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Defining the Void of Course Moon

Defining the Void of Course Moon

Episode 292 features a discussion between astrologers Yasmin Boland and Chris Brennan about the three different ways of defining what it means for the Moon to be void of course in astrology.

This discussion is largely based on definition of void of course that I wrote for The Astrology Dictionary back in 2012, where I noted that there are three different ways that the Moon is defined as being void of course in the western astrological tradition.

Yasmin specializes in the astrology of the Moon in particular, and wrote a popular astrology book in 2016 titled Moonology, and asked to record a discussion with me about the different ways that void of course is defined.

I agreed as long as I could also release it as an episode of The Astrology Podcast, and it ended up being a pretty good discussion not just about the void of course Moon, but also the transmission of astrology and how astrologers define and receive different concepts.

You can find out more about Yasmin on her website:


This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

Watch the Video Version of This Episode on Void of Course

Watch the video version of this episode on the void of course Moon:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 292 transcript

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  • I’m always amused by the practice of submitting one’s tax return when the Moon is void (by modern definition). Because I’d only do that if I didn’t want to be audited. But if I’m expecting a big refund, I sure don’t want THAT to “come to nothing”.

  • Hi Chris,
    Is it possible to simply donate money to support your podcasts from time to time rather than setting up an automatic donation depending on how many podcasts you do per month?
    Thanks, Angela Pearson, New Zealand

    • Yeah you could always just donate directly to me through my email address on PayPal: astrologue@gmail.com

      Patreon just works out a bit better because then it helps me to set a production budget each month when planning shows and sending out equipment to guests.

      I always do four episodes a month, so you just have to multiply the amount listed on each Patreon tier by 4 in order to get the amount that will be charged at the end of each month. I just have it set up on a per creation basis right now so that I can take a break if I need to at some point in the future, although I haven’t had to do that since I wrote my book in 2016.