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Jupiter in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

Jupiter in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

In episode 319 astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds joins the podcast to talk about the meaning of Jupiter in astrology, as part of our ongoing series on the significations of the planets in a birth chart.

In astrology Jupiter is generally said to signify growth, expansion, wisdom, abundance, justice, freedom, religion, philosophy, faith, righteousness, success, fecundity, and aggrandizement.

Jupiter is said to rule the signs of Sagittarius in Pisces, have its detriment in the opposite signs of Gemini and Virgo, and to have its exaltation in Cancer and fall in Capricorn.

During the course of the episode we read through some passages from different ancient and modern astrologers in order to understand how Jupiter has been conceptualized in the astrological tradition, and use that as a jumping off point for further discussions.

Some of the different astrologers we read through during the course of the episode are Vettius Valens, Abu Ma’shar, William Lilly, Reinhold Ebertin, Steven Forrest, and Richard Tarnas.

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