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The Astrology Podcast

Ep. 453 Transcript: Astrology Forecast for July 2024

The Astrology Podcast

Transcript of Episode 453, titled:

Astrology Forecast for July 2024

With Chris Brennan and Austin Coppock

Episode originally released on June 29, 2024


Note: This is a transcript of a spoken word podcast. If possible, we encourage you to listen to the audio or video version, since they include inflections that may not translate well when written out. Our transcripts are created by human transcribers, and the text may contain errors and differences from the spoken audio. If you find any errors then please send them to us by email: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Transcribed by Teresa “Peri” Lardo

Transcription released July 2nd, 2024

Copyright © 2024 TheAstrologyPodcast.com

CHRIS BRENNAN: Hey, my name is Chris Brennan, and you’re listening to The Astrology Podcast. In this episode, we’re gonna be talking about the astrological forecast for July of 2024. Joining me today is astrologer Austin Coppock. Hey, Austin.

AUSTIN COPPOCK: Hey Chris. How’s it going?

CB: Thank you for joining me once again. So in the first half of this episode for the first hour, we’re gonna talk about news stories connected with astrology that have happened over the past month since our last forecast episode. Then in the second hour of the forecast, we’re gonna get into the actual deep dive of the astrology of July 2024. So for those that wanna jump ahead to the forecast, there’s gonna be timestamps either below the video on YouTube or on The Astrology Podcast website in the entry for this episode so you can jump forward.

All right, so let’s first do a very quick overview or preview of the astrology of July before we jump into the news. So here is the planetary alignments calendar for July that shows the basic planetary alignments. So at the very beginning of the month, we’re coming off of Saturn having just stationed retrograde in the sign of Pisces on the 29th of June, and then just two days into July, the planet Neptune also stations retrograde on July 2nd in Pisces. And Saturn and Neptune are within 10 degrees of a conjunction of each other. So that’s gonna be the dominant energy at the very beginning of July is gonna be the Saturn-Neptune conjunction.

So also on July 2nd, the planet Mercury ingresses into the sign of Leo. Then a few days later, we get our first lunation of the month, which is a New Moon in the sign of Cancer on the 5th. The following week, Venus ingresses into the sign of Leo on July 11th. Then our main aspect of the month is the Mars-Uranus conjunction, which takes place on July 15th, which looks kind of volatile in the sign of Taurus. Then on the 20th, Mars departs from Taurus and moves into the sign of Gemini. The day after that, there’s a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21st. Then the following day, the Sun departs from Cancer and moves into Leo, so we get the beginning of Leo season for one month. A few days later, Mercury moves into Virgo, and Mercury is actually gonna start slowing down and preparing to station retrograde, which it will eventually do in the first week of August. But the later part of July is sort of the ramp up to that as Mercury starts slowing down in the sign of Virgo and it forms a wide square with the planet Mars, which is still in early Gemini at that point.

So that’s some of the astrology that we’re gonna be talking about later in this episode. But yeah, first let’s talk about news and events. So hey Austin – how’s it going?

AC: It’s going pretty good, Chris. How are you?

CB: Very good. You’re looking conspicuously smarter and more sharp for some reason I can’t put my finger on, but I feel like, you know, you’re looking good with the new glasses.

AC: Thank you. Yeah, I’ve been, I don’t know, three quarters blind for quite some time. My left eye is full legal blindness, and my right eye was trying so hard to compensate.

CB: Yeah, that’s an interesting —

AC: For years and years.

CB: Interesting things that happen sometimes with the luminaries in terms of if there’s like, issues with sight, and sometimes the luminaries like, literally indicating a person’s sight.

AC: Yeah. So I was legally blind by the end of my teens, but I got eye surgery when I was in my early 20s. And both Sun and Moon are afflicted for me; neither one is in good shape. And so both eyes were pretty garbage. But what’s interesting is the eye surgery didn’t take equally. My right eye corrected to 20/20, and then my left eye got to roughly 20/80, which is still four times worse than perfect but was five times better than what it was. So it’s been more than 20 years since I had the surgery. My right eye has stayed pretty good, but the left basically lapsed all the way back to pre-surgery. And so it’s interesting because with the chart, you know, there’s a matter of like, what is the difficulty indicated if a planet – in this case the lights – are afflicted? But then there’s – are there mitigations or are there, you know, mitigating factors like aspects to happy, powerful benefics which often show the efficacy of remedies. Right? And so my Sun, even though my Sun’s in rough shape, has a trine and is ruled by an angular Jupiter in Cancer, right? So the right eye has taken remedies very well, whereas the Moon doesn’t have access to a happy benefic and so has taken remedies less well.

CB: Yeah. That’s a super important astrology lesson that when you have a planet that’s both afflicted and has positive aspects to it, usually you just get both, and you’ll get like, an issue that comes up but then you’ll also have it so that that issue can be remedied or fixed or offset so that you have the experience of something being taken away and something being given back.

AC: Yeah. There are absolutely some delineation sections in Firmicus where, you know, it’s like, Mars, Saturn, and then aspected by a waning Moon and under these conditions in this house – like, you will die of hemorrhoids unless, you know, the benefic Jupiter is in a tight trine, in which case a doctor will save you from dying of hemorrhoids. Right? Like, it’s literally, you’re going to have this issue, and then you’ll die of it unless – right? Which is the hyperbolic, unnecessarily intense traditional style of delineation, but that’s the idea.

CB: Yeah.

AC: So my Sun will not die of hemorrhoids, whereas my Moon might.

CB: Yeah, I saw somebody on Twitter today complaining about Mars transiting their 6th and getting bitten by like, two different dogs during the course of that transit, which reminded me of some of Firmicus’s like, gruesome like, “the native will be eaten alive by dogs” delineations which were pretty extreme. But it’s funny how sometimes things still – there’s still echoes of like, relevance in some of those ancient delineations.

AC: Yeah. Well, and so what’s interesting is a lot of the “You will die” – like, the violent death combinations get a different set of death inflictors depending on the element that it’s in. So it’s like, if it’s in water sign, you know, torn apart by fishes. If it’s in an earth sign, run over by an ox. A humane sign, an air sign – I’ll come up and stab you. But like, there are like, elemental categories of how death arrives. So I don’t remember exactly which elements dogs herald as death inflictors, but.

CB: Alright. Well, on that note, this is a much different opening for – definitely —

AC: Really setting the tone.

CB: Definitely hemorrhoids as our opening for July. So let’s do some review first. Let’s talk about June. Some crazy stuff has happened with June. I wanna do more of a concise sort of like, overview of some of the major news stories than I usually do and just like, run through them relatively briskly.

So the first early part of the month was really dominated by the Gemini stories that were surrounding especially the Venus cazimi in Gemini, but also the Sun and Mercury were moving through there. And especially on June 5th, there was a whole stellium of five planets in Gemini when the Moon caught up and moved through that sign as well. So the first set of stories is really dominated by that Gemini stellium in the first part of the month. Later in the month, it was really dominated from the second half of June forward by the Saturn-Neptune conjunction which finally got within 10 degrees of conjoining in Pisces, and then both of them are stationing retrograde in Pisces right now.

So the first set of stories all happened around June 3rd, 4th, and 5th when all of those planets were in Gemini. The first one was, as we mentioned on the last episode, was about to happen – we were anticipating. Claudia Sheinbaum was elected president of Mexico on June 3rd, which was right on the Venus cazimi that just took place the following day on June 4th. So that was incredible just as a continued demonstration where the indigenous astrology of Meso-America was very much based on the Venus cazimi cycles, and then you have this really interesting event of the first woman leader being elected president there at a conjunction of the Sun and Venus. So that happened on the cazimi.

Then the following day on June 5th, there was at least like, four or five major news stories that all happened that I wrote down that were notable that were connected with that Venus cazimi. So one of them is that the Boeing Starliner spaceship finally launched after a delay on June 5th. So the first launch where we were looking at the electional chart in the last episode was actually aborted, and that was the one that had Virgo rising and Mercury conjunct Uranus. And there was some sort of electrical or technical glitch that caused them to scrub that launch and move it to days later, which is interesting because you had actually talked about how the electional chart would be way better if it was launched a few days later once Mercury went into Gemini. So that actually —

AC: Yeah.

CB: — ended up working out. So what ended up happening is they launched on the 5th, and that’s when the Moon was in Gemini. I actually have the chart for that. So it had some good things and bad things, though, that occurred as a result of the launch being delayed. On the one hand, they launched it when the Moon had gone into Gemini, and so there were five planets in the sign of Gemini, and then you had this spaceship launch which could, you know, mark a new era in terms of space travel or space tourism or shuttling people back and forth to the International Space Station, which is what the mission was. The only downside is because it was delayed by several days, the chart that they ended up using had Leo rising and the Sun and Venus at 15 degrees of Gemini separating from their conjunction at the cazimi, and both of them were applying closely to a square with Saturn at 18 degrees of Pisces. So it’s like, the ruler of the Ascendant in the launch chart was applying to a square with Saturn, and what ended up happening is they have run into like, a bunch of issues with some of the thrusters not working. And it was only supposed to be like, a weeklong trip to the International Space Station, but now it’s been extended by multiple weeks, and there’s a lot of drama now with them waiting to brings those two astronauts back to earth but trying to fix some technical issues before they do that to make sure it’s safe. So there’s been a lot of delays which kind of fits the application to Saturn.

AC: Yeah, absolutely.

CB: So one last —

AC: They should’ve stuck with the Virgo rising.

CB: Virgo rising was definitely better. That’s the thing is if it had been Virgo rising, then it would have been that Mercury in Gemini in its own domicile in the 10th. But unfortunately, they evidently did not consult with us or did not consult with astrologers, because we would have given a better launch chart.

AC: Yeah.

CB: One interesting thing, though, that’s almost shocking that they didn’t consult with astrologers is that the crew named the spaceship capsule Calypso, which is from an ancient Greek word which means to cover, to conceal, or to hide. And I thought that was really brilliant symbolism because it was launched right on the Venus cazimi when Venus is literally concealed or hidden or eclipsed in terms of being under the beams of the Sun.

AC: Right. Okay, so same root as the “clipse” in eclipse.

CB: Right. Yeah, exactly.

AC: Oh, that’s really interesting.

CB: Yeah. So that was cool. Fingers crossed that it comes back okay and everybody’s waiting for their safe return.

AC: Yeah.

CB: So that was June 5th. The exact same day on June 5th – so this is during the Gemini stellium and the Venus conjunct Sun cazimi – the FAA in the United States gave approval to a company named Archer, which is an EVTOL – electric takeoff and landing – vehicle company to operate an electric air taxi service basically. And this is only the second company in the United States to get approval for these basically like, electric flying cars, essentially, that eventually will fly autonomously and fly people around cities in relatively short distance using what are essentially like, big drones that people can ride in. So that fit the symbolism really well. That ties way back into stuff we were talking about in the year ahead forecast where that’s kind of what I was anticipating for Jupiter in Gemini to become a major news story, and it started happening like, right on the cazimi.

AC: Yeah. That makes perfect sense. And you know, with Gemini, these like, should we say, quick, efficient, like, practical applications – like, with Gemini, clever is such a good keyword. It’s like, oh, that’s a clever thing to do with that technology. Right? Like, there’s a quickness and a cleverness – like, oh let’s do that. It’ll fix this problem. We’re gonna make this easier. And you know, Gemini is sometimes too clever for its own good. But there’s that like, slightly – how should we say – application minded, maybe willing to cut corners but maybe it’s just like, smart and time-saving like – there’s a cleverness to that. Right? Like, Gemini – it’s not that Gemini as a mode is entirely opposed to like, big blue sky cosmological fundamental science research. But Gemini and Mercury really excel at that like, application. Like, what do we do with this? How do we solve a problem? Or what’s something cool we can do with it?

CB: Yeah, for sure. And also the other thing is it’s like, it’s expanding with Jupiter in Gemini it’s expanding the definition of what short-distance travel is, and how that can be done. And it’s also integrated eventually new technologies and combining them together. It’s like, you get drones, which is something we’ve seen really become prominent in different ways over the past decade, but also it’s gonna be combining it with artificial intelligence in order so that these air taxis that it’ll be happening autonomously and people won’t be flying them manually. So it’s interesting seeing different technologies come together at this important crossroads in terms of the astrology as well.

