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The Astrology Podcast

Ep. 451 Transcript: Quick Birth Chart Transit Readings

The Astrology Podcast

Transcript of Episode 451, titled:

Quick Birth Chart Transit Readings

With Chris Brennan

Episode originally released on June 3, 2024


Note: This is a transcript of a spoken word podcast. If possible, we encourage you to listen to the audio or video version, since they include inflections that may not translate well when written out. Our transcripts are created by human transcribers, and the text may contain errors and differences from the spoken audio. If you find any errors then please send them to us by email: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Transcribed by Teresa “Peri” Lardo

Transcription released June 9th, 2024

Copyright © 2024 TheAstrologyPodcast.com

CHRIS BRENNAN: All right. Thanks everyone for joining me today. So this is a bit of an experiment where I’m doing a impromptu test to do a live chart reading with patrons of The Astrology Podcast today.

So the Moon is actually opposing Uranus, which I didn’t really plan out, but kind of works. I have Uranus on the Midheaven, and I tend to do things kind of impromptu sometimes when I feel moved to do it. But I recently did a chart reading workshop with students of my Hellenistic course where we went through and we took charts from the audience on the rulers of the houses for people that had a really striking example of a ruler of the house placement in a certain house, and then we shared their example and then I talked through their chart with them. And that went so well that it just reminded me, I used to do a lot of those kind of like, live chart reading webinars at the Mercury Cafe when my health was better, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed that. So I’d like to start bringing some of that back to the podcast, and I think I’m gonna start more regularly trying to do live chart readings with patrons of The Astrology Podcast who are signed up for the livestream tier as well as the tiers above that, which is the tier that allows you to attend normally just the month ahead forecast episodes when we record those live. But now any time I do a livestream, I’ll try to announce it, usually with a little bit more heads up than I gave people today. But as an additional benefit for people that support my work on the podcast, having the potential to have your chart read each month.

So the focus of today’s live chart reading is I wanted to do one to talk about recent transits that have been happening in people’s lives that we’ve been talking about on the forecast episodes, you know, where each month we talk about all these important transits. Like last month, it was the eclipses that were happening in Aries and Libra, the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. And then this month, we’ve got that huge Taurus stellium as well as planets then moving into Gemini. So there’s been so much going on lately, and we can see in the news that there’s stories of people, you know, having major events happen in their life that match those transits, and we can see with like, celebrity stories that we always share on the forecast episodes when something notable happens because it’s so visible and it’s in the news and then everyone can relate to that. But some of the best stories of transits always come from talking to individuals directly about what’s going on in their life, and especially being able to ask them questions and have a dialogue.

So one of the points that I made in a recent episode with Isa on consultations is that an astrology consultation is supposed to be primarily a dialogue between two people, because that back and forth and that discussion and give and take allows you to do a better job as an astrologer because you can sort of confirm or deny some of your assumptions about the chart and get clarification on that right away. And then once you start to understand the chart better and especially understand the trajectory of a person’s life, you’re in a much better position to be able to make predictions about the future through the transits. So part of the purpose of this is demonstrating sort of more of a consultation style of having a dialogue with a person about their chart. And then the other purpose in the long term if this works out is I might try to do more demonstrations where I do this with different astrologers in order to show off different chart reading styles so that you can see how different astrologers and how different traditions maybe do things and practice differently, but sometimes in ways that are interesting and useful to have that different perspective.

So today, since it’s just me, will primarily be showing off my chart reading style, but yeah. It should be interesting in the long term if this works out, so let me know if it’s something you’d like to see more of in the future and we’ll see how it goes.

All right. So it looks like a number of people have filtered in to the live stream, so thanks to all the patrons that have joined us today. Here’s the deal of what we’re doing. So if you have a good example – and it has to be, like, a relatively compelling example of a recent transit that you’ve had, especially in the past few months, although if it’s a longer term transit it could even be over the course of the past year in your life and in your birth chart that you feel comfortable sharing, then click the Q&A button below this video in Zoom, and then write a brief paragraph explaining your transit and the events that it coincided with in your life so I can see if the connection is compelling. And then share also your birth data – your birth date, time, and place – and then I’ll try to take and try to go through as many of those as I can over the course of this webinar, probably over the course of the next hour or two. So we’ll see how long it goes.

Other preliminaries, of course, you have to be comfortable sharing your chart and having it public. I am gonna release this as an episode of The Astrology Podcast later. And talking about your life and things like that, of course. I am gonna bring people on through video and audio, so you have to be prepared to be on the webcam ideally to talk with me about your chart is another proviso, another necessary requirements. I’m trying to think of anything else. Does anybody else have any questions in the live chat before I get started or points of clarification or ideas or suggestions?

All right. Let me start looking through… So here is, first let me show the chart. This is our chart and roughly our like, electional chart today – Virgo rising, Mercury in the 9th whole sign house with that Taurus stellium and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction is coming together today in the 9th house. And the Moon has just finished opposing Uranus, and it’s applying to an opposition with Venus and Jupiter. So this is kind of the chart, and this is like, the impromptu nature of the experiment today is that Moon-Uranus opposition. But I was really struck by the 9th house stellium today, and I wanted to do something 9th housey, so I thought what more 9th housey could you do than do live chart readings?

All right. So let me look through some of the examples. Okay. Since Samantha was the first one in, I’m gonna go with hers. Ideally, also, for everybody – I need charts that have reliable birth times. So if your chart’s like, rectified a lot or your birth time is uncertain, probably best not to do that today, but maybe in the future we could do some, and maybe even some impromptu rectifications. But for today, plz be like, accurate birth times only for now.

All right. Samantha Schell – do you want to join me? Are you up for joining me on camera right now to share your chart?

Hey, how’s it going?

SAMANTHA SCHELL: Hello! Good, how are you?

CB: Good. Thanks for joining me. I think you were the first person to join the webinar; you must have joined within like, a minute of me putting the announcement out, so thank you for joining.

SS: I saw the notification; I was like, “Yes. Now.”

CB: I love it.

SS: And I love this idea, by the way. I really appreciate it as a newer astrologer just how the conversation with clients, potential clients – that is something that I find fascinating, and I definitely need help with, so I appreciate it.

CB: Yeah. Well, after doing that episode with Isa earlier this month that I was so happy to do, I guess that was the next component was actually, you know, showing how I read charts and how you sit down and talk to people in a consulting setting. So this is sort of like, a follow up or a part two to that, but it’s something I have always really loved doing, so I’m excited to do it again.

All right, so what’s your birth data?

SS: February 5th, ‘89. 11:31 AM in Radford, Virginia.

CB: Okay. 19 Taurus?

SS: Yes.

CB: All right.

SS: That’s me.

CB: And your birth data’s from your birth certificate?

SS: Yes.

CB: Good. All right. So first things first, let’s – let me just share your chart, and just give initial impressions, because one of the things I want to demonstrate and that I demonstrated when I did this with the Hellenistic course recently is just what my first steps are anytime I look at a chart and what I try to pay attention to.

So the first thing, first things first, is I just see that you have Taurus rising and you have the Sun in the 10th house, so automatically I know that it’s a day chart. And since it’s a day chart, I know that the most positive planet for you will generally tend to be Jupiter, which is in Taurus in the first house, and the most challenging planet will tend to be Mars, which is also in Taurus in the first house so that you have both of those planets in the same sector of your chart.

Other than that, I also look at the ruler of the Ascendant as indicating a major area of focus of the native’s life, more so sometimes than other areas of focus. So for you with Taurus rising, you have Venus in the 10th house along with the Sun and Moon, so that shows more of a 10th house focus towards career, reputation, and overall life direction. So yeah. So what are your – what’s been going on with you or what’s your example that you wanted to share in terms of transits?

SS: So my Jupiter return is happening right about now. And in the last I’d say six weeks or so, I’ve had the opportunity of taking on two roles. I work in the film and television industry, and I’ve been gratefully making like, basically double salary for the last six weeks. And that’s unfortunately ending here soon, but I thought that was just – I couldn’t have timed it better, and then also Jupiter going into my second house here. I’m also, well, I’m a writer and trying to get – sell my script that I just finished up, so I’ll be spending probably all that money, a nice chunk of change, on getting it out to managers and competitions and all the other fun stuff, so I thought that was quite poignant.

CB: Nice. Yeah, that’s brilliant. So your Jupiter return has just been happening over the past few weeks with your Jupiter at 26 degrees of Taurus in your first house, and it’s a day chart, so that’s your most positive planet. And that Venus-Jupiter conjunction in general is just all over that right now.

SS: And then I’m curious with Pluto in the 10th, once everything starts moving into the second, lining that up for hopefully getting scripts out there and hopefully getting a manager here soon, so.

CB: Excellent. Okay yeah, so Pluto also just stationed there. It’s been going over your Midheaven, and that’s like, major transformations and sometimes like, accumulation of power in terms of one’s career. And then it’s also hitting your Venus; it actually stationed like, right on your Venus as the ruler of the Ascendant and the ruler of the 6th house of work so that the potential for like, a complete transformation of your career and life direction is there, and that’s kind of already what you’re feeling?

SS: Complete overhaul. Yeah. It’s interesting. I moved out to LA to pursue writing back in February of 2020, and then the world shut down. And then I’m considering doing, getting back out there, finishing the show up, and moving back out and giving it a whole other go, so. We’ll see.

CB: So this is an attempt to shift from like, a previous career?

SS: Sorry, so I’m a location coordinator, and I work more on the production side. I am a writer, and that’s the shift. It’s moving from more so I guess behind the scenes on the production sign into the creative.

CB: Got it. Okay. So you would be in that role of like, a writer primarily?

SS: Writer and director, actually, yes.

CB: Got it. Okay. So, I mean, with the ruler of the Ascendant in the 10th house, would you say that it’s true that like, your career and that focus for you is like, very important or it’s something that you’ve been drawn to for a while now?

SS: I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was 14, so yeah. Ever since considering college and which colleges to go to at 14, I was already looking at film school and how to hop on the boat in that direction.

CB: Nice. And you’re finally doing it. It’s finally happening at this point.

SS: Well, what’s fascinating is my last Jupiter return – so 12 years ago – is when I got my first show in the industry as a PA. And so I’m thinking this come around is shifting from the production aspect into the creative, so we’ll see.

CB: Right. This is like, the next step upwards.

SS: Yep.

CB: Okay. What – so you have the Jupiter stuff is all getting activated right now, and then of course, you know, Uranus is gonna come up there pretty quick as well this summer. Uranus is gonna conjoin your Jupiter, which is also a pretty positive transit as well. But it’s interesting that all of the outer planets are aligning with some of your most important planets at this time.

SS: Bring it on! Yes! Please. It’s been a long time coming.

CB: So one of the things – just out of curiosity in terms of like, chart placements —

SS: Yeah.

CB: With Mars in the first house, like, I’d expect that there may have been some challenges at some point when it comes to – like, the first house usually represents the physical body and health. Like, when that’s been activated in the future, has that been problematic for health issues, or how has that manifested for you?

SS: I’m actually – so when I did move back from LA the first time, I had to have pretty major surgery. But in terms of any physical, I am very active. I’ve been, I was in ballet for like, 10 years as a child. I did colorguard. You know, competed DCI, DCA on like, a world stage sort of thing. So I think that more so has manifested in a athlete sort of way as opposed to major surgeries or physical ailments or anything like that.

CB: Got it. Nice. Okay. Yeah. It’s interesting having like, the most positive planet there and then having a challenging planet and the sort of mitigation or balancing out that that can bring sometimes. But it’s interesting that you’ve manifested a lot of the Mars significations of just being more active and more like, athletic or sort of sporty.

SS: Yeah, hundred percent. And I think the last reading I had, I think my Lot of Fortune is like, I think at 10 degrees of Taurus and then my Lot of Spirit is at 25 degrees of Taurus as well, so it’s almost – that conjunction with both of those planets seem to I think maybe exacerbate that as well. Or I don’t know what your reading would be on that.

