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Astrology Forecast Discussion for September 2016

Astrology Forecast Discussion for September 2016

In episode 87 Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for September of 2016, which includes eclipses in Virgo and Pisces, Jupiter ingressing into Libra, the final Saturn-Neptune square, and a Mercury retrograde period in Virgo to top it off.

I also highlighted some auspicious dates for beginning different types of ventures and undertakings, using the principles of electional astrology.

As always, the cover art for this episode is from the 2016 PlanetWatcher Astrology Calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of our discussion.

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For the next giveaway I will be giving out a free pass to my online course on Hellenistic astrology for one lucky person on the $10 Patreon tier, and then one pass to my online course on electional astrology for one person on the $5 Patreon tier.

The Hellenistic astrology course contains over 90 hours of lecture material on different facets of ancient astrology, including hundreds of diagrams and chart examples in order to illustrate the application of specific techniques and concepts.

All you have to do to enter the drawing is become a supporter of the podcast through our page on Patreon on the $5 or $10 tier, and then you will automatically be entered in to the drawing. See the previous giveaway page for July to see how it works. The winner of the drawing will be announced in episode 90.

Astrological Alignments for September

  • New Moon/eclipse on September 1 in Virgo.
  • Jupiter ingresses into Libra September 9.
  • Saturn square Neptune September 10.
  • Full Moon eclipse in Pisces September 16.
  • Mercury stations direct in Virgo September 22.
  • Sun ingresses into Libra September 22.
  • Venus ingresses into Scorpio September 23.
  • Pluto stations direct September 26.
  • Mars ingresses into Capricorn September 27.
  • New Moon in Libra September 30.

Auspicious Electional Charts for September

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  • Great podcast! Thanks.
    For book covers, have you checked out 99designs.com or fiverr.com? With fiverr, you can get great affordable work if you screen carefully. With 99designs, you can get a free $99 upgrade through Tim Ferriss’ website fourhourworkweek.com by clicking the link at the end of any podcast. The one-on-one service apparently has a money-back guarantee.

  • A quick comment to say that 99 designs is a good idea, but keep in mind you really need to do research before starting your design contest : find covers you like, find which symbols you want to use and so. And then you really need to give feedback to designers, so they can know what you want and how to improve. You can’t just launch a design contest and then wait for the designers to magically guess what you want.

    • I have an example cover that I’m sending out to prospective designers that has the elements that I want included in the cover. And then I am working closely with anyone that says that they are willing to try making one in order to give feedback and do possible alternative versions. I was just using this as a method to find additional designers to work with.

      • Nice Chris ! I think you will get a beautiful cover then. I’m glad reading your book soon !

        By the way, I was not trying to be negative there (when I read my last sentence again, it looks like I was negative, but no I was just trying to help.)


  • After listening to the discussion on the femininity of Saturn, thought I’d chime in.

    I think Austin’s perspective on an older archetype of femininity is spot on. Rather than the sensual femininity of venus, saturn can be looked at more in terms of the great mother, or even the old crone.

    To go even further down that line would be to strip gender down to polarity, in this case, force and form. Masculine energies are expansive, they are force. Feminine energies are restrictive, and give form. Like a laser, the light itself is masculine, but the restriction of that light to a tight beam increases it’s potential. Or in meditation, random yang/masculine thought can be chaotic and wild, but the feminine principle of restriction to a singular topic makes it productive.

    Saturn is feminine because it is restrictive, she is the great womb and the blackness to which we return.

  • I like the free-form nature of these ‘monthlies.’ It’s a great way to add some lasting relevance to the recordings. Austin always shines here with some really insightful comments. (The concept of the gender neutrality of Saturn was excellent ) And Kelly has a knack for pin-point conciseness. Her comments on temperament and elements are a nice counterpoint to Austin (all good).

