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Mars in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

Mars in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

Episode 318 features a discussion with astrologer Sylvi Osland about what Mars means in astrology, where we talk about the significations of the planet and especially what it means in a birth chart.

Mars is generally said to signify things like action, impulsiveness, forcefulness, assertiveness, fighting, anger, war, severing, separation, inflammation, intercourse, fires, discord, robbery, and courage.

This is the fifth episode in our series on the planets in astrology, where we do a deep dive into the meaning of each of the planets, by reading through some passages from ancient and modern astrologers to anchor the discussion.

The passages we read through this time included astrologers such as Porphyry of Tyre, Vettius Valens, Abu Ma’shar, William Lilly, Reinhold Ebertin, Steven Forrest, and Richard Tarnas.

You can find more information about Sylvi on their website:


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  • The ascendant sign and planets there, in my experience, can tell us something about the quality of the birth process. Two of my daughters have Pluto ascending, another has Neptune …very different vibes in the birthing room!
    My great grand-daughter has Mars on Ascendant – had a difficult forceps birth and her mother lost ‘lots of blood’. Shortly after she was born, I had a client with MAr ascendant. When I asked her if she knew anything about her birth process she told me her mother had lost a lot of blood.

  • I have Mars retrograde in Aries in the 7th house. I have always felt somewhat cursed by this placement! But this episode really helped me gain perspective.

    My Mars is also part of a grand cross with Chiron/Moon, Mercury and Neptune.

    The retrograde aspect has been probably somewhat mitigating. I have struggled in relationships because I made an early decision to do everything on my own. I definitely find myself drawn to people with Martial or Aries-like personalities – direct, physically dynamic etc.

    I was very shy when I was young and felt physically weak – never played sports etc. I am finding that as I get older I very much need Martian/Martial activities to stay sane. I started surfing this year and have a job that is very physically demanding at times (landscaping and building).

    I wonder about working with a Mars retrograde in the chart. Especially in the 7th house. Would love others thoughts!