CB: Yeah, that was actually something I was curious about, just what your zodiacal releasing would be. I think if I’m sharing this screen, it’s only showing the chart right now, or is it showing the zodiacal releasing periods?

SS: I see the – yeah. It’s small but I can zoom out. Yeah.

CB: It’s small. Okay. So let me change it to Spirit because I was just curious about that. Is that right? Yeah, okay. So since you have Spirit and – so you were born at a New Moon, so that means the Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit are also together in the rising sign. So for the purpose of zodiacal releasing from the Lot of Spirit, we would move Spirit forward one sign to Gemini for the purpose of releasing. So you would have started out in a 20-year initial chapter of your life for your career and overall life direction from 1989 until 2008. Then starting in 2008, in late 2008, you began a new 25-year period of your life. And do you remember when you were 20, I guess it was around the age of what was it, 19, 20, when this was shifting —

SS: Yeah.

CB — over, what were you doing in terms of your career and overall life direction? Was there like, a change or a chapter shift at that point?

SS: So I was in college still at film school at that point in time, but 2008 into ‘09, that was the first year I did Drum Corps. And I mean, I was performing for over probably tens of thousands of people every summer. So in terms of career being seen, that was, I would say 10th house significators.

CB: Nice. Okay. And you were in film school at this —

SS: Yes.

CB: — time?

SS: Yes.

CB: Okay. So the career and the things that you’re doing now, everything that you were doing back then when you were in college has sort of like, built up to where you’re at now?

SS: Yeah. So I graduated with a film degree December 2010. Got my first job on The Conjuring as an assistant to one of the main actors. And then from there – I mean, just as an aside, that Pluto in my 7th house, like, I started my career assisting A-list actors, directors, and producers, kind of all above the line sort of people that are Plutonian to say the least.

CB: Right.

SS: And then kind of took a different route in understanding the financial aspects of the film industry as a coordinator working on the shows I’ve worked on, budgeting or managing multi-million dollar budgets across the board. But again, that’s not the creative part of what I want to do. So and that shift took place probably 2016, 2017 into the more financial aspects of the industry.

CB: Well, that’s actually really interesting. Okay. So you’ve been in this 25-year period since October of 2008, and it sounds like you really, you were in school and you graduated around that time and really got started in the industry. So usually the first 25 month subperiod of a new 25 year  Cancer period sets the foundation for all the things that will develop over the course of the next 25 years.

SS: Okay.

CB: So that was that initial period there. And then the next one that I usually look at is when it reaches the opposing sign, which is Capricorn, this is what I call a foreshadowing period, and that foreshadowing period would have taken place between December of 2016 and February of 2019 —

SS: Yep.

CB: — and usually it either foreshadows a major transition that a person is gonna have in their career and life direction about 10 years later, or sometimes either the person like, takes one step towards something, but then they take the final step towards that career shift 10 years later. Or sometimes the person thinks about making a major change or even starts working towards it at that time, but something comes up and interrupts it, and they’re not able to finish it and bring it to completion, and then the eventually return to that topic about 10 years later at the loosing of the bond, which —

SS: Wow.

CB: — always represents a major transition in the person’s career and overall life direction. And that’s coming up for you here really soon between February of 2026 and May of 2028, and that’s gonna be probably one of the most crucial transition points for you in terms of your career and overall life direction in your life.

SS: Okay.

CB: So what happened during the foreshadowing period?

SS: So that’s wild. 2019 – well, ‘16, ‘19 – that period is when I was like, I mean, top of my game location coordinator. But then 2019 was when I started realizing, okay. Like, for whatever reason, I feel like if you’re not intentional about things, you can get lost in life. So kind of around that beginning of 2019, I was like, oh yeah. Am I getting to where I wanna go doing what I’m doing? And the answer was no. So kind of circled back to the writing and decided to kind of get my ducks in a row to move back out to LA, and that was – I know it’s not in that period of time, just a little bit later, later 2019. And then, like I said, moved out February. Drove from Atlanta all the way out to LA February of 2020.

CB: Got it. Okay. And then how did that go during that transition period? You said when you moved to LA in 2020, you said you ran into some issues.

SS: Yeah, so, 2020, moved out, and then that was, I mean, it was right around my birthday, February 4th, February 5th, and then at the beginning of March, the pandemic started. And I had like, busted my butt and you know, pulled all my favors that I’d been accruing over the last at that point 10 years. Eight, 10 years? And moved back home just for the beginning part, didn’t really know what was going on with the industry at that point in time, but then July 2020, moved back out. Was able to get a job in the industry in the creative aspect as a showrunner’s assistant. Like, in line to becoming a writer. But then, what was it? April 2021 – that’s when I had a surgery. I had to have my left ovary removed because a cyst was growing inside of it, so that was pretty devastating. Had to move back home. And that was August 2021.

I can’t hear you now. Can you hear me?

CB: Sorry about that. I muted it because there’s a trash truck picking up outside. So yeah, that was a major surgery then that you had during that time?

SS: Yeah. Huge.

CB: Okay. So a couple of things, a few things. One of them is that part of what I should have said but part of what we’re seeing is that because you have the Lot of Fortune, which let me actually add to the chart. Displayed points… There it is. All right. So because you have the Lot of Fortune in Taurus, that means that the career peak periods for you are gonna be all four of the fixed signs, which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The two biggest ones are gonna be Aquarius and Taurus periods because that’s the sign of Fortune itself and it’s the 10th from Fortune. So you were in this 10th from Fortune peak period during that time, and that’s one of the reasons it was so important for you in February of 2019 hitting the 10th sign from Fortune. With your periods though, because you have Mars and Jupiter in the same sign – your most positive planet and most negative planet – means that the peak periods will always be the ones that will be experienced as both having some of the most subjectively positive events as well as some of the most subjectively challenging events. And it sounds like you did have both at that time, and that’s kind of what we’re sort of hearing from that specific period at least right there. And obviously that’s gonna be different at different points, because there was other stuff going on in 2021, like Saturn was still in Aquarius. So Saturn was like, transiting all over your ruler of the Ascendant and your luminaries and squaring your Taurus stuff, so there was sort of like other stuff there that was contributing factor in terms of the health issues. But in terms of – one of the things I would normally do, I didn’t actually plan to use zodiacal releasing today, but one of the things I would normally do in a zodiacal releasing consultation is I would go through the person’s past chronology and mark out some of the periods and explain the theory of this in terms of which periods should be the most active and which ones should be challenging or positive, and then just see what the repetition has been in the person’s chronology up to this point. Because once you’ve done that, then you can project that out on the future for when there’s similar repetitions coming up in the future.

So generally speaking, though, it sounds like that’s part of what’s going on, and that’s part of why Aquarius is so important to you. It’s also actually, now that I think about it, because Spirit’s in Taurus, that means Venus is the ruler of the Lot of Spirit, so it would be Aquarius periods will also tend to be the periods where you find your life’s work is part of the general thing of that. So I would pay attention to those as well, both in the past and see if that’s come up in the past as well as the future.

SS: Okay.

CB: All right. So the main thing, though, is you’re really headed for this major transition period in Capricorn between 2026 and 2028. And then that will… Usually, like, the theory of the technique when I look at this with like, celebrity charts is that transition period, because it’s actually acting as a precursor to this Leo period that’s coming up – this level one general period of Leo from 2033 through 2052 – that Leo period, because it’s angular from Fortune, is actually your career peak when you’ll have the most active and important period in terms of your career and your work and your overall life direction. So that’s actually very good news if you’re, you know, heading into a new area of career and you’re hoping to have success in that, this is actually a good indication that some of your most successful days are coming up because you’re about to hit the 19-year period that will represent probably the high point of your career from 2033 to 2052.

So what this loosing of the bond is from 2026 to 2028 is it’s some sort of final career transition that’s going to push you in the direction that you need to go to be the necessary transition to set you up for the career success that just takes off in the 2030s. Yeah. So that’s actually super good news, because this is like, I’m trying to think of examples of this off the top of my head, but I think if I’m remembering correctly, like, Robert Downey Jr. May have been one of this. Like, the loosing of the bond was like, Iron Man for him, and then it set him up for this new level one period that was just like, a peak period for the next decade or two, and then he just had massive success. But it’s like, if that one movie hadn’t taken place, then the rest of it wouldn’t necessarily have followed. But sometimes people just have a lucky break and they have that huge transition that happens during that loosing of the bond.

SS: Copy that! Yeah, I think with Pluto going through all of this, you know, grinding across all those planets up there, there’s gotta be – I think that’s something. I’m just trying to do it in a way that is, what is it? I’m learning about this right now. Whatever’s authentically you, right? If you hold onto anything that’s not, it’ll just put you on your butt, so. Yeah.

CB: Yeah. Well, that’s really exciting, though. I mean, congratulations. It sounds like there’s a lot of really – it looks like there’s a lot of really great things coming up in the future and it seems to align with sort of what you’re pushing for. So I’ll be excited to see what you end up doing. And if you have, like, a bunch of great career success. You’ll have to give us like, a shout out or something at some point for the podcast.

SS: Absolutely. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

CB: Yeah. Thanks for sharing your chart and thanks for joining me for this as the first experiment.

SS: Absolutely. Thank you.

CB: All right. So I’m gonna just stop the video and mute you, but you’ll stay as a panelist while I go to the next person, because I think I learned in the last one that that’s the only way not to like, kick people out of the webinar.

All right everybody. So that was a really good example. That was different than what I was planning to do because I ended up wanting to pull out the zodiacal releasing, but when I look at career periods, like, I’ve gotta look at the zodiacal releasing – that’s just my thing. So that was a worthy digression. Let me see who’s next.

Yeah, I’m hoping to do more zodiacal releasing webinars like that soon, because those are, you know, it’s a complicated technique, but there’s some very specific rules for using it.

Midheaven is in the 10th house… It is in Taurus. Business gone through revamp. Okay. I kind of wanna look at that one. Mandy, are you still here? Mandy Bailey? All right. I will see if I can be more concise. I think everyone knows I’m not the most concise guy.



CB: Thanks for joining me. What is your birth data?

MB: November 12th, 1985. And that’s at 9:25 PM in Memphis, Tennessee.

CB: 26 Cancer, got it.

MB: That’s it.

CB: All right. So here is your birth chart. So you have Cancer rising. You were born with a night chart because the Sun is in the 5th chart, so the most positive planet is gonna be Venus, which is in the 5th house. And the most challenging planet is gonna be Saturn, which is also in the 5th house, so it’s a similar chart as our last one where some of the greatest challenges as well as the most positive things are sort of in the same sector. We also find the ruler of the Ascendant is also in that house, so the 5th house is just super emphasized here, not to mention having a big Scorpio stellium there. I’m a huge fan of Scorpio stelliums, so already I’m vibing with this chart. Yeah, so what’s been going on with you?

MB: Really since everything kind of clustered around Aries and started going over my Midheaven, I’ve had a push – I’ve been working from home for like, the last seven years, but it’s been pushed more toward the astrology side of things. I’ve always loved astrology. It’s always felt like home to me. But now it’s becoming more of a career thing instead of just a passion. And a lot of my friends, especially on social media, have been pushing for me to like, do readings and teach classes and all of these things. So a lot of like, 10th and 11th house stuff going on.

CB: Right. So we had the – there’s been, like, eclipses bouncing back and forth between your 10th house of career and your 4th house of home and living situation.

MB: Yes. And my ruler of the 10th is in the 4th, so you know, work from home just kind of makes sense.

CB: So had you worked from home before, or will this be new in terms of doing it with astrology?

MB: This is new for me. This is new.

CB: Okay. Got it. So that’s actually really interesting then. So that’s a good example of how when eclipses happen, because they bounce back and forth between those two houses, sometimes it shows the activation of each of those areas of life, and sometimes it’s separate, but other times, it’s actually intertwined in some way, like as would be the case with you where you’re making this career transition that’s also affecting your home and living situation.