AC: Yeah, definitely. And it’s interesting to see – you know, back to kind of how we were thinking about it last month. There’s, you know, you have all these planets in Gemini, all these new technologies or new developments on technological trajectories, and there’s so much promise and so much maybe. But then all – you know, and so we thought that there would be a number of applications and ideas and things would get moving with all the planets in Gemini, but then we have Saturn overlooking everything, and so there was always this how is this going to work out in the long term? Maybe this will take longer to become fully operational than we initially thought. Like, Saturn was there posing question. Right? Like, with the Boeing launch, right, it’s like, the launch worked but then there’s a problem later on, and you know, it’s literally just taking longer, like you said earlier. And so it’s interesting to have all of this like, quick, clever, inventive practical fun energy but with Saturn looking on. Right? Posing questions about the future. Right? Like —

CB: Yeah.

AC: — which of these many quick, clever, bright, swift things will make it through? Right? Will we look back on and say, oh, that debuted during that month and then made it through whatever problems later arose, and then which ones in retrospect will look damned by that superior square from Saturn?

CB: Yeah. That’s a great point also, because what that was that day was literally a regulation company like, giving them approval to do something, but that’s actually one of the biggest hurdles towards this technology becoming ubiquitous in the US is the FAA’s putting very stringent guidelines and restrictions in terms of letting them have to pass through certain things, and that’s gonna be one of the greatest challenges to whether we have flying taxis like, flying around in the next few years is if the regulators allow that. Whereas in other companies like China or like Dubai or something, they’re kind of really ushering in and like, rubber stamping some of this technology so that it’s probably gonna take off faster than it may in the US. So that’s actually even more insightful than you realize.

AC: Oh. Yeah, okay. Thank you. Good.

CB: Yeah, keep it up.

AC: Yeah. I’ll try.

CB: All right.

AC: It’s the glasses.

CB: Yeah, I can already feel it. It’s like your Clark Kent type thing going on here, but as an astrology superhero. So another major thing that I saw – there was two instances of like, financial things, and I think this is an important aspect of Gemini that’s often overlooked in modern times because in ancient astrology, like with Vettius Valens and other ancient astrologers, they would often talk about the mercantile or money-related significations connected to Mercury. And one of the things that happened right on June 5th on this Gemini lineup was the company BlackRock announced that they were gonna launch a new stock exchange in the state of Texas. And this stock exchange is supposed to sort of like, compete with the New York Stock Exchange, which is the main like, hub or center for that in the United States at this point. So it remains to be seen like, how that goes, but it was potentially an interesting overlooked story that could have important long term implications in terms of finances and other things in the future in this country.

The same day, the cryptocurrency company CoinBase released a new smart wallet, which is supposed to make it easier for people to start using cryptocurrencies as it’s really easy to set up on your phone. So that was another like, weird like, mercantile thing happening on the same day.

And then finally, the only other major news story that I wrote down for that day is that the Georgia courts delayed Trump’s election interference case, which as a Sun-Venus conjunction in his 11th house actually ended up being very fortunate for him, because it means it will push that court case back after the election basically instead of before it. And that was one of the cases actually that could have really interfered with his ability to, you know, have the election and become the president potentially in November. So that was an interesting, again, like, turning point and important news story.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of other news stories that happened around that time around June 4th and 5th, so —

AC: I have a personal one.

CB: Okay.

AC: So that cazimi and the New Moon like, right around that degree – I noticed last year was gonna be on the degree of my natal Moon. And so you know, there won’t be another exact Venus-Sun conjunction on the degree of my natal Moon for the rest of my life, right? And the frequency of transits tells you something about their significance. Right? Like, a Pluto transit – like, Pluto going over your Ascendant will happen, you know, during one period in your life and will only happen for maybe a third of people will get that transit, and that’s if they live a good long life. And so while Venus hits that degree every year, I was like, oh that’s pretty rare. Like, that’ll happen once. And then I thought about it. I was like, well, it seems pleasant. Right? Like, that can’t be bad.

And so I kind of forgot about it until last month when we were, you know, we were talking about what’s happening and where and when, and I re-noticed that it was on the exact degree of my Moon. And then I found myself in early June, how should we say, having – I’m gonna try to not make this too sappy – but like, super bonding with my baby. Like, just like, really falling deeply in love and just super, like really deep rapport with Lucien. And I kind of, I looked up at the astrology and like, lo and behold, it was the Venus cazimi on the degree of my Moon, you know, in the same degree. Like, that’s what was happening as I was just sort of like, wow, this is really like, emotionally profound and honestly life-changing, right? It’s falling in love, it’s falling in a type of love I’ve never been in before. And so I was just very in the experience, but then perked up for a second – I was like, is this the Venus-Sun conjunction like, on the degree of the natal Moon? And like, sure enough, it was happening as I thought that.

And so you know, it’s interesting because we don’t usually talk about – there’s a tendency to talk about Venus purely in terms of romantic relationships. And Venus certainly has a hundred things to say about romantic relationships. And this was, you know, very much an experience of like, of love, right? You know, love in a very particular way, but not of a romantic kind. And so it was just interesting to look up and see that and to get a little reminder of the wider range of what Venus means when Venus says, “love.” And —

CB: Yeah.

AC: — once in a lifetime in the sense that even if I continue to procreate, there will never be another first time having that experience.

CB: Right. Yeah, that’s actually really beautiful. And that’s really fitting. Just one of the things is like, sometimes negative transits are so stark that they really stand out to us both when they’re happening and also in our memories, whereas sometimes when a positive transit’s happening, sometimes we can overlook the positive thing that’s happening right in front of us because it’s like, smoother, the edges are not as jagged. But it’s nice sometimes when you do have a positive transit and you experience something like that that you recognize what’s happening as it’s happening.

AC: Yeah. Yeah, it was really nice, and very cazimi solar-esque, you know. It felt like… I mean I guess, I don’t know, sort of like the beam from a lighthouse cutting through the darkness of being a middle-aged human having seen enough light – excuse me, having seen enough life that there’s a, you know, there’s a semi grim and miserable sort of framing to things if you’ve been around a while and paying attention. You know, I’m in my Saturn-Saturn opposition, and I’m also not famed for my over-the-top positivity. We could add that the last, I don’t know, x number of years have not been particularly inspiring as far as the world. But it was just like this, you know, this beautiful bright sort of lighthouse beam cutting through that. It was really nice.

CB: I think what you’re saying is you’re going soft on me, so I’m gonna have to be the one that comes up with the like, dark metaphors like meat grinder in the future.

AC: Well. I mean, in many ways, it merely serves to highlight the overwhelming darkness by contrast.

CB: Okay.

AC: Little bit of the last scene of True Detective, right? Looking at the ratio of light to darkness in the light sky and then speculating about that.

CB: Brilliant. I love that. All right. Well, don’t go too soft on me. We need some of those metaphors coming up later this year with like, the Mars retrograde and stuff.

So if people noticed other news stories that happened around the time of the June 4th, June 5th lineup in Gemini and the cazimi, let me know in the comments especially below this video on YouTube, just because I know there’s other little stuff that happened that I may have overlooked and things that may look like they have small beginnings but could actually become much more consequential in terms of long term history, which I think each of these news stories we just talked about will or does.

So alright, so moving onto other transits. One of the things that happened is Mars moved from Aries into Taurus this month, and the day that Mars went into Taurus, a bunch of people sent me this news story about how a bull at a rodeo jumped over a fence and like, hurt three people. And that seems like kind of a small little, you know, inconsequential news story, but it’s just funny because sometimes stuff like that happens. There was another ingress like that back in like, you know, January 6th of 2021 – that was the day that Mars moved into Taurus, and then all over the news one of the stories from that day was that guy that was like, wearing the bull horns that went in and like, was trashing the Capitol. So sometimes stuff like that happens that does fit the symbolism in some striking way, and it shows up in the news and is worth noting.

AC: Yeah it’s almost more of an omen or it plays that omen role of being a thing in and of itself but seeing something about the dynamics at that invisible level.

CB: Yeah, for sure. Because you know, that just is one instance at the surface level of stuff that’s happening beneath the surface on like, multiple levels that we’re just not seeing, you know, national news stories about.

AC: Yeah. Reminds me of the like, some of the fish and sea life stuff that we’ve gotten at various points in the Saturn in Pisces years.

CB: Yeah, for sure. So let’s see. Moving on – shortly after that ingress, the day of the Mars-Pluto square, the main headline story was about the Hunter Biden conviction. So both of those actually were really interesting after our last forecast. Trump was convicted, and it was under like, a Mars-Saturn transit, and then Hunter Biden was convicted like, a few weeks later, and that was also under a Mars-Saturn transit. So let me explain both of those really quickly.

So Trump’s was first, where Trump became the first former US president convicted of felony crimes or felony charges when a New York jury found him guilty of all 34 charges of illegally influencing the 2016 election through hush money payments to a pornstar who said that the two had had sex that there were trying to cover up before the 2016 election. So on that day that the conviction happened, transiting Mars was transiting through Trump’s 9th house, and it squared his Saturn in the 12th house. And this was notable and important because Saturn was actually the ruler of the year according to annual profections.

So let me show the transits to that, because it was really striking and like, all the astrologers noted it immediately. And what was weird about it is Mars was actually like, right on the Descendant at 23 Aries when the verdict came down and when Trump learned of it. So I thought this was striking because both the 9th house and the 12th house are kind of associated with the courts and with law and different things like this, and it was literally something that was like, negative happening to Trump as a result of the courts. So we see Mars there at 23 degrees of Aries and it’s squaring his Saturn at 23 degrees of Cancer, and he was in a Saturn profection year.

So the other thing that was notable transit-wise is that transiting Mercury was at 23 Taurus, and it was conjoining Uranus at 24 degrees of Taurus right on top of the degree of Trump’s Midheaven, which is at 24 degrees of Taurus. So he had a Mercury-Uranus conjunction right on his Midheaven when he learned this news that he had just been convicted of this crime. So what’s interesting about that is he’s scheduled to be sentenced on July 11th, 2024, coming up here next month. And one of the things that when I looked at the transits for that that I noticed immediately is – remember how Mercury was at 23 degrees of Taurus when he was convicted. Well, on the day of his sentencing, Mars will actually be at 23 degrees of Taurus conjoining his Midheaven at 24 degrees of Taurus. So I thought that was really interesting that it’s like, on the day of the conviction, you get Mercury there conjoining Uranus on the Midheaven, and then on the day of the actual sentencing, whatever that ends up being, he has that Mars-Uranus conjunction hitting his Midheaven at that time.

AC: Yeah, absolutely. And it’s squaring his Mars and configured to his natal Saturn. Yeah, there’s something to be said for the malefics being sometimes an over-simple description of Mars and Saturn, and yet when you look at a subjective bad happening to a person, like getting convicted of a crime, you know, it’s not a glorious Venus transit that the person is having. It’s also interesting that the conviction, in addition to Saturn just stressing both the Sun and Moon for him, that that Mars was squaring the natal Saturn – one, because as you said, he is in a Saturn-led year, and so that would have more impact. But just thinking of the nature of the charges and the conviction, it’s Saturn in the 12th, right? Like, the crime is obscuration, doing secret things, trying to meddle with things, you know, behind the scenes or beneath the surface, which is what we always say about the 12th house. And of course, with Venus conjoin the natal Saturn in the 12th house, secret stuff involving love affairs, sex, or maybe not love, but lust affairs, sex, women, et cetera et cetera. It’s like, you know, what he was going to get in trouble for is that Venus-Saturn in the 12th, which if you’re looking at things that are favorable in that chart and not, you’d be like, “Oh, that seems like a problem.” Right? And so that activated is what he’s convicted for when it becomes a problem quite publicly and legally.

CB: Yeah. As well as the 12th having to do with self-undoing since it was like, an act of his own choice that kind of unraveled there, but then also the 12th house traditionally has to do with prisons. And even though I don’t – they’re not expected to sentence him to prison based on this, it’s interesting that there’s even just this specter of like —

AC: Right.

CB: — that that’s even a possibility coming up.

AC: Right, right, that’s a much more relevant topic at this point than at any other point in his life probably.

