force you to relinquish that in some sense. Yeah. So that’s really a great example. Thanks for sharing that.

Bethany: Yeah, thank you. Bye.

CB: All right. So that is a third house. We did a communication example, and we did a siblings example. So I think that’s pretty good for the third house. That also actually took us into the fourth house in home and living situation. Let’s maybe quickly run through that a little bit more.

Joy Vernon: And we had Stephanie’s from a fourth house, too.

LS: Oh yeah.

CB: Right. That was a good fourth house. So fourth house home living situation, radical changes with respect to that. It can also be parents though, both in terms of your parents lives as well as your relationship with your parents. The fourth house is also your private life, and that’s where it’s connected with the home and living situation. But the 10th house is the most public part of the chart where the planets are at their most visible, and the fourth house is the most hidden part of the chart. So it represents your private life. But also in ancient astrology, they associated the fourth with mystical matters and secrets and other things that are hidden in your life, so the parts of your life that are more private in some sense. Do you guys have any good examples of fourth house parent type transits with Uranus going through the fourth?

LS: And so much of it is age-appropriate, as far as whether people are younger or older when this happens in regards to their parents anyway. I had someone’s response to me on social media when I had asked about people’s Uranus experiences from Aries said that they were kind of caretaking because their parents were older. And so through Uranus in Aries through their fourth they were taking care of their parents and their parents-in-law, and they were having health issues, and it was going up and down, and it was kind of unpredictable as far as whether they were doing better or worse. And so if that’s age-appropriate, that can be one thing.

CB: Sure. Yeah. So sometimes just unexpected disruptions that come up that leave things up in the air with respect to that relationship. Okay. Yeah, and sometimes there’s other things that can come along with that that can be more challenging. But definitely flexibility I guess is the main recommendation for all of these houses like we were saying earlier. All right. Is anybody else coming off of a fourth house Uranus transit at this point? Yeah, you have one?

Mihana: Yeah, I moved from Hawaii to here on a whim. I also met my dad’s family for the first time on my own just like [unintelligible 1.11.55] found our family’s secrets, everything you said.

CB: That sounds great. Do you feel like sharing it? You don’t have to, but okay. [laughs]

Unknown speaker: Are you gonna pull up her chart?

CB: Yeah, that’s up to you. Do you…

Mihana: Yeah, sure.

CB: Okay. So first, what’s your first name?

Mihana: Mihana, m i h a n a.

CB: And your birth date?

Mihana: March 15th, 1995.

CB: What time?

Mihana: Thank you. 3:20 a.m. in Honolulu, Hawaii.

CB: Is your Ascendant 24 Capricorn?

Mihana: Yeah.

CB: Okay. So you have Capricorn rising, it’s a night chart, Aries on the fourth whole sign house. I guess that’s it. Starting in 2010, Uranus started going through your fourth whole sign house. And then it left initially last May, but then it dipped back into your fourth house over the course of the past few months until this past week when it departed for the final time.

Mihana: Yeah.

CB: So what’s been going on?

Mihana: So, yeah, the past seven or eight years. I moved from Hawaii to here, I’ve never been here before, for school. And I just wanted to go far away. I had to leave home. [laughs]

CB: And you said you did that not randomly but impulsively or something or?

Mihana: Yeah. I knew I had to leave my house. I just never thought I’d end up in Denver, Colorado. It’s very different from Hawaii. But I needed that. I also lived in Sweden for eight months because I wanted to get as far away as I could from a hot living situation. My relationship with my parents has been very different. So I met my dad’s family for the first time and traveled to Utah to meet them, and I met like 30 relatives I’ve never met before. So that was just like really revolutionary and found my own identity stuff.

CB: So that’s something that previously not only did you not have connection with but it had almost been just out of view and you didn’t know a lot about?

Mihana: Yeah, I knew nothing about it at all.

CB: Okay.

Mihana: Very very private. And in terms of with the family secrets and starting therapy on my own just for my own dark secrets or whatever needed to come out. And then because it was hitting the angles like new relationship out of the blue, leaving a really old stable relationship. So just like earthquake in general. [laughs]

CB: Yeah. And towards the end of that, so your Ascendant’s kind of late at 24 Capricorn, so Uranus would have squared your Descendant, and there’s some of the relationship changes and disruptions but also squaring your Ascendant. So some major just personality shifts and changes at the same time.

Mihana: Yeah. And with Uranus in my first house, I feel like I should be the super wacky person. But with such strong Saturn, it’s really scary. I do want to just dye my hair pink and have piercings, but I won’t. [laughs] But deep down maybe one day I will. [laughs]

Unknown: What about the aspect to the Mars in Leo when that happened? That would have been what? Like three years ago?