MB: Yes.

CB: Nice. That’s really cool. And then so when did that start?

MB: Maybe a year ago. But… I have a lot of trouble with like, putting myself out there, especially when people can see, like, me, who I am, instead of just like, a mask that I wear for work almost. So I’ve really been adjusting to that. Like, I don’t know, like, before when I didn’t work from home, when I had a career, I was a corporate trainer, so I could speak and teach lots of people, like hundreds of people at a time in a classroom setting, and it was fine. But when I’m talking about myself, it’s totally different, and I’ve had to adjust to that. I feel like there’s been a learning curve that I’ve had to go through with that. I’m getting there.

CB: Yeah.

MB: I’ve made a lot of progress.

CB: Yeah. Well that’s really – I think that’s also a good example, just because eclipses, you know, the Aries-Libra eclipses started a year ago, and while sometimes eclipses can coincide with a singular really important event, often times because it bounces back and forth for a year and a half or sometimes as long as two years, it’s often indicating like, a process where instead of just like, pushing something over really quickly if you had like, a big object you were trying to move sometimes you have to like, rock it back and forth a little bit before it really – you’re ready to push it all the way over. And I feel like sometimes those transitions that eclipses represent are like that.

MB: That makes so much sense.

CB: Yeah. So you said your friends have been really helping you, though, in this process or have been really encouraging you?

MB: They have. They’re actually the reason why I even thought about astrology as a career in the first place, because we were just in an IG chat, and people were talking about this and that and astrology came up. But I just watched the conversation for a couple of hours and then somebody was like, you know, I wish we knew somebody who knew something about astrology so we could ask these questions. And I was like, I know a little about astrology, and then it just kind of went from there. I taught some local classes before, but nothing major.

CB: Okay. So and this is all coinciding with like, Jupiter transiting through your 11th house over the past year and having that Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your 11th house recently?

MB: It is.

CB: Do you know when that, the friend component, really happened – was that recently, or was it over the past year, or was there a —

MB: I would say it’s been over the last year or so. Maybe April or May of last year is when the first conversation happened, and then since then, it’s been sort of this slow progression toward where things are right now.

CB: That’s perfect. Yeah, because you know, May of last year is when Jupiter went into Taurus for the first time right in the middle of May.

MB: Right.

CB: And then it met up with and was copresent with like, Mercury and Uranus and the Sun at that time, so that would be funny if that did coincide with when the first inkling of this started. But then, like with the eclipses, you know, a one-year Jupiter transit, it’s a process, especially because it has different stationary points where it stations retrograde and direct and goes back and forth so that it has this whole winding course as it goes through Taurus over the course of a year. So that’s why I always tell people to pay attention to the ingress of the planet, especially an outer planet, into a new whole sign house, because sometimes something will happen or will start to happen in your life that you may not notice at first, but later in retrospect, you end up realizing that it was significant.

MB: Right. Absolutely. It’s funny because it was before the nodes went into Scorpio and Taurus; it was right before that happened. I had a consultation with an astrologer, and the whole point of the consultation was what am I supposed to do with a North Node in Taurus when like, everything in my chart is opposing it in Scorpio? And he said that I was supposed to get comfortable just being myself, basically, and I think that Jupiter going through Taurus has helped me with that. It’s sort of expanded my comfort with my darkness, I guess – can I say darkness in regards to Scorpio?

CB: Sure. Yeah.

MB: So it’s…

CB: Well, and it’s interesting that you —

MB: It’s like me taking that into the world, yeah.

CB: It’s interesting that you mention that as a keyword also, because I just realized like, you were born the day of a solar eclipse in Scorpio, I believe, right?

MB: Yes.

CB: Okay.

MB: I think it was like, total in Antarctica or something. Some random place where nobody got to see it, you know?

CB: Yeah. Well, that still counts. I mean, so we can see that just because you were born – your Sun is at 20, Moon is at 28, and the South Node is there at 9, so it’s only like, 11 degrees away, so that’s definitely a solar eclipse. So the lights themselves or the Sun, you know, was made dark that day. So it’s interesting hearing you talk about it like that in terms of like, becoming comfortable with that or that part of yourself.

MB: Right.

CB: Nice. All right. Well, that’s also gonna make eclipses very important for you, which is one of the things I’ve discovered over the past six months since I did the eclipse work with Nick Dagan Best is just people born on or especially within a week of an eclipse, eclipses tend to be very important turning points in their life, I think even more so than most people. So that makes even more sense now with the eclipses happening in your 10th and 4th houses and how that’s just indicating some really major changes for you in terms of both your career and your home and living situation.

MB: Yeah, definitely. Probably three or four years ago, I really got into astrological magick. So I’ve been trying to like, work with the eclipse energies since then. I know that’s probably more of like an Austin Coppock thing, but it just resonates with me; I don’t know. And I use it in a way to – like, with all the Scorpio being in my 5th house, I really don’t see Scorpio as like… I see like, the end of the transformation more. Like, what can you create with this? What can you become with this? Like, seeing your whole self like, when everybody goes through their journey of the underworld and they come out of it, like, what can they be in their greatest being? And that’s the thing that like, I wanna help people with.

CB: That’s beautiful.

MB: Oh, thank you.

CB: I like that. That’s really good. And I like – I mean, you have this mutual reception where Venus and Mars are exchanging signs, which is actually giving them – even though normally, you know, those would be interpreted as planets that are in their detriment or their antithesis or exile, because they’re exchanging signs, it’s actually giving them a sort of temporary dignity and the ability to find strength in those placements. And I think I see that especially with Venus in Scorpio placements when it’s well-placed like that and being able to find the positive things and the important and good things even about, you know, what other people consider to be difficult or dark or negative things.

MB: Oh, that’s cool. I didn’t know that.

CB: Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank you for sharing that with me. That’s really exciting, and I look forward to seeing – so you’ll continue having eclipses, of course. I think this fall there will be another Libra eclipse, and I think there’s one more Aries eclipse next spring in your 10th house, so that should be the final push in terms of being full there and having fully made that career transition at that point. So we’ll have to get an update at some point, and you’ll have to let me know how it goes.

MB: Oh yeah, definitely. Thank you, Chris. I appreciate this so much.

CB: Yeah. Thanks for joining me and thanks for being my only second person to do this with me as an experiment today.

MB: Absolutely.

CB: All right.

I am back. How is going in the live chat? We’ve still got a pretty good audience of people. It’s one thing I wanna learn more is being able to check the live chat and just see what kind of comments people have as I’m looking at charts, but I also wanna put my attention towards, you know, the people that I’m talking to.

All right. Awesome. I’m glad people are enjoying it. Let me look at… Good. You think this might be a good thing to keep doing in the future? I guess we’ll finish it, and then we’ll all have to talk about that afterwards. So let me look at the next one. Looks like we have a lot of examples. Let me see how many I can get through. One of them’s a relationship one. Is Arin still here with Neptune opposing your Venus?

So for examples, we’re looking for ones ideally that match transits that you’ve been having recently that are just really striking examples, especially of the planets transiting through the houses.

all right, there’s Arin. I’m gonna promote you to a panelist. Yeah. I’m trying to do that, be like, focused and relatively quick. There’s other things I could have said. There’s things even now that I’m thinking in retrospect of the last two, especially the first one, that I would have gone into more, but maybe we’ll do a follow up at some point.

All right, so. Hey Arin. Can you hear me?

ARIN: Hey. Yes, I can.

CB: Hey. Are you able to enable your video?

A: I am not. Actually, I’m on the road. But I can talk if that’s okay.

CB: Sure. That’d be okay. Let’s – what’s your birth data?

A: It’s October 26th, 1988. 2:04 PM in Sumter, South Carolina.

CB: How do you spell the city name?

A: S U M T E R.

CB: Okay. South Carolina. Got it.

A: Yes.

CB: Is your Ascendant 29 Capricorn?

A: Yes, it is.

CB: Aright. So let me share the chart for those watching the video. All right. So you have 29 Capricorn rising. It’s actually very close to changing signs, so that does make me a little nervous about whether you could be Aquarius rising, but let me see. It looks like it changes signs two minutes later. So —

A: Yes, I know.

CB: Normally I would do like, a quick rectification, but do you feel pretty confident that you’re Capricorn rising, or how have you felt about that?

A: From what I know, the birth data that I have, yes. I mean, it’s on my birth certificate and my mother says that.

CB: Okay.

A: But I’ve always, yeah, I’ve always like, thought about that because it’s so close. I’m like, well, could someone be wrong? But as far as I know, you know, like I said, it’s on the birth certificate and my mom made like, a little ornament when I was a baby that has my birth time on it. So —

CB: Okay.

A: — that’s the info I have.

CB: All right. Cool. I would normally do a quick chart rectification. I’m trying to decide if I wanna try to do that. But let’s just go currently with the assumption that it’s Capricorn rising, but I’ll keep paying attention to if anything seems different than I’m expecting.

So quick overview – you have Capricorn rising. The ruler of the Ascendant is Saturn, which is conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius at 28 degrees in the 12th house. You have a day chart with the Sun in Scorpio in the 11th whole sign house. The most positive planet is Jupiter, which is in Gemini in the 6th. And the most challenging planet is Mars, which is in Pisces in the 3rd.

So in your example, you said you’ve been having Venus transit, Neptune transit opposing your Venus and there’s been some like, relationship ambiguities?

A: Yes. Yeah, so my Venus is at 26 Virgo, and it has been opposite – Neptune’s been opposite my Venus over the past few years. And starting back in late 2021, I started having conversations with an ex from like, 15 years ago. And my current relationship that I was in, or am in still, there was issues there. And you know, we reconnected and it’s just kind of been this like, nebulous, I feel like half couple of years for me and that of like, you know, was that something I should have pursued more at the time? Or you know, just like, a lot of like, confusion and thoughts of like, what’s real and what’s not in regard to like, that particular relationship. And it’s been so much to the point that it’s like, definitely impacted my life quite a bit. I’ve had a lot of, you know, conversations with friends about it and just the impact that it has. And we were kind of like, interacting with each other on social media a bit, and so that’s been going on and off for the past few years. And then just over the weekend, I finally decided that I was not going to engage with that anymore and have like, you know, blocked and all of that. And I noticed that Neptune is now coming off of its kind of, you know, opposition with my Venus, and it’s now almost exactly conjunct my Mars. And so I just decided to take that, you know, big step forward of I’ve figured out that this is not really what I’m interested in, and I’m gonna rip the bandaid off, and it was like, a really hard thing to do.

CB: Yeah. Well, it’s like, because it’s so tricky because Neptune’s been transiting opposing your Venus at 26 Virgo with Neptune in late Pisces, but then because your Saturn-Uranus conjunction… And because Saturn’s the ruler of your Ascendant, you know, that’s also been getting a square from Neptune which is creating a lot of ambiguity in terms of things and also probably even in terms of since the ruler of the Ascendant can sometimes represent our life direction, you know, I’m sure to whatever extent that these relationship things would affect your goals and your life direction that it would import a lot of ambiguity there as well because you’re sort of in limbo deciding, you know, what direction you’re gonna go. So —

A: Yeah, that’s very accurate. I’ve been having a lot of like, questions about my job as well of is this something that I wanna continue on with, or do I wanna pursue things that I’m a bit more passionate about? So that’s also been a big theme as well.

CB: Got it. Okay. And you said this started in like, 2021?

A: Yeah. Like, I wanna say like, November, December of 2021.

