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The Nature and Value of Astrological Prediction

The Nature and Value of Astrological Prediction

In episode 77 astrologer John Marchesella joins the show to talk about the value of astrological prediction, and what he has learned about the nature of astrology after practicing it for 40 years.

John is the President of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, which is hosting a major astrological conference titled The Many Faces of Astrology from February 16–19, 2017, in  Baltimore, Maryland. The conference will feature over 50 speakers, including a number of workshops. Find out more at NCGRconference2017.com.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode.

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Show Notes

  • Discussion based on John’s talk titled “the value of prediction.”
  • In the talk he said “prediction is astrology’s unique gift to the helping professions.”
  • Prediction is not just about “what” will happen, but “why” things will happen.
    • The meaning and the purpose underlying events.
  • Anecdotes from his experience and how to work with prediction.
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Be clear about your personal belief system about the future, and fate & free will.
  • John’s personal belief is that fate and free will is a spectrum.
  • “Prediction is the manifestation of the natal potential.”
  • Reticence about using the word “lesson.” Prefers “experience” instead.
  • Prediction can sometimes reveal unconscious motivations.
    • But not everything arises from unconscious motivations.
  • Prediction can be a counseling tool to open a dialogue.
    • Considering possibilities, and expanding one’s view of their own potential.
    • Sometimes this can feel validating for some people, confirming feelings.
    • Other times it can raise possibilities the client hadn’t previously considered.
      • Client doesn’t see themself doing X, but then they accomplish X.
      • Astrologer sees something in the client that the client doesn’t see themself
  • How far into the future to predict?
  • Sometimes thing just happen, not due to the client’s actions.
    • Other times events are directly tied into past actions.
    • Prediction allows you to put it in perspective and accept it, rather than blame or judge.
  • Finding out what went on in the past helps to predict the future.
    • Especially in terms of long term planet cycles, like the Saturn cycle.
  • Some transits are easier to make predictions on, while others are harder, more nebulous.
  • Prediction can bring peace of mind, but it can also bring anxiety.
    • What happens when prediction runs counter to client’s hopes or expectations?
      • Strategies for dealing with this.
      • Ways to present prediction.
  • Having long term clients vs avoiding dependence.
  • Describing events using analogies with ordinary everyday events.
    • Everyday matters reveal deeper meanings
  • Acknowledge your own anxiety
  • Doing what is in the client’s best interest.
  • What works in one instance doesn’t always work or isn’t applicable in others.
  • There are different types of prediction.
    • Forecasting trends versus predicting events.
    • Outer events versus inner events.
    • Developments versus happenings.
    • Specific times with specific events versus general times w/ general events.
    • Different situations and different clients call for difference responses.
  • Helps to identify time frames, and when periods will begin and end.
  • Sometimes not knowing precisely what will happen but knowing when the client will know
  • Desire not to negate the reality of the client vs. the desire not to lie about what you see.
  • Advice versus prediction.


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 77 transcript

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  • Excellent interview. John makes many useful comments that I found mirrored my experiences which helped me to understand the astrologer client relationship.