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The Astrology Podcast

Ep. 374 Transcript: Astrology Forecast for November 2022

The Astrology Podcast

Transcript of Episode 374, titled:

Astrology Forecast for November 2022

With Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and Patrick Watson

Episode originally released on October 30, 2022


Note: This is a transcript of a spoken word podcast. If possible, we encourage you to listen to the audio or video version, since they include inflections that may not translate well when written out. Our transcripts are created by human transcribers, and the text may contain errors and differences from the spoken audio. If you find any errors then please send them to us by email: theastrologypodcast@gmail.com

Transcribed by Mary Sharon

Transcription released November 14, 2022

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CHRIS BRENNAN: Hey, my name is Chris Brennan and you’re listening to The Astrology Podcast. In this episode, we’re going to be looking at the astrological forecast for November of 2022. Joining me today are astrologers Austin Coppock and Patrick Watson. Hey, guys.



CB: We will come back and do some bigger introductions here in a few minutes. First, I want to show the planetary alignments calendar to give people a preview of what we’re going to be talking about in this episode for the astrology of November, and then we’ll go through and break it down and go into a deep dive about the astrology of next month here in a few moments. So here is the planetary alignments for November. We head into the month coming off of just having an eclipse in the sign of Scorpio, a solar eclipse, and right away at the top of the month on November 8th we get the other half of that which is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus that is conjunct the planet Uranus. So it’s a pretty big second eclipse taking place here early in the month. Also early in the month, we have a bunch of planets transiting through Scorpio that then move into activating the square between Saturn and Uranus in Aquarius and Taurus which is still very active. In the second half of the month, all the planets start moving into Sagittarius starting with Venus on the 16th moving into Sagittarius, then Mercury the following day on the 17th, the Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd, and then we get our first lunation that is not an eclipse in a while which is a Sagittarius New Moon on the 23rd when interestingly the very same day Jupiter stations direct in the sign of Pisces. Those are some of the things that we’re at least heading into the month with as we talk about the astrology of November.

All right, so welcome. This is a special Halloween episode of The Astrology Podcast. Joining us today is special guest co-host Patrick ‘The Human Ephemeris’ Watson. [Patrick laughs] Thanks for joining us. I think that phrase may be trademarked by our other friend Nick Dagan Best and you might cause a little bit tension there but otherwise, welcome.

PW: Thank you so much for having me, it’s a pleasure as always. Yeah, I think I couldn’t pull off Nick’s look but I can pull off the Human Ephemeris. I am a little sad that we weren’t able to use my view of the month [laughs] but you know, that’s pretty much that.

CB: And is this supposed to be like a sexy Ephemeris costume or?

PW: I mean, I’m wearing it so, you know, obviously.

CB: That’s true, fair point. And in reality, aren’t all ephemerises sexy by default? I think most of us would say.

PW: Indeed.

CB: Austin, you’ve got you’ve brought back I’m getting some nostalgia the skeleton costume which you were yearly enough in the forecast for December of 2019 just before we recorded our 2020 year ahead forecast back before the dark times, I believe. Right?

AC: Yeah, yeah. It was the beginning of the end quite literally. Yeah, this is actually just one of my shirts that I like and wear commonly, but some people think it’s a bit dramatic. But you know, at least I’m not stealing Ephemeris valor.

CB: [chuckles] That’s true, stealing Ephemeris valor hashtag. Well, that’s brilliant. I was going to dress up as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas but due to a loss of a friend this week didn’t feel like it, but I did put up some decorations in my background including my Scorpio pumpkin and lovely spider who’s my new roommate in the back there. His name is Ptolemy, Ptolemy the friendly spider. So he’s gonna be joining us for this episode as we are recording this just before Halloween when so much heavy astrology is taking place right now in between eclipses; Mars stationing retrograde, Jupiter going back into Pisces, Saturn square Uranus and all sorts of other stuff. There’s been a lot of stuff in the news. We’re going to do a little bit of recap I think for the next 30 or 40 minutes of how the astrology has gone and checking in since the last time we did a forecast episode over a month ago now. Then later in the episode in the second hour, I think we’re going to get to talking about the astrology of November. So if people want to jump ahead to just talking about the forecast then you can find the timestamps on the YouTube version of this podcast episode.

So, why don’t we do some recap? First things first is the eclipses. We just had that Scorpio eclipse just a few days ago here in October, and it seems like there’s just tonnes of stuff popping off in different people’s lives, especially people that have fixed signs rising which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But that combined with the Mars stationing retrograde and grinding go over some of those mutable sign placements, it seems like a lot of people are getting hit right now. Patrick, you had a story recently about Katy Perry.

PW: Yeah, this was very recent, just in the past couple of days. There’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter and concern about Katy Perry because there was a video taken of her very recently at a concert where she seemed to be having trouble keeping an eye open. In the past she’s talked about this as her so-called wonk eye but it’s just interesting that this sort of seems to have come to light in this very extreme way right up the solar eclipse. And of course the Sun and the Moon have this ancient association with the eyes and with vision and so it’s interesting that there was a solar eclipse in Katy Perry’s first house of appearance where she has a natal Sun and Moon in Scorpio, and she had this sort of unfortunate attention being brought to something involving her parents into her eye and not being able to open I forget which luminary is associated with each eye, it’d be interesting to see if it’s actually the right eye that would correspond to that luminary being eclipsed but-

AC: It is the right eye.

PW: Okay there we go. I just thought it was a very oddly literal manifestation of that transit and very appropriate for the house that that happened in in Katy Perry’s chart since she’s a Scorpio rising.

CB: Yeah, for sure. And as soon as you started mentioning that I got worried about this story because Katy Perry, of course, famously is my time twin and I feel like she’s one of my Horcruxes. So if like something happens to Katy Perry, Katy Perry goes down then I know I’m next because I was born two days later or just a few days later or something like that.

PW: Your astrological canary and the coal mine.

CB: Exactly. Yeah. So I’m wishing her a speedy recovery from Eclipse season and hopefully that can be fixed, whatever is going on there. Other major eclipse stuff going on. We had just in the past couple of days basically, it sounds like Elon Musk has now officially bought Twitter. And this is coming just after that Scorpio eclipse as well. In addition to the Mars Retrograde in Gemini with Twitter itself, the very first tweet in Twitter’s history, which is like one of the first event charts for Twitter also has Mars in Gemini squaring a Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. So we know that with Mars stationing now, it’s going to back up and retrograde over that stuff. So, interesting stuff going on there.

AC: Well, and it looks like Twitter, that first tweet, was between eclipses as well.

PW: That’s right.

CB: Right. So it was just after an eclipse which would have been in Virgo, and just before an eclipse that would have taken place in Aries so it’s similar to where we’re at now in terms of being in between eclipses.

AC: Yeah, and that’s interesting. I understand now why I have such hostility towards Twitter in general. That first tweet has its Mars on the degree of my Moon.

CB: Okay.

AC: I know I’m not the only person who finds Twitter irritating, but that’s not great synastry.

PW: Yeah. For a website that’s about communication, it’s probably not the best idea to have Mercury in its full and sign retrograde conjunct Uranus. That’s what gives makes it an unending waterfall of very interesting, amusing, and nonsensical stuff. Right? It’s not the optimal platform for nuanced discussions necessarily, but entertaining nonetheless.

AC: No, that’s interesting because when a topic is brought to Twitter, generally speaking, the longer it’s on Twitter the more nuance it loses. Right? Being in that chart literally reduces the magnification; things get blurrier and blurrier until it’s sort of two-dimensional not even a cartoon of the original positions and the actual debate. The chart literally with the eyesight, right? It’s literally between eclipses and with Mercury and fall, you know, one of the things about Mercury and fall in Pisces is that there’s generally… Things get blurrier and blurrier. There’s a movement, as we say, there’s certainly movement further away. There’s that Jupiterian trying to get the whole picture and making it bigger and bigger, instead of magnifying to actually get the actual Mercurial data. Sort of like, “Oh, it’s one set of numbers and words in a vast sea and you’ve lost [laughs] you’ve lost the data point,” which is what Mercury is trying to do.

PW: Did the Twitter deal first emerge at that previous set of eclipses?

AC: I believe it did.

PW: So this is kind of a carryover then from those initiating set of circumstances.

CB: Yeah-

AC: Yeah, and that Mercury retrograde… Sorry, Chris. That Mercury retrograde went back and forth over the North Node in Taurus, the North Node being the eclipsing point. Because that story carried on for a while and so even while the dramatic part wasn’t happening next to the eclipse, we were still right next to an eclipse point and it was Mercury dawdling spending extra time next to an eclipse point. And the hungry-

CB: And one of the initial issues with it was that Elon Musk initially made major moves to buy Twitter, but then with the Mercury retrograde he tried to back out of the deal. But he’s finally having to buy it this week because he was compelled by a judge because he had gone too far in committing to it so he couldn’t get out of the deal basically at this point, and then finally gave in and had to buy it this week, the week of the eclipses.

AC: It’s interesting to think about the North Node or Dragon’s Head association with devouring and hunger in the sort of ecosystem of big capitalism, right? Because you have giant fish devouring other giant fish but slightly smaller. Like the devouring via takeover, it is in many ways like consuming, right? One company or entity literally takes in and incorporates the bought company into the body, into its own body. And it may rip it apart right for nutrition, or may simply contain it.

CB: Yeah. Well, and the other thing is just this is another good indication or another good example like a real-life example which is why we do these reviews of how sometimes eclipses can work in mundane astrology and can affect or be relevant to large groups of people all at the same time. Because here we have a handover or takeover of one of the largest social media companies in the world that influences so much contemporary discussion about art and politics and science and all things like that handing over and now becoming under new management, and then we’ll see where that goes. But one way or another, it seems like it would affect a large group of people. And it happened so close to this eclipse.

AC: And so a related thing that the nodes are involved with historically and in the present is rise and fall, which is what the nodes literally indicate, right? Whether the Moon is rising above the plane of the ecliptic rising above the Sun’s little golden line, or plunging or what’s the word– swooping below. And, you know, we have this association with eclipses and changes in the landscape of power. Right? And then the House of the Dragon season finale was, I don’t know, 24 hours or 30 hours before the eclipse, and it had me thinking about dragons and the rise and fall of houses and people in power. And often, one house or system or group devours another, the power is seized. And Watson you were saying that we’ve had some interesting changes in who has power, who is– I believe you told me coronating was not a word?

PW: Yeah, coronating is not a word, crowning is the correct verb. Coronate is an improper verb derived from coronation. But yeah-

CB: You were crowning a little bit out of that Ephemeris just a little earlier in this episode.

PW: Yeah, I decided to take it off. But I do have a little pumpkin at least in any case. So yeah, one of the more probably literal things that happened right on the day of the eclipse was that the new Prime Minister of the UK was appointed by King Charles III– we had this thing it’s the first time you said that phrase, King Charles III. And so that’s pretty crazy literal at the Sun is an actual sort of significant or ruler of leaders, kings, authorities, etc, that the handover and leadership or governance of the country happens on the day of a solar eclipse. Also interestingly is that the projected date of King Charles’s coronation, the official coronation, will actually be on the day after the next lunar eclipse in Scorpio next year. So we have the Prime Minister of the UK being appointed on the day of a solar eclipse in Scorpio by the King who will be crowned at the next lunar eclipse in Scorpio. And also on that same day, I believe was the first date of the new Italian Prime Minister’s premiership as well. So, it’s not that every time there was an eclipse that you necessarily see terms beginning and ending, but it is interesting to see how when new leaders do emerge or when leaders recede, that those things can happen around these important junctures of the Sun and Moon, you know, the relationship between the collective and it’s leaders.

CB: What’s wild also about Charles is he’s Leo rising, so these eclipses are bouncing back and forth between his fourth house of home and family and parents and his 10th house of career and reputation and overall life direction. And we get the death of his mother, the Queen, and then his sudden ascension to finally becoming king after a lifetime sort of of waiting for it or expecting it.

PW: Wow. And he was also born during an eclipse season across Taurus and Scorpio, right?

AC: Yeah, has the Head of the Dragon with the Moon in Taurus nataly just like the eclipse that’s less than two weeks away as we record, the one that comes on November 8th.

PW: Right. And the new Prime Minister, I forget his name– Sunart? Sunak– He was born with the Sun in Taurus. So we know that he is also kind of implicated in this series of eclipses across that Scorpio-Taurus axis as well.

