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Astrology Forecast and Elections for September 2015

Astrology Forecast and Elections for September 2015Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the major astrological alignments for the month of September, as well as some of the most auspicious electional dates for the month.

During the course of the show we cover Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius and departure from Scorpio, Venus stationing direct in Leo and ending her retrograde phase, Jupiter’s opposition with Neptune, eclipses in Virgo and Aries, and more.

The cover art for this episode is taken from the PlanetWatcher 2015 Astrological Calendar, which produced by astrologer Kirk Kahn.

Below you will find an outline of some of the different topics that we touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to download or stream the recording.

News and Announcements

Forecast for September

  • Venus direct on the 5th, but still in its shadow the rest of the month.
  • Saturn ingresses into Sagittarius and leaves Scorpio finally September 18.
    • Previous Saturn in Sagittarius preview was December 23 – June 15.
    • End Saturn of in Scorpio transit that started October 5, 2012.
  • Mercury retrograde in Libra. / Mercury spending 2 months in Libra, mostly the first half of Libra
  • Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, 1 deg orb Sept 13 – 22, 7 – 8 Virgo/Pisces.
  • Jupiter invisible/ dimmest in Virgo (interesting link to detriment here)/ moving from evening star to morning star (September 15, Jupiter now 15 degrees from the Sun).
  • Mars square Saturn, Sept 26, 0 Virgo/Sag.
  • Eclipses:
    • Solar eclipse September 13 at 20 Virgo
    • Lunar eclipse September 28 at 4 Aries
      • Solar eclipse March 20, 2015 at 29 Pisces
      • Lunar eclipse April 4, 2015 at 14 Libra
        • Solar eclipse March 8 at 18 Pisces
        • Lunar eclipse March 23 at 3 Libra
  • First Impressions of Jupiter into Virgo
  • How it turned out / we called it segment.
    • Reversal of some of the happy significations of Venus with it going retrograde, initially with Jupiter, but then just with Mars.
    • Local magistrates refusing to give out marriage licenses.

Electional Charts for September

  • September 6 at 6:55 PM, with 4° Pisces rising – Jupiter is the ruler of the Ascendant, and it is located in Virgo in the 7th house in a day chart. The Moon is in Cancer in the 5th house, applying to a close sextile with Jupiter. Venus is just stationing direct in Leo, and although it is in the 6th with Mars, this is mitigated somewhat by a close trine to the degree of the MC.
  • September 11 at 6:30 p.m., with 2° Pisces rising – Similar to the September 6 chart, but now with the Moon in Virgo, applying to a conjunction with Jupiter. The Moon is at the very end of its waning cycle though, which is better for ending things or bringing them to completion rather than starting new things. This is not a complete deal breaker if you have to start something new though.
  • September 19 at 12:45 p.m., with 7° Sagittarius rising – Jupiter ruling the Ascendant again, this time placed in Virgo in the 10th whole sign house. Saturn is in the 1st whole sign house, although this is a day chart with Jupiter and Venus overcoming it, so it is seriously mitigated, and therefore acceptable. The Moon is in Sagittarius in the 1st house, applying to square Jupiter, with reception.
  • September 30 at 7:15 a.m., with 10° Libra rising – Venus ruling the Ascendant, direct now at 23 Leo in the 11th house, in a mutual reception/exchanging signs with the Sun in Libra. Moon exalted in Taurus in the 8th, mitigated by sextile to MC. Right in the middle of the Mercury retrograde, with Mercury cazimi.  Mars hidden away in the 12th, although unfortunately so is Jupiter, although he is brought up somewhat by sextile to MC.

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  • Hey guys, I wanted to buy this awesome planet watcher but can’t ship to South Africa! Any suggestions?

  • Awesome as always guys! So much helpful info! SUPER interesting Babylonian commentary. Useful comment toward the end about interpretation through sign or through house depending on application. My personal interests are mundane & electional, so this was particularly interesting to me.

  • This episode was stellar! You guys have really hit your stride on these monthly forecasts.
    Normally I listen once or twice and delete from the ipod. But this episode will stay on the ipod for a few months because it’s so relevant.
    Keep it up!

  • Ha! Mercury SR today – my comment just flew away – Transiting Jupiter is compromised and not too helpful to Saturn as you pointed out and I am really feeling this (2 deg natal Sat in Sag). Most frustrating. So that has to tie in with Saturn in turn having the upper hand (see other podcast on Saturn in Sag) over the Neptune that is giving Jupiter such a hard time. It’s like a family row with fiesty, authoritative Saturn telling Neptune to cut it out but the other siblings still grumbling in the background and not at all to be depended on. In that light, I find relief in the focus on sign rather than house and here’s why – I already know where this is playing out in my life. The broader umbrella of sign helps us to understand that certain themes are universal and SHARED at any given moment. This is like the Buddhist teaching to breathe in others pain if you are in pain. It is a way to not get away from staring at our navels. As a Virgo ASC going through a Saturn return I need that. Last comment – sometimes Saturn in transit necessitates certain things to happen – there is a pressure to perform – a heavy weighing down that can feel oppressive I think, not perhaps the same pressure that Pluto can screw down but still very much there – and that is why the goal is set – to get on and get through. Jupiter will be trine to Pluto later in the year – and no one has mentioned that. I think it will help. And as for Mars – come on! Why is it always seen as malefic? Especially cuddled up with Venus? The cosmic lovers. Why can’t it be said that Mars conjunct Venus direct was activating her agenda – pushing it forward and energizing it? Being passionate is not malefic – Mars can be strong without wielding a sword I think.