CB: Right, for sure. So anyway, so that was really interesting as a transit and is ongoing. And then like I said on the day of the Mars-Pluto square, the main headline story was that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was convicted on felony gun charges. And here is the chart for that where we can see that his natal Saturn is at two degrees of Taurus, and it’s opposite his Jupiter at five degrees of Scorpio. And he was again, like Trump, he was in a Saturn profection year, so Saturn is activated as the time lord of the year. And so that Saturn at two degrees of Taurus was getting hit by transiting Mars, which was at one degree of Taurus and moved into two degrees within 24 hours, and Mars was very closely squaring Pluto at one degree of Aquarius. So we see a similar thing there. With Trump, it was like, Mars squaring Saturn, and with Hunter Biden, it was Mars conjoinging Saturn, and he was found guilty of illegally buying a gun while under the influence of drugs and like, missed filling out some legal forms or something like that. But it ended up being interesting because it was sort of a parallel with Trump in the sense that he was the first child of a sitting president to be convicted of a felony. So yeah, that was that transit, and it was interesting just seeing some of those parallels astrologically.

AC: Yeah, and you know, in terms of when a person is going to be punished or convicted of something, having Saturn in Pisces across the natal Midheaven – right – having Saturn cme visit your Midheaven which is, among other things, your public reputation makes a lot of sense. And then with the North Node – he has the North Node there natally, right? So there’s often with the North Node on the Midheaven, you have, you know, just there’s a shadow over a person’s reputation just as the North Node indicates eclipses. Right? There’s like, you know, there’s a smudge or a stain or a shadow over the reputation. And we have that natally, and then Saturn – excuse me – transiting Saturn activating that or adding to that while we have the Mars-Saturn and the square from Pluto to the natal Saturn, et cetera et cetera.

CB: Yeah, for sure. And then of course, it’s like, Biden’s chart itself – that Saturn is transiting his 5th house right – sorry, I was thinking about the eclipses. So you were talking about eclipses and Hunter Biden has Aries 10th whole sign house, so the recent Aries eclipses that just occurred the previous month were in his 10th as well as his 4th house of like, parents. And then Joe Biden with his Sagittarius rising, the Aries eclipse that occurred right before the trial and right before his son’s conviction was in his 5th house.

AC: Right, and so you also see in Joe’s chart that the Mars which conjoined Hunter’s Saturn also immediately conjoined Joe’s Moon. Right? Which is – the Moon is one of the two luminaries, right, and so you know, the Moon is that which you hold close. It’s traditionally associated with family. And so same, you know, same transit, same Mars moving into early Taurus while in a square with Pluto, and that being a conviction for the son and no doubt a very unpleasant moment for the father.

CB: Yeah, well that’s funny because that’s the parallel between what you were just talking about earlier in your instance of like, the Venus cazimi on your Moon and having this instance of feeling this great, you know, love and outpouring between you and your newborn son versus Biden having Mars transiting over his Moon and having this, you know, negative thing happen to his kid.

AC: Yeah.

CB: Yeah. All right. So that is part of what was happening there. Other news stories – the Saturn-Neptune conjunction and the impending Saturn-Neptune station pretty much dominated most of the news stories in the entire second half of the month. The big one that started happening around the middle of the month around June 12th, there was this company called Luma Labs AI which launched a new AI text-to-video generator called the Dream Machine, which not only produces surprisingly impressive AI videos but it’s also open for people to use. So it’s like, earlier this year, OpenAI released that video generator which we talked about on the show and was so striking but it was closed off and only like, a certain amount of people could use it because they were still testing it basically.

But this month under the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, this company released one of these really advanced video generators for anybody to use and all of a sudden on social media, there was just this explosion of people creating AI-generated videos that some of them just looked very lifelike. There was an explosion of creativity. One of the things that was crazy is that this video generator, or some of them because this wasn’t the only one that was released – there was actually two or three other companies that then also released different versions of AI video generators to keep up with what was happening. One of the things that was cool about it, though, is that it could take still images of anything and then animate it and turn it into a lifelike video. And so people were taking like, old famous memes from like, a decade ago, and they were turning it into like, a real life video that was suddenly like, moving or talking. They were taking famous paintings like the Mona Lisa or other paintings and suddenly making it come alive. They were even taking old viral selfies with like, celebrities – like, there was this famous one from like, the Oscars 10 years ago where there was like, 20 celebrities that all took a selfie, and somebody fed it into the video machine and it animated it and they made it come alive even though it’s just a still picture. So we’re just seeing some really crazy stuff happening with on the one hand, it being increasingly hard to distinguish between what is real and what is not, and also that there are things that were only fiction that are being brought alive. So there’s interesting like, creative possibilities but then also, yeah, it’s becoming increasingly hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s illusory.

AC: Yeah. Yeah. Very on target, very much what we’ve been seeing what we expected. It’s interesting. It makes me think about, you know, it’s something to play – like, right now, it’s something fun to play with, and it makes me think of Gemini and play. Right? Because Mercury certainly has a merchant-mercantile quality, but Gemini is also very playful. Right? And most games involve being clever, right, and a lot of games are competitive. A lot of – not all – games are, but there’s like, clever and it’s like something to play with. Right? And play – I don’t mean play in like, a demeaning or diminutive sense, right, because a lot of very important things come out of play. But with this giant stellium in Gemini, like, getting new things to play with is certainly something that came out or is certainly a feature of it.

One of the things I noticed was just that there seemed to be a lot of entertainment, a lot of it pretty good, that came out during that stellium. Among other things, we had – important to me, we had the second season of House of the Dragon premiere, but there were a bunch of shows where there were seasons I was like, waiting for the next season, and there were several shows where the next season dropped one, two, three all in the midst of this Gemini stellium. There were some good video games that were released. And we ended up for some reason playing Lucien the soundtrack to the Persona series and mostly Persona three, four, and five, and he loves that, like, those songs. So we ended up playing like, J-pop video game music for the baby while all these entertainments were coming out. You know, anyway, just sort of characterized what I saw during this not unprecedented but pretty rare pileup of planets in Gemini. Right?

CB: Yeah, for sure. Well, and it’s just cool because people are – it’s very Gemini in terms of people are taking text, they’re typing something like an idea or a paragraph, and then it’s being fed into and you get the Saturn-Neptune in Pisces component where it’s turning into a real-life thing where their sentence or paragraph has come alive and turned into a living video. People are using it to direct entire like, trailers or music videos at this point. It’s actually getting kind of crazy how fast things are moving.

So, you know, we’ll continue to see an acceleration of that because Neptune’s about to station early in July as we’ll talk about here in this episode just in a little bit, but this is still only the beginning of some of this stuff.

AC: Yeah.

CB: All right.

AC: Yeah, and again, it’ll be so interesting to see – you know, again, all of this is, it’s all this quick, fun Gemini action, like, against the backdrop of, you know, under the oversight of slow-moving judgmental consequence-oriented Saturn. Right? Like, what will we, how will we view the debut of these things in five years or with time, right? Like, Saturn is just there sort of guaranteeing that all this is front and center in the eye of time.

CB: Yeah. Well, I mean, we’re gonna look back on this period and just realize like, this was a huge period where some of this stuff got out of control in the sense that it started becoming really hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not, and some of these clips are gonna start influencing people’s perception of like, news, of politics and different things like that. But it’s increasingly becoming clear like, why that is. And I saw like, a talk recently even by the founder of Twitter who left the company a while ago saying that the ability to tell the difference – that you basically can’t trust your senses anymore, and anything that you see online, especially in terms of video, like, you’re not gonna be able to trust. And it’s gonna be a whole learning curve that people have gone through different versions of this in the past, you know, like at the Saturn-Neptune conjunction eight years ago when we had the fake news stuff happening. But it’s gonna take a learning curve of two to three years before people learn how to deal with this and learn how to navigate it and learn that you can’t just take for granted video footage of things anymore, and that’s gonna be something that a lot of us – it’s gonna take some time to get used to, but eventually we will, especially once that conjunction starts separating.

AC: Yeah, yeah. That’s interesting. Human beings are good at adaptation if you give us a couple years, or sometimes a couple decades. But yeah, it’ll be interesting to see like, what is more consequential than it looks like right now, and what looks like it’ll be amazing and terrifying and ends up being a sort of big wet fart. Right? Because some of, you know, some of what we’re seeing will be the new Meta. By “new Meta,” I don’t mean the most advantageous strategy and online game, but like, the Zuckerberg virtual reality immersion social network bullshit that didn’t work at all. Like, some of this stuff is going to be – there are gonna be some profound failures that look amazing right now, and there’s going to be some stuff that looked okay right now that ends up being very consequential and very important, you know, with time.

CB: Yeah, for sure. All right. So that brings us to the last news story, which is the one that literally just happened last night, which is the presidential debate that just took place where Saturn’s stationing literally in the next like, 24 hours in Pisces. And my observation like, right before the debate is that the two oldest candidates for president in history were gonna do a debate as Saturn was stationing retrograde. And that’s sort of what we knew going into it. And then of course that manifested in a very striking way where the debate was widely seen as going bad for Biden and well for Trump, and Saturn was actually stationing at 19 degrees of Pisces, which was right on Biden’s IC.

So here is the chart for that, just to give people a visual. There it is. So Biden with Sagittarius rising, his IC is around 19 degrees of Pisces, and Saturn’s stationing there at 19 degrees of Pisces right now. And of course, the Moon was going through Pisces last night where it was conjoining Saturn as well as conjoining Neptune, and it seemed like it was that Saturn-Neptune conjunction that really came out where I saw one commenter say that the contrast last night was basically between lies versus old. Because Biden was looking much older and like, more frail; he seemed like he had been sick recently, and his voice was very weak and it wasn’t coming out well, especially in the very beginning of the debate. And he was losing his train of thought at different points and sort of like, struggling to keep up, but was otherwise on certain points trying to stick to certain like, policy statements in terms of his accomplishments or contrasting with Trump’s. Versus for Trump, he was kind of just doing what he usually does and he was kind of making up a lot of stuff as he went, but as the debate went on, it basically became clear that Biden was really kind of like, struggling to put on a good performance, whereas Trump was doing relatively well.

And, oh yeah, last part about that is so Biden was getting that really negative transit to his chart, but at the same time, Trump was actually having a very positive transit for his chart where transiting Uranus in his 10th house on his Midheaven was actually closely sextiling his Venus. And that was one of the closest transits that he had, which was important because Venus is the ruler of his 10th house. So it’s like, transiting Uranus sextile the ruler of the 10th house almost exactly within nine minutes, and he had this sort of surprisingly successful first debate.

AC: Yeah, well, and just Jupiter being in Gemini and bolstering the Sun in his chart.

CB: Yeah, Jupiter’s in Gemini. There’s, you know, other stuff that’s coming up, like the transiting Mars-Uranus conjunction which will be on his Midheaven around the sentencing, or transiting Uranus once it gets past 25 and gets to 26, it will square his natal Mars at 26 Leo. So we’re sort of like, in between sort of difficult period, but at least for last night it seemed like, yeah, a lot of people were disappointed in Biden’s performance and now there’s all these questions about whether he… Like, a lot of the democrats are faltering and are nervous about whether he needs to step down or whether he should stick with it or, you know, are they gonna do a second debate? That’s supposed to be scheduled for September around the time of the Pisces eclipse, which is kind of interesting. But yeah, there’s a lot of questions at this point, and I know there’s just a lot of disappointment on the democratic side about how things went.

AC: Yeah. It’s interesting how much in some ways it simplifies back to its Moon with Saturn while Saturn’s stationing. Like you said about the story going in – like, this is the oldest pair of candidates we’ve ever had for president debating, and then what people are discussing afterwards is the age of Joe Biden. Right? Not just the age, but like, what age has done, right? Because not everybody at 82 is, you know, is in the same boat. And so like, just Saturn – like, that’s the age. And so that reminds me of something you were saying to me the other day that I thought was really interesting and relevant, which was that Reagan’s astrologer – was it Joan Quigley? Would intentionally schedule debates so that the planets were favorable for Ronald and the very opposite for whoever his opponent is.

