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Hillary Clinton’s Birth Certificate Released

Hillary Clinton's Birth Certificate Released

In episode 394 astrologers Chris Brennan, Patrick Watson, and Nick Dagan Best discuss the recent release of Hillary Clinton’s birth certificate, and whether it finally lays to rest a longstanding controversy in the astrological community over her true birth time.

Hillary Clinton’s birth time has been the subject of interest among astrologers since at least the 1990s when she became First Lady of the United States, after her husband Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992.

The topic has long had an air of mystery surrounding it though, because there have been multiple conflicting birth times floating around, and much debate among astrologers over what the correct birth chart is for Hillary.

The mystery and debates surrounding this issue culminated in 2016 when Hillary ran for President against Donald Trump, and many astrologers based their predictions about the outcome of the election on different proposed times for Clinton, despite the uncertainties surrounding them.

Much of this was documented previously in episodes 90, 91, and 93 of The Astrology Podcast, titled 2016 US Presidential Election Birth Data Issues, Hillary Clinton’s Birth Time Revisited, and Post-2016 Election Analysis and Reflections.

This month some of those questions were finally resolved when Hillary reached a certain age where her birth certificate became a matter of public record, and astrologers obtained an original copy that contains her birth time.

The birth certificate was posted on AstroDatabank on March 2, 2023 by data collector Viktor E:


While in some ways the recorded birth time resolves a number of longstanding debates, although it may also raise other questions, as we discuss in the episode.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.


  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:01:10 Background on the debate about Hillary Clinton’s birth time
  • 00:04:44 Scorpio rising 8:00 AM chart history
  • 00:10:54 When Chris asked Hillary for her birth time
  • 00:14:20 Gemini rising 8:00 PM chart
  • 00:16:26 Leo rising chart
  • 00:22:20 2016 Washington Post article about Hillary’s birth time
  • 00:26:10 How Hillary’s birth certificate was obtained
  • 00:30:50 Hillary’s correct Gemini rising chart
  • 00:36:15 Hillary’s first Mars retrograde in Gemini in 1960
  • 00:38:35 Mars retrograde in Gemini in 1975
  • 00:40:45 Mars retrograde in Cancer in 1992
  • 00:48:05 Mars retrograde in 2008
  • 00:52:53 Why rectification is difficult for public figures
  • 00:56:00 Why Nick thought Gemini rising was correct in 2009
  • 01:01:40 When Patrick asked John Kerry for his birth time
  • 01:06:28 Zodiacal releasing for the Scorpio rising chart
  • 01:09:28 Zodiacal releasing for the Gemini rising chart
  • 01:26:33 Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in Hillary’s Leo third house
  • 01:30:20 Wrong 2016 election predictions
  • 01:33:42 Debate about the time on the birth certificate
  • 01:44:35 Zodiacal releasing for the Leo rising chart
  • 01:47:16 Transits that support the Gemini rising time
  • 01:49:33 Lessons learned from the birth time debacle
  • 02:01:08 Nick’s videos on synodic cycles
  • 02:01:39 Patrick’s website and consults
  • 02:03:47 Patrons and sponsors

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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 394 transcript

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