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Uranus Transits Through the Twelve Houses

Uranus Transits Through the Twelve Houses

Episode 197 features a panel of astrologers talking about the recent ingress of Uranus into Taurus, and helping to contextualize what that shift will mean for individuals by talking about it within the context of transits of Uranus through each of the twelve houses.

This is a recording from a meeting of the Denver Astrology Group that happened last Saturday, March 9, 2019. It was an experimental format where a panel of four astrologers led a discussion about the transit of Uranus through the houses, and audience members were encouraged to share stories about past Uranus transits they have experienced.

The panel featured astrologers Leisa Schaim, Eugenia Krok, Joy Vernon, and Chris Brennan.

Part of the motivation for the panel was that just a few days earlier on March 6, 2019, Uranus left Aries and moved into Taurus, where it will transit for the greater part of the next decade.

During the course of the meeting we went through each house in order, starting with the first house, and initially talked conceptually about what we would expect the transit of Uranus through that house to mean, and in some instances discussed different examples we had seen of it manifesting in different ways in the past.

Then we opened it up to the audience and asked if anyone had a good story about that transit, either in terms of how it had manifested for them when Uranus was transiting that house in the past, or how it has started to manifest already with Uranus starting to dip into Taurus over the past year.

This is partially under the premise that when you are using whole sign houses the shift of Uranus into a new sign also means that it is moving into a new house in your chart.

The end result was a pretty interesting and informative discussion, which should provide a useful starting point for each person who is trying to figure out what this nearly decade-long transit of Uranus will mean for them.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Here is the video version of this episode:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 197 transcript

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  • What an interesting, funny group! very Uranuian, probably, as all are astrologers, so they really notice their Uranus transits. Looking forward to the follow up in 8 years time!

  • Fun to hear how clear the house experience was so clear with the influence of uranus there. The tricky part is the aspects to the planets there or to the ruler in another house. That can can get very intense – especially with the hard aspects from other transits piling up on both transiting Uranus and the natal in house planets it is conjoining. House 8 for me was a very unexpected inheritance right away before the first retrograde but the drama preceded that at the end of an 8 year disctruction of my marriage in House 7. The liberation was at the last degree of house 7. I literally left a long term residence and marriage the day Uranus ingressed into House 8 and was trine to Mars in the 4th House. More fallout came to pass. Many significant endings, much loss and crisis, some of it utterly shocking, involving shared finance from marital assets but also physical trauma ( trauma is very house 8). Uranus transited ASC ruler while trine to Moon (both signify the body) and then proceeded to cross Sun while Pluto was square from the 8th. These were cardinal signs which I think are harsher in some ways (we will see). Now, with the exit from house 8 this month, the divorce initiated with the ingress to same house is finally finishing (!) (all financial but carrying an emotional component). The new sign is trine ASC and should finally bring a new outlook on life from the 9th. Here’s hoping. Good to remember the opposition, square and trine to Taurus to make for easier interpretation. Trine earth, square AQ/Leo , and Opposition to Scorpio. And then we get to have the eclipses there (Taurus /Scorpio) in another year or so. Oh boy.

    • could you elaborate on the ‘trauma is very house 8’ topic? Taurus is my 8th House, and right as Uranus ingressed it and Mars joined it, I surprisingly had all my debts paid off. I’m interested in what else I should expect. Aries was my 7th house (where Venus is also located at 27 degrees), so I had a lot of Drama in my relationships preceding this period as well.

  • Sorry – pluto in Cap was square from the 5th, not the 8th, and adding intensity to Uranus in Aries at that time.

  • I couldn’t hear half of it because of the audience not speaking into microphone. Kinda frustrating, gave up.

    • Yeah I’m still working on how to record these types of live group events in different venues. I was having a hard time getting people to come up to the mic, and felt like it was stopping some people from sharing stories, so I gave up at one point about halfway though. In the future I’m thinking of investing in a wireless mic that we can pass around the room.

      • Hello Chris,
        I enjoyed your podcast of the Denver Astrology Group, and learned a lot. However, too was frustrated by the poor sound quality. Another option is a shotgun mic, which would save time wasted by passing a wireless mic around. Shotgun microphones are often used at news conferences and are excellent in groups, even in full auditoriums. You, or whoever is in charge of sound, simply points the microphone at the person in the crowd you want to hear, and everyone can hear everything clearly. Hope this helps.
        Derek – a life-long student of astrology

  • Great episode. I listened to the audio while on a road trip and was delighted by the four panelists and the audience’s responses. Thanks!

  • Thank you for this podcast!! I wanted to add that i was delighted to hear another person share that they were adopted w/ Uranus in 12th.
    Uranus transit my 4th was spot on, I moved within NYC a lot (but that’s common) then wanted to live on a boat & move to Panama etc but at the very tail end of this 4th house transit I never would’ve guessed what happened. I decided I wanted to find my birth mother, at 34 yrs old, the idea came almost as if struck by lightening, having never previously wanted to know.
    I’m a natal 12th Uranus & also adopted.
    I’ve heard 12th house referred to as The Womb -so to be a ‘surprise’ to your birth mother is spot on Uranian, & of course the hospital element & disruption from mother. Additionally as planets carry through the houses this means that Uranus 12th house adoptees would have Uranus in 1st house in their early formative years, ie w/ their adoptive families who completely shape their new identifies in rapid ways that they are not necessarily in control of, but are usually better off than before.

    I’m studying adoptee astrology charts anyone is welcome to message me to chat more!

  • On March 6th 2011 I turned 31. On my March 11th Uranus moved to Aries my 12th house. On March 29th out of a blue I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But it was also opposing my natal Moon on 6th house

    Since Feb last year I had Uranus conjunct my natal Venus and it’s opposing my natal Uranus right now. So I am trying to hold back on the cliche thing of wanting a Red Convertible Sports Car.

  • Taurus Asc. 25 degrees.. Moon 10degrees Taurus. 1st house. Aug, will hit that I think . No clue how this is changing me, but it seems to be an interesting time. Glad I pulled this up. Do seem to be losing weight…