CB: Yeah. That was actually something I was really thinking about last night was how did last night – because it was scheduled so early. Like, the debates are usually in the fall in like, September and October, but this was the first time a debate had been scheduled months and months earlier, even before – we don’t even know whose Trump’s like, vice presidential candidate is yet. And they haven’t done the conventions. But for some reason, last night was picked as the day of the debate, and Saturn was stationing right on the IC of Biden, and it really was reminiscent of and reminded me of how Joan Quigley, the astrologer for Ronald Reagan, said in her book that one of her strategies for helping Reagan as an astrologer was that she picked debate days that would be bad for Carter and would be good for Reagan. So it was kind of reminiscent of that and made me wonder a little bit.

AC: Yeah. It certainly like, if there were – if I were running for an office and there were a lot of concerns about my age, I would not consent to a debate with the Moon on Saturn while it was stationing.

CB: Yeah, especially right opposite the degree of my Midheaven. So you know, the second debate is scheduled for one week before the Pisces eclipse I believe in September. That eclipse is in Biden’s 4th house, and it’s in Kamala Harris’s 10th house. So in the year ahead forecast, one of the things that I said was that it seemed like there were like, three different factors I could see that looked good for Trump in terms of winning the election and there was one that looked good for Biden, and it was that eclipse. But that eclipse still makes me a little nervous because eclipses are, you know, major beginnings but also major endings. And because it’s taking place in his 4th house, which already has to do with endings, and it’s taking place in Harris’s 10th house, which sometimes has to do with being elevated in terms of one’s career, you know, what that’s gonna be like and if he’ll be able to stick through it, through the election, or if somehow if he’s not, if that eclipse is relevant in terms of that, in terms of how it hits both of their charts.

Yeah, so —

AC: Yeah.

CB: We will see how that goes and continue to follow it as things play out over the next few months. But I think that was it in terms of the major news stories that I wrote down that had a really clear astrological correlation. I’m sure there were many other news stories, but in the interests of keeping things concise and keeping this to an hour for this first part, I think that’s good for news stories, yeah?

AC: Yeah, I think that’s great. Yeah.

CB: All right. So let’s transition into talking about the forecast for July now. So big picture stuff – the main things this month are gonna be the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, which is super close with Neptune stationing early in the month to join Saturn stationing in Pisces. That energy’s gonna be dominant for the first couple of weeks still at least of the month.

Then in the middle of the month, we have Mars conjoining Uranus, which is the most volatile aspect of the month around the 14th and 15th. The Full Moon on the 21st seems to be incredibly consequential because there’s so many aspects that are taking place at the same time.

And then finally at the end of the month, there’s some weird tensions between Mercury and Mars which seems like, very combative communicative energy that are happening when Mercury and Mars almost come into a square but then Mercury slows down and moves into a retrograde at the beginning of August.

So those are some of the like, the big picture things, but I think the main thing to talk about for the opening is just that Neptune station that’s happening right on the second of the month, because that’s really gonna intensify some of the things we’re already experiencing in terms of Saturn having just stationed.

Yeah. So how are you feeling about Saturn-Neptune at this point?

AC: I mean, how does the fish feel about the fishtank? You know, how does the fish feel about the aquarium that it’s been in for over a year? It’s hard to not take it for – to take the ambient confusion and ontological and historical uncertainty as just the baseline, right? Like, it doesn’t jump out at this point, so it’s just like, yeah. So what’s going on? Something important probably happens next, but this period is so ill-defined. You know, like with – just to jump back to some of the technological developments, like, oh these things are happening, but what does that mean for the future? Right? And we just get a thousand wild ideas.

Or like, you know, we just talked about the debate. I, like many other people, was not super excited that these are the two candidates for president, but what does that mean about the country, right? Like, you immediately want to think about okay, but what does that mean going forward for the technology stuff? What does that mean going forward as far as the leadership stuff? And then, you know, 20 other topics that I feel like beg the question or like, should we say, have strong implications and yet are very difficult to unmuddy as far as like, yeah but what does it actually mean going forward? And that’s the Neptune-Saturn years, especially in Pisces.

CB: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think some of the significations that are becoming clear right now is like I said blurring the lines between reality and fantasy and making it difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. We’re seeing that in terms of technology, but I’m sure there’s ways that people are seeing that in much more practical levels in terms of their own personal lives. There’s also this tension between idealism versus realism is very common under Saturn-Neptune aspects between sometimes like, the idealistic aspirations that one has versus what happens when you run into a wall of practical limitations. Also feelings of like, disillusionment and disappointment, especially when dreams or ideals clash with the harsh realities of what’s actually going on. Those are some themes that I think are pretty common. Other things – confusion and uncertainty. Fatigue and a sapping of one’s mental and physical energy I think is also notable during this time under the Saturn-Neptune conjunction; that’s a pretty common one. Lack of mental acuity. Side effects of – I mean, the thing we saw, you know, in terms of that this reminded me of last night was sometimes side effects of age leading to a lack of mental clarity or focus. There’s many different like, manifestations of that, but sometimes for individuals no matter their age, you can sometimes under a Saturn transit feel your age like, catching up to you at different points and what the impact that that can have, not just mentally but also sometimes in terms of your physical energy and vitality. I think all of that becomes relevant as this conjunction gets closer and closer and some of that diffuse feeling becomes more ever present.

AC: Yeah, definitely. Another – I think one thing that tracks with that Saturn-Neptune in the sense of Saturn bringing an end to things or declaring how past their time or past due things are, I think it’s pretty clear that in terms of box office Hollywood that the superhero era is really at an end. You know, led by the Marvel movies. Even though the first was Iron Man, which was kind of the first big Marvel movie that made a bunch of movie was earlier than Neptune’s movement into Pisces in 2011, 2012, the time since Neptune moved into Pisces as far as like, commercially – or you know, like, high budget commercial imagining. Right? And imaginary worlds that people have spent time in – you know, the big comic book movies, the big Marvel movies absolutely dominated the last 12 years. And though there have been, you know, although the returns have been less and less for several years now, it looks like based on, you know, corporate bottom lines and profits and all of that, that that’s sort of over. Or it’s just about over, right? Which is Neptune stationing at 29 degrees. And Neptune will make its first ingress into Aries in nine months, right? This Neptune in Pisces era is almost over, and that would be true regardless of what Saturn is doing. But adding Saturn to that makes the finality or the, how should we say, like, time the all-destroyer swiftly approaching and underlines that quality. And so with, you know, again like, popular imagination – it’s like, well, we’re kind of all tired of imagining that. Right? Like, people are tired of imagining Marvel superheroes. And there are probably other franchises that’s relevant to, but you know, those movies have made the most movies over this past period.

CB: Yeah, we’re definitely getting to the end of an era creatively, and we can see that very literally this month. When Neptune stations, it’s stationing exactly at 29 degrees and 55 minutes. You literally cannot get any later in the sign before it dips into Aries. And I think we can feel some of that energy in the air right now in terms of being at the end of an era and an era that we’ve been in for more than a decade now with Neptune transiting through that sign. At the same – so obviously we’re on the cusp of a shift when it comes to that, which we’re really gonna encounter next year when Saturn and Neptune go into Aries. But at the same time, we’re also just seeing this explosion of creativity. And one of the breaking down of boundaries or the dissolving of boundaries that’s happening is just a lot of people are being given tools in order to do things that are incredibly creative and bringing their imaginations alive and making them real and concrete, which I think has never been possible before. So there’s something interesting about that that may be part of the catalyst as Neptune eventually moves into Aries is each person having the ability to be much more creative than perhaps we’ve ever been able to be at any other point in time.

AC: Well, I mean, it doesn’t make people more creative. We were talking about like, a better set of tools or a more powerful set of tools. And it doesn’t mean people’s ideas are better or that they have more, you know, more meaningful or interesting things to communicate. But as far as the tools, like, you know, you’re right – this is like, you know, it’s a much more, it’s a whole new set of tools. And whenever we get new sets of tools – like film for example – we get like, the opportunity to, how should we say it, like, new mediums result. Or as new instruments are created, like the electric guitar, it made new genres of music possible. And so I think, you know, what you’re saying about that and with Neptune about to enter a fiery and cardinal sign, that there are like, genres or like, styles – there are types of things that will be created that don’t exist yet. Just like before YouTube became accessible, people weren’t doing video essays. Right? Whereas —

CB: Right.

AC: — like, the video essay is a thing now. You know, that kind of sort of existed as documentaries before, but not really. And so, you know, what do these new – what is birthed from the intersection of people and these new tools?

CB: Well, and that’s one of the things you have to understand about what’s happening right now though is that it’s taking it so that a person doesn’t have to have like, a huge amount of money or not just money but also skill. Like, sometimes people would need the aptitude to draw or have an actual talent for like, drawing or something like that in order to create a beautiful work of art. But now that talent in terms of the mechanical ability with their hands is not a barrier anymore. Or in the 1990s, for example, remember like, the first Toy Story movie cost millions and millions of dollars for Pixar to produce a computer generated entire motion picture film, but now all of a sudden, I saw somebody create an animated almost like, feature film entirely using AI generated art that looked like it was animated by Pixar. And that was just done by a single person, not like, a million dollar production team. There’s something about that that’s gonna maybe democratize is not the word, but it’s putting more power for creativity into individual people’s hands, and it’s removing some of the barriers to entry so that what a person has in their mind can be made manifest in a way that perhaps was never possible before or would have at least been much harder to achieve.

AC: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And that’s been sort of happening for the last 20, 25 years, right? Like, it used to be that if you wanted to get a book published, you had to go through a publisher. Right? Whereas now publishing tools are infinitely more accessible, which has benefited me and you. There is the question, though – are books better now?

CB: I mean, that’s a subjective question.

AC: I don’t know if it’s entirely subjective, but I meant it to be rhetorical. Right? I think they’re not clearly better. There are some things that wouldn’t have been published that are, and I’m happy for that. But it’s not like books like, taking away, like making some of the – removing some of the barriers to entry doesn’t, like it didn’t transform books in a radical way where, you know, like, literature just got infinitely better once it got cheaper to do. And so I just say that because I don’t wanna assume that people will get better at art because the tools are more accessible. Because we’ve been watching that happen, and there’s stuff that wouldn’t have existed if that hadn’t have changed that I’m glad that existed or that I’m glad that exists, but it’s not like – it wasn’t like, a quantum leap in cultural production.

CB: Yeah. Well, I mean, to the extent that for example YouTube as it is today was a huge shift that our generation watched happen over the past 10 to 15 years where all of a sudden there’s a bunch of people that can make a living producing creative content constantly as just independent creators, we’re about to see another similar shift of some sort that’s happening now. So we’ll see how that plays out over the course of the next decade, and I’m sure it’ll have positive and negative consequences, but it’s definitely a shift that we’re right on the cusp of and we can see that astrologically with Neptune being like, right at the border of that sign.

AC: Yeah, I just wanna reaffirm that I think that putting it into individual hands is a really good call with Neptune in Aries. You know, Aries is —

CB: Right.

AC: — the most like, “Here I go again on my own,” like, solo adventurer protagonist, just me and what I can and can’t do sort of sign. And so Neptune moving there and looking at these tools being graspable and affordable by a lot of individuals I think is a really good call.

CB: For sure. Some of the other keywords for Saturn-Neptune – escapism and addiction as a potential downside to that, but also sensitivity and compassion. Though one of the contrasts I’m actually seeing comes to like, religion versus science. Science versus religion is a major Saturn-Neptune crossroads thing when you have hard aspects or alternatively, skepticism versus belief. And I’ve been seeing some like, trends lately that are making me a little nervous in terms of that where I’m seeing on the one hand a rise of certain demographic of people converting to like, Christianity for example and finding something interesting or finding solace is more established religion. But then also I’m occasionally seeing a resurgence of like, scientific skepticism at that same time, and it’s been interesting seeing both of those play out on different ends of the spectrum but still archetypally connected with that underlying archetype of Saturn and Neptune.

AC: Interesting. Interesting. I don’t have anything to add to that right now; I’m gonna think about that. That’s not something I’ve been watching.

CB: Okay. Yeah, I’ve just been noticing a bunch of conservative influencers have been converting to Christianity, and I think we’re seeing the early stages of that now, but it could be something that becomes larger over the next few years. And then obviously we’ll have different impacts for different communities including our own as astrologers. You know, if astrologers end up on the bad end of that as they have at different points in history, whereas other points in history astrologers have gotten along a little bit with that movement, but we’ll see how that goes.

