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Astrology Forecast for November 2022

Astrology Forecast for November 2022

In episode 374 of the podcast we look ahead at the astrology of November 2022, with astrologers Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and Patrick Watson.

The astrological forecast for November features a lunar eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus, planets moving through Scorpio in the first half of the month activating the Saturn-Uranus square, and then planets moving through Sagittarius later in the month opposing Mars.

The month opens with Mars recently having stationed retrograde in Gemini, Jupiter retrograding back into Pisces, Saturn stationing in Aquarius. and a solar eclipse having taken place in Scorpio.

We open this special Halloween themed episode by reviewing some major news stories over the past month since our last forecast, and then we dive into talking about the month ahead.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Video Version of the November Astrology Forecast

Watch the video version of our November astrology forecast here:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 374 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

Listen to the audio version of this episode or download it as an MP3:

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