CB: What about you mean the trine?

Unknown: When it came to a trine, I’m curious what happened towards the end.

LS: Because activating the ruler of the fourth is what you’re saying?

Unknown: Exactly, yeah.

CB: Yeah, I don’t know what the timeframe on that would have been.

Unknown: Probably about three years ago, 2016. What happened to you in 2016? [laughs]

Mihana: That’s when I lived in Sweden for like eight months. Also, that’s when I started my relationship that ended, I think that’s it. I can’t really think of anything on the spot.

CB: Sure. Yeah. Well, that’s a really good example. And this is actually the last chart, the last fourth house example that we were talking about actually, where this is one of the issues where the whole sign house and quadrant house comes into play and where you have to synthesize the two. Because on the one hand, while we would have expected because it was the fourth whole sign house that Uranus was transiting through because it was the fourth sign from the rising sign, the degree of the IC, the actual degree of the IC is at seven degrees of Taurus. So that’s in the fifth whole sign house, so what happens is that the IC imports fourth house topics into the fifth whole sign house so that you’ll see an overlap of fourth and fifth house topics in Taurus.

Mihana: Yeah, and I think I’m going to move again. I already know. I’m going to move and, yeah, I can get into it later. I just need to get out of here again as it approaches the actual degree in Taurus.

CB: Sure. Okay. Yeah, and that’s what we would expect as just a continuation of some fourth house topics of Uranus transiting through over your IC, especially once it hits the exact degree but then also increasingly you’ll start to see some new topics come into play which is from the fifth house. So I want to mention that just for everybody listening because this is part of the issue that a lot of astrologers are wrestling with is if you have whole sign houses and quadrant houses, how do you reconcile those two? And that’s how you do it is that there’s this overlap sometimes where you’ll get a transit that goes through the fourth whole sign house, but then if it goes through the fifth house and the IC is there, you’ll see some continuation of fourth house topics while the new topics from the new house come into play as well. And so you’re already anticipating and seeing some of that coming up?

Mihana: Yeah, I’m probably going to move to New York. [laughs] We’ll switch places. [laughs]

CB: Great. Well, that was a really good example. Thanks a lot for sharing that.

Mihana For sure, yeah.

EK: We have a half hour left.

CB: We have a half hour? Really?

LS: We have two thirds of the houses to go through. [laughs] We might start Zooming.

CB: So let’s jump into it then. Fifth house, one of the primary topics, the tangible topics is children. So children’s a very fifth house topic. People unexpectedly having children, changes happening in a child’s life if you already have children or if they’re adults. Sometimes your children are going through a Uranus phase and being really rebellious or deciding to be weirdos or something like that temporarily. And I say that somewhat in jest, I hope no one’s offended by that. [laughs] What are some other Uranus transits to the fifth house type things?

LS: If you don’t have children, sometimes unexpectedly having children. Sexuality is a fifth house topic, so sometimes people can become more experimental in their dating or sexuality lives. And just having fun or creative expression, so artistic pursuits oftentimes people start experimenting with.

EK: Covered.

CB: Covered, that’s it. [laughs]

EK: That was good.

LS: That was three or four.

CB: Okay. Does anybody have that you remember any fifth house Uranus transits that really stand out especially ones that relate to your children or other topics that we’ve talked about? Yeah, you have one?

Unknown: Yes, when I had my son. I was 45.

LS: Oh, wow. [laughs]

CB: So you were going through your Uranus opposition at the time that you had your son and Uranus was transiting through your fifth house? Okay. And how did that go? Were you planning on having children at that point?

Unknown: Yes, I used the internet to find a man wanted to settle down and do the traditional family thing. It was a Saturnian Uranian thing because Saturn rules my fourth [unintelligible 1:19.22]

Unknown: So you met him on the internet?

Unknown: Yeah. Yeah, I sought him out on the internet, not him personally. But I just put my stuff out there and said, “Bring me somebody.” Boom! Then we got married, and we had a very Uranian sort of settling down period about two and a half years. But right in the middle of the transit, that’s when I got pregnant.

CB: Wow. Yeah, that’s a great example again of just technology coming into play in a way that instigates or helps at least to allow some of the changes to take place that are indicated by the transit in your case online dating bringing about eventually having a child.

Unknown: And then by the time Uranus left, I’m in my fifth. I begin menopause. So that was it. [laughs]

CB: Wow.