AC: Yeah. Right. Well, and it’s like, which version of Christianity. There are all sorts of different kinds with all sorts of different attitudes, tolerant and otherwise, to astrology and other dark arts.

CB: Sure. Yeah. All right. So that’s some of the Saturn-Neptune stuff. I think that’s gonna peak in the first couple of days of the month especially because Mercury’s actually gonna trine Neptune right as Neptune’s stationing before Mercury departs from Cancer. So here we see it on July 1st at 28 and 29 degrees of Cancer trining Neptune as it’s stationing at 29 degrees. So everybody should pay attention to that if you have sensitive degrees especially around 19 or 29 degrees of the mutable signs. Those are really gonna get activated by that Saturn-Neptune station at this time. The Mercury trine to Neptune is kind of nice in terms of potentially like, boosting creativity and the more creative side of that station at least on that day, so we’ll probably see some stuff in the news related to the ongoing emergence of some of those new creative outlets.

AC: And also just mellow for communications. Like, good – you know, Neptune’s boundary erosion can be very bad for doing science or math or writing grocery lists. But that – especially by trine – that like, dissolution of boundaries can be really good for connecting with people, especially with Mercury in a relatively, you know, watery emotionally centered sign like Cancer. Neptune can open the way to have, like, you know, a really – you know, like, a real talk with someone. Not like the hard real talk that you’ve been putting off, but just like, connecting a little bit.

CB: For sure.

AC: Less in the way with Neptune.

CB: Yeah. And those are some of the positive aspects this month is when those inner planets in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces. So it’s that Mercury trine, then we get like, Venus first trining Saturn on July 2nd and then later eventually it’ll trine Neptune on the, what, 10th, maybe 11th. And then eventually the Sun will do the same thing. So those are some of like, the positive flowing aspects that are happening this month. But then the downside is that immediately after the trines with Neptune happen, Mercury for example ingresses into Leo by July 2nd, and as soon as it ingresses into Leo it immediately opposes Pluto. So this is gonna be some of our first transits of finding out what it’s like to have the inner planets this month move into Leo and then immediately oppose Pluto in Aquarius.

AC: Right. And Mercury with Pluto gives, it casts a suspicious shadow over communications. It gives a little edge of paranoia to thinking. Right? It’s the “What can’t I see? What isn’t this person saying?” Right? It’s that space that you can’t see, but it’s the known unknown. Like, or it is the, how should we say, the imagined unknown sometimes. Like, well, but maybe they’re not saying that because of x, y, and z, right? And so yeah, Mercury-Pluto can be a little suspicious, a little paranoid. And you know, as they say, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding things from you.

CB: Right.

AC: But sometimes you’re just paranoid, right? And it’s that direction that opens up with Mercury-Pluto.

CB: Yeah. As we saw earlier this year at the conjunction, there’s this desire to get to the bottom of things. To like, dig deep underneath everything and find out what is really going on beneath the surface. And sometimes that can be positive in its highest manifestation as like, the investigative reporter or the person who’s like, out to uncover the truth about something in its highest manifestation. In its lowest manifestation, though, as you said, it can be paranoia. It can be power struggles with people that happen verbally over communication. It can also be the control and manipulation of news and information in order to, you know, sort of make people think something that may or may not be true.

AC: Yeah. You know, it’s worth noting – I was looking over national charts the other day. And you know, in the Sibley chart, we talk about a lot but one of the things that’s really important is the United States has a tight Mercury-Pluto opposition baked in from the beginning. And it’s made me think about sort of our recent struggles with sort of official stories and fake news and, you know, all of that and how that has very strong bones in the natal chart of the US, this sort of paranoia slash I don’t know – justified suspicion, both and/or, and how that’s just in the natal chart for the US. And as long as the nation stands, that’ll still be – that chart, that nativity will still be an anchor point.

CB: Yeah, totally. Well, that reminds me during the last election in like, 2020, Pluto was transiting over and opposing that Mercury and we had all of these controversies about like, the mail system and it became politicized in terms of mail-in ballots and different things like that. So that goes to your point.

AC: Yeah, and this time, we’re gonna get Mars over that Mercury three times before, during, and after the election. I’m sure everyone will be pleased with the result and we will agree that we have an excellent system and we’re all happy with the leadership that it has produced. And we’ll move confidently further into the 21st century.

CB: Yeah. And everyone will, no one will contest the outcome of the election or have any questions surrounding – actually, maybe we shouldn’t be stating these things sarcastically, because then in the transcript it’ll just come off as if we’re making like, straight predictions of that and not… The tone doesn’t always convey.

AC: Yeah. Austin really has gone soft!

CB: Yeah, exactly!

AC: This weirdly rosy picture he paints!

CB: Right. All right so, back to —

AC: Yeah, back to now.

CB: Back to now. Back to reality. So Venus trines Saturn the same day —

AC: So one thing I’ll add about the Mercury-Pluto – so yeah, is it paranoia? Is it not?

CB: Let’s not dwell on it; let’s move —

AC: No, I’m literally moving from – Mercury moves on very quickly into a sextile with Jupiter, and so though there might be, you know, a paranoid or kind of a weird charged communication moment, Mercury’s moving into a happy sextile with Jupiter right afterwards. And so that’s a – the Mercury-Pluto opposition is real, but it’s kind of a blip on the radar because it gets replaced by a happy thing quite quickly.

CB: Yeah. Well, and that brings us to our first lunation of the month, which I actually really like this lunation, especially compared to the second one, where we have a New Moon in the sign of Cancer at 14 degrees of Cancer on July 5th. And this really sets the tone for the first half of the month, and part of that tone is the Sun-Moon conjunction happens and then both of the luminaries apply to a nice trine with Saturn at 19 degrees of Pisces while Venus is also there in Cancer with the Sun and the Moon. So we’ve got some nice flowing energy going on there that’s relatively positive and also at the same time, Mercury will be at five degrees of Leo, and it’ll be applying to that sextile with reception with Jupiter, which is very good for communications with Jupiter in Gemini. So I think this is actually a pretty nice lunation, and I think that I don’t see any like, major tense aspects that look really terrible surrounding it.

AC: No, I really like it. I really like a lot of July. There’s like, one kind of deeply terrible thing, and then otherwise I really like a lot of July. It’s either actively pleasant or like, very workable. You know, something —

CB: Yeah.

AC: — about the New Moon in Cancer trining the Saturn… You know, it’s still, there’s a Saturn influence, but by trine it makes it easier to think about how to work with, how to bear one’s ongoing responsibilities with some grace or how to manage difficulties that you’re having that aren’t gonna go away this month. But it’s sort of like, okay, but how do I work with that?

You know, often with Saturn and the burdens that Saturn signifies, if you redistribute the weight, it’s much easier to carry it. Right? It’s like, if I just put 50 pounds in one of your hands, you would walk lopsided and have back problems pretty quickly. But if we like, even distributed an extra 50 pounds in a backpack and maybe some in the pockets, you know, you could go about your day with a minimum of injury and discomfort. Right? And so I guess that’s part of… You know, it probably doesn’t take away whatever burdens this part of life has, but if we can distribute them and carry them a little bit more evenly, the actual damage and discomfort can be minimized.

CB: That makes sense. That makes me – this New Moon trining Saturn there in Pisces – it makes me think of… I can’t remember who said it; it might be Harrison Ford who has like, a Cancer stellium, but it was either him or it was some other famous director that was talking about how you have to have an emotional component to like, a movie or to a scene in order to tie it in with – it has to elicit like, a feeling in order to really connect people to the script and to connect people to the actual narrative of the story. So it’s like, Saturn-Neptune, it’s like you get the illusion and it’s like, all the special effects are going really well. But if you don’t connect that into like, the heart in some way, then people don’t actually connect with it as much. And I didn’t – like, as I get older, I’m coming to understand that component and how necessary that is. When I was younger, it’s like sometimes I would be able to see script writers try to do stuff like that, but it would just come off as like, sappy or come off as not – especially if it’s done poorly, it comes off as like, pandering or something like that. But if you have a good movie that has an emotional component, you know, sometimes that makes the movie – it elevates the movie and makes you much more invested in what’s actually going on. And that’s what this New Moon in Cancer connects me of because it’s connecting something about the heart component or the emotional component of things with the sort of special effects component that’s going on with Saturn and Neptune.

AC: That’s nice. Yeah. Spectacle without story, right, is just noise and light.

CB: Yeah. Well, there’s your superhero, you know, movie thing that’s been —

AC: Right, which is probably the critique, right?

CB: Yeah.

AC: All budget, no heart.

CB: Exactly. So that is that New Moon and yeah, its copresence with Venus is also connecting in that heart component, that nurturing component, that’s some of that energy that you were talking about earlier this month that you were experiencing in terms of your son and like, having that experience of connecting with another and genuinely caring about, but also having like a nurturing component. I think it was like, Valens talks about the Moon and Venus as being nurturing and the experience of what it’s like to nurture something else, and that’s a really unique experience that not everybody has or not everybody experiences the full range of it. But we all eventually experience some range of that, even if we don’t have children. It’s like, somebody might have like, a houseplant or something like that, and the experience of something that’s completely dependent on you that you have to take care of, and the experience also of like, if you neglect it, that that thing can’t take care of itself. I’m getting a lot of vibes like that here from this conjunction in Cancer from this stellium of three planets in Cancer at the New Moon of the component of like, nurturing and taking care of and actually genuinely caring for something else and that being tied in with Saturn and the structuring of reality and some sort of interchange between those two.

AC: Yeah. Well, and yeah, that’s really good. And I would also add that with care, duty is often not far behind. Right? If you have a pet, it might be your joy to care for them most of the time, but you also have a duty to feed them every day. Right? It’s not just when you’re moved.

CB: Right.

AC: And like, obviously with, you know, human children as well. But yeah. The like, care and duty are not the same thing, but there’s an inherent, archetypal relationship between them.

CB: Yeah. Well, and it brings in – so it’s like care, duty, compassion, nurturing, and things that come from the heart that arise from some of those feelings of like – because those are significations that Pisces and Cancer share in common to some extent as water signs. Both of them have that compassionate sense of like, wanting to take care of people. It just tends to be either more narrowly focused in Cancer’s case where it’s like, focused on the family or people in your immediate vicinity, whereas for Pisces, it becomes more of this like, universal care of like, wanting to take care of everyone or like, donate to a cause or like, end homelessness or feed people at a food shelter or something like that. But here this month, we’re seeing this nice alignment between both the localized sense of wanting to take care of people in your immediate family as well as the broader sense wanting to take care of the world, like, or the universe in general.

AC: Yeah, it’s really sweet.

CB: Yeah. So I like that energy; I like that New Moon. Of course, like, lurking in the background is the Mars-Uranus conjunction is about six degrees away at this point, so that’s not like, a huge signature quite yet for this New Moon because it’s not super close, but it’s getting there and that will end up being the next like, major aspect that really starts forming after this New Moon is complete.

AC: Yeah. Yep. No, but it begins on a – it’s nice. You know, there’s that little like, you know, slightly awkward Mercury-Pluto moment, but then it’s Mercury-Jupiter and this very sweet New Moon on the degree of the rising of the Thema Mundi, which is Jupiter’s exaltation degree and Venus is there. Another thing I would add that’s sort of happening from the beginning but continues all month is that Venus is slowing, getting more and more distance from the Sun to be able to arise in the Sunset sky, or yeah, in the evening. And Venus is still close enough to the Sun that you’ll just get a glimpse under ideal conditions at the beginning of the month, but Venus gets more and more distance, and as Venus arises again, you really see – you know, you start to see and feel the changes that were made invisibly while Venus was conjoined the Sun and hidden there. You know, when Venus arises after a period of invisibility, you start to really see on the surface the deeper changes that occurred during the cazimi, which was, you know, beginning of June.

CB: Yeah, for sure. I’m looking at when Venus gets to that point. It looks like it’s later in July when Venus fully comes out under the beams of the Sun. But before we get there, that kind of brings us to our next transition point, which is —

AC: Yeah.