AC: Yeah, that’s really interesting. So as you were saying, it’s not that every time a leader is elected or chosen or seizes power that there is an eclipse to mark it. But when eclipses do mark, you know, someone taking on a leadership or royal role historically, that’s telling us something about the movement of power that their not being eclipse doesn’t tell us. Again, the eclipses seem to have to do with these slower draconic currents of the rise and fall of, you know, movement styles of leadership, vibe shifts, sea changes, whatever you want to call these sort of more Zeitgeisty invisible currents. And so when those serpentine currents intersect with people taking or losing power, that’s, as we say, worth noting the intersection.

PW: Without going too far off the path I’d also just want to remark very briefly that there was this ancient Babylonian practice of substituting the king at a solar eclipse with a fake king, a substitute king, so that they would sort of take the brunt of the effect of a solar eclipse and then that new king would sort of, I mean after, that person was sacrificed or whatever. And so I just thought that was interesting how this almost plays out literally in the UK because Liz Truss was prime minister for such a short amount of time, she almost served the role of being that substitute leader leading up to the eclipse. There was even a bet made on Twitter that a head of lettuce could last longer than Liz Truss and the lettuce won. [laughs] The lettuce almost became the new… It’s almost like that sort of describes the significance of time and the brief time she had an office was almost like, you know, she was somewhat fulfiling that kind of Babylonian role of the substitute leader-

AC: Right, so that the lettuce could survive to rule.

PW: [laughs] Right, yeah.

CB: I’m gonna have to get the AI program on that. So I’ve gotten a real sense with these eclipses of the disruptive quality of eclipses and it’s something you’re talking about and you’ve talked about, Austin, that was really clear here. One of the other big eclipse stories in the news and was broader than just the eclipse but there was a real focal point on the eclipse was everything happening with Kanye West. He went on this bizarre two or three-week tirade where he was saying all sorts of really gross anti-semitic stuff. He was also getting into other stuff about saying that George Floyd wasn’t killed by the police officer that kneeled on his neck for eight minutes and lots of stuff like this. Eventually, it got so bad that a bunch of companies suddenly started distancing themselves from him because nobody wants to be associated with somebody who’s, you know, bringing up rhetoric from the 1920s from Nazis and stuff in terms of anti-semitism. And it ended up really being a focal point the day and the night of the eclipse around October 25th because there was a sudden switch where a bunch of the biggest companies that he was partnered with like Adidas and Balenciaga and a bunch of other companies suddenly dropped him, and his net worth went from something like one or $2 billion to $400 million or something like that practically overnight, and it happened to be the night of the eclipse. So there’s a really wild, personal story there in terms of Kanye and eclipses and other things like that.

AC: Yeah. Well, the eclipses are the points where the rising and falling of the Moon relative to the Sun becomes visible for a second. Right? It’s always happening these currents of power and Zeitgeistness and all that. It’s always happening, but we only see it four days a year. It only becomes obvious during the moment of the eclipse. We spoke earlier about people taking on a role, but in order for one to take on a role, another has to lose it. Right? And so falling is just as much part of the eclipse story as rising, and generally it’s the tail. It’s the tail side, the South Node side of the eclipses that indicates the fall, indicates descending down below. It often feels like and looks like release, right? And so Kanye was released from all sorts of different contracts. Release, I think is one of the best words for the South Node, but it’s important to not assume that it’s always the positive feeling of releasing your stress at the end of a long day. It could be that you’re dangling over a cliff and the person who’s holding the rope releases it. It’s just release.

PW: Right. And this is the end of a long process with Kanye. I mean, there’s been a lot of very concerning statements and behavior that he’s exhibited over the past couple of years. It seems to have gotten much more extreme and this seems to be sort of a definitive sort of turning point seemingly. People were upset with him before, but now it seems to be like reaching a point where people now have to really decide what side they’re on in some ways with him. And so it’s very eclipsy, yeah.

AC: Yeah, what’s interesting is that Kanye has– is it two or three planets in Taurus nataly that are in the eclipse zone? But Kanye also has the Sun in Gemini, which Mars has just gone over and is going to go back. He’s having the longest Mars over, you know, back and forth over his Sun transit will have for a very long time, maybe ever. And so you have that Mars-

PW: Since 1990, maybe. Yeah.

CB: This is an utimed chart but I’ll show the chart. But I just want to say it was untimed before I show it. Keep going.

AC: Right. And the Sun is associated with public appearance and also how a person is seen. Oh, so it’s over a Sun and Jupiter. And there are the three planets in Taurus. And so, you know, Mars in Gemini and especially Mars in Gemini retrograde is another huge part of the astrology this month and the next month and have the next month. And on a very simple level, Mercury ruled sign attacks or causes scandal or offence by words. It’s literally like saying scandalous and hateful things. It’s classic Mars in Gemini.

PW: I also think it’s interesting I think it’s been brought up here on the podcast before that Jupiter conjunct Neptune could be associated with the proliferation of conspiracy theories, the expansion of the imaginary and the nonsensical. And so Kanye was born not just at the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, but also when the Sun was aligned with Jupiter opposite Neptune. And so it’s interesting that we’re still in this period of time when Jupiter is conjunct Neptune so it’s sort of he’s kind of I would imagine a Jupiter-Neptune opposition type person would be sensitive to a transiting Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. And as Jupiter moves into Pisces, it’s going to be closer and co-present with Neptune for a little bit longer. So, you think that’s kind of another dimension we could-

AC: Yeah, absolutely.

CB: Yeah, sort of issues and discussions here that people have brought up about just being this weird combination of like mental health issues, of being unchecked egotism and stuff that he’s always had that’s been there but used to be somewhat charming but now it’s like run away because there’s nobody around him that can sort of tell him he needs to stop or check himself. That there’s issues with… Yeah, so there’s just a wide variety of a bunch of different things. Right? I mean, and now the political swing that he’s been through but then also evidently getting sucked into conspiracy theories to the extent of going to some of the darker corners of the conspiracy theory realm, which is where you get into anti-semitism and lots of other stuff like that. So yeah, there’s been a long-standing thing about his birth time and me wondering and trying to figure out his birth time for years and investigating that. I’ve been leaning towards recently the Leo rising chart at this point as understanding things. I haven’t done the full workup that I’d like to if I was actually trying to seriously rectify his chart, but that’s one of the things that I’ve been provisionally looking at especially with these eclipses taking place now between Scorpio and Taurus, if that would be hitting his fourth 10th house axis, and just having this dramatic sudden fall from… He had achieved everything he ever wanted to achieve. He’d become a billionaire. He’d become not just an artist or a musician– one of the most respected musicians of our generation– he actually achieved his side goal which is becoming one of the most influential designers in clothing designers of a generation and then he pretty much threw it all away basically over the course of the past few weeks. As well as other things like his marriage over the past couple of years, which might be related to Saturn going through Aquarius which would be his seventh house if the Leo rising chart was true.

Yeah. I don’t know if that’s necessarily the correct chart, I’m not going to die trying to defend that rectification, but rectification is one of the things that’s kind of interesting sometimes when it comes to celebrity charts. They’re untimed, and astrologers are always trying to look at events and then compare them to different possible charts to see if they can infer the right one. And that’s something Patrick and I have been doing a lot because we finally launched our rectification course this month after a year and a half of working on it.

PW: Yeah, I’m very happy to announce that the course is live. It’s 22 hours of video, it’s all more reliable techniques that we sort of put to the test in client case studies and discussions with clients’ live sessions. And it’s basically us just really explaining our approach to rectification and successes with it, and in some cases our difficulties with it. So I would think it would be very helpful to anyone who is looking for a place to start with how to rectify a chart whether you know the birth time approximately, or whether you’re starting from a 24-hour timeframe without knowledge of the rising sign.

CB: Yeah, just because there’s so many newer students of astrology that need to rectify charts either because they don’t know their birth time or they only have an approximate time, or maybe their Ascendant is on the cusp of two signs. But they don’t have a methodology for how to approach that, which is always a challenge early on. But teaching people a standard method they can apply consistently to charts to rectify them is what we tried to do in the course. People can find out more information about that at theastrologyschool.com and just look at the birth time rectification course.

AC: It’s really nice to have a system to run through, rather. Because when you’re faced with a chart that needs to be rectified, it’s sort of, you know, it’s very easy to start with just suspicion and intuition and hope and fear, but having a battery of techniques to run through and see what it looks like when you look at it from the point of X, Y, Z, et cetera et cetera, I think that’s really valuable.

CB: Yeah, and it’s one of those skills that every astrologer has to learn because you’re gonna run into that as an issue in different contexts of needing to rectify different charts for whether it’s clients, whether it’s family members, whether it’s celebrities or what have you. So that becomes one of those necessary skills that we all learn at some point. All right, so that’s rectification. A little bit of the recap of news… Earlier in the month of October, Biden pardoned a bunch of federal marijuana convictions and issued some different legal things related to starting to legalize marijuana or moving in that direction by rescheduling it. This happened around October 6th, which I was really interested by because it was just coming out of Mercury stationing direct opposite Neptune and I thought what a perfect archetypal symbolism of attempting to legalize or taking steps towards legalizing marijuana under a Mercury-Neptune opposition but with Mercury moving direct, you know, moving forward on something that’s like a Mercury-Neptune opposition rather than retrograde or what have you.

AC: Yeah. It’s sort of with Mercury, there’s a certainty. With Mercury direct in Virgo, there’s an attempt to get certainty and clarity. And with Neptune, it’s sort of like, “No, we definitely don’t care. This is definitely not that big a deal.” Instead of, “We need to do a lot more analysis.” It’s like, “No, this just isn’t a big deal.”

CB: In terms of no longer the stigma surrounding marijuana and prohibition against it no longer being fashionable.

AC: Yeah. Well, if you think, Mercury’s normal move especially in Virgo is to analyze and organize, and to arrange very carefully. And with Neptune, Neptune generally gets in the way of that because Neptune is like, “Ah, who cares?” It’s all one world. It’s all, you know, Neptune is so big that it ruins any attempt to detail. But in this case it makes sense. It’s like, “Ah, I’m moving on. Who cares? Go smoke your pot, kids.”

PW: But [unintelligible] also tends to be signification associated with Jupiter. And Jupiter, although it wasn’t exactly in conjunction, it’s still sort of within range. And even as Jupiter was moving up to conjoin Neptune earlier this year, there was the attempt to like legalize marijuana on the federal level. So I sort of see it as part of that as well and maybe that Mercury in transit was sort of like a trigger for this broader movement for acceptance and embrace of marijuana and other sorts of hallucinogenics or recreational drugs.

PW: Yeah, which is really a big part of… It’s the smiley face part of Neptune in Pisces, is there have been huge strides if we look at 2011-2012 when Neptune entered Pisces, since then, you know, I live in Oregon and so there’s marijuana shops. There’s many marijuana shops as there are gas stations, and I lived in California before that and it was the same there. And Chris you’re in Colorado. My view is, as we say, localized, but there’s been a huge acceptance, there’s been a huge gain and acceptance in the decriminalization of a lot of psychedelics as well as their provisional acceptance as useful and treating a variety of mental conditions. And then the corresponding dark twin here, the dark fish with Pisces, the shark, the one with teeth is that we’ve also seen the rates of opioid abuse and overdose just skyrocket in exactly the same timeframe. Speaking as a Sun in Pisces, that is sort of the two different sort of [laughs] the two fish. One would just like to kill the pain, and the other ones to expand awareness to cosmic levels.

PW: The Guppy and the Shark. [laughs] Yeah.

AC: Yeah, or the whatever. The acid head and the fentanyl addict. Inside every Pisces lives. [laughs]

PW: There are two fish inside you.

CB: Yeah, tendency towards escapism is a definite Pisces quality. I think that’s remarked on pretty frequently. All right. And then one other news story, Patrick, you had about the asteroid, the DART mission?

