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Astrology Forecast and Elections for October 2015

Astrology Forecast and Elections for October 2015In this episode Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show once again to talk about the major astrological aspects for the month of October 2015, as well as some of the most auspicious electional dates I could find that month.

During the course of the episode we cover Jupiter trine Pluto, Mars opposite Neptune, the pileup of planets in Virgo, Mercury stationing direct in Libra, Venus finishing up its post-retrograde shadow period, and more.

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience via out monthly webinar format, and the recording is available as either an audio only download or a video below. This was our first time using this format to record one of the monthly forecast episodes, so this was kind of an experiment and a learning process, although I think that it has a lot of potential for the future.

The audio only podcast episode version has been edited, and some work was done to improve the quality of the audio due to some issues we had during the live recording. The video is basically just the raw recording of the webinar, and it contains video from our webcams as well as some charts when we would share them on the screen, but the audio quality is a bit sketchy at different points in the show.

As always, the cover art for this episode is taken from the PlanetWatcher 2015 Astrological Calendar, which produced by astrologer Kirk Kahn.

Below you will find an outline of some of the different topics that we touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to download or stream the recording.


Astrology News

  • Kepler College is getting ready to re-open its astrological library in Seattle, thanks to the work of Jenn Zahrt, Wonder Bright, Shannon Garcia. The library will be called the Maggie A. Nalbandian Memorial Library, in honor of the founder of Kepler College who passed away in June.
  • There is a new astrology-themed movie titled Changing of the Gods that recently launched a KickStarter campaign in order to fund the production and distribution of the film. The movie is based on the work of Richard Tarnas, uses the recent/current Uranus-Pluto square as a focal point, and will be narrated by John Cleese. As of the recording of this episode of the podcast they are about halfway to their goal of raising $100,000 via Kickstarter. They are shooting for a 2017 release date.
  • We are kicking around the idea of maybe putting on a conference sometime early next summer. We are trying to gauge how much interest there would be in contributors to the podcast putting on a conference, and if enough people would attend to make it successful. So, if you would be interested in attending something like that then please let us know.

Show Notes

  • Major aspects for the month:
    • Jupiter trine Pluto, October 11 – 12, 13 Virgo/Capricorn
    • Mars trine Pluto, October 16 – 17, 13 Virgo/Capricorn
    • Mars conjunct Jupiter, October 17 – 18, 14 Virgo
    • Triggers longer trends/themes to do with Pluto in Capricorn + Jupiter in Virgo. Keyword: productivity
  • It’s a very Virgo October. Venus, Mars, Jupiter visible in the early morning sky for much of the month.
    • 2 superior planets + Venus who has been trying to get to Virgo for a while!
  • Also, many aspects across earth signs this month + Taurus Full Moon 4 Taurus October 27, close to Moon’s exaltation degree.
  • Venus rules Libra New Moon + Taurus Full Moon
  • Plus usual October aspects with Sun + Mercury in Libra square Pluto/opposite Uranus (Sun – Oct 6, 11, then Mercury Oct 22, 25)
  • Mars then Venus opposite Neptune 7 Pisces, Oct 6 + 16 (Sun trine Neptune October 30)
  • Venus square Saturn October 9 around 1 Virgo/Sagittarius
  • Mercury stations direct at 0 Libra around October 9/Venus out of shadow October 10.
  • People Magazine called this the summer of splits.  Interesting Venus retro anecdote.
  • Immigration Crisis timing: Jupiter Opp Neptune, Saturn Square Neptune, Node soon to be copresent with Neptune.
    • Results of the destabilizing effects of the Uranus-Pluto square over the past several years.

Auspicious Electional Dates for October

  • October 4 around 9:00 AM, with early Scorpio rising. Mars ruling the Ascendant, located in the 11th house and applying to a conjunction with Jupiter. It does have to pass through an opposition with Neptune first though, which is a bit problematic. Moon in Cancer in the 9th, applying to square Sun and sextile Jupiter.
  • October 4 at 7:04 AM with 11 Libra rising. Venus ruling the Ascendant, placed in Leo in the 11th, exchanging signs with the Sun in Libra in the 1st. Moon in Cancer in the 10th, applying to a square with the Sun and sextile with Jupiter. Note that Venus is applying to an out of sign square with Saturn, which isn’t great, although may be acceptable since it is a day chart.
  • October 6, 7, and 8, also around 9:00 AM with Scorpio rising.
    • October 6 2015 is the same as the 4th, except with the Moon now in Leo in the 10th, applying to sextile with the Sun.
    • October 7 2015 same as the 6th except now with the Moon applying to wide conjunction with Venus.
    • October 8 2015 is the same as the 7th, except this is the first day the Mars is separating from the opposition with Neptune, which is very good.
  • October 14 around 9:00 AM, with 12° Scorpio rising. Mars ruling the Ascendant, now enclosed by Venus and Jupiter on each side. Moon in Scorpio in the 1st, applying to sextile with Mars, with reception. Mercury direct now as well.
  • October 21 around 3:00 PM, with 12° Aquarius rising. Saturn ruling the Ascendant, placed in the 11th whole sign house, conjunct the degree of the MC. Moon in Aquarius in the 1st, applying to trine Mercury. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all in Virgo, overcoming Saturn through a superior sign-based square. Normally the square from Mars in a day chart would be a deal-breaker, although it may be offset here by Venus and Jupiter.
  • October 27 around 3:00 PM. Same as October 21, except with the Moon now exalted in Taurus in the 4th, applying to a trine with Jupiter.