CB: Got it. Okay. Yeah, because that’s the thing that’s changing right now as well is now – from 2021 on, you had just Neptune that was activating all of that stuff. And especially when you’re under a Neptune transit of Venus or Neptune to the 7th house, there can just be this real idealization stage where like, everything looks really great and like, the grass looks greener on the other side, and you can’t really see any flaws. But you’re usually, you don’t realize until you come out of that that you were kind of in a fog at the time and weren’t able to see clearly. But what’s happening now over the past year is, you know, a year ago Saturn ingressed into Pisces and all of a sudden, it’s now getting close so that this month Saturn and Neptune are coming into their closest alignment yet where they’re gonna come in within about 10 degrees of a conjunction with each other. So all of a sudden, Saturn is coming into that whole T-square that you have between Venus, Saturn, and Mars, and it’s kind of bringing a sense of reality to things and trying to bring you back down to the ground from the clouds and trying to introduce a sense of realism, although those are very much like, competing things that are happening. Is that kind of the sense that you’ve been having lately in terms of that sense of realism being introduced back into the picture, or what caused you to have those feelings of feeling like you needed to cut it off?

A: Yeah, that absolutely has been the theme that I’ve been feeling lately. I actually went on a trip with good friends this past weekend and talked a lot about it and realized that it had really been consuming a lot more of my thoughts than I had realized, and it was like I was having this difficulty between like, reality and what was, you know, in my head about it. And this weekend after those conversations, that’s when I decided, you know, I need to focus on what’s in front of me and what’s here now, and that’s when I decided to just cut ties completely. Yeah.

CB: Got it. Okay. That makes – and that was, sorry, you said just this last week?

A: Yeah. I did it on Sunday night.

CB: Oh wow, okay —

A: At 7:30 PM.

CB: Sunday… So today is Wednesday. I’m just looking at like, transiting Mars opposing your Mercury recently. Sunday… Hold on. Let me look at the date. So Sunday was the 19th. Okay.

A: Yeah. And I did it – I know the time I did it was like, 7:30 PM and I was in Tulum, Mexico.

CB: Okay, that would be right – okay, so that actually is really interesting because this is the same thing that happened with – in the month ahead forecast, when we finally talked about Mars in Aries, we were really focusing on that Mars-North Node conjunction that went exact on the 19th, or yeah, around the 18th, 19th, because it got triggered by the Moon opposing Mars right at the same time. And Austin and I will talk about this in the month ahead forecast, but like, one of the things that happened was that combination went exact right when the president of Iran died. But it sounds like this, that that combination was happening right on top of your Mercury in Libra at 15 degrees of Libra, so it sounds like you decided to sever that relationship around the same time, basically.

A: Yeah. Wow.

CB: Yeah, so. It sounds like it was not gentle or that it was definitely like, a severing, and you said there was like, a blocking on social media and everything?

A: Yeah. There was. And there was like, it was like, a meditation that I did and like, I wrote a letter and it was like, this whole ceremonial goodbye.

CB: Got it. Okay. Yeah, really like cutting the cord.

A: Yeah. Like, that was actually, I did a cord-cutting meditation where I like, released his energy back to him and I took mine back to myself.

CB: Okay. Interesting. All right. Well, yeah. It’ll be interesting to see. We’re still – I think it’s in June. It’s not until in June – let me look at the planetary alignments calendar. So Saturn stations on the 29th of June, and Neptune stations on the 2nd of July. So there’s still some ongoing ambiguity there or some ongoing sort of coming back down to reality and dealing with the implications of some of that. Especially because part of this is like, your Saturn square. So this is the first time that it’s sort of like, referring back to some of the things that happened during your Saturn return and seeing the evolution of some of those themes in your life and kind of checking in on what happened during your Saturn return to see if you’re in the direction that you wanna go or if you’re trying to make a course adjustment. So I would pay attention to what happens around the time of those two stationary dates of Saturn and Neptune in late June and early July, because that’ll probably give you some sense of what the next steps are and what probably the next year is gonna look like in terms of continuing that process before eventually Saturn and Neptune start to get out of Pisces and luckily some of the fog starts to clear up starting in 2025 and onwards as you move away from these transits.

A: Awesome. Yeah. This is so interesting. Thank you so much.

CB: Cool. All right. Yeah. Thanks a lot for sharing your example with us. I appreciate it.

A: Yeah. Thanks.

CB: All right.

Let me look at the Q&A. So some people in the live chat are asking questions. So Chelsea asks, “I wonder if her relocation chart to Tulum at that time would show even more activation and a sense of finality.” Yeah, that actually would’ve been interesting to look at like, the actual electional chart to see what that looked like. I wanna keep moving through questions here. But it was sort of like, the same thing Vandana had gotten the time for when the first report about the Iranian president came out, and it was interesting seeing that the Moon was still applying to the opposition with Mars at that time.

Maya asks, “Is it appropriate to address this in conversation? It’s interesting to understand how these conditions are in your chart and yet we have free will and our responses to these conditions of the planets.”

Yeah, I mean, that’s the big debate amongst astrologers, and different astrologers have different positions about, you know, the extent to which things are fated versus the extent to which we exercise free will and then questions about the extent to which even our free will is sometimes indicated by certain things in the chart, and it gets very tricky, but that’s definitely a discussion we could have more at some point.

Shauna says she wishes she could join from the start. We will – I’ll post this recording; I’m gonna post it for early access for everybody, the recording, as soon as it’s done, and then if all goes well, I’ll see if I can release it as an episode of The Astrology Podcast as well. So you’ll be able to see.

All right. Let me pull up… All right, so we’ve got 48, now 49 questions have come in. I’ve made it through three so far, and we’re only 53 minutes into this, so I think we’re making really good time to be finished with this by some time next week. Let me see how many more I can get through in the next hour, though.

All right. Zlatina, are you still here? I think you have a really good one. Alright. Hey —


CB: How’s it going?

Z: Great. Very excited.

CB: Yeah, thanks for joining me for this experiment today. What is your birth data?

Z: So it’s March 15th, 1993. 7:54 PM.

CB: Okay.

Z: In Varna, which would be spelled Valens Alpha Romeo November Alpha, Bulgaria.

CB: Okay. Bulgaria.

Z: So it should be 15 Libra.

CB: Perfect. Got it. All right. Here I’m gonna share your chart. So for people listening to the audio, it’s Libra rising with Jupiter in Libra conjunct the Ascendant. It’s a night chart. The ruler of the Ascendant is Venus, which is placed in the 7th house of relationships, so it’s showing a major focus on relationships. The most positive planet is also Venus, because it’s a night chart, and the most challenging planet is Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th house.

So you said with some of the recent transits, you had an inheritance recently.

Z: Not exactly an inheritance. It was like, a one time happy occasion sudden surprise. Someone that I’ve never met who is my partner’s grandmother gifted me a vacation along with him, a very – sorry, I’m a little nervous – a very, like —

CB: No problem.

Z: — a luxurious experience that I wasn’t ever expecting someone to give me a vacation of such kind not knowing me at all, which was quite exciting. And we had an amazing time there. And it was basically happening during the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter. And then the gifting itself happened in January at the time when Jupiter was earlier in Taurus.

CB: Right. Jupiter actually stationed, I think, in early January.

Z: Yes, I think so. I haven’t had time to check in order to be as accurate as possible, but I believe it was right around the stationing period in the beginning of January.

CB: So basically somebody gave you like, a gift of a trip and it was unexpected, and then you got to actually take the trip at the end of April?

Z: Yes. And yeah, I had another comment as well, because in regards to outer planet transits, I can point out two different examples, like Neptune on my Sun for the last few years. Because I believe it was in March that it finally left, like, the 25th degree where my Sun is of Pisces. So I’ve had all kinds of Neptunian crises during the last two or three years. I’ve had like, an identity crisis situations; I’ve also had some ambiguous health issues that were definitely sort of making me a bit more isolated than I would usually be.

CB: Okay. Yeah.

Z: So also —

CB: And Saturn’s been there as well over the past year, which is probably not helping.

Z: Well, probably yes, but I would guess that Saturn is still about to show its full potential in there. So there’s something positive with Jupiter in Taurus as well, because last year, the first it ingressed into Taurus, I suddenly got a job offer, which was also unexpected because I had not applied for a job. And then found me, and it happened just days after I had a breaking point at my previous job where I was like, okay, I’m gonna have to find another job now. But I had a master’s thesis to finish, so I had postponed it for later that year, but the offer just came out of nowhere at the end of May, actually, at the very beginning of the new transit of Jupiter into Taurus —

CB: Okay.

Z: — which trined my Moon.

CB: Yeah, that’s what I was just thinking as soon as Jupiter goes into Taurus, your Moon – because you have Libra rising, your Moon is actually the ruler of your 10th house of career. And so your Moon is at one degree of Capricorn, so Jupiter just like, immediately trines it and then you get a job offer.

Z: Yes. And what’s funny is that I’m the only team member in that team that is from another country. Like, they’re all based and located at a particular geographical location, and because of particular language skills, I got to be selected. So I’m in the team of foreigners all by myself from my country.

CB: Wow. Nice. Interesting.

Z: Yeah.

CB: So yeah. So those are both pretty good transits. How old are you again?

Z: I’m 31.

CB: 31, okay. So oh, so that is an 8th house profection year right now, right?

Z: Yes.

CB: Okay. So that’s another reason why that especially was important this year in terms of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and why that sort of unexpected fortunate event happened in terms of being able to be gifted that trip.

Z: Yes. Exactly.

CB: Nice. All right. Well that’s a pretty good example. So yeah. Now Jupiter will be moving into your 9th house of, you know, travel, philosophy, religion, other countries. It’ll be interesting to see how that continues to work out in terms of your career and in terms of you still have that job or that position where you’re the only person having a different background compared to everyone else?

Z: Yes. Yes, and actually just last month I have also signed up and I have officially started studying astrology, so you could say that it also manifested in that way as well.

CB: Yeah. That’s beautiful. So that this one year transit of Jupiter through your 9th house that’s gonna be kicked off with a big stellium of planets moving through your 9th house over the course of the next month that that’s going to coincide with the first year of your formal sort of intensive studies in astrology.

Z: Yes. Let’s hope it’s lucky.

CB: Yeah. I think that’s very fortunate. That’s a really good indication for sure. So cool. Well, thanks for sharing that example. You’ll have to let me know how that goes in terms of your studies of astrology over the next year and like, how that transit ended up working out and maybe we can do a follow up at some point.

Z: Yes. Thank you very much. Such an honor to be here.

CB: Yeah. Thanks for joining me today.

What’s the next one… Let me scroll through and find something different that we haven’t done so far. I’m in a Taurus when Jupiter… Okay, that might be a good one. Anne Vetter, are you still here?


CB: Hey. Thanks for joining me.

AV: Thanks for having me. I’m so excited.

CB: Yeah. All right. What’s your birth data?

AV: March 17th, 1994.

CB: Okay.

AV: 4:08 PM. San Francisco, California.

CB: Got it. And is your Ascendant one degree of Virgo?

AV: Yes. And that’s both birth certificate and my mom was very certain of that.

CB: Nice. All right. Here is your chart. So you have early Virgo rising. You have a day chart; you were born a little bit before sunset. So the most positive planet is Jupiter in Scorpio in the 3rd house of communication and the more challenging planet is Mars in Pisces in the 7th house. And the ruler of your Ascendant is Mercury, which is in Aquarius in the 6th house, although it’s actually very nicely mitigated by a configuration to both the degree of the Midheaven, which it square, as well as to the fact that it’s actually within three degrees of a conjunction with the Descendant itself. So what’s been going on with you or what transits did you want to talk about?

AV: So I specifically, I think, in my note talked about – I’ve been having a very Jupiter in the 9th house year. I applied to graduate school and got into my dream program I didn’t realize was my dream program when I began. I used – there’s like, a thing in Austrian law that gives Austrian citizenship to descendants of Holocaust survivors, which I used to procure Austrian citizenship. And then I shot a story – I’m a photographer, and I shot a story for the New York Times Magazine that came out the weekend of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. It was about polyamory, and it blew up in this way that was just like, completely unexpected by the editor, unexpected by the magazine, and completely unexpected by me. So that was like, the main one that I put in. Oh, and also I started a relationship with someone who I met while touring this graduate program and Jupiter was in my 9th and is the ruler of my 7th.