PW: Yeah. So basically, we wanted to test and see if we could change the orbit of a planetary body. Say if there was a meteor that was coming to Earth, would we be able to pull off a Bruce Willis and actually change the trajectory of a meteor? And so the answer to that is actually yes, we can do that. On October 11th NASA confirmed that after we rammed a rocket into this small asteroid, we were able to shorten its orbit by 32 minutes. This is actually pretty huge because this means that we might actually be able to save ourselves if we’re faced with this situation. In theory and now in practice, it is possible. In some ways this is very hopeful but it’s really interesting from an astrological perspective, because I’m not really an asteroid guy most of the time but in this case we’re actually dealing with a literal asteroid. And in this case, we’re talking about asteroid 65803. Which if you look it up it’s actually gonna be called Dimorphos. But the asteroid they hit was actually the satellite of Dimorphos, which is Didymos or Didymos– I don’t actually know how to pronounce it. We launched this rocket at Didymos on November 24th 2021, and that actually happens to be when that asteroid was conjunct Mars. So we launched a rocket and called it DART as we sent it to destroy this or to crash into this asteroid. And of course at the time of impact, that was when the asteroid was closest to us. And that’s actually the entire reason that it was launched on November 24th 2021 was because that would match up, that would allow us to be able to strike it when it was closest to Earth. So it’s one of the few cases where astronomers and scientists are looking at the positions of planets to plan something that they want to do, you could call it Electional astronomy. And so it’s so remarkable that September 26th 2022 was always going to be the day that we were going to hit it because that’s when it’s closest to Earth, but it just so happened that the moment we decided to launch was when the asteroid was conjunct Mars. And even from a heliocentric perspective, the asteroid itself was aligned with the Saturn-Uranus Square pretty tightly as well. And if we think of what that is, we launched a rocket into space and smashed into this hard body. So it’s I think quite an amazingly literal and amazing demonstration of how these synchronicities seem to make a lot of sense for what happened.

CB: Yeah, add that to the list of huge asteroid historical things; Mars being conjunct to this asteroid at the launch of a mission to hurl a rocket at it. [Patrick laughs]

AC: The asteroid dart board.

CB: Yeah. All right, so that’s good for news stories. There was only one other big news story, which was the Russian mobilization which was huge, and the pipeline attack. In connection with that, which I know one of you wanted to mention in connection with a specific square.

PW: So the gas line attack on the Nord Stream, which is the gas lines, which connects Russia supplying gas to Europe, that was attacked during the Mercury retrograde. And that happened as Mars was moving into a square with Neptune. So if you think of the archetypal combination of Mars and Neptune, you can draw an association between explosions, of which there was one on gas lines under the ocean. So it’s quite an appropriate signature for something like this to happen under a Mars-Neptune square across the signs. And we know that because Mars goes retrograde it will hit a square to Neptune again, and then when it goes direct then Mars will hit another square to Neptune again. So you know, it’s something to keep in mind as this next square has happened that this is one of the things that has come about from that is the destruction or attacks on pipelines and gas reserves.

AC: Yeah, and just to go back to the simple but important fact that this is Mars operating in Mercury’s territory. We also saw over the last month an escalation in the destruction of other civil infrastructure– bridges and such– with Mars and Gemini. And Gemini is the roads, bridges, and pipelines which is necessary to carry power and people and goods from one place to another. Right? Energy infrastructure. This is Mars in Gemini. And that correlates with the phase that Mars is in which is coming up on the retrograde by the time those of you who aren’t here live with us listen to this, Mars will probably be retrograde. And during the retrograde, the Mars’s retrograde phase when it occurs in the midst of an ongoing war, historically you have the as we say the destruction tending to go out of the bounds that it was in before. One way that looks is civilian infrastructure gets destroyed. The spectators start being part of the violence. There’s an expansion of the scope as generally both sides tend to lose control. Things get a little bit… Mars in general gets out of control more during Mars retrogrades. And that’s true on a personal level, you can see that in nativities, but then that’s also true in conflicts themselves. And I just had one observation about Mars’s phase and the tides, the general tides of the Russo-Ukrainian war. And that is that we had last month– was it the very end of September, it’s sort of consolidated in October– but we had sort of high tide for the Ukrainian take back of lands that were conquered months and months earlier with the successful offensive in the Northeast. So that’s sort of the high water mark in a sense, and then nothing more has happened in terms of significant territory trading since then. And when that occurred, we spoke last month about how that’s great for the Ukrainians, but Mars is going to come back two more times through there. And Chris, as you mentioned, one of the big stories one of the many big stories during October was the Russian call-up of reserves and enactment of a draft. And so, you know, we knew that Mars would have to come back, right? And so now we see okay, Russia is literally preparing and calling up troops in order to do the next wave. Which will sadly inevitably happen sometime over this month or the next month. But you have that… I was thinking about when Mars draws back, sometimes it’s drawing back a bow. It’s pulling back the tension that will be inevitably released. Because it’s not just permanently backwards, it’s forward, back, and then forward again. And so you can see that very clearly in the tides of the war.

CB: Yeah, that makes sense. So as we head into this phase of things with the Mars retrograde beginning in earnest at this point at the very end of October and early November. All right, so that’s it for news stories.

The only other brief thing I wanted and needed to mention is about a week ago now, an astrologer and a friend of mine named Kirk Kohn passed away. And I want to mention it because when I was president of the Association for Young Astrologers, he was the vice president. So, Kirk was an astrologer that I met at Kepler college when we were both in our early 20s. And yeah, we ran the Association for Young Astrologers together. He was one of the first younger astrologers that I met. Because one of the things that people these days don’t understand, the younger generations, is like there’s so many young astrologers in the field that people sort of assume it’s always like that. But back at this point in the mid-2000s, you could count the number of young astrologers that you met on one hand, basically, for a period of time. I don’t know if you remember that, Austin.

AC: Yeah, I’m thinking of a particular NORWAC , maybe it was 2008. And I think as far as under 40s, I think that it was you, me, Kate, and maybe one or two other people who were under 40 at that time who are attending.

CB: Yeah. So you know, I was really rare and I was really excited to meet Kirk at Kepler and we were the same age because we were both born in 1984. But we ended up getting involved in community organizing and organised the Association for Young Astrologers together and I think we were maybe the third or fourth in a series of leaders of the Association for Young Astrologers and then Austin you took over from us after we left. And Kirk and I organized and focused on getting young astrologers to conferences and doing scholarships and room shares, and that was our main thing for trying to integrate some of the younger astrologers that were coming into the field with the established community just because the younger astrologers tended to not have as much money as was necessary to attend these expensive conferences, so getting them there was part of our mission. And we did a pretty good job of that. I have a picture we even organized the premiere of the Return of the Magi movie at the United Astrology Conference in 2008, and I have this old picture of me, Kirk, and Meredith Garston who also worked with us at AYA. That was an AYA event that we organized where there were like a thousand astrologers to premiere that documentary on astrology. So it’s probably one of the high points of our sort of career doing all of that stuff together.

Kirk also was one of the first astrologers in the country who started a meetup on astrology. He started the New York City Astrology Meetup, and he was one of the first astrologers to see the potential of the meetup.com website and to use it. And then other astrologers like myself after attending some of Kirk’s meetups where he hosted speakers and had a lot of astrologers attending talks, other astrologers started to emulate that and set up some of their own meetup groups around the country until we get to the day where meetup is kind of ubiquitous all over the world in terms of using that to organize astrology groups. But Kirk was really one of, if not the first, and for a period of time had the largest astrology meetup in the country or in the world. He also ran the popular Planet Watcher website which tracked different transits and things like that. But anyway, he struggled with some mental health issues for the past few years, but during his short life, he did a lot of stuff and I think touched a lot of people. So there was a memorial for him last weekend and I think there’s going to be another memorial that I just heard about around November 20th that Demetrius Bagley is organizing for some people to say some words about him. I’ll post a link to that at some point once I get more information.

Yeah, all right. So a lot of heavy astrology right now. And that’s one of the things. You know, we mixed in some funny stories from the news with some heavy stories but there’s a lot of heavy astrology going on right now and we have to be kind of real about that with people because I know a lot of people are getting hit in different ways with some really serious and major changes in their lives at different points. And we’ve seen some of that in some of the news stories that we’ve talked about, but I’m sure there’s just countless other stories. So that’s one of the things we’ll have to understand as we move into talking about the astrology of November, is just how heavy this period of time is right now.

PW: Yeah, you have both malefics stationing within a week of it. I mean, it’s insane how much is happening in this two-week period between the end of October and the start of November. So yeah, that’s the only way to describe it as just pretty heavy.

CB: Yeah, as the last part of the recap, why don’t we just state some of that stuff? Like state where we are with the astrology that’s just happened at this point, because this episode will probably come out on the 30th or 31st so a bunch of stuff will have just happened. Why don’t we very briefly just mention a little bit of it at the end of this recap before we jump into November? So we just had Saturn stationing direct in the sign of Aquarius on the 23rd of October. So now Saturn is beginning its final run through the second half of Aquarius before it ends that run and completes its three-year journey through Aquarius. And that Saturn station also was reactivating the very close Saturn-Uranus square, which we’re coming out of that being the closest that it’s gonna get that aspect and completing that two-year run– at this point almost three-year run of Saturn squaring Uranus back and forth since 2020 and 2021. Some of the other astrology that’s been happening over the past week as we already mentioned is the eclipse that occurred in Scorpio, but there was also a Sun-Venus cazimi that happened in the sign of Libra. And we’re going to talk about a little bit later how that was actually much more notable than it might seem at first because it was a major century-long shift away from those conjunctions happening in the sign of Scorpio. Then finally, Jupiter just returned to Pisces or will return to Pisces tomorrow on Friday the 28th, and finally Mars stations retrograde on October 30th right there at the end of Gemini. So that’s just like a tonne of heavy stuff all happening right now during this one-week timeframe and we can already see some evidence of that through major changes happening in the world or in the lives of celebrities and stuff in the sort of macrocosm but in the microcosm, a lot of big changes happening in people’s individual lives at the same time.

AC: Yeah, that’s a really nice review. I would just add one thing. So as you said, we’ve been doing the Saturn-Uranus square all this year and all last year and then we got a strong taste in the second quarter of 2020. And very consistently, the dramatic points in that square which has as its general qualities, this shaking and destabilizing of systems, pressure testing them, and which has produced consistently extremely high volatility around what finance people might call commodities but are often just the basics of life; because Uranus is in Taurus, basic things like food and energy. Uranus in Taurus has also been very concerned with currency and money. This is another basic thing, right? We all deal with food, energy, and money every day with the rise and fall of currencies and crypto this and is this the future, is this a pipe dream, et cetera, et cetera. And so the most dramatic points with all these things… Oh, Saturn-Uranus also likes to create civil unrest for any and all reasons for any and all sides in conflicts. But our dramatic points have been when Mars or the eclipses have joined Saturn or Uranus. And so what we’re doing this month is really the last hurrah of the Saturn-Uranus square. This is the Saturn-Uranus square with the eclipses lighting them up. They’re on the same fixed axis and the lunar eclipse which takes place on November 8th is right next to Uranus and therefore square Mars. And so the eclipses which happen to be happening now or we’re in between them right now are the last sort of huge exclamation point for this Saturn-Uranus cycle which has been going for longer. And by the time the next eclipses arrive, there won’t be Saturn square Uranus, it’ll be a different arrangement. Saturn will have moved on into Pisces and be co-present with Neptune for years and years. Different vibe.

CB: Yeah, and it’s really been striking how much starting back in April and May, that we saw the eclipses starting to happen in Scorpio and Taurus, how much have they really supercharged and activated the Saturn-Uranus square that was already present for the past year or two. And we started seeing, for example, the economy starting to get destabilized after those eclipses in April in May. And then now that we’re getting to the next set of those same eclipses, starting to see similar things where I think for example there was an inflation report that came out just a few weeks ago that showed that inflation wasn’t as under control as they thought or expected at this point and so they’re projecting I think that the Fed will have to raise the interest rate again in November right around the time of these eclipses, which then will cause further instability in terms of the economy. But the alternative of just letting inflation run away is an even worse option. But it’s striking that earlier this year one of the main signatures we talked about with inflation was the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, and then this month Jupiter is retrograding back into Pisces where it will be with Neptune. And I wonder if inflation and attempts to control it and things like that won’t continue to be one of the main focuses at this time.

AC: Yeah, it’s two things. One, it’s not just the economy of the United States. From the sources that I have investigated, economists are looking at whether the Eurozone will have a mild, severe, or apocalyptic recession. I believe the video I watched gave a 65% chance to severe and we’re all aware of what feeds into that. But it’s not just the US, China has not been having a great time either. What was my second point? I’m sorry.