EK: Well, I think a lot of the people who are having Uranus move into their fifth have had Pluto in their first for a very long time. So I think that anyone who is a Capricorn rising who has this moving into their fifth, this is going to be the breakout session of the gruelling Pluto through the first.

Unknown: I should say my son’s 15 now, the fifth house transit was a while ago.

EK: Just a comment about just who has Uranus moving into their fifth right now, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just because it’s going to be a very I think finally there’s going to be an expression of the identity that has been changing really deeply for many many years. This is my primary client the last 10 years, Capricorn rising. So this is going to be I think finally some expression of the transformation that’s been happening for a decade, just to make it specific.

CB: Definitely. All right. So let’s move on to the sixth house. Sixth house pertains to work and to health matters primarily. So your job or any job where especially if you’re working for somebody is sixth house matter. The sixth house also has to do with health and sometimes matters pertaining to health which can sometimes be like that which you need to do to upkeep health or that which you need to do in order to repair your health in some instances. So what are some manifestations of Uranus through the sixth?

EK: Well, I kind of think you just nailed it. Maybe we should ask for examples just for time’s sake.

CB: Yeah. Does anybody have any good Uranus through the sixth examples where either there was a major disruption in terms of your work or there was major changes in terms of your health? No? Okay.

EK: And this will be then Sag rising people. Is anyone Sag rising? So there’s three people who have this going into the sixth. So maybe do you guys have any examples of the last whatever?

LS: Well, this would be going in now, right?

EK: Right. But they had the introduction to it last summer. So maybe someone could use a real life… Well, we got two chomping at the bits back there. [laughs] I don’t know.

Cordelia: Yeah, I was just in a car accident. Kind of crashed and got some serious burns. So, I have been in physical therapy for months now. Seems like that’s going to be the thing with the next year onwards.

CB: Sure. And I’m just going to repeat it really quickly. So you were in a car accident, and then you were going through physical therapy just as part of the recovery process for that. Yeah, okay. That’s a good example. And, Cam, did you have one?

Cam: Oh yeah. Well, when Uranus first went into Taurus last year, I went vegetarian for a couple of weeks to try that out. And then as it just nearly went into Aquarius, I actually quit smoking cigarettes.

CB: Okay. Nice, that’s good. Yeah, and that’s a good piece of advice. So there’s some instances like with Cordelia’s transit where that wasn’t like something under your control, it was just like a freak accident that negatively affected your health. And that’s something that’s outside of your control and it’s not your fault, there’s nothing necessarily you could have done to avoid that. Whereas sometimes there’s other instances where there can be sixth house transits where you can proactively try to change something in your life, and usually that’s the best way to deal with that energy is to meet it head-on and start trying to do something radical yourself because in some way that will almost soak up the energy of that transit so that it doesn’t manifest in some other way. Or at least that’s a good way to at least try to incorporate it into your life. So in Cam’s instance like making dietary changes or changes to things proactively that otherwise could have negatively affected his health like smoking.

Joy Vernon: Well, in sixth house as routines, daily routines as well and smoking and eating both can fit into, “This is my routine. I always do this at this time.” And so shaking that up is a really good example of that.

CB: Definitely. Good point.

LS: What I have seen a lot, two different things with Uranus transiting the sixth, is people either proactively or reactively starting to do alternative types of health thing because Uranus being like something that’s different. And so that can be alternative in general or just what’s different for you compared to what you’ve been doing before. And sometimes that’s because of health problems cropping up that aren’t solved through other methods, and some of it’s just because you want to do that. The other thing I’ve seen a lot is similar to Uranus going through the second, sixth, and 10th. I see a lot of overlap with the independence aspect and working with technology and becoming more self sufficient in your work.

CB: Yeah, independence in the workplace, definitely. All right. I think that’s good for the sixth house. So seventh house, the place of relationships, marriage, other one-on-one close one-on-one relationships with other people in your life in general, your sense of the other as opposed to the first house which is the sense of self. Seventh house can also be partnerships. Any other major things?

LS: Clients. If you do client work, clients.

CB: Yeah, so Uranus going through the seventh house can be major changes to relationships. Sometimes disruptions, sometimes innovations, like somebody coming into your life that shakes it up but in a positive way that sort of is revolutionary to you or is something you never thought you would do, but that person coming into your life allows you to do that. Any other things like that? Okay. Does anybody have any good examples of a Uranus transit through your seventh house or to your Descendant? You’ve got one?