CB: — Venus’s ingress into Leo on July 11th. So Venus moves, departs from Cancer, and we sort of get rid of some of that nurturing energy and then instead we move into Leo. So this’ll be really interesting because this will take us back to last summer when we had that long Venus retrograde in Leo that coincided with so many different events that were taking place last year. We had like, the whole Barbie movie thing that happened when Venus stationed retrograde and Oppenheimer. So we get a return to that, but the energy, the vibe is different this year. Not only because it’s not a Venus retrograde so it’s not gonna spend as much time in Leo; it’s actually gonna zoom through in a matter of weeks. But this year because Pluto is now in Aquarius at the beginning of that sign, just like Mercury, we get this Venus-Pluto opposition that takes place immediately upon that ingress on the 11th and 12th, which is a much different vibe and more challenging vibe for Venus moving into Leo at this time.

AC: Yeah, it’s almost like there’s a little bit of an underworld flashback with Pluto there. And, you know, so with Mercury, we have, you know, should we say, like the dogged gumshoes’ pursuit of the truth and/or paranoia, like suspicion with Mercury opposite Pluto. And with Venus, right, we have a similar – it’s not quite paranoia with Venus, but the like, the ease and joy and sort of easy expression that we would have. The fun in the Sun Venus in Leo vibe is, you know, shadowed or undercut or… You know, there might be something to worry about and maybe it’s just worry that’s something to worry about, but there’s that same sort of undercutting, suspicious, “maybe things aren’t okay” energy for just a day or two before Venus moves on.

CB: Yeah, well, it’s like, with Mercury, you get the intellectual paranoia, but with Venus you get interpersonal paranoia. So it’s like some of that gets turned inwards towards relationships and relating and those like, questions that maybe somebody has of, you know, is there something going on beneath the surface? Like, is a person being like, honest or is a person being faithful or other questions that sometimes arise with Venus-Pluto when questions of either paranoia or power plays or control or manipulation come up in the sense of both romantic relationships but also sometimes one-on-one relationships or partnerships as well.

AC: Yeah. Right. And that like, oh my god, do they secretly hate me? I thought we were cool. Maybe there’s something terribly wrong. Maybe this whole time – right? Like, that relational paranoia. Which again might be leading to a real thing, but also just might be a moment of insecurity. Yeah. But like, oh my god, do they secretly hate me? No —

CB: Yeah.

AC: — but it felt like that for a second. Maybe they were having an off day, and I interpreted it that way, et cetera et cetera.

CB: Well, and sometimes that thought pattern, once a person gets locked into it, can kind of like, spiral into like, a series of obsessive thoughts that can be hard to let go. So that’s gonna be most intense around the 11th and 12th. But luckily after that, just like with Mercury, Venus starts heading into I think what’s one of our most positive aspects of the month eventually later on, which is this sextile that’s gonna happen when Venus gets to 12 degrees of Leo around July 21st. So we don’t have to talk about that super extensively because that ties us into our next lunation, which is that Full Moon which we haven’t gotten to yet. But this is my most positive and favorite aspect of the month is this Venus-Jupiter sextile around the 21st when Venus at 12 Leo sextiles Jupiter at 12 Gemini. And what’s interesting about that is I believe that’s the degree that Venus retrograded back to last year at the very tail end of the Venus retrograde was about 12-ish degrees of Leo. So it almost like, harkens back to that in some way from one year ago.

AC: Yeah, that’s really nice. I’m just glad Jupiter is there to lift Mercury and Venus and then later the Sun out of the doldrums of the Pluto opposition so quickly.

CB: For sure. Yeah. So it’s like, you get some of those paranoia or manipulation or other power play like, Pluto feelings, but then there’s almost like, an assuagement of that that takes place eventually over the next couple of weeks. So that is gonna take us into the very middle of the month, which brings us to our most dynamic and striking and potentially tense aspect of the month, but it’s this Mars-Uranus conjunction that’s gonna take place especially on July 14th and July 15th where Mars conjoins the planet Uranus at 26 degrees of Taurus. Looks like 26 Taurus around 18, 19 minutes. So —

AC: Yeah. So like, I guess let’s break this down piece by piece. So first, right, it’s a Mars-Uranus conjunction, and it’s also tightly conjoined the star Caput Algol, which has a fearsome and well-earned reputation as being the most malefic of the bright fixed stars. So just Mars-Uranus is in and of itself quite volatile, right? What Mars and Uranus both share is a desire for things to change very quickly. And while Mars likes going fast, Uranus likes things to be sudden, shocking, you know, in the blink of an eye. You know, Uranus is about like, the moment of volatilization or ignition. And so when the two are combined, we almost always see accidents. Like, accidents big enough to make the news. You know, a factory blows up. A chemical plant has a leak, and then, you know, there’s an explosion. You know, like, it’s too volatile. And so that is, we almost always have issues there.

On a personal level, it is potentially a trigger for people freaking the fuck out. Right? Where we go from activated to completely on fire or, you know, someone explodes as a reaction to something. Right? You know, the parallel is that extremely quick chemical reaction. You know, when it’s applied to human affairs, we often get – you know, larger scale – we get violence. Violence is not uncommon. There’s the accident side, but there’s also… Being associated strongly with whatever is cutting edge technologically. Mars-Uranus has in the deployment of cutting edge weapons, one example being the pair of nuclear weapons that were used at the end of World War Two. Both of those were deployed under Mars-Uranus conjunctions. And it’s of course worth noting the United States, which has for a long time now been a leader in cutting edge weapons, has Mars and Uranus together in the natal chart. And so it’s a volatile thing in and of itself. And then being conjunct Caput Algol, which is in the sort of eastern Mediterranean Greek corpus seen as the head of Medusa, is also seen in Chinese star lore as the anchor star for the mansion of the trenches of corpses. And the “gol” in Algol – Ra’s al Ghul – we still use the Arabic name for the star. The “gol” is the same “ghoul” for which like, undead corpse-eating monsters in fantasy are named, right? It’s the name of a corpse-eating spirit. Like, an evil daimon or djinn. And when we look at when Caput Algol shows up historically, we see incredibly fucked up atrocious events. We see the bombing of Guernica, for example. You know, massive civilian casualties. And so having the Mars-Uranus on top of Algol – it sucks. It’s probably going to be totally fine for individuals who are listening to this podcast, but it almost certainly denotes some atrocious event happening likely in one of the active theaters of conflict right now. And I hope I am completely wrong about that. But it hits natal charts of countries and yeah, it’s real – I wouldn’t be worried about it on an individual level, but as far as what will be happening in the world, I will be surprised and relieved if there aren’t notable atrocities during this period of time.

CB: Yeah. Well, that my friend is not a rosy picture. I’m trying to think of anything that you didn’t say. So yeah, like, sudden changes, unexpected events and upheavals. Rebelliousness is a major one with a strong urge to break free from restrictions and challenge the status quo. Impulsiveness. There’s a common theme of people acting impulsively. Taking risks before fully considering the consequences. Unpredictability, especially unpredictable behavior and a tendency to act on a whim, which then ties in with sometimes there can be accidents where the impulsive and unpredictable nature can lead to accidents or injuries.

There’s also a strong drive for freedom with both planets. So this can inspire feelings of like, independence or strong urge for individual freedom. Sometimes this can be, you know, we’ve seen in the past can not be good when you combine all those things together. Like for example, January 6th when all those people like, took over the Capitol was the day that Mars ingressed into Taurus and began a sign-based conjunction with Uranus. So that’s kind of like, a reference point that we’ve had over the past several years in terms of what that can look like in very stark ways.

On the positive side, sometimes there can be this feeling of like, excitement and adventure and like, going out and doing something new, striking out on a new path suddenly and unexpectedly, doing something that’s way different than what you’ve done up to that point. There can also be this feeling of like, innovation. Like, innovative ideas and a drive to create something new and groundbreaking, especially because it’s Mars – from a mechanical or technical perspective is very common with both Mars as well as Uranus.

So I’m trying to think of some like, you know, because there will be some very challenging things, and that’s gonna be a very volatile and explosive energy that’s gonna manifest in some probably notably negative ways. But there’s also gonna be some constructive instances, especially if it’s forming like, nice trines or sextiles to planets in somebody’s chart, in which case some of that energy could be channeled in more constructive directions.

AC: Yeah. You know, if your chart is in such a position that you need – you’re gonna need to do something with that. I think Mars-urnaus is really excellent for – how do I put this – “Fuck it, I’m gonna do it myself, and I’ll do it my way.” Like, a lot of, a number of the negative potentials there are eliminated if it’s just you struggling to do something yourself. Like, I’m not going to try to work within an existing organization or order and try to get everybody to agree that my radical way of doing things is – just like, doing it yourself. Just like going off on your own. Doing it your way. Removing that social element takes a lot of the stress out of Mars-Uranus. Because Mars-Uranus are both antisocial to a meaningfully intense degree, and so removing the need to collaborate around whatever that is can be really helpful. Even if that’s like, going off for a few days and doing some work yourself and then coming back to whatever collaborative or institutional context you’re in, but not trying to fight to do – like, not getting caught in a fight around that stuff I think is a good way to give that fiercely independent energy a good place to go.

CB: Yeah, for sure. You know, I’m trying to think of like, people because there’s positive and negative examples of that. There’s like, the US is obviously like, the classic countrywide example of that where both many of the good things I think associated with the US in terms of positive manifestations of independence or technological innovations or things like that come from that conjunction in the US Sibley chart. But then also some of the negative things or the downsides with that, like the gun culture or refusal to have restrictions even on basic things like that also come from that because there can be this explosive sort of independence or this very stubborn independence to Mars-Uranus conjunctions.

AC: Yeah. Fierce individualism, right?

CB: Yeah.

AC: And there’s also a like, “Fuck it – we’re moving to America.” Right? Like, this “Sure we’ve been here for a hundred generations, but it’s a fucking mess. Fuck it – we’re going to America,” is a very Mars-Uranus thing.

CB: Totally. And then, you know, with accidents – you know, a famous one of that of course is like, Frida Kahlo and her Mars-Uranus opposition and she had that freak accident with that bus one day where she was riding on a bus and it crashed and then she had a major injury, and that’s often pointed to by astrologers to her Mars-Uranus contacts in her chart that were getting activated at the time. But then also there can sometimes be other types of Mars-Uranus conjunctions that are kind of like, quirky or kind of wacky. Robin Williams is like, a good example of that. He had Mars-Uranus conjunction that very close in Cancer, and his kind of like, wacky, zany, impulsive like, comedic style that was also very improvisational – I’m not pronouncing that right, but – the ability to improve well I think is a very Mars-Uranus thing.

AC: Right. Spontaneity is very Uranian. And Mars is good in the pocket. Right? Mars is good at decision-making like, in the middle of an ongoing thing. And yeah, Mars-Uranus certainly has potential dangers but is not universally like, this terrible atrocity-full combination. This particular one atop that star is a pretty nasty combination. But you know, there’s a lot you can do with Mars-Uranus, and there are gifts there as well. Worth noting the charts that that Mars-Uranus-Algol hits – one, I would look at the royal family of England because there’s a ton of Algol stuff to the British royals. And so I would be surprised if there wasn’t some meaningful development on such a rare conjunction atop Algol, considering how much Algol stuff is in that family. It also hits the chart of the EU, the Moon in the chart of the EU, which at 24 of Taurus, and it also hits the Sun in Israel’s chart. It connects to other national nativities, but those are the conjunctions that I’m aware of.

CB: Yeah. And that week, the Republican National Convention is actually taking place July 15th through the 18th, so —

AC: Madness!

CB: Yeah, so it’s —

AC: They do not have an – I know there was a like, oh did – is there a possibility that Trump has an astrologer and that’s why the debate —

CB: Right.

AC: — is where it is? The Republican National Convention does not have an astrologer. That is – I would not schedule my event for then.

CB: Yeah. So there’s – that’s one checkmark. We’ve got one for and one against. But yeah, so there may be some unexpected developments of that. Of course, just a few days earlier on the 11th, he’s gonna be sentenced when Mars is like, right on his Midheaven. So there could be some explosive stuff with respect to him that week that we’ll be following.

AC: Yeah.

AC: Yeah, almost certainly. And I would just add that my, you know, in that you have an election for the month – my anti-election, excuse me, for the month, sorry, is July 16th when the Moon in Scorpio precisely opposes Mars and Uranus. It’s —

CB: Yeah.