PW: Was it maybe Mars squaring Jupiter?

AC: Yes, thank you.

PW: And the popping of things.

CB: Yeah. I think you talked about it in the year ahead forecast was Mars squaring Jupiter as being a new component at this point of the year.

AC: Yeah. So, Jupiter has returned to Pisces and therefore a resumption of some of that Jupiter-Neptune energy, which I’ll just speak on behalf of the positive potentials for just a second because we’ve only characterized it as a descent into the dangerous delusion. It’s wonderfully imaginative. It’s just dangerously imaginative, where if imagination… When imagination eclipses reality, you have a lot of problems. And so the Jupiter-Neptune economically looks like inflation. It looks like inflation but also looks like the overvaluation of things. Right? The imagining that something’s going to be very valuable or successful.

PW: Rational exuberance.

AC: Right. Or sometimes just the result of good marketing or hope.

PW: Hopium, to borrow the phrase from Leisa Schaim.

AC: I don’t think Leisa made that up, I heard that about 10 years. Love, Leisa. No shade. But anyway, so we have Jupiter-Neptune capable of bubble generation, and then what pops bubbles more than sharp-bladed Mars? And so actually in the Yearly, we talked about what bubbles remain by the end of the year being popped by Mars’s consistent square to Neptune, and therefore to that Jupiter-Neptune energy. It’s a bubble-inflating energy, but there’s a needle right there. And maybe one of those needles that we already know is there is the plan to raise rates.

I imagine there will also be some fond dreams that also implode. I was thinking or I was looking the other day at how Facebook’s Meta project is doing. And it appears to be one of the most expensive failures in history, which is certainly a Jupiter-Neptune “Oh, I’ll just go and live in the Jupiter world and not…” Oh, not Jupiter world, “The Neptunian virtual world and not get headaches and wanna vomit.” That’s one example but there could be many. And I would say that this is an excellent test for Jupiter-Neptune dreams. The ones that survive this have a place. This is quite the If your bubble is strong enough that it doesn’t pop when a nail bomb goes off next to it, that says something about the resiliency of that vision.

CB: Yeah, those are some really good visuals. Patrick.

PW: Well, you know, I guess to add an almost counterpoint; I think in some of Ray Merriman books– Ray Merriman is probably one of the most well-known financial astrologers out there– He in his study of Mars retrogrades, he said that the motion of the market tends to go up during those periods. It’s not impossible, I suppose, to say that Jupiter’s entrance back into Pisces might prolong a sense of hope unreasonable. Cause I think usually, I mean I’m not really in a position to say, but my observation is that crashes and stuff tend to happen when people basically assume that nothing can go wrong. You know? Because we’ve already been sort of coming down from a high at least in the general market like the S&P.

AC: Right. And let me add one thing. The pop started when Mars conjoined Jupiter and Neptune earlier in the year.

PW: All right. Okay, there you go. All right, that’s good, then you have something to back it up. I guess the only thing that doesn’t quite make sense is it almost seems like everyone’s expecting something and it seems like these crash events happen once the last bear has been flipped to a bowl, you know, then that seems to be when things sort of go down. So I wouldn’t necessarily bank on it getting… I mean, it could always get worse, I suppose, but I am hedging my bets with the idea that it will be this particular period where things go down. We can also see if we track some of the eclipses that have occurred during previous seasons, that there are also eclipses going into next year as well that mirror things that happened in 1987 which led to a big crash. So just in case, someone’s watching this and thinks we’re projecting the crash will happen now, I’m not so sure. There’s some conflicting indicators potentially. But I like the symbolism of the bubble will pop. I think that is interesting that the Mars-Jupiter conjunction was kind of a beginning of the slide.

AC: Right. Well, and what you’re saying is what people try to do all time, which is calling the bottom. Right? Figuring out, “Is there anything left to pop in the environment?” Obviously, there have been a number. There was a whole kettle of popcorn earlier in the year. Right? But figuring out when you have what is literally like a nodal bending, the south bending when the way down becomes the way up. When you hit the floor and then things can only go up from there. Again, we’re not giving financial advice but we are speculating on the patterns shows. I would say what’s left to pop will certainly have an ordeal this month.

CB: Yeah, my main question is just if it’s true that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces earlier this year did coincide with the issues with inflation, which it seemed to and symbolically made sense and many astrologers anticipated that, then I just wonder if Jupiter-Neptune coming back over the next couple of months isn’t a return to some of those issues. And the people in charge struggling to address and fix those issues, and maybe things being more not handled than they thought they were previously, which is basically what they’re already finding out. But I think we should start to see the full development of that story especially once we get the Jupiter station later in November around the time of our second lunation, which is the Sagittarius New Moon that takes place on the 23rd the same day that Jupiter stations direct in Pisces. Yeah.

All right, I want to pause for a minute because one of the things I wanted to mention this month is we have a couple of sponsors that are relevant for talking about astrology and astrologers and different things that are coming up. One of which, probably the most important of which is the Northwest Astrology Conference, which has just announced their next astrology conference is going to take place in May 25th through the 29th, 2023 in Tukwila, Washington, which is just outside of Seattle. And they’ve just opened registration, announced speakers, lecture topics, as well as workshops. Looking at the list of speakers I see your name on there, Austin. Are you speaking at this conference?

AC: Yes, yes, I am. It’s not a typo. [laughs]

CB: Not a typo. [laughs] All right.

AC: Yeah, I’m gonna be giving two lectures and I will also be doing a pre-conference workshop, I believe on the Thursday preceding the weekend.

CB: Okay, brilliant. Well, NORWAC, of course, is me and Austin’s first conference. Its most astrologers first conference and it’s one of the most consistent ones because they’ve been doing this for over 30 years. But they’re constantly innovating and one of the things that’s interesting about this conference is that for the first time ever, you can either attend in person like normal, or you can attend virtually online. So for the first time they’re going to do a hybrid conference where you can attend in person or online, which is pretty big. They’ve been working up to that over the past couple of years but that’s kind of a turning point in terms of the community, I think, right?

PW: Definitely. I mean, I can go. [laughs]

CB: Yeah, that means you can attend. They haven’t increased their prices in the past two years. Buying a ticket gives you free access to the lecture videos for two weeks afterwards. One of the things that you should know is that in-person space is limited, and they actually sold out last year so that people weren’t able to get into the in-person conference. So if you do want to attend the conference in person, it’s good idea to get your tickets now before they sell out because there’s a pretty good likelihood that they will sell out again. They also have bundles for all lecture audio for $125 for all full conference attendees. They’ve got different packages and deals in terms of buying the recordings and stuff, because that’s always one of the most tricky parts is having five or six different lectures going at once and having to pick between them. And they kind of solve that issue by giving you access to the recordings afterwards, you don’t have to pick… Is picking like a conference lecture sometimes like picking your favourite child or something like that?

PW: Sophie’s Choice.

CB: Right. So you can find out more information about that at norwac.net. And yeah, shout out to them. That should be a really amazing conference, I’m looking forward to it.

AC: Yeah, it’ll be fun. I’m really excited about all my lectures, but one in particular I have. It’s True Crime Meets Abu Ma’shar. It’s looking at the lots of the father and the lot of the death of the father in the Menendez brothers’ charts. And it actually just lights up the whole story, the whole lurid affair.

CB: Okay, well that should be well attended, there’s been a whole string of interest in things like that with that Netflix series on Dahmer and stuff like that.

AC: Yeah. Well, what was it? One of you was saying that some of these events are having their Saturn returns. I think the Menendez Brothers is Saturn in Aquarius. I think that was early 90s off the top my head, but when was Dahmer? Is Dahmer crimes having their Saturn return?

PW: Yeah, I haven’t been… I haven’t looked into that. But in any case, I am looking forward to seeing that presentation virtually.

AC: Yeah, thank you.

CB: Yeah, you’re one of those people, Patrick, where we always wish we could get you to conferences and you’re often not able to attend due to family obligations and stuff. But being able to attend online means you actually will be there.

PW: Right. Well, before basically I became a full-time astrologer, the biggest obstacle was that I wasn’t able to get out of work because I was working as a teacher and often happened right at this crucial time at the end of the year where I had a lot of obligations to uphold. And then I was reticent to go in recent years as well because of the pandemic and just being really wary about in-person attendance. So this is really great that there’s gonna be this option for me to be in attendance at NORWAC.

CB: Yeah, and I think that’s part of the reason why Laura is pushing for this because there are a lot of people that are, for example, immunocompromised or things like that that don’t feel comfortably being able to attend events yet this close to either at whatever stage we’re at with COVID and everything else. But I think making it more accessible and the push for accessibility in the astrological community has been one of the major things that NORWAC’s been one of the leaders in that over the past few years. So it’s pretty awesome seeing the community evolving and changing right before our eyes in terms of conferences. I even saw something like that last weekend, there was an online conference that a bunch of up-and-coming astrologers organized called CazimiCon with a bunch of impressive lectures by a bunch of up-and-coming astrologers that was streamed live through Twitter spaces for free. That was super cool to see last week and it’s interesting seeing in the same way that we were, Kirk and I were innovating 10 years ago with AYA to the best we could by trying to integrate the younger and older generations. You can see different movements towards that now in 2022 as well.

PW: Yeah.

AC: Yeah, I like the hybrid too. I don’t like replacing the real world with the virtual one but I think the extending of the real world with the virtual is nice.

AC: Oh, we’re gonna have VR conferences at some point, friend, and you’re gonna be giving lectures at those at some point.

AC: I will give one and complain and not do it again.

CB: What if we give you an avatar that’s entirely like Skull and Bones? Would you wear a skeleton avatar? Will that sell it for you?

AC: No, I’m gonna need more than that. [Patrick laughs] But let the negotiations begin.

PW: Yeah, NORWAC is not whack. That’s should be the motto.

AC: That’s like an [AES PSA].

CB: Patrick, you need to start an astrological sales company like Mad Men advertising company for little kitschy statements like that.

PW: It will be on a t-shirt in two years. Yeah.

CB: Quickly, I want to mention our other sponsor, which is our friends at the Honeycomb Collective Personal Astrological Almanacs and Calendars which are available at honeycomb.co. So, Honeycomb has been this amazing company that’s come up in the past few years that builds custom-built calendars and almanacs that are based on your natal chart and your favorite house system. So it’s no longer the days of back when you had to buy just a single almanac that would be set for some timezone that’s not even your timezone and it’s not related at all to your natal chart, these are actually custom printed for each person when you order them based on your exact time and date of birth. Honeycomb tracks your natal transits alongside mundane transits so you can write your own personalized forecasts. The thing about Honeycomb also is that you can get custom plugins in order to add things like zodiacal releasing, you can do personalized artwork from different community artists, and you can also customize the Ephemeris and a number of other things like that. There’s the zodiac releasing visualizations that they have that I love with that zodiac tatic releasing plugin. It also has other plugins like doing your bonification and maltreatment and other things like that with lunation charts and so on and so forth.

The prices for a printed wall calendar start at $33 and almanacs start at $25. There’s also digital version starting at $10, which arrives by email in just 24 hours. Each of the printed Honeycomb products are made to order so if you want to get one in time for the holidays then you should purchase the printed items soon by the end of November and you’ll get it before Christmas comes around. And I know that’s a popular gift sometimes over the past few years for different astrologers. I think you mentioned that, right Patrick?

PW: Yeah. It’s pretty much one of my go-to gifts now for my wife, Beth. She loves a Honeycomb planner, and I love the artwork choices that you have in them. I love the Hellenistic plugin, I love that it’s customized to your timezone. It’s just really, really cool. And if you want you can also go if you ever go visit my YouTube channel as well, I kind of do a little bit of a more in-depth review sort of showing you what it looks like. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Honeycomb. It’s a really solid gift to get someone for their birthday or for the holidays. So yeah, I definitely recommend.