  • As a working graphic designer I am against all those fivver sites and the like, they undervalue the sector and basically are a platform for cheap, usually copied and poorly done work. That being said if you are on a tight budget maybe it’s worth approaching an art college or running a competition. Alternatively I would be happy to have a go and discuss my rates with you if you like. You can find my work and contact details here: http://www.elizabethhamburger.co.uk

  • Author Genia Pauli Haddon (her books are on Amazon) posits that it is an error to overlap yin and yang with masculine and feminine. Using the human body as her metaphor she sees the progression as yin feminine, yang feminine, yin masculine, and yang masculine. The pregnant uterus would be the holding yin feminine. The birthing uterus, which is very active, is the yang feminine: contextual thrust. The yin masculine testes hold the sperm. And the yang masculine is the aroused penis, mostly thrust for thrust sake.

    I find these descriptions to be very useful in my life. As a very Saturn and Capricorn woman, I feel very yang without feeling masculine. I have a good male Taurus friend who is a strong holding and nurturing center to his family while being very
    masculine. I see him as a good example of the yin masculine who holds the center. This is the Blessing King who focuses his energy inward to keep his kingdom strong vs the Warrior King who focuses his energy outward as his form of protection.

    In this format I think that Saturn and Capricorn as being connected to the yang feminine fits very well. The 10th. house is where our energy gets birthed out into the world in an organized way.

    I think that the book that has this material in it is Body Metaphors. Genia came to our Friends of Jung group back in the 80’s and talked about this material.

  • I forgot to add how much I enjoyed this podcast. Your explanations of the planets and their energies and how they interact was just great. Thanks

  • For wonderful book covers and interior formatting at reasonable prices, I recommend Shelley at goodlifeguide.com. She designed two of my books. Love these monthly conversations! Thank you all, Chris, Kelley and Austin!!!

  • Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into these monthly discussions. This one was a particularly insightful look into the transitional month ahead. The three of you have a wonderful dynamic that is quite lovely to witness. Austin offers a wonderfully grotesque analyses of the different Mars placements of ultimate fighters, and Kelly foils this with her Venus in Libra description. My favorite quote being “it’s like that scoop of chocolate ice cream at the end of a hard day that just makes everything better.” And Chris as always, thanks for creating such a great platform for this wide array of information and inspiration.

  • Great podcast covering many essential topics! Much to say so far. Ptolemy used the Chaldean Order, from the ancient Chaldean astrologers, so right there proves they were very pre-Hellenistic indeed. Abraham was from Ur of Chaldea so it makes sense that Jews would use this order; in any case it’s the obvious visual order so I don’t know what other order anyone would use! One doesn’t even need to use the tradition that Abraham was the first astrologer (and relocational at that).

    The left side of the Tree is considered feminine & the right side masculine, reinforcing the issue of Saturn & others’ gender. Going down the left side of the Tree is Saturn, Mars, Mercury. Down the right side is fixed stars, Jupiter, Venus. Notice it seems somewhat a matter of malefics and benefics. Then it’s more complicated due to the middle column of the Crown, Sun (rightly in the middle of all), then the Moon – i.e. the Lights, including the source of light or beyond our light.

    I agree with Austin that it’s difficult to know when any paradigm began due to the secretive, oral tradition. I believe there was ancient wisdom that got scattered and reassembled for different people at different times and cross-fertilization, etc.

    As for that happening time in Hellenistic Alexandria, Jews were working on the Talmud, had begun Gnosticism & the Christian Jews continued it along with converts, some kabbalah was being written – often believed to be influenced by Neo-Platonism but perhaps, again, ancient wisdom recorded, the Magical Papyri were being recorded, I know I’m leaving out things but my point is I don’t know why Jews might not have contributed to Hellenistic astrology, especially coming from the proto-astrology lands of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

  • The 2nd New Moon in a month is called a Black Moon. Though it can’t be seen any less than any new moon, it’s important for scientists to know due to affecting the tides I guess, but no more than any new moon per se. I think I’ve heard more technical terms for 2 Full or New in a sign, rather than month, but don’t recall what they’re called but it would seem they’d be more significant astrologically.