Unknown: So it’s kind of happening right now. So I got married in November. And I think Taurus is also dealing with finances and stuff like that, and so we have a lot of debt combined that we’re trying to tackle. And in addition, just today, it was opposition by Saturn. So it’s been a rough day. [laughs]

CB: Okay. What’s your rising sign?

Unknown: My Ascendant is Scorpio.

CB: Ascendant is Scorpio. Okay. So I’m trying to think of what placement that is.

LS: What? Saturn in Scorpio?

CB: Just the Uranus transit in general.

LS: Oh. Yeah. So Uranus is going through the seventh, just starting seventh.

CB: Yeah. Okay. And you said you got married in November?

Unknown: Yeah.

CB: Do you know what day?

Unknown: The 14th. [laughs]

LS: It was just after the second Aries, but it had already gone into Taurus. So it was in Taurus like at the beginning of November.

CB: When did you start the relationship?

Unknown: June 24th.

CB: Of last year?

Unknown speaker: Yeah.

LS: That was definitely… [laughs]

CB: As soon as Uranus went into Taurus for the first time you started the relationship because it went in in May. And then just after it left for a few days, you got married. And now it’s come back into Taurus in the past week. And what’s going on that’s challenging this week? You guys are just struggling with financial issues right now?

Unknown: Well, I think it also has to do with the fact that it’s opposition set in today. And I’ve just been dealing with… Well, for me, this is personal.

CB: You don’t have to share, I don’t want to put you on the spot.

Unknown: Well, I’m willing to share this. But basically I have a bit of an issue with get-rich-quick schemes. So that’s what caused a lot of the financial issues, so I have to get rid of that. And I’ve been dealing with that today because of, for example, I realized that I have a fear of boredom. And that’s why I get all these flashy things. And so I need to get comfortable with boredom, and it’s really hard for me. [laughs]

CB: Sure. Yeah, that’s a good thing to sort of learn. It’s a good skill to learn that I think a lot of us sometimes have problems with. That’s a great example. Thank you for sharing that. That’s actually a perfect seventh house example. I kind of want to end on that high note for the seventh house just because I can’t imagine a better one. Because that’s also really quick for a timeframe. And that’s again something we mentioned at the beginning that Uranus speeds stuff up. And sometimes Uranus transits and the changes they bring whereas Saturn is sometimes like a slow grinding change over the course of like a three-year period, Uranus sometimes is just quick. Yeah, so that’s a good example of that. Thank you for sharing that. All right. Eighth house. Eighth house, shared resources, issues with topics surrounding mortality, inheritance, taxes, other people’s money and the partners’ money in general. And then Uranus transits of course are just unexpected disruptions and changes in that area of life.

LS: And loans and debts go there and mortgages, things like that.

CB: Okay. Does anybody have any good examples of an eighth house Uranus transit so far that you’ve had in your life? Yeah, Eugenia.

Eugenia: Yeah, it all started off with a bang in May. So it’s an eighth house transit for me, it’s a ninth house transit for my husband. And in vedic we give the father to the ninth house. So in May we found out that his dad is terminally ill. He passed away in November. And pretty much when I’m not working and doing my own stuff, I am dealing with funeral arrangements, probate court, this property that we found out his parents had put our name on to try to avoid probate court. And let’s see. His Moon is in Scorpio. So as a representative of his mother, it’s impacting their relationship. And I don’t know her chart. But if I just use that significator, I’m like, “She’s not going to make it through this part [unintelligible 1.31.29]” Yeah, it’s been full of eighth houseness. I’m having to spend a lot to do a lot of spiritual work on sort of his dead who aren’t happy or causing problems. And all that is activated by the fact that his family doesn’t seem to want leave things sorted when they’re dead. And, yeah, that’s full on eighth house.

CB: Yeah, you ticked off just about all of the major keywords that we just use. So it’s like issues mortality, unexpected death basically that came up, inheritance and also your partner’s finances or finances that are connected with your partner because it’s coming from his family.

Eugenia: Oh, yes. And in fact, he quit his job to live with his parents for a month. And after that was done, a month later he got the same job back.

CB: Okay, so changes with the partner’s work and income basically.

Eugenia: Yeah, absolutely. Wow.

CB: Okay.

LS: Yeah, you got pretty much all of them.  [laughs]

CB: Yeah.

Eugenia: And I’m thinking about filing extensions for my taxes. [laughs]

CB: Okay. Yeah. And that’s important. Does everybody see how sometimes these transits can manifest super literally? lt’s not always just psychological changes that you’re going through, it’s like sometimes there’s events in your lives that are acting as major catalysts for change sometimes psychologically. But sometimes it’s like a concrete event in your life that’s manifesting through the symbolism of the transit. It’s kind of important.