Unedited Video Version of the Episode

The unedited video version of the October forecast episode:

Edited Audio Version of the Episode

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • October 9th/10th – Venus out of shadow at 0 deg Virgo and ruler Mercury stations direct at 1 deg Libra, AND, these two in a mutual reception, so I think that even though Venus is in her fall in Virgo, Mercury will be able to support her for awhile – until the T square configuration starts with the square to Pluto and Uranus. Gosh – I am beginning to take umbrage with all this Virgo dissing! Is it so awful to be practical, refined and discerning? Venus seems to be so admired yet she too has her dark side. She is laissez-faire to a fault at times – indulgent – and all about sharing because SHE enjoys it – there is no ultruism there at all. Venus is also magnetic – perhaps she can diplomatically charm a conversation that involves the Virgo agenda – promoting the practicality solutions for the health and well being of the migrants. Once again we see that all the planets need each other – I just hate this idea of some planets being inherently benefic or malefic. There is a yin yang, a continuum of dark to light with all energies.

    • I agree with your general point that every planet has the potential for positive or negative manifestations, but there are some that are more naturally inclined to express themselves in ways that tend to be experienced as more subjectively negative on the part of the native. This is where the benefit/malefic distinction comes from, and when framed in this way I think that it is still valid.

  • I live in the west of the UK and was wondering which of the charts discussed would be good for submitting a work project, I assume I’ll have to be aware of the rulers of the 1st, 5th and 7th (maybe 10th too?). I thought perhaps the chart for the 8th might work but wanted to double check.

    Thank you for your great podcasts, they’re brilliant.

  • Again from Poland: THANK YOU Chris for putting explanation of immigrants problem in the October script podcast ! I addressed my doubts and lack of understending after “Saturn in Sagittarius” episode, but now I am really satisfied with explanations you have given, guys. Also, I did like Austin’s interpretation as lack of hospitality – which is very to the point in Poland. Interestingly enough, this phenomenon of histerical fear of coming immigrants is due mostly to religious side of this phenomenon : Saturn ingressed Sagittarius, and a wave of non catholic people try to enter the most homogenous racialy and religiously country in Europe. Polish people, who otherwise are famous for their hospitality, now are trying to find any excuse for not have to deal with different gods and colours. Amazing on how many plans astrology works.
    Another THANK YOU for providing more methapors while talking about aspects. I hope, I am not the only one who appreciate Austin’s insights as a very helping tool to grasp the nature of “technical” language. WHY it is important for me ? The answer will refer a little to JEN’s remarque about Virgo. Of course none of Signs is awfull by itself, but consider the context of this situation : I have “heavy” Aquarius, and “heavy” Virgo (with Mercury in Virgo). I am agonizing to be more intuitive in a water element way, which helps a lot in astrology; I am having continous fights with myself to let things go and not have to organize everything around before sitting and reading/learning astrology or any other entertainment situation. Aquarius logic is helpful but combine with Virgo is … “a pestilence” when it comes to relax or ask my imagination to wander. So – everything depends on the context.
    LAST remarque concerning the “Saturn in Sagittarius” podcast: my Saturn in Sag in the 9th house: more than 10 years ago I went to California only for vacations to visit my son. I was forced to stay longer, which took 10 years. What I had to go through, only Saturn in the 9th knows. The day I was forced to come back to my country( to take care of my mother) was one of the happiests days in my life. I did not bring any money, but all the wisdom of living trough difficulties and I have learned English, what opened the door for learning astrology. Isn’t is something this Saturn in Sag in the 9th house ?!

  • I think the conference idea is fantastic and would mark my calendar to attend. Any thoughts on the date and place?

  • Thank you for the electional charts. It seems, however, that relocating an electional chart from Denver to one’s own domicile can cause major changes to the degree, and even the sign, of the ascendant and thus, the locations of planets in houses. In some cases, a planet moving from the 1st to the 12th house or vice versa would seem to make a major difference in the utility of the chart.

    Any thoughts or recommendations?

    • Upon further reflection, I guess you just have to adjust the time as well as the location until you get an ascendant you like. Thanks again for your work.

      • That is correct. The times are given in local time, which should result in approximately the same rising sign in most locations, although if it doesn’t then all you have to do is adjust the time until the Ascendant is in about the same degree in your location.

  • An astrology conference in Denver is a great idea! Please make the conference affordable ($250 or less), and I’d love to go!

    • Yeah, we would definitely want to make it affordable, so it would probably be somewhere in the price range you mentioned. Right now the idea is still just in the early planning stages and I’m not sure that it is going to happen next year, but I’m going to continue researching and thinking about it.

  • I’m definitely interested in going to an astrology conference with your crew. So far I’ve only been to SOTA which was fantastic and I was sad to have missed it this past weekend. I’m thinking of heading to NORWAC as some pretty amazing astrologers will be there (Richard Tarnas + Demetra George?!). Thank you all for your fantastic work!

    • NORWAC is definitely always a good time. I don’t think that I will be there this year, but Kelly will be, so I’m sure it will be a blast.