CB: Wow. That’s amazing.

AV: It was a really good Jupiter year; I’m sad to see it go.

CB: How old are you?

AV: I’m 30; I turned 30 this year.

CB: Okay, so you’re actually in a 7th house profection year which activates —

AV: Yes.

CB: — Jupiter as the lord of the year, so that’s the other reason that Jupiter transits are really potent for you right now.

AV: Yeah, it was a really – I feel really lucky.

CB: So let me show the biwheel. Animate biwheel just so we can show the transits because it’s like, it coincided with that, but part of what was happening there is that it was hitting your Midheaven pretty closely. So the weekend of the conjunction was like, the 19th and 20th, and here we see Jupiter conjoining Uranus in your 9th house. You published this story and then it just becomes unexpectedly like, wildly successful.

AV: Yeah. Like, 40,000 likes or something on Instagram. But what was interesting is that like, it really pointed out to me how Jupiter is neither good nor bad, it’s just expanding, because while it got a lot of attention, like, I didn’t get any hate, but people really had such strong reactions to the stories of polyamory that were shared. Essentially, I photographed 10 people who are part of a larger like, 30-person polycule, and people had —

CB: I saw that story. That’s —

AV: Yeah.

CB: — funny. Yeah, that’s really funny. I saw that story; that was good.

AV: It was really – and they were super sweeties, and it was lovely to work with them, and people had such strong reactions, but in a way that just like, put it in front of so many other people.

CB: Right. Yeah. Sometimes having that much many eyes on something can be tricky for a number of different reasons that it’s hard to anticipate until it’s actually happened.

Yeah, so that’s pretty good. So you’re in a Jupiter profection year. Jupiter in your 9th house – the 9th house is the house of publishing. Usually that’s like, book publishing, but obviously, you know, being published in a big magazine or in a big paper like that still fits pretty perfectly. What else was going on in your chart? Oh yeah, that was also when – that’s actually funny as well. I had connected this with one of the things that happened in the rap battle, but one of the – I think it was when like, Drake put out this song that used like, an AI-generated Tupac and Snoop, he ended up having to take it down, but he released it the day that Mercury retrograde was conjoining Venus.

AV: Oh.

CB: So it’s interesting; it looks like that conjunction was also in your release chart a little bit there, and —

AV: Yeah.

CB: — it’s interesting that it was like, a Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus, it was about polyamory, but then also it was like, it got big sort of unexpectedly and there was some unexpected maybe results from that that you weren’t anticipating.

AV: Totally.

CB: Yeah. That’s very Venus retrograde. And then – okay. So the other thing is just over the past year, you applied for a grad program and you got it. When did you start that process of like, applying for it?

AV: May. So I realized in May that I wanted to apply to graduate school, and I started with like, wanting —

CB: Of this year?

AV: What?

CB: Of this year?

AV: May this year. Or —

CB: Okay.

AV: — yeah, like, May – sorry, May 2023. I realized —

CB: Oh, a year ago.

AV: Yeah, a year ago. Sorry. I realized a year ago that I wanted to go to graduate school and MFA in photography. I specifically really wanted to go to the program at Yale until the first week of November when a mentor convinced me to go look at UCLA, which had like, I hadn’t wanted to go to because it’s much more interdisciplinary, and then I went. I visited. And like, within moments of being on the campus was like, I’m going to go here. Like, this is the perfect program for me. And then first week of February got a really unexpected call. Didn’t even interview, and got it.

CB: Really quickly, what was the – you said that you suddenly sort of decided in May of 2023 that you wanted to go to grad school. So that would’ve been when Jupiter ingressed into Taurus into your 9th house of education. What were the circumstances surrounding that in terms of why did you make that decision, or what arose within you at that time that sort of led to that?

AV: A really good friend of mine had just gotten into Yale, and I saw that. I was like, oh, he’s really moving with his career in this way. And I was like, if he can do, I can do it, because it had kind of felt out of – like, both of these programs are really difficult to get into, and it really felt out of reach. And then when I saw a peer like, go through the process and access this thing that he had been dreaming of, I was like, okay, like, I can absolutely do this too.

CB: Nice. Okay. And then you did that visit in November. And then you actually got accepted did you say in February?

AV: I got accepted like February 2nd.

CB: Got it. Okay. What was happening in February… And then did you start recently, or when do you start?

AV: No, I start September 26th.

CB: Got it. Okay. So Jupiter will be in Gemini coming up on your Midheaven around that time.

AV: Yeah. Oh, it’s interesting that – wait, no, my Midheaven is 27 —

CB: Oh sorry, that’s the transiting Midheaven. Yeah. My bad.

AV: Yeah, I was like, I’ve never seen my Midheaven at 11 Gemini.

CB: Yeah, no, I was thinking of just your 10th whole sign house. Although yeah, that’s actually interesting, because that’ll be the first eclipse in Pisces in September, which is in your 7th house of relationships, and I think you’ll still be in this 7th house profection year. And that was actually the final or the third component that you mentioned is you started a relationship recently.

AV: Yeah. So I’ve been with the partner that I live with for four years, and we’ve been open the entire time. And then in late October, early November, I realized that I am not just open, that I’m polyamorous, and then the person who – the mutual, like a friend of a friend who is at UCLA gave me a tour and I was like, oh, this person is really cute. And then I was like, well, I’m probably not gonna get into UCLA so I might as well start dating them. And then started dating them, and got into UCLA. So that will be right around the time that we begin going to graduate school together; they’re a year ahead of me in the program.

CB: Nice. Around September, basically, when that eclipse happens in —

AV: Yeah.

CB: — your 7th house. One of the things I really like about this also is with Jupiter, with Pisces on the 7th house and the ruler is Jupiter and it’s in your 3rd house of communication and the article you just came out is basically about relationships and it partially arises from your own personal experiences in terms of having polyamorous relationships that you’re then communicating. Like, the 3rd house of communications. So that’s a brilliant very literal manifestation of having the ruler of the 3rd house of relationships in the 3rd house of communication.

AV: Yeah.

CB: Brilliant. All right. Cool. Well, that’s all very exciting. Congratulations.

AV: Thank you. Yeah, I’ll be sad to see this Jupiter year leave, but excited for Jupiter in Gemini and what else is to come.

CB: Yeah. Well, there’ll be many more of those that come around every 12 years, and it’s a good setup, you know, for many good things in the future. So it’ll be interesting, actually, like, 12 years from now – there’ll be other periods in between, but it’ll be interesting to see the repetition 12 years from now when you again have a similar profection year and you have again a similar transit and just… Obviously, Uranus won’t be there at that point, but just —

AV: Yeah.

CB: — if you have this continuing repetition of something you’ve written about relationships blowing up and having far more impact than you anticipated.

AV: Totally.

CB: Not just in challenging ways, but in very good ways.

AV: Yeah. And I do think that the Uranus in Taurus has been like, unexpected relationship, unexpected change in program, unexpected – like, it really has been really luckily beneficial for me for the most part.

CB: Yeah. Well, and the other half of that that’s gonna open up next year is that first Pisces eclipse is gonna open up some major things with relationships and be a major period of beginnings and endings in terms of that. But 7th house eclipses are also opening up a sequence of eclipses in your first house, so —

AV: Yeah.

CB: — there’s often a lot of changes in terms of the person’s self of sense and like, who they are and what they want out of relationships and how much they’re willing to put into it and usually go through like, a year, year and a half period of back and forth in terms of focusing more on one or the other before you find sort of an equilibrium of some sort.

AV: Totally. And someone in the chat just mentioned like, Saturn – long-term relationships. I was also going through my Saturn return in the 7th through all of this.

CB: Right. Okay. So yes.

AV: And both my partners are Saturn conjunct the Sun in a Saturn-ruled sign.

CB: Conjunct the Sun. Okay, so you had actually Saturnian – that’s always a great thing when you have a transit and then you have somebody that comes into your life at that time that kind of matches the energy or the placement of that transit.

AV: Yes.

CB: Definitely. All right, cool. Well, thanks a lot. Thanks for sharing that.

AV: Of course.

CB: All right. Bye.

All right. Where are we at? Hour 17. Let’s look for another example. Thanks everyone in the live chat for your comments; it’s been really helpful. Let me read through the rest of these really quickly. So one of the things I’ll do next time also in preparing this a little bit more ahead of time is I’ll filter through these examples so I don’t have to do it live, just so I know which ones we’re gonna do. Aries in the 4th house. Okay, this is a good small example. Alison who had the father who had surgery, if you’re still here?


CB: Hey. Thanks for joining me.

A: Thanks for having me, and hi everyone!

CB: All right. What’s your birth data?

A: It’s June 18th, 1982, in —

CB: Okay.

A: At 9:14 PM.

CB: Okay.

A: In Plymouth, Massachusetts. I’m walking my dogs.

CB: Sure. Is your Ascendant 11 Capricorn?

A: That’s right.

CB: All right. So here’s your chart. You have Capricorn rising. And what was your example that you had recently?

A: Well, it’s funny. I really, I have a good relationship with my dad, but I don’t call him a ton. And so I usually call him on his birthday and on Christmas and yeah. Like, a couple times a year, but around the time of the eclipse, I was like, geez. You know, this 4th house thing – maybe I should call my dad. And I called him, and he was like, oh, everything’s cool, but I’m gonna have surgery. And I was —

CB: Wow.

A: — like, what? I know! I was like, okay! So —

CB: And that was around the time of the Aries eclipse, the solar eclipse last month?

A: Yeah. It was like, three days before it.

CB: Okay. Wow. So yeah, that’s a big, that’s big news all of a sudden. And it was – was it a serious surgery?

A: I mean, it was. It was on his back, and he had like, a lump removed. So I’m kind of still – it went well, and he’s been well, but it’s something I kind of am still looking at since there will be another eclipse in October. Or, yeah. So yeah, but he’s good. But it was pretty striking.

CB: Yeah. So you —

A: Yeah.

CB: — said, you said you don’t talk to him. When was the last time you had talked to him prior to that?

A: Oh, yeah, probably around Christmas.

CB: Okay. So like, five-ish months earlier?

A: Yeah. And I was gonna call him, well, in May, because his birthday’s in May. So it was like, random that I was like… Yeah, I mean the told me to call him, actually.

CB: Okay. Yeah. So that’s pretty striking, just having that eclipse there and having – because it wasn’t just, it was like, an event. There was an event that occurred, but then also that probably made you think about that relationship or think about him more, I would assume —

A: Oh sure.

CB: — after that.

A: Yes, definitely.

CB: Okay. Cool. So will you, I don’t know, be more in touch then, just in terms of – do you think that’s part of what that transit was about for you in terms of, I don’t know, re-establishing that connection or having more connection or how do you think that’ll play out as we get two more eclipses taking place in Libra and Aries?

A: It’s yeah, it’s interesting. I mean, yeah, I definitely will be talking to him more, and I’m planning a trip home over the summer, because I’m about 3,000 miles away, so. Yeah, so I think that definitely will be tightening the bond. But I am worried, you know; I’m a little bit worried about his health and just – and he’s getting older, of course, so.

CB: Sure.

A: Yeah.

CB: Yeah. Well, I mean, hopefully the good thing is just, you know, having that sort of sudden, shocking realization and of that event, you know, so close to the eclipse. Hopefully it’s just something that draws you closer together or makes you appreciate each other more and you know, that time that you have together. So hopefully it can just be a good thing in terms of that.

A: Yeah.

CB: Cool. All right. Well, thanks for sharing that example; I appreciate it.

A: Yeah, my pleasure. Thank you.

CB: All right. Bye.

A: Bye.