EK: And I think a lot of people after Uranus completes their eighth are very financially empowered. That’s what I’ve noticed. It’s very empowering ultimately. Not maybe at the beginning but it’s very like, “Okay, now I have this. I’ve empowered myself. Yeah. It’s kind of like it forces you to take your finances into your own hands, I think, with Uranus through the eighth ultimately.

CB: Yeah, and I think having patience and especially if you’re in a partnership bearing with your partner if they’re going through a period of either instability or just wanting to innovate and try and experiment and try new things in terms of their finances is an important skill you’ll have to learn if you’re somebody that’s dealing with a Uranus transit through the eighth house and you do have a long-term partnership. All right. So let’s go into the ninth house. Ninth house is the place of education, one’s religion, philosophy, travel, exposure to foreign people and foreign places and foreign ideas. The ninth house is traditionally the house that’s associated with astrology. What are some other ninth house topics?

LS: Religion. Did you say already religion? Philosophy. Okay, yeah. Yeah. Those are the main ones, I think. Yeah.

CB: Okay, so major changes sometimes in your philosophy or your religious beliefs can come up when Uranus is transiting through the ninth house. Major changes as a result of education, major changes as a result of taking a trip or traveling to a foreign country. Yeah. You guys have any good Uranus ninth house transits?

LS: Not personally. I saw someone write an anecdote that they started out their Uranus transit through the ninth house kind of like averse to education or higher education and they ended by the end of the seven or eight years with multiple grad degrees. [laughs]

CB: Okay.

EK: I shared my example.

CB: Yeah, that was a good example. Does anybody in the audience have a good ninth house Uranus transit from your past?Yeah, you’ve got one?

Unknown: I don’t, but that’s what it is going to translate for me.

CB: Okay.

Unknown: My ninth house is Taurus, I have Mars there. And then with the transit in Aries that went through my seventh and eighth, I got divorced. I moved to Colorado. People died, people were born. All eighth house stuff. Death, inheritances, taxes, the whole shebang.

CB: Wow, so you’ve survived and made it all the way through the seventh and eighth house and now you’ve come to the ninth. And is astrology something you’ve been doing for a while or is that a recent thing?

Unknown: No, I’ve been doing astrology for like 13 years. I got into it when I was pregnant with my second son who is a Sagittarius.

In fact, almost his whole chart is Sagittarius. So those Jupiter themes got him like. You can have too much of a good thing with Sagittarius, I can tell you.

CB: Sure. And did you see any preview between May and November of last year about what this Uranus transit through your ninth house might be about?

Unknown: May and what?

CB: Between May of last year and November of last year when Uranus first dipped into Taurus into your ninth house. I was just curious if you saw any themes coming up that might be a preview of what you might anticipate from that transit.

Unknown: Oh boy. Well, I was homeless with my kids from August 1st till November 15th. I got into my house right as Jupiter went into Sag because my fourth house is Sag. I went through all kinds of stuff last year that I don’t even know where to begin.

And I’m experiencing my Chiron return. My Chiron’s in Aries. Yeah, I got all kinds of stuff going on.

CB: Yeah, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of transits going on. All right. Well, we’ll have to check back in about that later as Uranus goes further through your ninth house and just see how it’s going.

Unknown: Yeah.

CB: Oh, you have one in the back?

Unknown: Yeah. I’m hesitating to share it, but I’m going to do it. When Uranus transited my eighth house, my husband died and it was a life death experience for me as Uranus transited my ninth [unintelligible 1.37.41] in my spiritual philosophy my role is to God first. Great idea. How did that happen? And in my spiritual philosophy, if that is done, and I need to do that, everything else in life will be in placement. I experienced an ongoing joy that I did not know existed. Wow, what an imagination I have of Neptune in the third house. I have a really big imagination. I never imagined ongoing joy. I never imagined ongoing just emotional stability and an untroubled spirit. And it’s moving. As it approaches my 10th, I started my business again, how can I help relocating seniors [unintelligible 1.38.37] and Uranian unexpected shift and that decision of how I define a business. I ended up in a hospice here instead, in-home hospice. And the woman who lives there, the social worker had a woman I’m with right now asked me for my card. She said the service that I’ve provided, she doesn’t know anyone else who does it.

CB: Wow, okay. So really radical changes and feelings of liberation in terms of your personal philosophy and religious beliefs.

Unknown: [unintelligible 1.39.18]

CB: Okay. Good. That’s a good example. Does anybody, yeah, you have one?

