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Astrology Forecast Discussion for November 2016

Astrology Forecast Discussion for November 2016

In episode 92 astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to give an overview of the astrology for November 2016, which includes Jupiter square Pluto, Neptune stationing direct while conjunct the north node, and more.

We also give a brief recap of the ISAR astrology conference that took place a couple of weeks ago, and I provide some auspicious dates for the month of November, using the principles of electional astrology.

As always, the cover art for this episode is from the 2016 PlanetWatcher Astrology Calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of our discussion.

Giveaway Prizes for October/November

For this month’s raffle we will be giving away a pass to the upcoming NCGR 2017 astrology conference, as well as a copy of the astrology software program Delphic Oracle.

For more information about the giveaway and how to enter for a chance to win see the description page for the October giveaway.

New Lectures Available

Two of the lecture recordings from the 2016 ISAR conference mentioned in this episode that are now available for purchase:

Kelly also has two new lectures available from talks she gave at NORWAC this year:

Planetary Alignments for November

  • Mars ingresses into Aquarius November 9
  • Venus ingresses into Capricorn November 11
  • Mercury into Sagittarius November 12
  • Full Moon in Taurus November 14
  • Neptune stations direct November 19
  • Sun into Sagittarius November 21
  • Jupiter square Pluto November 24***
  • New Moon in Sagittarius November 29

Auspicious Dates for November

Listen to This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Hi Chris,

    Listened to your lecture on Zodiacal Releasing, really informative. Wanted to ask you about your thoughts on using this in mundane astrology with a national chart. Was this done traditionally? Have you tried it? What about firdaria and profections?



    • Vettius Valens is our only ancient source for the technique, and he only uses it in the context of natal astrology. So, there is no precedent for it in that tradition as far as we know, although my late friend Alan White found some interesting results when he applied zodiacal releasing to the version of the US chart that he used (the US declaration of war chart). At this point it is just something that hasn’t been researched very much beyond that, so it is worth looking into. Unfortunately with this technique you really need to have an accurate birth time for it to work since it is predicated on the lots, and that is going to make it difficult to find many reliable national charts that you could use. Worth looking into though.

  • Thanks for the great podcasts! Can anyone provide information about the Inauguration Day cancellation prediction that was mentioned? Like what was said at ISAR or where I could look that up?

    • You would have to get the recording of the first and second panels from the conference organizers. I’m not sure if they have a page set up on their site for purchasing those yet though.