AC: — just a little bit past their conjunction, but it’s the Moon lighting them both up. So don’t —

CB: That’s —

AC: — yeah, go ahead.

CB: That’s for sure the trigger, because that’s what we’ve been seeing month after month that some of these alignments happen, you know, like, with the Gemini stuff, all those planets moving into Gemini. But then it’s really when the Moon swoops in and triggers things we keep seeing like, the actual most important events taking place at that time. And even though that is, you know, a day or two after the exact conjunction, that does seem like it will be a trigger here when the Moon moves through the later part of Scorpio and opposes the Mars-Uranus conjunction.

AC: Oh and it’s Tuesday, so it’s the day of Mars, too.

CB: Nice. Nice. Yeah. In terms of elections this month, it’s kind of really tough because we were having to work around this Mars-Uranus conjunction, so we didn’t actually have a lot of good options for that. So I’m gonna give this chart – we actually have a bunch of electional charts we’re gonna record tomorrow for the electional astrology podcast for patrons. But just to give people something without going into too much detail about it, we’ve got two options here, but both of them are gonna be on July 2nd, just in order to take advantage of the Moon-Jupiter conjunction that’s happening that day in Gemini.

So one of the options is to set the chart for let’s say about – for July 2nd and then set it for local time for let’s say about like, one o’clock whatever your local time is so that the Ascendant is trining Jupiter over there in the 9th house. The Moon is in Gemini applying to a conjunction with Jupiter. The ruler of the Ascendant is Venus, which is up there in Cancer in the 10th whole sign house forming a trine with Saturn. So some of the earlier things we were talking about those Cancer placements and the flowing sort of nurturing energy between Cancer and Pisces is just fully accentuated in this chart, along with some of the career and creative sort of tendencies of those placements. The downside is just that you really bake that Mercury-Pluto opposition into things here, which I’m not a big fan of, but you can’t really get around. So some of the issues of like, communication when it comes to intense getting to the bottom of things and the potential downside of like, paranoia or power and control issues are a potential there.

There’s a variant time where you could also switch the chart and move it later in the day with Sagittarius rising, which is a possibility. So it would be something like 5:30 PM or so later the same day on July 2nd. Then you would get a chart with Sagittarius rising, Jupiter in the 7th whole sign house in a day chart, the Moon still applying to a conjunction with Jupiter, which may be helpful in different time zones in order to make sure the Moon is in Gemini. And yeah, that’s basically the core of that chart basically. This is more oriented towards other people to some extent, but you’re basically just trying to maximize the Moon-Jupiter conjunction that’s taking place that day to whatever extent you can.

So this is much different than the electional charts from the last couple of months where we had those like, amazing stellium elections that we were telling everybody to take advantage of while they could, because now we’re moving into sort of more challenging electional territory with some of the aspects that are happening this summer and later this year. But this is one example of a chart you could use in order to do something. And then Leisa Schaim and I will be outlining some other electional charts that will take place at different points in July on The Electional Astrology Podcast which we’re gonna release in the next couple of days through our page on Patreon. So you can sign up for more if you’re looking for other dates during the course of July to do things.

All right, so back to where we were with Mars-Uranus. I think we’ve talked about that pretty extensively.

AC: Yeah.

CB: So —

AC: Let me just add that I’m excited that Mars changes signs shortly thereafter. Less than a week after that conjunction, Mars leaves Taurus. And as intense as a fixed star influence can be, it’s always gonna be short as long as the planet keeps moving, and Mars just – you know, there’s this very intense conjunction with Uranus right atop Algol, but then Mars just continues on. And although we have some moments of real friction later in August when Mars makes a tight square with Saturn, much of the first part of Mars’s journey through Gemini has it moving into a conjunction with Jupiter, which is, how should we say, much less explosive and an evil omen than the Mars-Uranus-Algol. So —

CB: Yeah, I mean it is less unexpected, less potential for explosive stuff in terms of unexpected things that just come out of left field. But that conjunction is not gonna be super pretty because it’s gonna be squaring Saturn at the same time when it happens in the middle of August. It’s like, Mars catches up to Jupiter at 16 degrees of Gemini and then squares Saturn immediately after that at 17 degrees of Pisces. And what’s funny about that is this is when the Democratic National Convention is gonna take place, and we already know that that’s gonna be a complete… There’s gonna be some stuff going on there.

AC: Indeed. Well, and so yeah – so when Mars gets into mid-Gemini, very different deal. But the first, not nearly as intense. It’ll be a lowering of intensity.

CB: Right.

AC: Like, there will be much less to manage for Mars for the rest of July. Once we get into second week of August, it’s its own whole thing.

CB: Yeah, totally. So that —

AC: One thing to note about that upcoming Mars-Jupiter conjunction – it’s in exactly the same degree as the Sun-Venus conjunction was in Gemini. Both of them are at 16 Gemini.

CB: Oh wow. That’s great, so that’s gonna connect some events back to… I mean, in some ways positive, but in some negative. Something positive that happened at the beginning of June but then there being something that’s challenging that comes up in the middle of August.

AC: Yeah. Well, and Mars-Jupiter with Saturn looking on can – Mars-Jupiter can be very heroic and overcoming. But it does mean that there’s something that requires a heroic level of effort to overcome, right? Like, if we’re bringing in the positive, it implies that there is a negative that one’s heroism is required to deal with.

CB: Yeah. So I wanna redirect really quickly to our —

AC: Sure.

CB: — second lunation, and then we’ll talk more about the Mars-Gemini stuff, but —

AC: Yeah.

CB: It’s really set off by this second lunation, which is a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn which occurs early on July 21st. And this seems like actually the most notable lunation of the month because there’s so many different aspects that are taking place at the same time. So the lunation itself, the Full Moon goes exact at 29 degrees of Capricorn. And so the Moon at the time then will immediately move towards a sextile with Neptune at 29 Pisces and then immediately conjoin Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius. So that Full Moon’s really emphasizing Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius, but then it’s like, Mars has just ingressed into Gemini, so this will be like, the first full day of Mars in Gemini and we’ll start seeing some news stories that are gonna give us a preview of what that is about. And we’ll see the shift almost immediately in terms of the tonal change from Mars having spent a month or so in Taurus to the next month or so of Mars going through Gemini.

AC: And worth – just real quick – Mars is in a perfect by degree antiscia – antiscial relationship – to that Full Moon.

CB: Okay.

AC: Or contra-antiscia, but like, the Mars-Moon relationship there is extremely strong.

CB: Yeah. And even just – I mean, it’s trining Pluto from zero degrees of Gemini to zero degrees of Pluto is one of the other really close aspects as well. So that’s an exact aspect happening. The Venus-Jupiter sextile is actually taking place the same day, so Venus at 12 degrees of Leo sextiling Jupiter, which is really positive… I don’t wanna say counterbalancing, but just there’s something very nice happening at this lunation when we’re having this culmination of events at the Full Moon that seems really tense with the conjunction of that with Pluto. But then it’s like, there’s some positive things happening at the same time, which I’m happy about. But then there’s also some like, unexpected communication things with Mercury at 26 Leo squaring Uranus at 26 degrees of Taurus. So there’s all sorts of just like, exact aspects taking place at the same day on the day of a Full Moon. And I think this is gonna be one of our more sort of memorable days of the month.

AC: There’s a lot that’s mid-stream. There’s like, negative stuff that’s still ongoing or taking a turn. There’s positive stuff that’s been developing. There’s surprising stuff. And it’s the day before the Sun’s ingress into Leo and first ever opposition with Pluto in Aquarius.

CB: Oh wow, yeah. So that’ll be the very first beginning of Leo season that’s opposed Pluto.

AC: Yeah.

CB: Nice.

AC: It’s very mid-stream, like a bunch of connected and disconnected threads all at an interesting point at that Full Moon.

CB: Yeah, and you had an interesting point about that in terms of what Leo seasons are like now, and this being the early preview of that or the first time we’re gonna experience that and how that’s affecting things even just generationaly.

AC: Yeah. Let me see if I can remember that and articulate it well.

CB: Just like, the Pluto in Leos and how that’s different for Pluto in Leos that are experiencing this Pluto opposition and other things like that.

AC: Yeah, so I mean, so this is, you know – every time the Sun goes through the Leo for the next 20 years, it’s going to be opposing Pluto in Aquarius. And so it’s not just the Sun, but also, you know, we have a very large generation of people – the Pluto in Leos – born between, what, mid ‘40s and 1959 who all have Pluto in Leo, who are all gonna be undergoing their Pluto oppositions. And then we also have a large number of countries that were created right after World War Two and were created with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo in their natal charts. And so, you know, we have a lot of kind of funky borders that one wonders whether they will stand the test of time. But it’s dozens of countries, and all of them will be undergoing their Pluto opposition as well as Saturn being opposed. And so, you know, Pluto in Aquarius has its own meaning and things that it’s going to be bringing up, but it also, you know, is going to be opposing all of this Pluto in Leo architecture which… You know, you think of culture in the United States, so much of our culture has been, was created and sort of defined and genrefied by the Pluto in Leo generation, you know, aka the boomers. And so, you know, this is this slow, I don’t know, like, it’ll be very interesting to see what survives this 20 years and what fades away into history, both culturally and internationally, as Pluto opposes all the stuff that got built when Pluto was 180 degrees away.

CB: Yeah. I was seeing some like, organizational stuff of, seeing some tension that I noticed with some Pluto in Leos having created things earlier in their life and needing to hand it over to the next generation but struggling to let go and to like, just pass it on and trying to sometimes come back and like, take over again even though the moment has sort of passed and they need to like, sort of let go and let things go through those natural cycles. But having this – I think it’s a very Plutonian impulse to try to just like, latch onto something and to like, not let go until the very end, and to have a struggle to let go of something. I think that, you know, makes a lot of sense in terms of Pluto, but I think that’s something some of the baby boomer generation, the Pluto in Leos, are struggling with a little bit generationaly.

AC: Yeah, absolutely. And on a sort of including that but maybe even wider level, celebrity culture is really a Pluto in Leo thing. Like, I guess to a certain degree we have a little bit of that with movie stars in the ‘20s and ‘30s, but like, you know, celebrity culture which such an important feature of American culture, like that emerged… Makes sense, right? It’s sort of a pseudo royalty instead of gossiping about the nobility, we have this, you know, sort of actor/celebrity class that gets gossipped about instead. Which if I were the secret nobility I would think that that was an excellent red herring or sort of shield so people wouldn’t gossip about me. I think royal aristocrats from history would probably be quite jealous that the Americans invented a distraction that big so people wouldn’t get into their business.

But anyway. Just the point about like, maybe America gets tired of celebrity culture over the next 20 years.

CB: I mean, we’ll see. Sarah in the livechat in the audience of patrons points out, maybe it’s even more so in the fixed signs in terms of that impulse to not let go, and I think that’s a really good point because I’m seeing a similar thing with millennials. It’s really interesting seeing the Pluto in Scorpio millennial generation on reddit struggling with they’re getting old, basically. Like, they’re hitting their 40s at this point, and there’s like, you know, there’s a subreddit called Millennials on reddit, and it’s been interesting seeing that generation who is one of the main demographic of redditors go from like, 10 years ago being in their early 30s coming out of their 20s to now, and it’s interesting seeing their reflections about this generational shift or some of the different generational things they’re running into. So it’s like, the other side of the coin. It’s the Pluto square as opposed to the generational turning point that Pluto in Leos are reaching in terms of the opposition.

AC: Yeah, like, oh god, we’re the adults now.

CB: Right. We’re the adults, but we don’t feel like adults. We still feel like we’re in our 20s. How do we cope with that? Or having generational shifts where even simple things like, all of a sudden like, skinny jeans are now going out again, and I think like, apparently baggy jeans are coming back in? So it’s funny, you know, now we’ve seen a full shift from like, ‘90s, baggy jeans were in and then it shifted at one point and it was like, skinny jeans were in, and now it’s going back out again. So living on a long enough timeline to see multiple generational or even style shifts take place over the course of your life and having the perspective that that gives you is a really weird experience I think as a human. It’s something you can’t fully understand until you experience it yourself.

AC: Yeah. What about milk-stained sweatpants? That’s kind of what I’ve been rocking. Is that coming in?