AC: I think it’s a truly fantastic learning tool for students of astrology. As a teacher of astrology, I’m very aware of what can be taught and then what I can’t teach as a teacher. And what I can’t teach but is absolutely necessary is as we say repeated observation over time; like seeing what the transits do, seeing what Mars moving through this part of your chart and this part of your chart and this part of your chart, what does that mean? You know, holding that awareness of what’s happening to your chart and what’s happening in the world as you observe the world and as you observe your own life, there’s no replacement for that sort of participatory observation over time. That takes it from, you know, it takes timing techniques from an interesting idea that you’re like, “Oh, well, that works.” You test enough to see that the theory works out, but then watching over time is what allows you to obtain a nuanced understanding that you can then bring to future predictions and forecasts for yourself and others.

CB: Yeah, because that’s so crucial and that’s how every astrologer learns astrology is that you have to personalize the transits and you have to pay attention to what happens when a transit hits your chart, and then what happens the correlates with that in your life. But in order to do that, you need to have something to know how to track your transits. So that’s the purpose of something like this. Otherwise back in the day like 20 years ago, for me I’d had to have to a print ephemeris and go through and highlight and kind of eyeball when certain transits would be happening. Or I’d have to have a human ephemeris around like Patrick earlier in the episode in order to tell me when transits are going exact. So I guess that’s kind of what the Honeycomb Collective Almanac is like because it’s like having a personal human ephemeris like Patrick Watson standing there and telling you your transits.

PW: Or Nick Dagan Best. That’s why I like getting the Honeycomb planner with the extra pages added for note-taking. There’s more space to write down observations. I’ve gotten a lot of really interesting observations about the Moon because I feel like the Moon is one of my weaker features of astrology used instead of predictively. Because it’s just so common and noisy paying attention to it but using the planner I was able to kind of track that a little better and I started noticing like, “Okay, when the Moon goes through my second house, that tends to be like… That’s when money sort of comes in.” It’s almost unexpectedly sort of pretty consistent. But when there are other factors there, it’s expenses. You know, when the Moon goes… Like Mars is going through my second. It’s like when the Moon goes through, it’s like, “Oh, that’s when that bill came in?” It’s pretty cool.

AC: Yeah, I actually use observing the Moon as the basis of teaching transits, because the Moon conjoins every planet in your chart every month and conjoins every other planet in the sky every month. And so you get to see an activation from all of those every single month. And so you can start building up an understanding on a month-to-month level rather than having to wait another 27 years for Saturn to move into X sign. And I encourage my students to keep a journal and make notes, which the Honeycomb planner has and has room for. So again, it’s a great tool from an educational point of view as well.

CB: Cool. Well, people can check that out at honeycomb.co. And yeah, shout out to Honeycomb and NORWAC for sponsoring this episode and making this possible. All right, so let’s move into talking about detailed treatment of the astrology of November. I’m going to cast a chart here for November 1st, which looks like a fabulous chart I’m going to say subjectively because that’s my birthday. But let’s talk about the early transits and astrology of November. We can see right at the top of the month, the three inner planets the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all moving through Scorpio. And during the course of the first half of the month basically, those three planets pretty quickly will run into the opposition with Uranus which is at 17 degrees of Taurus, and the square with Saturn at 18 degrees of Aquarius. So for the first week or two of the month, I think this is our main signature or it’s one of our main signatures. It’s all of those planets in Scorpio completing and filling out a T Square with Saturn and Uranus in Aquarius, and Taurus. So a lot of tension there reactivating the tension already occurring in the fixed signs that’s happening with the square of those two outer planets as well as the eclipses taking place there.

PW: I’d say that looks like, especially with Mercury being conjunct the Sun opposite Uranus, I’d think that would probably speak to events that have the sort of thematic quality of surprise disclosures or October surprises, one might say. Or November surprises in this case, since Mercury is the messenger planet and in opposition to Uranus, which shows the tension between Mercury trying to stay hidden but Uranus wanting to blow things up or disperse a message perhaps. So I would think it would almost be like the disclosure of private information. It’s something like that.

CB: Yeah, that’s of course November 8th. I think it was Rick Levine who first pointed out over a year ago that November of 8th course is the day of the midterm elections in the United States, and you have this gnarly eclipse taking place on that day where the Moon hits its Full Moon and eclipse state at 16 degrees of Taurus and exact opposition to the Sun and Mercury at 16 Scorpio and squaring Saturn at 18 Aquarius. [crosstalk] Right. So there’s something about the disruptive quality that we’ve been talking about all year of, I think one of the best metaphors was just the idea that we’ve come up with over the past year and a half was the idea of something that’s stable and something that seems like a firm foundation but isn’t built very solidly getting a stress test and in some instances collapsing under the weight of that stress once it receives a bit of a shake up. And it’s not that everything will collapse but what is certain is that different people, especially that have those fixed signs prominent in those specific degrees around the middle of the fixed signs prominent in their chart are getting some sort of stress test. And then the question of whether the foundation is solid or whether it’s not solid enough to survive a metaphorical earthquake or what have you.

PW: And that’s interesting to consider, like for President Biden’s chart because his Mars I believe is in middle of Scorpio, which would be opposed by that lunar eclipse which occurs in his sixth house. In terms of a stress test, that’s kind of literally what a midterm typically is for a sitting president.

AC: Yeah, he’s strongly invested in both Scorpio and Taurus. And so all of this hits Biden’s chart squarely.

CB: Right, so it’s hitting his sixth and 12th axis, which is either the enemy’s axis or it’s the health axis. Sixth and 12th are kind of both, so on the one hand it could be his opponents or the people that are sort of quote-unquote “enemies” which is like the other political parties getting the upper hand in some way. Or on the other hand we’ve seen– I think there was once about a year ago during the first Taurus eclipse, there was a little bit of a health thing with him. I forget what it was. Wasn’t it like a procedure or something where Kamala Harris briefly became in charge at that time, right?

PW: Yeah, that did happen. There was that brief time when she was acting president. I would think another possibility of a lunar eclipse happening in Biden’s sixth house, since the sixth house has to do with employees or those who are in service to you, I would wonder if that would be a changeover in prominent staff members of Biden’s White House. So those would be sixth house figures in relation to him would be people who report to him such as the Chief of Staff or… I haven’t looked at any of the charts of those people to see who would be implicated exactly in that but I would think that it could be that depending on the outcome of the midterms, maybe that would be sudden people announcing resignations or sudden change overs in his team, basically for the next two years.

AC: Yeah, that’s a really good insight. And I think that connects to the broader theme of eclipses and rising and falling, you know, House of the Dragon stuff. The power is always in the House of the Dragon. And so we said earlier, it’s not that every time there’s an election or somebody becomes the leader that there’s an eclipse but when there is, we see more dramatic and telling rises and falls. Like Kanye’s spouted off many many times over the last several years. This one which can… This bout which coincided with this eclipse on the tail seems like a definitive line prose and a change in trajectory. Right. And so just taking that principle and bringing it to an election, well, election is literally who has power, who retains power, who gains power and who loses power. And so we should be seeing much more of a sea change sort of thing, where it’s not just, “Well, this is what the next two years look like because that’s how long the terms are or whatever,” but we’re looking at something that has more significance in terms of its themes and proportions.

CB: Yeah, the conjunction with Uranus and the disruptive quality of that eclipse conjunct Uranus happening right on election day makes me nervous about what the disruption is in terms of the implications for that about the future of the country going forward when it’s combined together with that Uranus return in Gemini that’s coming up later in this decade that we’ve talked so much about, which in the past coincided with either the Civil War or World War Two and the issues of whether there’s either an internal conflict or an external conflict of some sort. Having this as a disruptive eclipse implies that this midterm election and whatever comes from it is going to be much more important and much more disruptive in the overall history of the country I think than in other midterm elections, let’s say, that were maybe less important.

PW: You know, the Moon, since the Moon has that connection to the people and the collective as opposed to the leader, it’s interesting to consider that if the Moon on the day of the election is going to be eclipsed and conjunct Uranus that would only seem to suggest that the kind of emotional trajectory of the populace at the time would be oriented towards I suppose change or freedom at any cost. When you look back at previous lunar eclipses that will conjunct Uranus in Taurus that happened close to midterm elections such as in 1938 or 1874 or I think there’s at least one other one, you can see how the results of those elections even if they didn’t result in a change in how to control the levers of power, the change was that the kind of common thread seemed to be that the agenda of the president for the next two years was somehow frustrated. For example, in 1938 that was the second time of FDR and basically that midterm election– the Democrats actually held on to power in 1938 but the kind of Democrats who were elected in 1938 ended up bringing an end to the spate of New Deal legislation. And you could almost draw an analogy between the ending of the New Deal emergency measures and potentially an end to some of the emergency relief measures that were introduced after COVID. I mean, some of this is already in motion. So for example, people are going to start paying on student loans again starting in January right around the time that the new Congress will be coming in. So I would think that part of what Uranus might represent is the people kind of abandoning basically the restrictions that had been put in place for COVID or the emergency relief measures that have been put in place for COVID and there might be this feeling of let’s get on with it, let’s just sort of embrace Uranus, you know, Saturn be damned. And so that’s not encouraging.

CB: Yeah, like the rebelliousness of Uranus oftentimes, a rebellious quality whenever Uranus gets activated whether it’s in a transit or whether it’s in a mundane chart, but an attempt to push off whatever the establishment is or is seen as at that time.

PW: Of course, another way you could envision Uranus would be obviously because of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, it makes sense that there’s going to be tremendous energy on enthusiasm of the voting populace to protect abortion rights, which essentially is like Uranus. It’s like my body my choice, it’s freedom from government restriction. So I would think there would also be a parallel trajectory or momentum from voters to protect abortion rights. Maybe I’m not reading that correctly but I would associate that with Uranus to some degree.

CB: [crosstalk] you know, since the last forecast episode, it just started to develop when we were starting to record I think, but what was happening in Iran with at first what became protests of women that were protesting and issues that were going on there in terms of the way that women were being treated, and the death actually of a woman that sparked everything. But then it seems like it’s grown into a much wider countrywide protest since that time that seems tied in with the Saturn-Uranus Square, even though it was initially kind of kicked off under a Mercury retrograde with that Mars in Gemini.

AC: Well, Saturn and Uranus were square within a degree that whole month. And Taurus is in a Venus-ruled sign, right? And so that traditionally correlates with, you know, a young woman’s right to not be beaten to death in custody as well as the reproductive rights, as well as the less dramatic but very important issues that Uranus and Taurus has repeatedly brought up, which is bringing us back to the basics of bread and oil, energy and food. And that if we’re looking at the source of instability, currency, bread, and oil that is the fuel for a lot of the instability we’ve seen. And will be fueling plenty of instability in other places besides the United States. But Uranus in Taurus is very much willing to, you know, in a sense Uranus and Taurus is very much the bread riot. It’s the willingness to reject or revolt or invalidate an existing authority based on the status of bread and oil. We know that, and inflation, are huge issues going into this election in the United States. [crosstalk] Anyway, so the Moon is with Uranus in Taurus so it seems like the collection of issues which Uranus in Taurus has advocated for over the last several years will be the winners. And that those issues do not necessarily line up perfectly with political parties. But to the degree that they do, I think those issues will win as far as what is most concerning and what sways votes.

CB: Yeah. Well, it’ll be interesting to see if the Uranus energy is the rejection of the party that’s in power, versus, if the disruptive element is sort of like Patrick was saying is the fact that with the Supreme Court thing that happened this year, if women’s reproductive rights becomes the unexpected curveball Uranian thing that throws or changes the result of the midterms that otherwise would have been just simply the usual US thing of going back and forth between the two parties and things changing like that. But I guess because issues like that are really what’s up for vote like women’s reproductive rights in November, definitely everybody should go vote whatever your political views are, if some of that stuff is important to you.

PW: Right. One other thing I would mention too about Mercury is because it’s going to be conjoining the Sun on that day, that means it’s going to be changing phase from Morning Star to Evening Star. So Mercury will be switching sects. There will be a changing of the guard in some ways of Mercury and the kind of quality and character it has. Which could be consistent with a changeover in who holds the reins of power in those houses, either of representatives or of senators, but some more research probably has to be done to see the if phase of Mercury coincides with previous elections. It’s kind of difficult to differentiate between making predictions for the Senate versus the House. I currently don’t have a methodology to address that but, you know. Yeah.

AC: We’ll get to see in two weeks.

PW: [laughs] Yeah.