Unknown: I can totally echo that. Uranus has been in my ninth house for like five years, and it’s crossed my Midheaven in that period of time to say that I now have Neptune in third in Libra. So I left very suddenly my husband. I lost most of my family because I took up writing a book about love and fell in love with a person way younger than I by 35 years. Very Uranian, and I’ve Uranus squaring the Sun. And I’ve been writing this book on my phone which is technology as just text dialogue between two people. And it’s been five years, and now it’s crossed the Midheaven now. And now the whole premise of the book which is highly unusual which is love, tantric sex as healing and conscious step has now for the first time ever showed itself in manifest as a real relationship in the book we published as it crossed the Midheaven and gone into the 10th house.

CB: Wow, okay. Yeah, publishing is a pretty reliable ninth house topic, so that’s an interesting manifestation of that using and leveraging new technologies for the sake of writing a book.

Unknown: Yeah. And I’ve been working with Blockchain people through Adam, that whole thing about using Blockchain as another new technology to publish. So it’s been very interesting to have Uranus be pretty much mover and shaker of that experience.

CB: Awesome. All right. Thank you for sharing that. That’s a good ninth house example. I would just say I’ve had several clients where they went through major change in their religious background. And maybe if they grew up in a certain religion, they came out of the Uranus ninth house transit with a different one. And just radical changes in one’s philosophy is a pretty typical ninth house thing. All right, 10th house. 10th house is career, your overall life direction, reputation. What else?

LS: Authority figures or supervisors if you have supervisors at work.

CB: Yeah, bosses or superiors. Okay. So Uranus transits through the 10th can just be radical changes in your career, your overall life direction, sometimes disruptions, sometimes acting more independently or trying to set yourself apart in terms of your reputation, sometimes being singled out as being independent or being sort of apart from the crowd in some way in terms of your reputation.

LS: You want to give your example, Joy? [laughs]

Joy Vernon: Yeah. Uranus entered my 10th house in Aries, and I got fired from my job and had already been doing some tarot and astrology stuff and some teaching part-time. And I haven’t had a regular job since that happened, and it was very unexpected. And it was a really natural kind of transition into doing this stuff full-time. But of course now during that whole time period was the square to Pluto. The Uranus square to Pluto. So it was much more difficult than just fun and spontaneous. And Uranus went retrograde over my Sun during that time. And I can affirm what Stephanie was saying in terms of to me it felt not just the electricity, but it actually felt much more oppressive than I think most people have been experiencing. And so one of the things that we haven’t mentioned that might be relevant to some of these transits that are upcoming is the fact that there’s a good chunk of time over a year where Saturn is square to Uranus. And so that might affect kind of the way Pluto and Uranus were interacting. For me, that might affect some people as well depending on the exact… And it really is between five degrees and 18 degrees that those squares either are exact or close. So–

CB: Okay. So once Saturn goes into Aquarius next year, it’s going to start a square with Uranus and that’s going to be tied in. For people getting hit by the Uranus transit, Saturn is going to be tied in as well.

Joy Vernon: Yeah, yeah.

CB: Okay. That’s a really good point. And I liked your example there about the thing that precipitated you because you look back on it now and you’re happy. You’re actually pursuing a career that’s more authentic to you because you were able to actually become a full-time astrologer and tarot reader, but it was initially precipitated by a negative event or something that felt I’m sure very subjectively negative and unexpected at the time which is that you said you got fired.

Joy Vernon: Yeah.

CB: Okay. And that was just completely out of the blue?

Joy Vernon: Yeah, it was totally out of the blue.

CB: Okay.

Joy Vernon: Yeah. Well, except it was a real job, and I’d worked there for two years. But prior to that, I’m an Aries, I was a temp. I was like, “Yeah, whatever.” [laughs] And so, yeah, it was very unexpected. But it was one of the longest jobs I’d ever had in two years. [laughs]

CB: Okay. And so you get laid off, it was unexpected. And probably you’re upset at the time, I’m sure.

Joy Vernon: Yeah. [laughs]

CB: Okay. Okay. But the point is just I wanted to bring that up just because sometimes people will have an unexpected disruption at some point during a Uranus transit, and in the moment you might really not be happy about it. And it may feel subjectively not very positive, but sometimes it really does open you up for bigger and better opportunities later on. And sometimes the best thing you can do in the midst of that if you’re at the early part of the difficult part is just think of ways that you can innovate and change your life for the better as a result of that challenge that you’ve been presented with at that time.

