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Astrology Forecast and Elections for February 2016

Astrology Forecast and Elections for February 2016

Episode 63 features a discussion with Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock about some of the major astrological alignments and auspicious electional charts in the upcoming month of February 2016.

During the course of the show we cover topics such as the impending Mars retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio, an upcoming emphasis on mutable signs, and a recap of some of the highlights of the recent Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn.

I also introduce some auspicious electional charts for different dates throughout the month, and talk about the rationale for the charts I selected.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode.

2016 Astrology Calendars Now Available

Astrologer Kirk Kahn just released the PlanetWatcher Astrology Calendar for 2016.

This is the source of the cover art that we use for our forecast episodes, and it is a great way to look at the major planetary alignments and ingresses for the entire year at a glance.

Astrological Alignments for February

  • February is the new January! Mercury direct in Capricorn + Venus in Capricorn, helps with straightening out any post Mercury Rx bloops or confusion.
  • Some dignity with Venus in Cap/Mars in Scorpio.
  • Month of sextiles (friendliness, support, connection, ease, even if a reality check or reminder).
  • Biggest aspect Mars in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Virgo, February 1314.
  • Sun sextile Saturn, February 3.
  • Sun sextile Uranus, February 6.
  • Venus sextile Mars Feb 6/7, Mercury sextile Saturn Feb 25/Uranus Feb 27.
  • Mars into shadow from February 18, 23 Scorpio (Mars in late February connects to late May, June, July, early August).
  • Mars in superior square to Sun, especially around the Aquarius New Moon February 8. Highlights the Mars themes, something about the ghosts of Christmas present/future?.
  • Annual Sun conjunct Neptune aspect end of the month.

Auspicious Electional Charts for February

These elections are set for Denver, but you should be able to use the same times listed approximately after you have set them for your location, since they are set for local time. Just make sure that when you relocate the chart that it has the same rising sign and degree in your location as what is shown in the chart below.

Listen to This Episode

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  • Great episode! I just wanted to mention; one may do well to be mindful of that nearly partile moon/saturn square on the feb 10th mars election. The benefic support to the AC+ascendant lord is awesome, but our lady of generation is not doing so hot. I used a similar mars on AC election on january 13th. The moon at 3 degrees pisces, applying to mars in scorpio (where he also has dignity by term and face). The saturn/moon square is still there by whole sign aspect, but theres a good bit of breathing room.

    Moon in cancer later in the month may work for a mars on the AC election. The moon is clear of saturn and is dignified by domicile; and the tenth house will be in better shape because the sun has moved out of its detriment. The trade off is that the benefic sextile from venus is no longer present. -and it might be tricky to elect without jupiter’s ray interrupting the moon-mars aspect.

    The podcast is a treasure, keep up the terrific work!

    • That is a really good point about the Moon-Saturn square in the Scorpio rising election. I only noticed that after we finished the recording, and I’m kind of surprised that I overlooked it as a major issue with that chart. I like your suggestion about the Moon in Cancer as a better alternative for a Scorpio rising election later in the month.

  • I appreciate your having pointed out the mitigating factors of Jupiter in its fall, such as the transiting north node, as well as a possible accidental dignity such as house placement in the natal chart. The story of the friend with the 10th H Virgo reaping great rewards was a great example; Virgo is not Jupiter’s favorite MO but a lot of good can still happen. I am also reminded of the paintings from the period of art called Pointillism. Many fine dots create a whole picture – most especially when viewing from a distance! Although not created with broad strokes, and perhaps more painstakingly made, the painting is still effectively beautiful and reminds us of the many microcosms that make the whole. For those of us with and ASC or Sun in Virgo , a once in 12 twelve year transit from the greatest benefic needs to be appreciated. Perhaps because I have a 12th H natal placement the immediate effect of Jupiter changing signs is very apparent, as it is always more accessible. There often seems to be a gift that lands in my lap – as with this last time -even in Virgo : – )

  • Great episode – thank you! Re: new planets – the discovery charts are used as a guide to interpreting significance, as well as the sometimes iffy, sometimes fascinating, spins on the mythological names….

    • No, we decided to skip the video version this month, as no one had RSVP’d for the webinar, and doing the video usually creates an additional hassle. Also I think that the audio quality usually comes out slightly better when we don’t do the video. It is not clear yet whether we will do both again for next month’s forecast, although I’m kind of inclined towards doing just audio again. Expanding to YouTube was kind of an experiment over the past few months, but it wasn’t really drawing in as many views as I thought it would. Maybe I can retool things and try it again in a few months once I’m finished writing my book and can direct more attention towards it.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m a new student of astrology and I liked watching the videos because I could follow along with the charts you would post on the screen, either way I look forward to listening to this months episode! Also thank you for posting such helpful information on your website- your article on how to calculate Saturn return was concise and so useful.