CB: Yeah. So going back, one of the things that reminds me of is the Sun-Venus cazimi is one of the other things that happened recently, where there’s that conjunction of the Sun and Venus which occurred in the sign of Libra. And what was interesting about that is it was the first time in that series that the Sun and Venus conjoined in that sign after a century of those conjunctions taking place in Scorpio. So there was a broader century-wide shift that took place. And this is what I talked about, in the interview with Ariel Goodman, who really emphasised that in my interview with her on the Venus Starpoint, which is the focus of her research. And she was really emphasising how this otherwise short-term cycle of Venus conjoining the Sun, which we think of as more of a short-term thing that happens relatively frequently, how this was actually a bigger shift that not just showed a shift in terms of the way that things have been for a century, but she actually pointed out that these Venus cycles are connected to a longer 250-year cycle. So this conjunction series that’s starting in Libra right now and over the course of the next decade is going to be repeating that basically the same conjunctions of the Sun and Venus that were taking place back around the time of when the United States was founded with the Declaration of Independence and other things like that because it’s on a 250-year cycle. So in that way it’s actually very similar to the Pluto cycle which we’re also having a return of now going back to when the country was founded.

That really emphasized some themes about us being in a really crucial time right now where the period of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War starts repeating itself in the sky, and not just through Pluto but also through Venus. And there’s something– it’s like we already know we’re living in remarkable times but there’s something about seeing repeated astrological things that just keep reminding us more and more of how important of times and how crucial the times are that really gives you a bigger sense of what’s going on right now having greater importance than it may seem.

AC: In looking at that longer Venus cycle, are we looking at sort of the invisible guiding passions that move the more visible events in history?

CB: The invisible guiding passions. I mean, one of the things we’re talking about is like accords, in this instance, with the… One of the things we’re talking about and I did the Libra episode this month, we talked a little bit about social contracts and laws and things like that, and even concepts like democracy in the form of government that’s used and the sort of social experiment that that is in a longer-term, several thousand-year year context, and that potentially being relevant here in part of what the return is now of coming back and revisiting some stuff from when the country was founded, especially with both political parties raising questions and making accusations about whether the democratic process itself is still viable or whether there’s something wrong with it at this point or whether it might be tossed to the side at some point if certain things happen. I think that’s one of the questions that’s up for grabs right now with this shift,

PW: A renewal of the social contract, that’s kind of interesting to think about in terms of Venus switching signs because I would think it would have some sort of social dimension, right? Politics or how we decide to organize ourselves, that is primarily a function of our social relation to each other and what we agree about the proper way we should treat each other is, and how our society is just kind of organized. And I think that’s a less commonly discussed dimension of Venus. We tend to think of Venus maybe more primarily in terms of art or aesthetics or passion, romance, but I think on a mundane level it definitely has to do with all sorts of social relation to each other as groups, as nations, as peoples, religious groups, et cetera. And that’s why when Venus goes retrograde, you sometimes see things you wouldn’t expect to see from Venus like social discord between groups of people based on nationality or what have you.

CB: One also attempts to find balance and what happens when things become unbalanced and attempts to fix that and bring things back into balance by having a counterpoint or a counterweight, but sometimes that counterweight goes too far in an opposite direction.

PW: Yeah. One of the other things I think we mentioned when we were talking about this area was the fact that Venus’s Star Point moving from Scorpio into Libra means that the majority now of the Venus Star Points occur in masculine signs. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Capricorn is the only one that doesn’t fit so… Well, they all are happening– four out of five are now happening in an arrow fire sign, which is interesting in itself.

CB: Right, all conjunctions, as well as just all the conjunctions in this leg of the Venus Star Point happening in Scorpio over the past century and now they’re going to be happening in Libra for the next century. And whether there’s-

AC: There’s a documentary series that’s very interesting called The Century of the Self that was about the last century and about the growth of the individual individualistic viewpoint, which the documentary treats in a really nuanced way. Sometimes it looks like narcissism, sometimes it looks like individual freedom, but it tracks that throughout most of the world through the last century. And it’s very interesting to think that we had Venus-Sun conjunctions in Scorpio during that. That sounds like Century of the Self. Scorpio was much more self-oriented, which isn’t always selfish but it’s taking care of oneself. Mars-ruled signs are very interested in maintaining one’s independence and individual capability as opposed to Libra which is much more interested in relationality, much more interested in a web of relations and balancing all those scales. And I think just observing the present in the last couple of years, it does seem like the obsession with individuality has hit a point where we don’t need to focus on that anymore. What good? What points there were in focusing on oneself of have been made, I think we’re all aware of the value of that. Whereas I think people are less and less or less aware that the societies in which they live are less interested in relations than they could be. Maybe we’ve had enough focus on the self for a century or so. Anyway, that’s interesting. Just amusing.

CB: Yeah, so big shifts. And that’s talking about Libra and focus on the Libra component. It might be worth asking what some of your keywords are for Scorpio, though, since we have such an emphasis on those placements with the three outer planets there over the course of the first half of the month. And how that’s filling out the leg of the T Square so it’s bringing in a component that’s going to add tension to this month by not just having the Saturn-Uranus square but just having the Scorpio planet swoop in there and hit all of that starting with Venus which is going to oppose Uranus and then square Saturn on November 5th and 6th. Normally you have Venus opposite Uranus which is sort of a disruptive influence on the Venusian attempt to create relationships and bonds between other people. Venus sometimes either disrupts that or makes it different. It makes it so that people relate to each other in a very different sometimes what seems like an odd or unusual way. But then immediately after that Venus square Saturn, which is usually like a cooling effect on relationships where relationships sometimes become more cold or distant. And it’s interesting seeing Venus have those two aspects back to back right at the same time. What are some of your takes, Austin, or keywords for Scorpio?

AC: Well, one of the things that’s associated with Scorpio that I would agree with is that there is a theme of secrecy or keeping things hidden, or in the case of the Scorpion itself, keeping things armored. Right? Keeping the things that are important or tender behind either a physical barrier or a visual barrier or an auditory barrier. And that emphasis on under the radar, underground, concealed to some degree, is further emphasized by the eclipse which just happened. Eclipses of course are moments of obscuration, and the fact that both Mercury and Venus will not be visible to the naked eye for most of the month. They’re so closer to the Sun that nobody will see them in the East nor in the West.

CB: Right, so there’s an internalizing of it in a sign that already tends to internalize things.

AC: Yeah. And so we have this, you know, with Venus maybe there’s sort of like a simmering on things. The emotional activity is not on the surface, it’s in a Mars-ruled sign that’s sort of simmering maybe with Mercury. Mercury is similarly invisible, we have some sort of brooding. There’s definitely that that kind of the activity being concealed, which doesn’t mean that the activity is not important, you know, it’s through brooding we may come upon an idea that moves us or a plan. Or with Venus, we may brood and simmer about a relationship before deciding upon a course of action. And so those invisible things, invisible Mercury and Venus in that brooding and simmering are really important because Mercury rules Mars. Mars’s dramatic retrograde actions are coming out of whatever Mercury is brooding on. And then the lunar eclipse and Uranus are in a Venus-ruled sign, so that’s coming out of whatever the emotional stew is, the relational emotional stew with Venus is. That’s interesting because we’re going to see the effects of Mercury and Venus very clearly but it’ll be hard to see the source. You won’t see the thoughts and feelings rip plain upon the face, you’ll just see the results of the actions.

PW: Something that this alignment kind of reminds me of is back in 2018 in October there was the Venus retrograde in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. That happened actually shortly before the 2018 midterms and one of the big stories from that midterm election was the fact that this was happening in the aftermath of the MeToo disclosures. And so you had a lot of female voters, women voters, going to the polls en masse to both vote in a record number of women candidates for office, but also as a way of getting the men out. It was kind of and expression of the anger and frustration about the injustices that were being disclosed through the MeToo movement that emerged in a similar timeframe in the previous month as Jupiter ingressesed into… No, that was I think the past year. So this has been building up for a whole year because remember 2018 was the whole Brett Kavanaugh nomination and everything that happened with that as well. So I sort of see that… We can kind of draw a comparison then between an amped-up electorate of women wanting to vote for women’s issues with that Venus retrograde opposition to Uranus in Taurus and Scorpio from October 2018, and this iteration where the Sun is conjunct Venus opposite Uranus. We can sort of see how that is probably another way that this ties into the overwhelming, hopefully movement of people voting for women’s rights and for reproductive freedom. So there’s that.

CB: That’s a good point though, that Venus transiting through Scorpio sometimes it can be associated with the fascination with or sometimes the attempts to find beauty or seeing beauty in things which other people consider off-putting or morbid. And so you get sometimes the goth aesthetic as an aesthetic or just a dark aesthetic as a sort of trend or a fashion trend in some sense. But also sometimes Venus in Scorpio likes to go to the darker places and sometimes dredge up things from the past that are difficult to talk about or deal with. Sometimes that can be a theme as well.

PW: [laughs] Come to think of it, on the day of Venus ingressed into Scorpio, me and my wife decided to show our kids Phantom of the Opera for the first time which my daughter was so weirded out by because it was this story about this guy who’s crazy obsessive and broods down as the angel of music in the basement of this opera house or whatever. We didn’t really plan it like that but it ended up being this real Venus in Scorpio type of event. And I think you could certainly associate that archetype of Venus in Scorpio with a story and character like The Phantom of the Opera.

AC: Yeah, that’s a good one. Yeah. He spends most of his time brooding. [Patrick laughs] And even when he’s seen, it’s half obscured with the mask.

PW: Right. Yeah.

CB: Yeah, so a lot of those aspects with the Scorpio stuff, the more difficult intense both the disruptive as well as the depressive aspects of that with those three inner planets first opposing Uranus and then hitting Saturn take place between November 4th, and then eventually culminate by November 8th and 9th once the Sun and Mercury conjoin at those same degrees and then eventually will pass Saturn and be finished with it by it looks like November 11th. So on the bright side in terms of positive aspects happening this month, one of the things that once you get past that stuff in the first and second week that starts to balance things out a little bit is that Jupiter now has retrograded back into late Pisces, so all of the Scorpio planets once they get to leave Scorpio will start trining Jupiter before they head out of that sign. And I feel like that brings a bit of, even if temporary, a bit of relief and a bit of balance to some of these things once things start to calm down after the more disruptive influences of earlier in the month.

So it looks like we have Venus trining Jupiter here November 13th and 14th. Then we get Mercury trining Jupiter November 15th. And then eventually the Sun catches up and trines Jupiter around November 20th. That’s one of the more positive aspects I would highlight this month.

And that actually brings up now that I think about it, our auspicious election for this month, which Leisa Schaim and I picked out for the Auspicious Elections podcast which takes place on November 13th in order to take advantage of this grand trine. We set it for, basically cast a chart for November 13th and set it for just after 12:00 noon. So November 13th, 12:00 noon. You’ll end up with a chart that has Aquarius rising, like early Aquarius rising probably in your location. And the focus of this chart is it’s actually a Saturn election because we have a day chart with Aquarius rising and Saturn in Aquarius now that Saturn is actually direct and coming out of its retrograde phase. It creates a nice little period where you can start doing some Saturn elections again if you want to try to take advantage of the last several months of Saturn in Aquarius before it departs for Pisces in March. So the electrical chart has Aquarius rising with Saturn in Aquarius in the first house and a day chart. It has the Moon in Cancer in the sixth whole sign house but it’s applying to trines with the Sun and Mercury and Venus which are all in Scorpio in the 10th house hovering around the Midheaven, and the Moon is also applying to a trine with Jupiter which is at 28 degrees of Pisces in the second whole sign house. That’s actually one of the reasons we liked this chart is it’s one of those rare charts where both the first house of the self and the one initiating the election are actually in good shape as well as the second house of finances so that it’s a relatively decent chart for financial matters because as Jupiter in a day chart in its domicile in the second whole sign house. Yeah, and then Venus out there at 26 degrees of Scorpio applying pretty closely within two degrees to a trine with the planet Jupiter. So what we’re trying to do is take advantage of this grand water trine that happens right here on November 13th and to use that for electoral purposes in order to start a new major venture or undertaking. Yeah, so that’s our electional chart for the month. What do you guys think?

AC: Yeah, it looks like a good moment for the prudent allocation of resources for long-term benefit.

CB: I like that. I like that way of phrasing things.

PW: I think it would make good sense for a business or something. I think there’s some decent financial bent benefits to that time.

