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Uranus in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

Uranus in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

In episode 320 astrologer Rick Levine joins Chris in the studio to talk about the meaning of the planet Uranus in astrology, and what it signifies in a birth chart.

In general, Uranus is said to signify sudden and unexpected events, revolutions, innovation, eccentricity, erraticness, disruption, unpredictability, sudden breakthroughs, quirkiness, rebelliousness, electricity, advancement through technology, rapid growth, and uncommon pursuits.

Uranus was first discovered on March 13, 1781, and within a century or so astrologers had worked out most of its meanings and incorporated it into astrology.

Since Uranus is the first outer planet in our series, we spend a bit of time in the beginning of the episode talking about how astrologers figured out the meaning of newly discovered planets.

One access point was understanding some of the events that happened around the same time as the discovery, such as the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and the culmination of the Enlightenment period.

Our first attempt to record this episode was cut short when the power went out about a minute into the recording. We released a separate outtake of that power outage on YouTube, and also included a brief clip from it at the end of this episode.

For more about Rick check out his YouTube channel:


This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:14 Uranus snafu
00:02:08 Rick’s Uranus placement
00:02:45 Rick’s natal chart
00:05:33 Uranus glyph
00:07:26 Historical background of Uranus
00:11:21 Uranus and technology
00:12:45 The invisible becomes part of scientific domain
00:18:09 Unique developments at time of Uranus’ discovery
00:22:55 Empirical vs. mythological approach to naming planets
00:27:15 Uranus almost named George
00:27:46 Prometheus mythology a better fit for Uranus
00:34:22 Empirical basis for naming Uranus
00:40:17 Sepharial’s significations
00:46:40 Electricity and suddenness
00:55:06 Ebertin significations
00:58:20 Uranus and USA Sibley chart
01:02:22 How outer planets have taken away from traditional planets
01:04:09 Rob Hand on Uranus’ association with Aquarius
01:06:22 Outer planets changed view of signs
01:15:12 Grant Lewi significations
01:25:22 Complaints traditional astrologers have about outer planets
01:30:47 Steven Forrest significations
01:36:30 Uranus Saturn
01:38:49 Eccentric
01:41:40 Uranus and fate
01:43:18 Uranus and Saturn glyphs
01:46:00 Uranus eccentricty in the personality
01:50:29 Uranus Jupiter
01:58:06 Uranus’ only job
02:02:35 Steve Jobs natal chart
02:04:49 Richard Tarnas significations
02:08:59 Uranus’ association with astrology
02:12:20 Rick’s experience with a Uranus transit
02:18:22 Chris’ experience with a Uranus transit
02:19:00 Astrology on the outskirts of science
02:20:25 How to work with Uranus
02:25:41 Uranus transit episode
02:26:22 Space travel and futurism
02:27:10 People not fitting a mold
02:28:10 Ram Dass natal chart
02:31:58 Uranus Venus
02:35:55 Uranus Mars
02:36:40 Angela Davis natal chart
02:39:11 Muhammad Ali natal chart
02:40:27 USA Sibley chart
02:42:36 Uranus Jupiter
02:45:15 Uranus Saturn
02:48:10 Bob Dylan natal chart
02:56:34 Uranus and rigidity
02:58:26 Uranus Pluto
03:00:16 Kurt Cobain natal chart
03:02:44 Uranus Neptune
03:09:08 Uranus Mercury
03:11:10 Johannes Kepler’s natal chart
03:12:12 Uranus Sun
03:13:10 Uranus Moon
03:16:00 Rick’s YouTube, Patreon, and Instagram
03:18:00 Episode #80 about Rick’s horoscope writing
03:18:52 Closing remarks and Uranus snafu outtake

Watch the Video Version of the Uranus Episode

You can watch the video version of our episode on Uranus here:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 320 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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  • Hey Guys, just half way through watching this podcast and I just have to tell you how brilliant this episode is! Smashed it!! To use a Uranian turn of phrase lol. So delighted to have access to this high quality dive in to this somewhat frightening/exciting figure, definitely going to check out the other planets after this.
    Thanks thanks thanks

  • I loved this lengthy episode- I could listen to you and Rick all day.

    I’m interested in the other show about Uranus that you mentioned- where people talked about their Uranus aspect experiences.

    Can you provide a link?

  • This is the best episode ever! Thank you for the podcast in general and for this episode in particular !!! My natal Uranus is both tightly conjunct and parallel my Sun in 3rd house, I`m heavily right-brained, always think outside the box and can totally confirm everything you both said 😀

  • Thank you for this podcast in general and this episode in particular!!! My natal Sun is conjunct and parallel Uranus and I can`t agree more with all you said 🙂