CB: That is timeless. That will never go out of style. Yeah, somebody was talking about doing like, a Get Ready For Me video – there’s like, these influencers that do video where they like, put on makeup or something for like, Tik Tok and they talk about their thoughts as they’re doing it. And I was thinking about doing a Get Ready With Me, but unfortunately I realized like, that would just be me putting on a black shirt and that’s pretty much all I do and it’s over, so it’d be a very short video. So I’m gonna have to brainstorm something else.

AC: Yeah, some real behind the scenes shit.

CB: Exactly. All right. So where are we at? We’re at that second lunation. The Mars-Uranus is finally separating, and once that shift takes place, it moves into Gemini, there will be that shift. So we’re getting fully out of that Mars-Uranus territory and the volatility of it, but then as you said, it’s like, we start building up to – on the one hand, we get to Mars in Gemini and just experiencing that as an archetype, which is a much more volatile communication type energy where communications start becoming more direct, more quick. And one of the things that goes along with that is we start heading into a Mercury retrograde. And especially when Mercury changes signs and moves into Virgo on the 25th and 26th, look how close Mercury is to squaring Mars at that point. It’s only like, three degrees from squaring Mars at three degrees of Gemini. So I feel like the later part of the month, the end of July, we have some communication volatility in terms of like, that can be like, arguments. It can be – because it’s also about to be a Mercury retrograde because Mercury will station retrograde in Virgo in early August – it could be like, miscommunications or miSunderstandings that lead to a conflict or an argument or a falling out. It can be a sharp exchange of words between two people and different things like that.

AC: Yeah. The Mars being there and the Mercury’s configuration to it definitely gives like, swift, smart, clever, cruel tone to communications. But it’s interesting because that Mercury retrograde looms at the end towards the, what is it? It’s August 5th, right, so it’ll be on the boundary of the month. But it’s getting set up. But then we have Mars and the Sun are both moving into configuration with that Jupiter, which is kind of chilling things out and literally a benefic in a Mercury-ruled sign. And so, you know, there’s some, there’s a little bit of give, a little bit of space, a little bit of padding at the same time as there’s some sharpness. And later the mercurial wavelength will be much more trouble when Mercury is retrograde and Mars, we’ve got Mars-Saturn rather than – where the Mars-Saturn is dominating the Mars-Jupiter. But it’s sort of, it feels workable towards the end of July; it’s just not a permanent state of affairs.

CB: Yeah. So this, you know, one of the signatures of this summer for me is this Jupiter-Saturn square,which by the end of July is coming into full effect. Because by July 31st, Jupiter’s at 14 degrees of Gemini, and Saturn’s at 18 degrees of Pisces. And Saturn’s actually retrograde so it’s moving earlier, so they’re actually moving together at this point. So there’s some sort of tension here between the spirit of expansion that’s in Jupiter in Gemini versus the feeling of like, contraction that’s happening over there with Saturn in Pisces. One of the things more broadly from just even an economic standpoint that makes me nervous is just as Jupiter moves further and further into Gemini, it’s not just gonna square Saturn, but also eventually will start squaring Neptune. And we know the last time that Jupiter made a hard aspect with Neptune, we had all those issues with inflation. So I’m a little nervous about what that indicates in terms of potential turbulence for the economy with Jupiter squaring Saturn and Neptune, just because that strikes me as both a contraction type energy having Saturn in the dominant position over Jupiter and like, trying to rein it in.

But then also, Jupiter squaring Neptune and having this sort of ambiguousness surrounding boundaries and things that are getting too large. Things that are like, ballooning up and attempts to put a cap on that, sometimes struggling or not being able to maintain things. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s like, Mars moves into alignment with that at the same time, which just will accelerate all of that much further.

AC: Yeah. Yeah. There’s a lot there.

CB: Yeah. So that becomes some of the energy that we’re left with. We’re left on a little bit of a cliffhanger at the end of July just because the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is really building up into full prominence at that point with Mars at seven degrees of Gemini and Jupiter at 14 Gemini and Saturn at 18 Pisces. So by the time we check in again next month, we’re gonna be right on the cusp of that Mars-Jupiter energy, which also can —

AC: Yeah, well, and also at the cusp of Mercury stationing retrograde, and that Mars-Jupiter is in a Mercury-ruled sign. Right? Like —

CB: Right.

AC: — towards the end of July, getting some of the more positive Mars-Jupiter stuff. But then it’s gonna, they’re both getting closer to Saturn and the ruler’s about the station retrograde, and so it’s gonna go a different direction in August.

CB: Yeah, for sure. And even like Mars-Jupiter can have an explosive energy in and of itself sometimes. Like, we saw what was that? Like, a few years ago there was some Mars-Jupiter alignment that coincided with like, the explosion in Beirut somewhere, I think. So we will have to check in again, because by the time we check in and do our next forecast, Mars will have been in Gemini for a while and we’ll have a better sense of that energy and some of the trends that will culminate at the exact conjunction will already be building up and starting to crest at that point. But it leaves us on a little bit of an interesting transitional cliffhanger here at the end of July.

AC: Yeah, the next thing is like, building up and not quite apparent yet as July ends.

CB: Right. Yeah. So that is kind of, unfortunately, where we leave off here is on that cliffhanger and that transition. So just to summarize, it’s like, the very beginning of July is really dominated by the Saturn-Neptune energy and that’s gonna continue to be prominent for the first week or so. Then in the middle of the month, the Mars-Uranus conjunction really culminates,so we have that volatile, unexpected, sort of explosive energy right in the middle of July. Then finally later in the month, we get the shift of Mars going into Gemini and Mercury squaring Mars so that we have more of a, you know, miscommunications and the buildup to Mercury retrograde and things going a little haywire in terms of technology or stuff like that, but also having verbal conflicts and like, arguments over that. So there’s more of a explosive intellectual or verbal energy in terms of exchanges that start happening by late July.

AC: Yeah, it’s starting to get a little argumentative.

CB: That’s a good word.

AC: Yeah, contentious.

CB: “Contentious,” that’s a great word.

AC: Because now I’m a super softie, I will point out that there are a number of really nice Mercury and Venus moments throughout July, especially the, you know, first two-thirds. Like, we get the sextile with Mercury and Jupiter and the sextile with Venus and Jupiter. And it’s Venus coming back into visibility, starting to rise in the evenings. You know, it’s not entirely bereft of fun in the Sun. There are some nice moments, and they probably won’t be entered into the annals of history, but as far as the lived experience of July, there are some nice moments as well as some intense things.

CB: Yeah, for sure. We pointed out that New Moon that looks pretty chill around the 5th and 6th and the Mercury-Jupiter sextile you just mentioned is taking place around the 7th and 8th especially. Actually, it looks like it’s exact on the 8th. And then even the Venus-Jupiter sextile, even though it’s happening on the same day as this kind of not chaotic, but there’s so much going on. So there’s a very active Full Moon that takes place on the 21st, but there should be one aspect of that for some people is gonna be some very positive things with Venus sextiling Jupiter on the same day. And I think that may for some people connect things back to events that took place a year ago when Venus stationed direct at the same degree at the end of the Venus retrograde. So it’ll probably be a nice reminder of that for certain people that should be positive, especially if you have something around 12 degrees of the fixed signs.

AC: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it’s a mixed bag. There are some treats in there; there are also some rusty nails. You know, take a look, you know, when you root around in the bag and grab for something. Look at what you’re grabbing because there are configurations of very different varieties in July, on offer in July.

CB: Yeah. And some people are gonna be able to ride that impulsive feeling or even the volatility feeling of even the Mars conjunction in the middle of the month constructively, and others are going to be caught off guard with it or maybe do something rash and impulsive that doesn’t have a great outcome. But I think that’ll be somewhat clear just based on how it’s hitting your chart. If it’s hitting your chart as a hard aspect, you might wanna exercise more caution, especially if you feel yourself being driven to do something impulsively or even in anger that it may have an unexpected outcome, versus if that’s hitting your chart in a more flowing way, you may just feel a sudden explosion of having the desire to break free from things, to exercise your freedom, and to do something new or innovative that you haven’t done before. And that energy could actually be very positive.

AC: Yeah. Do something fiercely original and innovative.

CB: Brilliant. Good keywords. All right, my friend, I think that brings us to the end of this podcast. So we did pretty good. We kept it down a little shorter than usual.

AC: Yeah.

CB: But yeah.

AC: Progress!

CB: We’re making progress. We got it like, 15 minutes shorter than usual. I think that’s good. So what do you have going on this month or what are you working on?

AC: So I am back to work on 36 Faces. This will probably be my last death march towards completion. That’s exciting. Probably gonna get started officially on that nice-looking New Moon. One of the Sphere and Sundry series that we did while Mars was in Capricorn, it’s a second decan of Capricorn series, and what’s nice about the second decan of Capricorn is though it’s martial, the Mars is tasked with building, constructing, and the sort of ferocity of ambition to build something, to construct something – a great pyramid, a cathedral, a worthy edifice. And so we thought that would be a nice thing to release as something that’s martial but pushing the Mars in a useful direction in a literally constructive direction rather than a destructive direction. So we made a bunch of stuff, a bunch of different series then, so I’m excited to see that come out. I think this’ll be the first official decan series that Sphere and Sundry’s put out. There’s been some decan that’s gone into some of the elections, but this is explicitly a decanic series. So I’m gonna be working. I will be doing a limited enrollment for the Year One of my program in the middle of September. So just mention that now, if you want to get on the list. Sign up for the mailing list. But that’s, you know, a couple months out. Other than that, I’m just gonna be teaching classes and finishing Faces.

CB: Awesome, brilliant. What are your websites?

AC: So it’s AustinCoppock.com and SphereAnd – A N D – Sundry.com.

CB: Cool. And I’ll put links to those to your website in the description below this episode on YouTube or on the podcast website for this episode. As for myself, I had a bunch of new people start the Hellenistic course over the past month, and I’m getting ready to do a live webinar. We’re gonna talk about planetary condition and the conditions of bonification and maltreatment, which is how to determine if a planet is really well-placed in a chart or really poorly placed, and people are gonna share their stories and examples of having those conditions in their chart. And looking at what you and I were talking about earlier, Austin, which is what does it mean sometimes when a planet’s either really well-placed or poorly placed, or what happens when a planet has both? Where sometimes you have like, a really difficult aspect but a positive aspect at the same time and how does that actually work out in practice? So I’m gonna be interviewing different students who have those placements, and we’re gonna be coming to deeper understandings about what that means through that live format, which I’m really excited about. So people can get access to that webinar or the recording, which I’ll post afterwards on the Hellenistic astrology course that is available at TheAstrologySchool.com.

And other than that, I’m also working on releasing an ebook version, finally, a PDF of my Hellenistic astrology book, and I’m actually gonna record a little like, tour of the book to talk about the book and reflect on the book and talk about how I wrote it and some of the different things people can find in it, which I think I’m gonna add as a little bonus download that will be included in the PDF ebook version. So I’m just working on that right now and I’ll have an announcement at some point this month once it’s ready and available for purchase.

AC: Nice. Like an audio forward.

CB: Yeah, exactly. Especially nice now that it’s like, it’s been out for a few years and I can talk a little bit about the impact and some of the things that went into writing it. I wanna talk about the behind the scenes stuff a little bit about how I went to a coffee shop each day and just like, worked on the book as well as what the broader 10-year period was, because I wrote that book for 10 years before it finally came out. I’m even gonna show some earlier examples of the cover of the book, which I had conceived of the cover at the very beginning of the 10-year project, and then you can see how it actually came out in the final version in comparison. So it’ll be a lot of fun, and yeah, I’m excited to do that.

So you can find out more information about that, I don’t know, I’ll announce it on like, Twitter or something like that, so just pay attention to those. And I’ll also announce it on the podcast once it’s out.

So I think that’s it for this episode, though, of The Astrology Podcast. Thanks a lot for joining me today, Austin. Your glasses are really glowing and growing on me, so yeah.

AC: Yeah, this is super soft glasses dad Austin.

CB: Right, you’re working into your dad phase.

AC: The new edition!

CB: Totally. Cool. All right. Well, thanks everyone for watching or listening to this episode of The Astrology Podcast, and I’ll see you again next time.

AC: All right. Take care, everyone.


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