CB: Yeah. So this is one of our electrical charts. Leisa and I are about to record our Auspicious Elections podcast for patrons where we look at… We’re going to get four other charts for different elections and lucky dates for November that we’re going to release here in the next few days. And then we also last month released finally our separate year ahead 2023 Electional Astrology report where we went through the next 12 months and we picked out the single most auspicious or lucky date that we could find in all of the next 12 months of 2023. That’s really awesome and it’s something people have enjoyed. We’ve been doing it for a few years now and it keeps getting more and more popular just because people like to be able to plan ahead for things like starting a business or weddings or major trips or major business deals or other things like that. And that’s kind of the purpose of this report, is to give you the best dates next year to do that. You can find out more information at theastrologypodcast.com/2023report.

AC: Yeah, you need to be able to plan more than a month ahead for a lot of things.

CB: Yeah, and it’s like we give people the… That’s why we first did that report a few years ago because usually we do the monthly report that’s just for patrons that just gives you the most lucky dates for the next four weeks. But oftentimes people want to plan ahead and so we went ahead and made this year ahead report as a separate product for those that want to know when to launch something next summer, next spring, or something like that.

AC: Yeah.

CB: Cool. All right, back to the transits for this month. So that’s the nice little warm, sort of fuzzy center of November as far as I’m concerned is that grand water trine that occurs right there around the middle of the month. Because what happens after that is we get a pretty stark tone shift as soon as planets start departing from Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius around November 15th and November 16, starting with Venus moving into Sagittarius at that time, then we get Mercury moving into Sagittarius right after it, and then a few days later we get the Sun moving into Sagittarius by November 21st and 22nd. And then right after that we get the Moon who catches up to all of those planets and then conjoins the Sun and we get our first non-eclipse lunation in a while which is a New Moon at one degree of Sagittarius. So this is not just a tone shift in terms of all of the inner planets moving in relatively quick succession from the sign of Scorpio to the sign of Sagittarius, but also it moves the activations from activating that Saturn-Uranus square between Aquarius and Taurus. And all of those Sagittarius planets as soon as they move into Saj, they start moving into an opposition with that retrograde Mars in Gemini which by this point is in the mid to early 20 degrees of Gemini. So it starts building up to… It moves from one type of tension in activating the Saturn-Uranus square, to starting to build up a different type of tension later in November which is activating that Mars retrograde in Gemini.

AC: Yeah, there is a really stark difference between the first and second halves of the month in terms of tone. It’s worth noting that even though the planets in Scorpio are intersecting with the Saturn-Uranus and there’s the eclipse, it’s still a Mars-ruled sign but it’s the quiet, you know, let’s go with broody Mars-ruled sign. And when the leave there into much louder Sagittarius, much more expressive, louder, big, loud, bright Sagittarius, then they’re moving into opposition with Mars. And so they’re, you know, Mercury, Venus, Sun are doing Mars all month. But they’re kind of doing the quiet underground side for the first half and then they get increasingly loud as we get into the second half.

CB: Yeah, loud and rambunctious and argumentative, which is both a Mars thing but it’s also an opposition thing; that the oppositions can be contrarian or can oppose things, sometimes presenting a counterpoint but other times just opposing things for the sake of riling things up or disrupting things.

PW: Right in time for Thanksgiving.

AC: Or just reacting to things, right? Reacting to things in a loud way rather than a quiet way. And then obviously, a lot of what was planned in shadow during the first half of the month will become clearer during the second half of the month as the Mercury and Venus and the Sun move into the more visible sign of Sagittarius and Mercury and Venus start to appear again in the night sky.

PW: Right. Yeah, the combination of Mercury and Venus together, you know, Mercury’s like poetry when it’s encountering Venus so this planet of artistry and Venus might broadly correspond with music. We might think that Mercury and Venus appearing out of the beams in the sign of Sagittarius would probably be like the emergence of some notable work of pop. And actually it’s really interesting because 40 years earlier, there was a very similar Mercury-Venus conjunction in that sign and that just happened to be in 1982 at the end of November when Thriller was released, which was one of the most successful albums of all time. I’m not saying we’re gonna get another Thriller necessarily but when I looked back at a previous time that Mercury and Venus were in Sagittarius opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini, that happened to be in November of 1990 when Madonna put out a music video that had such sort of graphic content in the music video that it was actually banned by MTV at that time. And so I’m curious if the opposition from Mars to that Mercury and Venus could show musicians or entertainers being sort of censored or blocked from social media or something like that. Maybe not on a Kanye level but maybe on a sort of a different way that there would be sudden transgressive works of art or statements by artists or musicians that would come under fire as Mercury and Venus move into that opposition with Mars, in a similar way that they did in November 1990.

AC: Yeah, scandal is works of culture.

CB: It’s funny that you mentioned that because she actually posted about that again recently and she was trying to take credit for being a trailblazer that paved the way for other entertainers and performers, and it got back pushback.

PW: Oh. [chuckles] And this is kind of funny too because we have a DD-rated time for Madonna. She may be a Virgo rising which would be interesting because that would mean that the Mars retrograde in Gemini at 1990 would have occurred in her 10th house of career and reputation when she had her music video blocked. So if she will have that same transit again with Mars going retrograde in her 10th house, then we might say that could be a similar sort of situation especially because Mars will be opposing Saturn either way. So it could be a treacherous transit maybe specifically for Madonna again, or it might just apply in a more general way to works of art or artists in general, you know, as Mercury and Venus are conjunct opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini.

CB: Yeah, I do like two things you said. I liked the… Hold on, am I sharing the chart? Let me share the chart here. The Mercury-Venus conjunction around November 20th looks very nice as a nice little aspect that happens this month and a relatively positive one before it gets fully into that degree-based opposition with Mars. And then you mentioned Thanksgiving, and while some of those other opposition are not super close that day, I think at least… [crosstalk] but the Moon does swoop in actually and it looks like the Moon will oppose Mars either that day or the following day, which does seem kind of tense in terms of US Thanksgiving and Mars’s tendency for argumentativeness and things like that.

PW: Yeah, or maybe deep-fried turkey mishaps, right? I mean, there tends to be a common thing each year but I think especially this year issues to do with heat, you know, Mars is wilding at that point and so just seems like maybe you shouldn’t use the gas stove this time. Maybe go with a safer option for heating, or maybe just go with a ham that cooks slow or something instead of the deep-fried turkey.

AC: You shelling for the pork industry now? Why not.

PW: [laughs] “Announcing the third sponsor!”

AC: “Ham.” [Patrick laughs]

CB: Yeah, so going back to the opposition. We’re getting late into the month at this point when those oppositions with Mars actually start completing, especially Mercury opposing Mars from 19 degrees of Sagittarius to 19 degrees of Gemini at November 29th is one of the most argumentative and difficult aspects of late in the month. Because Mercury usually is communication and Mars is classically the planet of war and discord and fighting. So you end up with, at the very least, arguments and contention and difficult statements being made. Then shortly after that, November 30th we get Venus opposing Mars in the classic tension between those two. And then it’s not until the following month that we get the Sun-Mars opposition eventually. But that’ll we’ll have to save that for December.

AC: It’s important to note though, as we’re ending November we’re one week out from the exact Sun-Mars opposition, which is also a Full Moon conjunct Mars. And that’s what it’s going to feel like it’s leading to because that’s what it’s leading to. Things are really heating up in a very visible, very active way by the end of the month. That brooding tectonic half-invisible dragon path, those sorts of half-concealed but powerful changes which characterize the first half of the month give way to really obvious, really annoyingly loud, action-packed changes by the end of the month.

PW: That Full Moon is right on Kanye’s Sun for whatever it’s worth. Another person who’s really getting hit hard by this is probably gonna be Trump, because with Mars going retrograde really close to his Sun, he’s been served with that $250 million lawsuit fraud for fraudulent operation of his nonprofit. He’s also been officially subpoenaed for the January 6th committee and he is going to have to testify to some of these things in November and probably going into December. That particular Full Moon on Mars retrograde in Gemini is really interesting because it’s sort of an inversion of when he first announced for president under a Sun-Moon-Mars conjunction in Gemini around the same degree. It’s been about seven and a half years since his announcement date in June 2015 so it’s kind of interesting that we’re having this sort of similar geometry of the Sun, Moon and Mars in Gemini and that that’s happening in a similar place in his chart as he will be dealing with this lawsuit and with continuing problems from the January 6th committee investigations.

AC: And just for the rest of us, right? This is also just like if you’ve got… I’m sorry, I’m thinking about my chart. Everybody who has mutable planets, part of that shift not only quiet but maybe very important shifts to, you know, loud like there’s the quiet, loud power up. There’s also fixed to mutable, right? For the fixed signs you’ll get it during the first half. My mutable brethren and I will be in the crosshairs for the second half of November quite obviously. Then also-

CB: The delegation representing the delegation from the fixed signs will be handing the baton over to you guys in the second half of November where the mutable signs will take things over in terms of getting some of the rough transits.

AC: Yeah, and that’s already true especially for planets in Gemini. My poor Gemini-Moon, the Gemini-Sun People especially those of you who are holding your shit together a lot better than Kanye despite the the out of control Mars influence, and then all the planets in Saj just amplify all that. It’s worth noting that Jupiter at the very end of Pisces is a ray of sunshine, or at least like a soothing balm for the immutables. Yes, there are Neptune problems. Yes, Mars is doing this. But it is the greater benefit in one of the signs that it rules. There’s definitely some help there. It’s definitely at least like a nice balm, a nice medicated balm.

CB: Yeah. In terms of that though for the mutable signs having the Mars retrograde fully heat up during this time and grind over a bunch of those planets, Mars is a planet where sometimes there can be more aggressiveness, acts of aggression, acts of discord, acts of severing or separation, pulling things apart as opposed to Venus which brings things together, there’s more of a sense of dissension. But having the Mars retrograde really heat up and then having a bunch of planets oppose Mars over a few-week period between late November and early December will only increase that feeling of tension and opposition and pulling things apart especially for those with heavy, mutable sign placements, it seems like.

AC: Yeah, absolutely. And that’s worth noting that with just Gemini in general– Gemini versus Saj versus Pisces– Gemini is always trying to pull things apart. Sometimes it’s more just to see how they work. It’s literally twins, right? It’s splitting into two. Whereas Pisces and Sagittarius are both trying to make two things into one. Horse archer, horse archer, right? Or chaining the fish at the mouth so that the harness doesn’t fragment. And so there’s a trying to hold it together or trying to make a… I should say trying to trying to hold it together with Sagittarius, right? Trying to hold the horse in the person into- Holding them together into the center so that they’re coordinated. Whereas Gemini is fragmenting and then Mars is especially divisive. And so that’s going to be some of the action is trying to hold it together in the midst of very fragmenting and divisive energies. With Mars and in an Air sign, I always think of wind’s ability to scatter things. Like holding onto your pile of leaves like, “No, don’t take it, wind.”

CB: I like that. Yeah, so that’s something really building up to a culmination towards the end of November but that we’re gonna see the final peak of not until early December. So we’re kind of leaving things on a bit of a cliffhanger here and we’ll have to check in more next month during the next month’s forecast in order to see where we’re at by this time four weeks from now. But yeah, seeing that shift from heavy emphasis on tensions in the fixed sign placements especially for those with fixed sign rising in the first half of November to the mutable signs having the tension in the second half of November, I think is the big overall story and picture that we sort of established at this point in this forecast.

AC: And it’s a pretty bumpy ride the whole time. It’s different kinds of bumpy. I would say the first half is more disorienting, you know, a little bit like a roller coaster you don’t know you’re on. It’s a lot of times what eclipse season feels like and if you look at what the nodes are tracking, they’re tracking the big up and down of the Moon relative to the Sun. It literally looks like a roller coaster. But the G forces of ascent and descent don’t make sense because you can’t see the rising and falling, you’re just like, “I don’t know, it feels really different,” like as if you were subjected to those forces but didn’t know you’re on a roller coaster. Whereas everything will be very obvious during the Saj portion of our program. You’ll will know why you are uncomfortable.

