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Astrology Forecast and Auspicious Dates for June 2016

Astrology Forecast and Auspicious Dates for June 2016

Episode 78 of the podcast features a discussion about the astrological outlook for June of 2016, with astrologers Kelley Surtees and Austin Coppock.

This month features the second of two exact Saturn-Neptune squares, transiting Mars stationing direct at 23 Scorpio, a mutable grand cross, and more.

I also highlighted some auspicious dates for beginning different types of ventures and undertakings, using the principles of electional astrology.

We begin the show with some remarks about the recent Mercury retrograde period that just ended, then we did the drawing for this month’s prize giveaway for patrons of the show, and after that we jumped into talking about the major planetary alignments for next month.

Next month we are doing our first question and answer show, so if you have any questions please email them to Chris at astrologue@gmail.com.

As always, the cover art for this episode is from the 2016 PlanetWatcher Astrology Calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of our discussion.

Giveaway Drawing for May

At the beginning of this episode we did the drawing and announced the winners of our first monthly giveaway for patrons of the podcast. This is part of a new plan to reach our next funding goal on Patreon, in order to improve the audio of interviews on the show by sending guests high quality microphones and headphones.

This is one of the new benefits for patrons on the $5 and $10 tiers, as explained in this post about the first giveaway on the podcast blog.

$5 Tier Drawings

  1. The first prize for the $5 tier was a copy of Kelly Surtees e-book Saturn in Sagittarius: Focus Your Fire. The winner was listener Kerian Nox.
  2. The second prize was a copy of Ben Dykes’ new lecture titled Two Special Configurations: Aversion and Decimation. The winner was listener Amanda Wiant.
  3. The third prize was a copy of Demetra George’s lecture titled Integrating Traditional and Modern Methods. The winner was listener Kay Alexander.

$10 Tier Drawing

The grand prize this month for patrons on the $10 tier is a full 12 lecture conference pass to Breaking Down the Borders 4, hosted by the International Academy of Astrology. This is an online conference that will take place November 18–20, 2016, with over 48 speakers from around the world presenting lectures through an innovative live webinar format.

Breaking Down the Borders 4

The winner of the drawing was listener Christine Stone!

Thanks to all of our sponsors that donated prizes for this month’s drawing! Be sure to check out their websites for more info about some of the prizes offered this month.

I’m in the process of getting together the prizes for next month right now, but the grand prize for the $10 tier next month has already been established, and it is going to be a full pass to the ISAR conference in October. I’ll have more details on that soon. If you would like to be eligible to win a prize in next month’s drawing then all you have to do is sign up to become a patron of The Astrology Podcast on the $5 or $10 tier.

Astrological Aspects for June (starts at 28:55)

  • New Moon in Gemini June 4
  • Mercury-Mars opposition June 9
  • Mercury ingresses into Gemini June 12
  • Neptune stations retrograde June 13
  • Saturn squares Neptune June 17
    • Venus ingresses into Cancer June 17
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius June 20
  • Sun ingresses into Cancer June 20
  • Jupiter conjunct North Node June 21
  • Jupiter trine Pluto, June 26
  • Mars stations direct June 29
    • Mercury ingresses into Cancer June 29

Auspicious Dates for June

Elections this month were picked out by Leisa Schaim, who offers electional astrology consultations through her website at LeisaSchaim.com.

Listen to This Episode

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  • Enjoyed the June Forecast podcast and the temptation of winning an ISAR pass persuaded me to Patreon! Also appreciate the discussion of Profections and the profected Asc,. I (Scorp Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra rising) am currently enjoying a profected Virgo Asc. Having recently discovered ( after listening to you and Kelly and Austin discuss the profected Ascendant) , that Solar Fire progresses the profected Ascendant, I found that my progressed profected Asc is currently conjunct my natal Mars/Pluto/Jupiter stellium in the natal 12th house. Meanwhile TR Pluto is squaring natal 1st house Mercury. So the information on profections helped explain why the Mercury retros – and TR Pluto square Mercury– have been so awful this year – eBay purchases have gone missing, car doors falling off in my hand, Window OS seized by pirates/ malware and viruses, arguments and misunderstandings galore, important emails getting stuck in my Outbox, etc. keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for becoming a patron Frances! I’m also a Scorpio Sun and Aquarius Moon, going through a Virgo profection year this year as well. Really interesting to hear that you’ve had some major Mercury retrograde snafus this year as well. I guess there is only one more major one to go though before our birthdays, so hopefully the next one will take it easy on us.

  • Just a quick comment about Mars retrograde.

    I love ice hockey and I root for the San Jose Sharks. For the last 10 years or so, this team has been among the best teams during the regular season, but has failed miserably when it was playoff time. The Sharks have earned a reputation of underachievers or chokers.

    But this year – with Mars retrograde – the San Jose Sharks have crushed every opponents and they have unexpected reached the finale for the first time in history.

  • I really found the rule of 3 particularly interesting in this podcast. My understanding being that general transits are important but they are only one indication (testimony) of some external/discernible event happening. For example, If you have a trVenus trine your natal Jupiter you may have nice things happen to you but those things may be more forgetful….like you really enjoyed a day out and had excellent service at a restuaruant but it wasn’t life changing. (BUT knowing you have a trVenus trine your natal Jupiter you can proactively use that transit more willfully to have a good day.) On the other hand, if you have Taurus activated as the profected time lord of the year, A progressed Venus conjunct your natal Jupiter, an angular Venus in your solar return and are having a Level 2 Zodiacal Lord change to Taurus…..you know a major Venus/Jupiter event is heading your way without a doubt. Then it’s about mixing your knowledge of the client’s biography with (the very taboo) intuition to make a prediction. I’ve been keeping a detail log of my life and documenting my ZR periods since taking the Zodiacal Releasing workshop in Asilomar in October….I just didn’t have a quote unquote research idea for using this data but this rule of three makes for a good research idea. Thanks!

  • Realize that elections are rarely perfect but I am curious about these two Venusian elections on the 25th and 30th. The one on the 30th even has Pluto in a grand trine. In the midwest if you wait three more minutes on the 30th it becomes Jupiter’s planetary hour. Venus of course is frequently combust and is combust on both of these dates. How much debility weight would you give a combust planet in electional astrology?

  • I enjoyed the experience Austin shared on his Moon Mars conjunction! Just awesome! I really enjoyed it and shared it with my brother who would love hearing it too. Thanks Chris, Kelly and Austin for this podcast, great information and insights shared. Thanks!

  • Thanks Austin for bringing up the Algol/Mercury opposition Mars crazy thing that happened. I heard the show right in the middle of it and was then able to diffuse some pretty chaotic energy. So now I still have my job I’m planning on becoming a Patreon of the show.