Joy Vernon: Yeah. The idea of a major transition going from a lot of jobs that weren’t really a very good fit for me into really doing what I’m doing and to have all of that happen during that exact transit and get to the place of being very stable in my career, that’s all. And listening to people talk, I’m like, “Oh, wait.” Because I only recently learned astrology, and I learned it when Uranus was going through my ninth house. So yeah.

CB: Nice. So the change in your philosophy that’s great as well as education.

Joy Vernon: Yeah. Yeah.

CB: Brilliant. Well, that covers then two of our houses ninth and 10th and allows us for a nice segue in the last eight minutes of this meeting to move on to the 11th house. [laughs] So 11th house, friends, groups, alliances, social movements. Anything else?

Unknown: Hopes and dreams.

CB: Hopes and dreams, that’s an important one because the 11th house is rising up to the 10th, so it’s things that you hope for or wish for in the future.

LS: The larger social sphere sometimes, I see sometimes internet things because it’s reaching wide groups of people.

CB: Yeah. So major changes as a result of friends or groups, sometimes somebody that comes into your life that acts as a disruption or a catalyst in some way through a friendship or an alliance. Do you guys have any?

EK: I’ll share my example. I just had it through the 11th, and that’s when I met all the astrologers. Yeah, so I connected with all the astrologers online. Yeah [laughs]

CB: Yeah. And we dragged you to your first astrology conference.

EK: You sure did.

CB: And then you did multiple all in a row. You didn’t just do one, but you did a whole…

EK: Yeah, I gave lectures at a bunch of different conferences. But also what I find interesting is I became an astrologer with Uranus in the 10th, and then I met the community in the 11th. Yeah.

CB: Yeah, that’s good. There’s often a carry through from the previous house into the next house like with Joy’s example of learning astrology in the ninth and then making her career in the 10th, or your example of starting to make a career in astrology in the 10th perhaps and then making friends Uranus going into the 11th.

EK: Well, that’s interesting because my community prior is very different than how it is now. Every close friend I have now is an astrologer, including my partner. So I went from non-astrologer community to 100% astrology community. If you don’t speak astrology, I don’t know how to be in any kind of relationship with you. [laughs] I can’t be your friend because I don’t know how to talk to you.

CB: Yeah. That’s good. I like that. Yeah, did you have–

Unknown: Just wanted to point out that the 11th can also be learning from your career that’s second from your 10th.

CB: Sure. That’s right.

Unknown: And I see that a lot as far as what people are aware of.

CB: Yeah. Okay, I think that’s good for examples unless anyone has a really good concise example. One. All right, if you can do it really quickly.

Unknown: I’ll do my best. So I had a really wild 10th to 11th transition, 9th to 10th to 11th transition. Okay, so I was in school studying political geography functioning as like a radical materialist leftist organizer. I quit my job, quit school, ended an engagement all at the end of the ninth which was Pisces. No, excuse me. All at the end of the 10th which was Pisces and the 11th which was Aries. And then spent a good deal of the 11th transition reorganizing community around these really bizarre experiences that I kept having around magical phenomenon experiences and also around music. I spent the entirety of the 11th basically on the run from the law, living in the woods, meeting all these traveling musicians and traveling all around the world playing music and building a very crazy and fluid community that was dispersed and losing all around these ideals. And now I’m in medical school. [laughs]

CB: Yeah. And now your Uranus to the 11th house transit has come to an end, and you can–

Unknown: Your Uranus in the 12th house, and you went to medical school?

Unknown: Uranus is in the 12th house now. I started it beginning of last year. But yeah. And then there was a moment where Mars and Uranus were in conjunction for a moment there, I’m in Chinese medical school, and somebody literally got set on fire that day. [laughs] Like entirely in flames. This was right before Mars went into Taurus. [unintelligibe 1:50:51]

CB: Okay. So not metaphorical flames, literal flames.

LS: I really like what you said about the transient community because that really fits the whole, as we’ve been talking about for a couple hours now, the up in the airness of whatever. And so having a loose-knit community or people coming and going or having a lot of freedom within community really fits the 11th house Uranus transit.

CB: Yeah. The more you can allow for freedom again just as a recurring theme in whatever house Uranus is transiting through, probably the easier you’re going to make it for yourself. I think that’s been a consistent theme that we’ve seen through all the houses at this point.

LS: Yeah.

CB: Yeah, sometimes letting go is the best thing you can do. In letting go you achieve freedom. Yeah. And that’s actually a great keyword for our final house which is the 12th house. You want to give me some keywords for the 12th?