CB: Just to reiterate, one of my major keywords for eclipses is just major endings and major beginnings or great endings and great beginnings, that’s one of the main keywords that I always see. There is often times as we’re seeing a disruptive influence from eclipses, but also just this notion of coming to either a great ending in some part of your life you often were in the house that matches where the eclipse falls in your birth chart, but also sometimes great beginnings and setting out on a great new chapter of your life that matches the topic of that house at the same time. And sometimes there can be a bittersweet quality to that in terms of the endings can be rough, but it can also set up the foundations for a whole new era of a person’s life. I think sometimes that’s a good thing to keep in mind when you’re going through really tumultuous or difficult or going through hardships, is that sometimes even though it sounds cliche that even though if you have a great disruption or a great ending of something, sometimes it puts something else in place and it was the necessary thing in order to send you down a certain path from that point forward that you may not have traveled unless you had that sort of diversion at that point to push you in that direction. Yeah, so that was one of my final things I just want to reiterate for the eclipse season especially for everybody going through pretty heavy stuff right now during that time as we go through the second leg of that. Any other final thoughts in terms of the astrology of November, either in terms of the first half? I mean we’ll come back next month of course for the second half, but any other final thoughts?

PW: For me at least, it does seem like it’s the first half that’s kind of the most alarming or concerning and the second half maybe seems to be the slightly easier portion of it. But obviously this is going to be hitting everyone in their way depending on their natal charts. The main thing I’m sort of hearing and seeing from people is that they’re just really just trying to make it through to some sort of resting point. There’s just such a widespread despair, I guess you could say, or worry about the future and so I just sympathize and empathize always. Just stick with it, hold on.

AC: It’s just history.

CB: Yeah, history in cycles. Honestly it’s getting kind of 1920s in here, which is making me a little nervous in terms of the broader mundane events. I didn’t have return of major media personalities spreading anti-semitism on my 2022 Bingo card but here we are. As well as record inflation, major tensions and the revival of old tensions with major world powers between the US and Russia and other things like that. It’s interesting how much we’re moving into and we’re starting to see how this decade is going to shape up, and how much 10 years ago when we were talking about things like the Uranus return of the United States and how that was coming up and there was a nervousness surrounding it because of knowing how that cycle worked out in the past, it’s interesting seeing all the pieces starting to move into place now so that we can start to see where this is kind of headed at this point. Do you guys have that sense of it being remarkable seeing all those pieces fall into place?

PW: Yes, but no less horrifying.

AC: I mean, as I’ve made the point before, the United States came out of those Uranus and Gemini periods way better than it went in. I’m half joking and half not joking when I say it’s just history; it definitely gets wilder and wilder for a while. Right? And talk to your grandparents, talk to your parents or your grandparents– people who’ve lived through way worse than this. You can do this, it’s actually not nearly as hard as you fear.

CB: I mean, some people didn’t live through that, though.

AC: I know, but we have to figure out how to live through it.

CB: Yeah, but also how to sometimes combat or deal with the difficult things that arise. Like what happened with the Holocaust or anti-semitism or things like that where lots of people didn’t make it through like World War Two, even if countries did or even if life went on or things like that. That’s the part that makes me nervous, is just I hope we don’t see the rise of certain groups getting scapegoated or other things like that. And that’s a concerning trend for me that seems similar to like the 1920s.

PW: Well, yeah, I don’t have a guidebook on how to survive this. I don’t necessarily have any funny little catchphrase, I’m afraid, to deal with this. I think the virtue that needs to be cultivated is courage because I think that’s going to be one of the only ways we can face the worst ends of the manifestations of the repetition of these cycles in whatever way that sort of means to you. There are many ways to be courageous, but it’s one of the good things Mars can give you; is courage. Maybe with Mars brightening up in Gemini, maybe this is a good time to ruminate, ponder, to think of how you can develop courage and resilience in yourself.

CB: Right, or when is it necessary to make a stand or ticket take a flight, even though fighting is something that’s naturally not something that most people enjoy or that causes discord or other problems like that.

AC: Well, and that’s very Mars retrograde timeline. We didn’t talk about it this time but part of my usual spiel on Mars retrograde is just like with Mercury retrogrades where it’s time to look over the communications, to look at how you miscommunicated or what didn’t get sent whatever, same with Venus where there’s a little bit of a life review on a relational level, Mars retrograde is often best used to analyze what you fought for and what you didn’t fight for. How did you fight? Was that an effective way to fight? Maybe it was worth fighting for. Maybe you fought poorly in a way that even damaged your cause. All these questions– when and how to fight, and what’s worth fighting for. And then how do you do that? There’s both a tactics and strategy review, as well as a question of which things are worth fighting for. That’s a very natural and I would say maybe one of the healthiest uses of the Mars retrograde. You often see people that begin conflicts during Mars retrograde do so halfway through what they should have thought through. And they end up losing those fights that they start disastrously.

PW: We see a lot of Goliaths falling to David during Mars retrogrades.

AC: Right. Because as one of my favorite martial arts instructors from my youth told me, “Speed is bullshit, timing is everything. Not only picking your fights, but picking your moments.” So I think that’s very important. Because we all have X amount of fight in us, and your willingness to struggle and your ability to commit meaningfully to any struggle whether it’s personal or more collective, that’s finite. And so what are you committing your fight to? And the natural, again, the healthy natural Mars retrograde thing is to rethink, is to do a little life review for Mars, right? Because you can always struggle more effectively. And because Mars’s stakes are higher than they are for Venus or for Mercury, it’s actually more important to be ruthlessly critical with Mars.

CB: That’s such a great image or phrase though that it’s coming up now in what you’re saying, which is for Mars retrograde which is sometimes the revival of old conflicts might be a theme for some people or in some sectors in terms of this Mars retrograde.

AC: Oh, there is the [dudarang]

CB: What was that again?

AC: Oh, this is something I noticed many years ago during Mars retrogrades. A number of people reported to me who will have a romantic interest in men that old dudes were coming back around during the Mars retrogrades, and I heard so many reports of it that it got dubbed the duty rang. [Patrick laughs] That one might want to duck Captain Boomerang when he comes back around again.

CB: Okay, so if the Venus retrograde sometimes it’s the return of old relationships, that might be the Mars retrograde could be the return of some relationships as as you’re saying as well.

AC: Yeah, cuz sometimes depends on your chart, you may relate to Mars. Mars may show up primarily. You know, two out of every 12 charts has Mars ruling the seventh house, right? And like you were saying, return of marshal figures may end up looking like Captain Boomerang.

CB: Okay, that’s great-

AC: Anyway, yeah, [duck the dudarang].

CB: All right. #dudarang is going to be the note that we’re gonna end this forest forecast on then as we head into and get into the thick of the Mars Retrograde here in November of 2022. And we’ll have to save the rest for a cliffhanger forecast for December which we’ll be back to do again next month at the end of November. All right, guys, this was an amazing… We’ve covered so much stuff in this episode and so many different topics I can’t believe how much we packed into this forecast. But this was really fun, I had a really good time. Austin, what do you have coming up or what are you working on over the course of the next month?

AC: Okay, a couple of things. First, one of the beautiful Jupiter in Pisces elections that I did for Sphere and Sundry earlier this year is slated to come out I think December 1st. I’m taking advantage of that little bit of pleasantness in the sky that Jupiter in Pisces. I believe that’s codenamed Butter Ocean at this point. [laughs] And then there was the Mercury in Virgo series that I elected just came out and that’s excellent for problem-solving and doing practical shit in the midst of all this dramatic nonsense. I’m also going to open up my self-paced Year 1 program again during the second half of the month. I haven’t decided on the day yet but if you would like to be notified, please sign up for my mailing list. Just go and sign up for the mailing list, I will send an email out as soon as I know what the date is. And the last couple times I’ve opened that up it’s sold out extremely quickly and people yelled at me, so I’m trying to give a warning. If you just sign up for the mailing list you’ll get the thing. I’ll put it out on Twitter and Facebook when I know what the date is, and I’ll probably do a little reminder because I don’t want to be yelled at anymore.

CB: Nice. So, websites for that are sphereandsundry.com and then your personal website is austincoppock.com.

AC: Yep. And go to the mailing list, don’t look for it on the website. It’s not on the website yet.

CB: Yeah, that’s a really good idea because also then you’ll get notified when… I see people in the live chat asking about 36 Faces and I know they will all get an email once that comes out at some point on that list.

AC: I promise when I have good news I will shout it from the rooftops.

PW: Thank you.

CB: Okay, that is the other book that’s suffering inflation this year, is your book on the black market selling for hundreds of dollars.

PW: [laughs] Yeah, I’ve tried to get it a few times and it’s always failed. Even when I wanted to spend a couple hundred on it, somehow they’d say like, “Oh, it’s actually out of stock.” So yeah, I’m definitely eagerly awaiting your mailing list notification.

AC: My book that I already wrote?

PW: Yeah.

AC: My book that I literally wrote 10 years ago?

PW: I know. I wish I got it then, but I was too poor.

CB: You will have a copy someday, Patrick. Speaking of Patrick, what do you have coming up or what are you working on this month?

PW: Well, the biggest thing that’s happened is we’ve released the Rectification course. So if you’re interested in learning how to rectify with Chris and I, definitely take a look at the website for this course at theastrologyschool.com. In other sort of personal news, I have officially submitted the application for Hillary Clinton’s birth time so in about 12 weeks we should hopefully get some closure on what her birth time actually is. If you’ve listened to the podcast for a long time, you’ll know that that has been quite a saga for me and Chris. It will be really interesting to see what the results of that inquiry will be. I’m working on a presentation about my take on Saturn in Pisces. And my books are always open for general natal consultations, for electional consultations, for Horary, for rectifications. You can find that all on my website at patrickwatsonastrology.com, and you can also find me on Twitter @pwatsonastro.

CB: And I’ll put links to both your websites in the description below this video on YouTube or on the podcast’s website for this episode. As for myself, I’m gonna have a birthday in November 1st, interestingly 12 years repetition of when I started podcasting when I started a third house perfection year in 2010 and took over a podcast from a previous person that was like a precursor to this. So I’m excited about that. I’ve had a tonne of stuff that I launched that finally came to fruition this month, not just the rectification course with Patrick but I also published a book which I’ve been working on for a couple of years now which is a translation of the work of the second-century astrologer Vettius Valens and his book The Anthology, which is one of our primary sources for Hellenistic astrology. I worked with the translator Mark Riley who released a PDF of Valens for free about a decade ago online. But one of the things about the PDF is it was missing diagrams for the 100 plus 120 chart examples that Valens uses throughout his text. So I went through and edited Mark’s translation and improved it and corrected some typos, but also added some illustrations for every time Valens mentions a chart example, we went through and created a diagram for it so that you can actually read it in the text and understand exactly what Valens is talking about. Which is just super crucial for students of ancient astrology because it’s really hard to read The Anthology and then just imagine the chart in your head. But now you have illustrations that show you exactly what Valens is trying to say. That really helps to clarify a lot of issues in the community, one of them is it shows that Valens uses over a hundred chart examples using whole sign houses, which is really sort of blatant and hard to miss if you actually read the text and you look at the example charts that he uses. So that book is out there and it’s pretty exciting to have Valens out and rightly readable now in published form or in print form as an actual book, especially for those of us that prefer printed books.

Other than that Rectification course, Leisa and I announced our Electional Astrology report and I also just released posters for the Planetary Alignments posters for 2023. This is an old promo image for the 2022 posters, but you can find the new posters that show the images that we use on each of these forecast episodes. We created a print poster that you can put up on your wall that show all of the next 12 months of planetary alignments and movements at a glance. And you can find that at theastrologypodcast.com/store and order those posters for your wall today. So that’s what I’ve got going on, I’ll put links to that in the description below this video or on the podcast website. This is an awesome episode, thank you both for doing this Halloween-themed episode with me and allowing us to have both moments of seriousness as well as some moments of levity as Patrick puts on his human Ephemeris costume again. Next year we may have to do some sort of costume challenge.

PW: Contest?

CB: Contest, yeah, for listeners of the podcast. Start thinking now like what your astrology-themed costume would be. And we might have to have some sort of competition next year so you’ve got 12 months to figure it out. And we’ll see if anybody can beat Patrick’s human Ephemeris costume.

PW: [laughs] Low bar. Low bar.

CB: Bar is pretty high. All right. Thanks, my friends for joining me today. Thanks, everyone in the live chat. Thanks to the audience and everyone for watching this episode of the podcast, and we’ll see you again next time.

AC: All right, take care, everybody.

PW: Thank you.

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