CB: All right, so I need maybe just a few more examples. So if anybody has a good example, especially of the recent eclipses like that last example, of the Mars-Saturn conjunction last month, of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, or of Saturn transiting through Pisces over the past year through a specific house – ideally also one that we haven’t covered before – let me know. Post it in the Q&A; hit the Q&A button and post it if you have one that you think is good. Maybe I accidentally scrolled through it, so it’s okay if you wanna repost it again. I’m gonna run and grab a drink, and I’ll be right back and then I’ll answer some of the questions that have come in since that time.

All right. Okay. This might be a good example. Erin B, are you still here and do you wanna share your chart? Do you wanna come on camera?


ERIN B: Hi. Let me move this to my other where my camera is. All right.

CB: All right. Thanks for joining me.

EB: Thanks for taking questions. I’m nervous; sorry.

CB: No problem. What’s your birth data, what’s your birth date?

EB: It’s October 8th, 1986. 2:50 in the AM. Everett, Washington.

CB: And is your Ascendant 24 Leo?

EB: Yes, it is.

CB: Cool. All right. So here’s your chart. So you have Leo rising; your Sun is in Libra in the 3rd house. This is a night chart, so the most positive planet is Venus in Scorpio in the 4th house, and the most challenging planet is Saturn in Sagittarius in the 5th house. So you’re – somebody already commented in the live chat that we’ve had, like, a few Scorpio stelliums, and I think – I really love that, and it’s great because it just reiterates like, a point sometimes in terms of like, different people astrologically sometimes tend to be drawn to people that have similar energy, and sometimes you’ll see that in a client setting where clients will have similar placements. But it’s interesting how many listeners of my podcast I’m realizing also have Scorpio stelliums.

EB: Yeah. When it’s Pluto, I haven’t really always considered it a stellium, just because outer planet stuff, so I’m like, eh, I’m not that cool.

CB: Yeah. Well, having Mercury, Venus, and Pluto there – I think it’s something. It’s something. It’s not anything to sneeze at. So what’s your example that you wanted to share?

EB: So with the eclipse, well, it’s a lot that all ties in together. So when there was the Saturn-Mars conjunction in Pisces, just before I think around the lunar eclipse maybe, I basically got laid off in a riff from my company, which is – it happened on my Jupiter. And so that was a big surprise. Well, not a big surprise – we kind of saw it coming – but…

CB: How long had you worked there?

EB: Like, two years. I’d just had my two year anniversary when we got that news pretty much.

CB: Wow, okay. So that was a major like, financial hit, then?

EB: Oh yeah. But maybe I feel like it was maybe softened by my Jupiter a little bit, because we got severance packages and we got to keep all the equipment. But —

CB: Nice.

EB: — yeah, so then I was just kind of like, in this terrified state of how am I gonna maintain my lifestyle? And yeah, and like, just the job market for my role is not very good, so I just kind of… When the solar eclipse came up, I just pretty much lost it and was like, all right, I’m driving from – I live in Alaska right now, and I decided to drive home to Seattle, just to go to see people that were supportive, so. And that’s like, a four-day drive from Alaska —

CB: Yeah.

EB: — to Seattle. So —

CB: So you went on like, a cross-country, even cross international like, road trip.

EB: Yeah, across Canada, down the west coast, and visited home for a while. And it was from like, the 22nd of April until I got back on the 12th.

CB: Have you done other road trips before?

EB: Oh yes. Lots.

CB: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Like, random anecdote, but I’ve been walking by, I go for like, a walk each day and like, get tea from a local coffee shop, and there’s always these guys that are just like, they have cars in front of their house that they’re always working on. And it’s really funny that you have this placement, because I’ve been wanting to put out a call – I was wondering if anybody who’s like, a car guy or car gal that has like, the ruler of the Ascendant in the 3rd house of short distance travel could like, hit me up, because I swear to god, like, I don’t have the not courage, but I don’t have the freedom to be weird to just like, ask these random strangers what their birth time is on the street, but I’d love to see more examples of people that have – I’m sure, like, they have the ruler of the Ascendant in the 3rd or some 3rd house placements. So you having this and taking a road trip, I really appreciate that. How’s that worked out? You’ve done other road trips at other points?

EB: Oh yes. Well, last year, like right around the Venus retrograde, I actually moved from Montana to Alaska and I drove a UHaul towing my car. Back in my 20s, I drove to California a couple years in a row, just I guess I’m gonna be in California for a while. And I used to drive a lot back and forth between Washtington and Montana. I feel like my Sagittarius Moon is a big part of that, too.

CB: Totally.

EB: But…

CB: Yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

EB: Yeah. And then while I was there, before I left, I submitted a bunch of resumes to a bunch of old colleagues and whatnot, and one of them like, Mercury retrograde stuff, I totally flubbed an interview/like, a pre-interview test, and I didn’t even get like, any callbacks. But then I got an email from someone I submitted a resume to that I didn’t think anything about, and they started an interview cycle with me at that company that’s remote. And then as I was driving back, I was like, two days before I got back, they were scheduling a lot of interviews for me like, the 20th, or – wait, that’s today. Like, the 13th and 14th. And I did all those interviews and then I got an offer letter, and it really weirdly specifically like, my weird specific role that I’ve done for several years at a previous job – so I was basically hand-picked for it. And then yeah, I signed my offer during the Jupiter cazimi. Like, it was exact Jupiter cazimi is basically when I actually got the offer to sign.

CB: Right. And that, since you’re a Leo rising, that cazimi, that Sun-Jupiter conjunction was right in your 10th house of career.

EB: Yeah.

CB: Nice. And it looks like – and also like, the Venus-Uranus conjunction was there in your 10th house, and of course Mercury has also moved into your 10th house, so you just had a bunch of stuff. And you said it was, very similar or strikingly similar to what your last job was?

EB: Not my last job, but the job before that I left from the pandemic because I couldn’t do it remotely anymore.

CB: Got it. Okay.

EB: So the last —

CB: Nice.

EB: — job I did the past two years was just kind of filler, I guess.

CB: And how old are you again?

EB: I’m 37, so I’m in a 2nd house profection year.

CB: Got it. Second house, finances. Activating Mercury. Mercury’s at six. I mean, it’s interesting that also on that day, I mean, that fills in the last piece in terms of the one transit which is Mercury there at four degrees of Taurus then was coming up to oppose your Mercury, the lord of the year, in the 4th when you got the job. So that’s pretty cool.

EB: Yeah.

CB: Nice. Well, that’s a really good example. That’s exciting that it’s also a good example of sometimes we can have, like, a difficult thing, especially eclipses – you know, I always say they can sometimes represent major beginnings and major endings – and so sometimes there can be something that ends or is wrapped up or comes to the end of its life cycle at the time of an eclipse. But sometimes that becomes necessary in order to clear the way for something else to like, come into our life, and sometimes that can take a while to happen or other times it can happen relatively quickly. And it’s great seeing in your case, at least, that it seems to have happens relatively quickly because we had this great stellium of like, positive planets and the cazimi happening so soon after the eclipse just the following month.

EB: Yeah. I know enough astrology that I was just kind of playing “I am a silly goose of fate.” I’m just gonna trust it.

CB: Right. Yeah. No, that’s incredible. Well, congratulations. Thanks for —

EB: Thank you so much.

CB: — sharing that example. Let me know how that turns out in the future, and yeah, I look forward to hearing if you have like, more major road trips in the future with that ruler of the Ascendant in the 3rd house.

EB: Totally.

CB: All right. Take care.

Okay. That could be a good one. Ana with the 7th house profection year, are you comfortable coming on video?


ANA: Hello.

CB: Thanks for joining me. What’s your birth data?

A: It’s July 6th, 1981. The birth certificate, it’s 9:40, but I did a rectification that went to 9:36, so I don’t know which one you prefer.

CB: I’ll do 9:40, but I’ll pay attention to what the 9:36 looks like. What’s the city?

A: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

CB: All right. There we go. Is your Ascendant five Virgo?

A: Yes.

CB: Roughly. Okay. Yeah, I mean, I don’t see anything that moves too much that’s gonna affect anything we would talk about in terms of just that few minute difference, so I think we’ll be okay using this.

So you have Virgo rising. The ruler of the Ascendant is Mercury, which is in Gemini in the 10th house. This is a day chart with the Sun in the 11th, and the most positive planet is Jupiter in the 2nd in Libra. The most challenging planet is Mars in Gemini in the 10th.

So you said you had some like, relationship stuff going on recently with the Mars-Saturn conjunction?

A: Yeah. So when Jupiter was going through my 7th house, I met my ex-boyfriend. We had a really nice relationship for two years and a half, and then when Saturn entered my 7th house, things started getting rough. And then this last month when Mars-Saturn conjunction was exactly opposite to my Moon, which I never heard you talk about that on your show, but I know it’s my almuten, my Moon. So —

CB: Right.

A: — and it’s a 7th house profection year, so Saturn’s been like, kind of giving me a hard time there. But when the conjunction with Mars hit, yeah, we finally split.

CB: Got it. Okay. So let’s start from the beginning. Let me animate the chart in order to show the transits. So when did you get together again?

A: We met on July 2021, but we started living together in yeah, like the end of 2021.

CB: Do you know when in July you met?

A: The 18th.

CB: Okay, yeah, so Jupiter was at zero degree of Pisces, and it was just right there in your, right on your Descendent. It looks like, actually, it should have stationed really close to there. Let me animate the chart and move it… Yeah, right there. So in June, it stationed – or no, it was direct. Okay. So this was right after Jupiter had ingressed, right, because I forgot about Jupiter doing this between Piesces and Aquarius back then in 2021. So Jupiter dipped into your 7th house in June, and then it stationed there, and then you met this partner. What were the circumstances surrounding you meeting?

A: I’m from Brazil, and I came to live in Lisbon, Portugal, and I had just arrived here. I had broken up from a previous seven year relationship, so I had just arrived here and I was, you know, just arriving and meeting people, not looking for any relationship. And then, yeah, it was just friends of a friend. He’s much younger than me, so at first, I didn’t think it was going anywhere, but yeah, it just worked.

CB: Got it. Okay. And you were – sorry, how old are you now?

A: I’m 42.

CB: 42. Okay. And this was, what, three years ago. How old were you when you met? You had just had a birthday.

A: Yeah. I turned 40; I had just turned 40.

CB: Right, that’s what I was thinking. Okay. So 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 – okay. So that’s really well coincided. And things – I mean, were things basically for that first year or so?

A: Yeah, it was amazing. It was like one of the most, you know, peaceful and reciprocate – I’m sorry. It was, you know, yeah, it was great. It was really nice. It was a great relationship.

CB: One of the things that was going on back then, especially in like, 2022 – I actually had just been thinking about this recently because as soon as Jupiter goes into Gemini this month, it’s gonna start squaring Neptune again, which I was actually concerned about in terms of inflation because I remember in the forecast episodes there were a lot of issues with inflation back around 2021, 2022 when Jupiter was conjoining Neptune. It’s interesting that that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction for you would have been in your 7th house, and you were going through Neptune squaring your Neptune and also squaring your Mars and Mercury at that time. So it’s like, I can imagine that it must have been a period in which you felt like this was, that it both was very good because you have Jupiter in a day chart, so your Jupiter transits are always gonna be the most positive, so it would have been experienced as very positive. But also that there may have been a Neptunian element to it as well in terms of maybe not seeing things clearly or some things looking almost like, too good to be true, that you would later find out maybe are not as good as you thought.

A: Yeah. It was also squaring my natal Neptune.

CB: Yeah. That’s what I’m seeing there. Well, and it’s interesting that you had moved, so it was also kind of tied in with this like, new location that you were living in at the same time.

A: Yeah.

