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The Astrology Podcast Monthly Giveaway for July 2016

The Astrology Podcast Monthly Giveaway for July 2016

Our sponsors this month are the creators of two separate astrology software programs, Solar Fire and Archetypal Explorer, and at the end of the month we are going to be giving away copies of each program to the winners of this month’s giveaway contest.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win in the giveaway is sign up on our page on Patreon to become a patron on the $5 or $10 tier, and then you will automatically be entered into the drawing.

The drawing will take place at the end of the month during the final episode of July.

Read on for more details about this month’s giveaway prizes:

Prize for Patrons on the $5 Tier: Archetypal Explorer

The winner of the July giveaway on the $5 tier will receive a free one year subscription to the new online astrology program called Archetypal Explorer!

Archetypal Explorer

Archetypal Explorer is an online program for personal development, based in the practice of archetypal astrology. It uses a powerful method of transit analysis, combined with cutting edge data visualization and cloud computing, to display the ebb and flow of archetypal activity in time. It renders both personal and world transit activity, and will display transits across any scale of time — from a week, to a month, to a year, to a century. Navigate backward and forward in time. Use it to inform, orient, and navigate within your life in powerful ways.

You can find out more information about the program at www.archetypalexplorer.com.

Prize for Patrons on the $10 Tier: Solar Fire

The grand prize this month for the winning patron on the $10 tier is a free copy of the astrology software program called Solar Fire!

Solar FireReviewing the ten best astrology programs, the website Top Ten Reviews gives Solar Fire a perfect score in all categories, including Features, Chart Tools, Extras and Help & Support.

Encyclopedically complete and exceptionally simple to use, Solar Fire brings the whole vast realm of astrology within your reach. It accomplishes a full range of astrological tasks including natal, predictive, relationship, locational, electional and horary astrology and provides tools for various astrological techniques from ancient and classical astrology to uranian and cosmobiology.

Beginners will appreciate the array of interpretations available while professionals will surely enjoy the appointment calendar and the ability to customize the program’s pages, wheels, points, and dynamic hit lists.

You can find out more information about Solar Fire at Alabe.com.

How to Enter the Giveaway

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is become a patron of the Astrology podcast through our page on Patreon at the $5 or $10 tier. The monthly raffle is one of the perks that patrons receive for donating to support the show, in addition to the other bonuses.

Towards the end of the month we will do a drawing and then announce the winners of this month’s giveaway on the last episode of July.

If you are already a patron of the show on one of those tiers then you are already set, and you will be entered in to the drawing at the end of the month. If you are currently a patron of the show on one of the lower tiers then all you have to do to enter is upgrade to the $5 or $10 tier.

The only restriction for patrons is that your max monthly pledge has to be set at either the same as or more than the amount equivalent to what funding four episodes would cost in a month on that tier (i.e. $20 on the $5 tier or $40 on the $10 tier). If you have the max pledge set to less than this then you would not be qualified to enter in to the drawing, although there is still time to adjust that if you would like to be entered in for a chance to win.

Part of the purpose of the new monthly raffle is to raise money to continue to improve the quality and scope of the show. We have already started to see the early benefits of this program in the improved audio quality of the past several episodes, which was accomplished by sending high-quality microphones out to guests, as well as by hiring a professional sound engineer for editing. If you enjoy the show and listen to it frequently then please consider pledging your support through our page on Patreon to help with the production of future episodes of the podcast.

If you have any questions or comments please email Chris at astrologue@gmail.com.

Thanks to the creators of Solar Fire and Archetypal Explorer for sponsoring this month’s giveaway!

UPDATE (7/27/16)

Due to a scheduling delay the winners of this month’s giveaway will be announced in the first episode of August, since we didn’t end up having four episodes this month but instead there were only three. So, the winners of the drawing will be announced on episode 86 of the podcast.

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