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Tarot and Astrology as Forms of Divination

Tarot and Astrology as Forms of Divination

Episode 291 features an interview with T. Susan Chang about some of the parallels between astrology and tarot cards as forms of divination.

Susan is a professional tarot card reader, and the purpose of this discussion was to explore some of the ways that astrology is similar to tarot as a form of divination, versus some of the ways that it is different.

We tried to answer some questions like: how can tarot inform our understanding of what astrology is as a phenomenon? What makes divination divination? What are some different types of divination? What models of reality support the practice?

In some ways this was a nice followup to episode 53 of the podcast with Geoffrey Cornelius on The Moment of Astrology, where we talked about whether astrology is a form of divination or a natural science.

Susan is the co-host the Fortune’s Wheelhouse esoteric tarot podcast, as well as the author of the new book 36 Secrets: A Decanic Journey Through the Minor Arcana of the Tarot.

You can find out more about her work on her website:


This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 291 transcript

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  • Love this episode! Always enjoy hearing Susan talk tarot and Astro. Perfectly aligned episode, this morning I drew my two cards what to look for and what to try. I drew 5 of pentacles as to what to look for and 3 of pentacles for what to try. I then went on my long run, and took this podcast with me. The five of pentacles has came up twice in the last week, of course it’s a card that gives you pause. So I’m running on Snowy roads and I’m listening and laughing cause it’s still snowing, and the route I’m on takes me past a monastery. I stopped and did a daily prayer outside the monastery in the snow – just as Susan recommends sympathetic magic. And now I’m sharing this story, 3 of pentacles, another act of sympathetic magic.
    I don’t know how it all works. We all have theories. In the end I have faith in the systems of a divine language that tune me in to patterns that repeat.
    I appreciate both your works, your insights, your conversations

  • This was a great episode. Thank you. So many wonderful points raised. Two charmingly idiosyncratic talking heads deepened my understanding of both Tarot and Astrology. What fun!

  • finally, I meant charmingly idiosyncratic to be a compliment…but if it sounds weird please just leave it out. Chris, I am a HUGE fan. I think the show is so great. And I love how careful you are about things…and you do have a charming sense of humor. I was surprised by how few comments there were about the Susan Chang episode. I found it uplifting in kind of an interesting way. There is something about her philosophy that is at once grounded and yet very light and upward focussed.

    • Thank you! More people tend to comment on the video versions on YouTube at this point than leave comments on the podcast website.