CB: Okay. So the best period for that should have theoretically been when Jupiter was going through your 7th house which lasted until about… I guess it was coming back and forth, but there was a Mars transit a couple of years ago that would have been a little turbulent there in like, April, May of 2022, but the big one was Saturn moving into Pisces last March of 2023. Did you find that – I mean, usually Saturn transits like we were talking about with one of the previous examples, when you only have Neptune, like, things look very idealistic but sometimes not very connected with reality. With Saturn moving into your 7th house, sometimes that can be like, reality hitting you or the details of things becoming clearer. Sometimes there can be a feeling of things becoming more cold or distance. What was the sort of impact of that transit starting in March of 2023?

A: Yeah, well, we were living together and we were both working from home. And I have a 12-year-old son. So I guess it was just like, after this first period where we were like, super happy to be at home, both of us and working and just with everything together and doing groceries and everything was great. After the first moment, like the daily things and the hours he was working shifts, and it was kind of, you know, difficult because of my kids had to wake up early to go to school. So like, this daily boring things started getting rougher and rougher for us, for the relationship. But I think —

CB: Sure.

A: — at first it was like, it was okay, you know? We were dealing with it in like, yeah, you know, that’s like, real life, and there’s something good about that too. But I think the change was after my birthday when it became a 7th year profection. So like, in July it was vacation. Yeah, this year, actually – last year.

CB: So as soon as it switched over, so it’s like, things were still kind of okay after March when Saturn went into Pisces, but then starting in July of last year, 2023, you switched into your 7th house profection year and then suddenly it starts becoming more problematic.

A: Yeah.

CB: Looks like that was also there was a Mars-Saturn opposition at that time – I forgot about that – last summer. So that’s even actually adding more tension, especially last summer.

A: Yeah. And also, it’s not this subject, but I had like, this really like, low iron in my blood. Like I had all sorts of health issues, you know, all the time that Saturn was close to my Ascendant, I had terrible health. Things like really tired and all my nutrients in my blood were low; it was terrible.

CB: Yeah. That’s one of the tricky things about any time Saturn transits into a new house, it’s also activating the other three angular houses through a hard aspect, and you’ll often see tensions developing in those different areas of the person’s life. Or if not tensions, at least changes and Saturn-type developments taking place. So it’s like, Saturn went into your 7th house, but it was also opposing your Ascendant, it was squaring your 10th house career planets, and it was also squaring your IC and Neptune in your 4th house living situation planets. And because those are kind of like, interconnected in your chart in striking ways, having, for example, the ruler of the 7th house also being the ruler of the 4th house, it just creates a lot of inner connection between those things.

A: Yeah.

CB: So all right. So things – once you go into your 7th house profection year, it starts getting a little bit more tricky, and then finally last month I guess Mars went into… Let me animate the chart. But Mars went into Pisces in what, like, March? Yeah.

A: End of March?

CB: Yeah, there it is. So Mars goes into Pisces on March 22nd and March 23rd, and then pretty early on in that so it’s not just a – I think that ingress already in your 7th whole sign house is significant, but pretty soon after that it would have hit the exact degree of your Descendant, so it would have been raising some pretty challenging stuff right from the start.

A: Yeah. So like, on the 29th of March, we had like, the first “okay, let’s split” talk.

CB: Okay, so the first serious talk about let’s actually consider breaking up when Mars was exactly on the degree of your Descendant that day.

A: Yeah.

CB: How did that strike you as like, an astrologer that’s seeing that transit happen at the same time?

A: Yeah, I swear, it wasn’t me who started the conversation. I was very aware, and I had booked a trip to go away for a little bit during this month because I thought it wasn’t a good, you know, moment to make decisions. So I’m like, I’m just going to just stay away for a little bit. But he wanted to talk, so we got into the conversation and kind of that was the conclusion. So we decided after that we decided to just, you know, wait for one more month also because he needed to find a place to go and things like that, and then we started like, coming back together and things looked like they were going to be okay. But like, on the 20th, I think, we had another argument and another conversation, and then he finally left on the 29th of April.

CB: Got it. Okay. So the whole Mars-Saturn conjunction was pretty problematic, and then he left actually the last day or two that Mars was transiting your 7th house.

A: Yeah. I remember the extinction burst that Austin talked about in some episode, like, the last thing that the planet does before going away.

CB: Yeah, for sure. I mean, both the ingress and the egress, the like, leaving of the sign, ending up being really significant for you in that way. Well, I’m sorry that happened. So you’re still in a 7th house profection year for a little bit, but that’s actually gonna end here in just about a month from now. When you have your next solar return, you move into an 8th house profection year, so the focus is not as much on relationships. Luckily, that Mars transit is over. And even though we’re only, what, like, we’re a year into the Saturn transit, already next year Saturn’s gonna be departing from your 7th house. So some of the challenges associated with that won’t be permanent. You know, it’ll just be remembering this as an example of having a Mars-Saturn conjunction in that house and then having to deal with sometimes like, the ending of something. But as with the previous eclipse examples, hopefully it’s freeing you up and having the end of one cycle sort of freeing things up so that you can have other, more fulfilling relationships in the future.

A: Yeah.

CB: Yeah. How are you – with Jupiter going into your 10th house, do you have any career things coming up of areas where you think you could have some positive career developments over the next year?

A: Yeah, I’m really hoping – like, I’ve been studying astrology for four years, and since the last year, I’ve like, made a Instagram profile and started like, really advertising because it was only for like, friends and people I know. And I was hoping that this would like, pick up faster. I kind of need that to happen faster, you know, for money reasons. So I’m hoping that with the Jupiter going to the 10th house, this just expands and grows.

CB: Nice.

A: Yeah, the astrological practice, yeah.

CB: All right. Well, I will be like, your fulfillment of that transit then. So Jupiter probably not long after I release this will go into your 10th house, and it’ll trine your natal Jupiter at two degrees of Libra in your 2nd house. So what’s your website, or what are your social media profiles so people can get a consultation with you if they want?

A: Okay, it’s in Portuguese, but I do consultations in English too, but all the content’s in Portuguese. But it’s MadeOfStarsz with a z on the end.

CB: Oh yeah, I’ve seen your profile. It’s a really good Instagram profile.

A: Thank you.

CB: Awesome. Cool. Well, I hope people check that out and like, visit your profile and help you get some business as an astrologer. And yeah, thanks for sharing this example with us even though it’s a challenging example; I’m sorry you’re going through that. I think it it really helpful sometimes, you know, for other people to have examples shared like that so they can see what it’s like and how the transits play out, and sometimes as an astrologer when we see these things playing out live, even though we’re not causing that to happen, it’s just happening organically, you know it’s hard to be the only one who’s witnessing that, and sometimes it can be nice to share that experience with other people and just be like, “Look at this crazy transit I just had. Isn’t this perfect how well it lined up?” even if it wasn’t perfect to experience.

A: Yeah.

CB: Yeah. So thanks for sharing.

A: Thank you! It was great talking to you.

CB: All right. Bye.

A: Bye.

CB: All right. Let me see what time it is. So looks like we’ve been going for about two hrs, so I think I’ll try to do one more example, but then I should probably wrap things up in terms of today’s experiment so I don’t wear myself out too much.

All right. Let me scroll through really quickly and see if I can find one that gives us a different perspective than something we’ve focused on so far. I’m gonna try to end us on a positive note if I can, so I’m looking for a really positive one if anybody happens to have one. All right, that one’s not bad. All right. I haven’t scrolled through all of them, but I think I’ll end with this one. Amelia, are you still in the chat for your Jupiter cazimi example?


AMELIA: Hey. Can you hear me?

CB: Yeah, I can hear you just fine. Thanks for joining me.

A: Thanks for coming.

CB: What’s your birth data?

A: April 4th, 1980. In Woodside, New York, Queens County, New York.

CB: What time?

A: 10:47 AM.

CB: All right. And what was the city again?

A: Woodside, New York. Woodside Queens – in some platforms, it comes up as Queens County.

CB: So that’s gonna give me issues. I might have to default to the other county, although I don’t know – your Ascendant’s not 17 Gemini, is it?

A: No, it’s 15 Cancer.

CB: Yeah. Okay. Let me see. Woodside.

A: W O O D S I D E, New York.

CB: Is it one word or two?

A: One word.

CB: That’s what I thought. Okay. Yeah, it’s showing up, but it’s just giving the wrong timezone.

A: You can do – try Astoria. That’s right next door.

CB: Okay. Yeah, I forgot, that’s a good hack for anybody that doesn’t know is if a location’s not coming up well on Solar Fire or wherever you’re entering your chart data, try to find a big city that’s not too far away, and it’ll be roughly approximately correct. So your Ascendant is at 15 Cancer?

A: Yep.

CB: Cool. All right. Here’s your chart. So you have Cancer rising. The Moon is in Scorpio in the 5th house. You have a day chart with the Sun in the 10th. The most positive planet is Jupiter in Virgo in the 3rd. The most challenging planet is Mars in Leo in the 2nd. What’s your – set the scene for us for your story.

A: Okay. So I sent in two, but you want the Jupiter cazimi one, not the other one?

CB: Yeah, I don’t know if I saw the other one. Maybe we’ll do that. Let’s do the Jupiter cazimi – is the other one positive or challenging?

A: I think you’d say it’s positive.

CB: Okay. Then let’s do both —

A: It was a Saturn ingress, it was a Saturn in Pisces, it’s a creative thing. But…

CB: Let’s do that one if you think it’s good, and then we’ll end with the cazimi one.

A: Okay, because the cazimi one’s very short. So —

CB: Right.

A: — we can just end on that note. Yeah, so when Saturn ingressed into Pisces, I had to go and pick up my… Okay, so the scene setting is that my father is, that I’m estranged from or grew up estranged from, I had my first meeting with my father at my open Saturn square. And he’s a photographer, and he’s aging and has dementia and whatnot. He’s in his eighties. And he —

CB: So you —

A: — was a large —

CB: You had that at your opening Saturn square, which would be when Saturn was in Sagittarius from 2017 to 2020?

A: Yeah. Well, so, you know, before that. Like, in the ‘80s.

CB: Okay, so let me – let’s back up then. So first off, why are you – so you have Saturn at 22 Virgo, and it’s —

A: Yeah.

CB: — conjunct your IC at 25 degrees of Virgo —

A: Yeah. So that’s like, my father…

CB: Yeah, so why were you estranged, or what was the circumstances growing up when you were born?

A: Yeah, so he left when I was six months old. And he’s from Bulgaria and he like, went back to Bulgaria. And I met him for the first time when I was seven, so that like, opening Saturn square.

CB: Yeah.

A: And then during the opposition, he gave me my first camera. And I’m a photographer; he’s a photographer. And so he gave me my first camera in like, 1994, which was when Saturn was in Pisces.

CB: Wow. And it’s wild that the ruler of your IC is Mercury, which is in the 9th house in Pisces, which matches both of those. Because on the one hand, it’s in the sign of foreign travel and foreign places, and he went back to a —

A: Is like, a foreigner.

CB: Yeah, he’s a person from a foreign country from where you grew up. And then also it’s in Pisces, which is more of a creative and artistic sign, and he’s a photographer and that sort of inspired you to some extent in that way.

A: Yeah. So when I got that camera, I started getting into photography, and I actually got into art school in that Saturn in Pisces in the ‘90s —

CB: Wow.

A: — which kind of jump-started like, I went to college then and got a BFA in photography. But then that kind of switch from analog to digital happened, and I kind of had to go with that, and I sort of like, left the analog stuff behind. And so he’s always kind of giving me his like, old analog cameras that I’ve just been like, oh, these are like paperweights. Like, a 4×5 camera or like, some old Soviet style medium format cameras. So I have like, a big trunk of them, right? But last year when I went to go… I went to go back to New York where a lot of his stuff resides still, I inherited his like, most prized large format photographs. Or large format cameras, sorry. And I mean like, they’re like, 11 by 14, eight by 10, they’re like massive camera —

CB: You said inherit —

A: — size of like, suitcases.

CB: You said inherited. Did he pass away?

A: He has not passed away. He’s back in Bulgaria in a nursing home, and so like, they were just trying to get rid of his stuff so that he could be permanently placed in a like, advanced care, memory care place.