LS: It can cover a few things. It can cover places of seclusion, so whether that’s proactive or reactive seclusion. So that can be hospitals, prisons, ashrams, sort of more proactively places where you go to be a part to be contemplative. It can also just be spending more time alone. It can be sometimes your inner psychology, working on your subconscious and things like that. And there’s one more I wanna say that I’m forgetting, institutions. Yeah.

Joy Vernon: Yes. Spirituality sometimes goes in there.

LS: Sometimes spirituality. Yeah. Yeah.

CB: Endings, the 12th is the last of the houses. And sometimes it can be about endings. 11th is traditionally friends, and the 12th is traditionally “enemies”. But enemies can sometimes just be people that work at cross purposes to you in your life or people that you don’t see eye to eye with. And sometimes having major radical changes or redefining your relationship within your life with those that you don’t see eye to eye with can be a major Uranus 12th house transit. But also because it’s the place of the ending of things, sometimes that idea of finding freedom through letting go of something can be a good keyword for the 12th house. Does anybody have any good 12th house… You’ve got one, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Well, I just want to… I have five planets in Scorpio in the sixth. When Uranus is going through the 12th, my goal is to stay out of jail. [laughs]

CB: I approve of that. That’s a good goal for the Uranus going to the 12th. I won’t inquire into what you’re doing that might land you in the 12th house, but–

Rebecca: Nothing that I know of.

CB: Okay.

Rebecca: Total surprise. [laughs]

CB: All right. Well, if we see you on the news unexpectedly–Okay. Yeah, we’ll have to do a jailbreak. All right. Anybody else has any good example? Yeah, you have one.

Unknown speaker: I was born with Uranus in the 12th house, and I’m adopted. So basically the way it works is that they don’t let you see the mother, and they put you directly into a foster care. So basically I was in solitude. Well, with lots of other people. But now that I think of it–

CB: Okay. Yeah. The 12th is also in ancient astrology. They said it was connected with the things that happened prior to birth in some sense. Yeah, which is kind of connected or tied in there.

LS: Mhm.

EK: There’s one more.

CB: There was one more?

Unknown speaker: It’s just super quick.

CB: Yeah.

Unknown speaker: And this was a super reason. At least I was like five or six battling–I had a Moon in the 12th house in Sag. And when Uranus moved over the Moon, I had a seizure and was hospitalized. And had all these brain scans and tests. And they were like, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” I’ve never had another seizure, but Uranus over my Moon just threw everything to the jails like you said.

CB: Yeah, sometimes bringing to light unexpected health issues or sometimes 12th house can also be mental health. And it can bring up things or force you to address things that have to do with mental or sometimes physical health that are important and somewhat unexpected but worth dealing with. Or sometimes just completely random and transient and then it never comes back again.

LS: Yeah, you kind of hit off to book the health thing in the hospital institution thing. Yeah.

CB: Right. All right. Somehow we pulled it off, and it is now 5:01. So we’ve reached the 12th. All right. So that is Uranus transits through the 12 houses. This is not just a presentation. This is a research project, so this is the beginning of a seven or eight year research project that all of us are both voluntarily or perhaps not voluntarily, you’ve all just agreed to do it because I want you all to go home for the next few years and pay attention to your Uranus transits through whatever house it’s going through in your chart and write down what happens and start to collect together those different experiences. And then we will all reconvene at some point maybe when Uranus goes into Gemini to share those experiences again and to continue to grow and develop and learn as astrologers as a community, and that’s what this is about. So thanks everybody who shared your story today. Thanks to our panel of astrologers who came up here to help lead this. And finally thank you to everybody who attended because I really appreciate it because it helps us to build a sense of a community and to do this research as astrologers together. Because astrology is a lot more fun as a group. So thanks for coming, and we’ll be back again next month for–I think Leisa is going to be giving a talk on what is it? Joy and–

LS: Joy and meaning in the chart. You’ll get the first rough draft of my conference talk.

CB: Yeah. Leisa is giving a lecture talk in Seattle in May, and she’s gonna do a test run of it next month for all of us here for the Denver Astrology Group. So I hope to see you all again next month for that. Yeah.

Unknown speaker: Do you want us to send you our charts so we can–some summary for the research?

CB: Yeah, if you want to. But it was more of just making a joke than in the long-term–


Unknown: I’m serious. I think it’s really important. I think it’s very important to do these things and actually spread that word because it brings more people into the process.

CB: Definitely. Yeah. Marilyn?

Marilyn: Ladies and gentleman, thank you for bringing astrology so I could listen to this beautiful language. But we have a wedding here at 6:00. [laughs]