CB: Got it. And when did this happen again, the inheriting the cameras?

A: So I officially received the like, final, the sort of the big finale was last May, and I believe that Saturn was like, maybe at five degrees Pisces at that point. But the sort of like, inspiration of getting all of these large format cameras was preceded by Jupiter going into Pisces before that, where I got this kind of like, somebody in my friends circle gave me a suggestion of what I could do with that, because I was like, I don’t know even what I wanna do with these large format cameras. And somebody suggested like, oh, well, like, the wet plate community might be interested. And so what that is is I didn’t actually know – I was like, what is this community? Maybe I wanna be a part of this community. And wet plate is an old style of photography from the 1800s, from like, the 1860s – if you know what a daguerreotype is. They’re called tintypes. Basically, you just like, use silver nitrate and collodion and you like, do photography on glass or tin.

CB: Wow.

A: And it’s —

CB: That’s cool.

A: — an old like, very early style of photography. So I literally just started doing that, and now that’s all I’m doing is like, wet plate tintypes with these – using my father’s old cameras to go on a totally different like, photographing direction. I haven’t touched a large format camera since I was in college.

CB: That’s incredible. And it’s as transiting Saturn is like, conjoining your natal Mercury and you’re going through your Saturn opposition that was so much tied in with that entire cycle of both your relationship with him as well as your relationship with photography.

A: Yeah. Because I’m using his old cameras that he like, I finally got this sort of like, his most prized ones, I guess, because he can’t use them anymore, so.

CB: Right. That’s incredible. And it’s also like, something old. It’s amazing that it’s like, a technology from like, the 1800s you were saying, and it’s like, a Saturn transit to your Mercury. And yet that’s tied in with that for you, like something —

A: And then Jupiter, too, right? Because like, you know, just the Pisces aspect being ruled by Jupiter – the alchemical symbol for tin, which is what I’m photographing on, is the Jupiter symbol.

CB: Right. Yeah. That’s a good point. I guess you do have – Mercury is actually exchanging signs with Jupiter, so you have a nice mutual reception where Mercury’s in Pisces and Jupiter’s in Virgo, so it creates a connection there even though initially there’s like, an awkwardness or a challenge for each of those planets to operate, especially early in life. It eventually becomes a strength because they’ve exchanged signs and are supporting each other mutually.

That’s cool. So that’s great in terms of right now and in terms of that Saturn transit that you’re going through at the moment and how that’s tied in with your career since you have the degree of the Midheaven in Pisces in your 9th whole sign house. And then you had another example that was like, not related to that, but it was kind of interesting as well, right?

A: Yeah. So when the Jupiter cazimi happened, I was —

CB: Oh, and actually – sorry, one last thing. Sorry I just realized this before – I meant to mention this earlier. But with Cancer rising, like, the eclipses have been bouncing back and forth between your 4th house of parents and your 10th house of career over the past year. Did any of the eclipses roughly coincide with any of the important turning points in terms of that? I mean, I know obviously he’s going through some things. This is also affecting you career-wise, but I would just be curious about that.

A: Yeah, I mean, so a couple months ago – I’ve been living in the same house for nine years, and it’s been like, very very undermarket. I live in Seattle, so for Seattle standards, I have been paying extremely cheap rent. The eclipses going through that axis point, we had a little bit of a landlord rent issue where whether we were gonna stay or go because they doubled our rent. So I mean, that kind of got worked out, but there was a little tension, and I live with roommates and a partener and stuff, so that was kind of complicated. And then career stuff – I mean, I don’t really make money off of photography. I’ve tried; it’s always been a real struggle. I’ve struggled with career my whole life, so I have a steady job that is pretty flexible and lets me have a lot of time off. So this particular year is like, a year where I get my most maximum amount of time off that I can pursue like, the things that I’m interested in. So the tiptype stuff that I wanna get more involved in and I’m doing a lot of traveling. And I’m actually gonna see my father probably for one of the last times in like, three weeks; I’m going back to Bulgaria.

CB: Oh wow. Okay. In three weeks – so that’s actually gonna be when Saturn’s stationing roughly, or not too long before Saturn stations in Pisces at your Saturn opposition.

A: Yeah. And this’ll be the first time I visit time in the memory care facility that he was placed into. So the likelihood that this particular meeting I have with him that he doesn’t remember me is pretty high.

CB: Wow. Okay. Yeah, that’s really heavy. Yeah, that’s a lot to go through. I mean, it’s a little interesting that that’s like, an issue or if that comes up as an end-of-life thing just because symbolically so much of what you’re doing now with this photography is like, the photographs – it’s like, finding different materials that you expose light to that then takes the impression and like, keeps the impression, and this like, feeling about things that retain impression versus like, what happens if you are unable to retain impressions, and yet the past that you experienced together still exists, you know, and can’t be changed.

A: Yeah. A hundred percent. It’s very alchemical. It kind of feel that way in the memory zone as well. Just —

CB: Yeah, for sure.

A: — the processes, you know, that we’re all kind of dealing with there. And then, yeah, with my creative process, just sort of putting those things together.

CB: Yeah. For sure. All right. And then you had a Jupiter cazimi thing that happened to you recently as well?

A: Yes. That was last weekend, right? It was Saturday, maybe? I was with some family, my partner’s family, and we were at a Muay Thai game. I had never been to one before. And they were staying at a hotel right next to a casino, and I will tell you right now that I think I have the most unluckiest chart in the world to do any kind of gambling and I get very stressed out about it.

CB: Right.

A: So I will never put money down on the table or in a slot machine. And I just like —

CB: Yeah.

A: — walked around the casino. I was like, it’s Jupiter cazimi day, with a 20 in my hand, just like waiting for a slot machine to speak to me. And finally, I did that for like two hours and finally went – right before I walked out the door – put one in the machine and I won 70 bucks.

CB: Nice. That’s amazing.

A: So that was my first and only time trying to gamble. I was like, I’m gonna get my ticket now and cash out! I’m not gonna test it out any more than that.

CB: Well, and it’s really funny that you have that impression. I don’t know if that’s like, an intuition or if it’s like, from experience of just like, gambling is not your thing, just with Mars in the 2nd house in a day chart. Had you had like, bad experiences previously?

A: No. I had like, just, I had been afraid that like, gambling would be just not… Yeah, I guess I’ve just never really been very lucky to begin with. So I’m like, I don’t know if with Mars in the 2nd house there, I felt like that’s tempting fate a little bit too much.

CB: Yeah. Well, it’s interesting with that —

A: Even with that reception with my Sun helping out there. I’m like, I don’t know!

CB: Yeah, it mitigates it a little bit having the Sun and Mars have that mutual reception, but it’s still the most challenging planet. And it was interesting you made a comment earlier about like, photography and your creative pursuit in that not necessarily being something that you’ve been super successful in making money from. It sort of, I felt, like spoke to that placement and yet still having that as your passion and something that you really enjoy and love, even if it’s not as like, financially lucrative as like, something else. But it was interesting in this instance with the Jupiter cazimi that this was like, the one sort of day where you had the most positive transits at the end of Taurus at like, 28 degrees of Taurus that were overcoming and squaring that Mars from a superior position and kind of like, forcing it to be better for a period of time and then you had a positive financial thing happen at that time.

A: Yeah. I mean, I guess I would have wished that it was $7,000 and not $75, but…

CB: Yeah.

A: But you take what you can get.

CB: Well, at least you know next time that those are sometimes your windows of opportunity when that Mars is mitigated by some major positive transits that those can be periods where, if you have to do something that’s either financially risk or where you’d like there to be a positive financial return, that having a transit built in to like, the electional chart that mitigates the Mars would be a great thing to take advantage of.

A: Yeah. I definitely felt like I was testing the waters there as an experiment.

CB: Sure. Yeah. Well, it’s a good experiment. I think that’s a good first test, so you’ll have to keep experimenting with that in the future and let me know if you win it big with other lottery things in the future.

A: Cool. Will do.

CB: Cool. All right. Well, thank you very much for sharing that example with me; I appreciate it.

A: Yeah, no problem. Thanks, Chris.

CB: All right. Take care.

Alright. I think that brings us to the end of this livestream, everybody. So we did a solid like, two, two and a half hours, so I think that’s pretty good for today. So yeah, that was a good first experiment. Let’s see. Some reflections. Does anybody have any comments? Would you like to see more of these in the future? Let me know in the comments.

So obviously this is like, no prep consultation; I’m just doing things on the fly here. We’re also talking about, you know, people submitting examples ahead of time so that it’s a little bit more focused. This obviously isn’t a full demonstration of like, actually getting a consultation with an astrologer or with me because I’m not preparing for it and then also because we’re doing these kind of quickly, my whole sort of like, bedside manner or way of like, talking is a little bit more quick. And in a consultation I think an astrologer would normally take a lot longer to unpack some of these things and to talk about them and also to kind of like, empathize with the client as well and some of the stuff they were going through. Obviously with some of these examples, we had some really heavy stuff, but that’s part of, you know, the process of being an astrologer is learning how to talk to all sorts of different people that are coming from different backgrounds, have different interests, that are experiencing different things, that have different subjective experiences of their chart and different experiences of life, and trying to provide them with a somewhat objective, external viewpoint on things using the astrology. And that can be a whole process.

So what are some of the comments coming in… Good, I’m glad this was good. Maybe we can flag stories negative or positive if that’s part of your decision-making process. Some stories feel more positive to the person even if they seem heavy. That’s true. I mean, yeah, not to put any value judgments or anything. Yeah, I’m gonna release this for early access to Patreon members, but I think I’m gonna post this as an episode of The Astrology Podcast. What do you all think in the audience? Would this be a good episode to release to the podcast? I would like to do these more regularly, so I’m thinking even though it’s different, you know, I think it could add value to the community in terms of reading charts and getting into the details. So much of the podcast is about the theoretical techniques or the history or the philosophy and sometimes using celebrity examples, but sometimes it’s only through – I always say, I said in the episode with Isa it’s only through sitting down and talking to people about their charts that the chart really comes alive, because you’re able to have that dialogue, and you’re able to ask questions to clarify things. And that’s something you can’t do with like, a celebrity example.

Others including patrons… Yeah. So I’m gonna do this – I released this today to people that are on the livestream tier were able to join us, so I think that’s gonna be a regular feature now of the livestream tier is that when I do one of these, people that are on that tier can join us. So that’ll be good, but I’m still gonna release it for early access to all patrons and then eventually as a full podcast episode to the public.

Yes, that’s a good – Sandy, there is still a discount. I’m running a discount on my Hellenistic astrology course this month with the promo code ‘MERCURY,’ and you can get a 15% discount. I never run sales on the course; this is a extremely rare, probably one-time event, so take advantage of it if that’s something you’ve been considering anyways just to get that discount at TheAstrologySchool.com. And it’s my Hellenistic course where I teach people how to read charts essentially in the manner that I just demonstrated here in this episode.

All right. So there’s a lot of other reflections and thoughts I’ll probably have after we end the recording, but I think that’s it for today. I’m gonna go take it easy. Thank you to all the people that shared you chart examples; I really appreciate it. I would have talked to each of you probably for like, a full hour and a half if I could have. I hope we were still able to cover some interesting things, but I really appreciated each of your contributions to this episode, so thank you.

Thanks to the audience that joined me today for this impromptu experiment. Thanks for being flexible and just like, joining randomly on a Wednesday afternoon with no prior notification. In the future, I’ll see if I can get a little bit more notification about these ahead of time and also bring in some other astrologers who will be able to present some perspectives that are maybe different or see some things that I perhaps not noticed or overlooked or use techniques that I don’t specialize in, because I think that could be a lot of fun and we’ll see how things go.

All right. So that’s it for this episode. So thanks everyone for watching this episode of The Astrology Podcast, and we’ll see you again next time.


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