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Astrology Forecast and Elections for March 2016

Astrology Forecast and Elections for March 2016Episode 66 features a discussion with Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees about the astrological forecast for March of 2016, as well as a segment with Leisa Schaim about some of the most auspicious electional charts over the next few weeks.

The cover art for this episode is from the 2016 PlanetWatcher Astrology Calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording:

Major Astrological Alignments for March

  • Mercury ingresses into Pisces March 5
    • Mars ingresses into Sagittarius also on March 5
    • Mars enters Sag portion of shadow, begins co-presence with Saturn. Fun times.
  • Solar eclipse in Pisces March 8
  • Venus ingresses into Pisces March 12
  • Jupiter trine Pluto March 16
  • Jupiter square Saturn March 23
  • Sun ingresses into Aries March 20. International Astrology Day.
  • Mercury ingresses into Aries March 21.
  • Lunar eclipse in Libra March 23.
  • Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius March 25

Auspicious Electional Dates for March

These elections are set for Denver, Colorado, but you should be able to use approximately the same times after you have set them for your location, since they are set for local time. Just make sure that when you relocate the chart that it has the same rising sign and degree in your location as what is shown in the chart below.

  • March 6 around 9:10 AM with Taurus rising – Venus ruling the Ascendant, placed in Aquarius in the 10th. Moon in Aquarius in the 10th, applying to sextile with Saturn, with reception, sextile with Uranus, and then conjunction with Venus. Mars and Saturn are in the 8th, although overcome by Jupiter with reception by day. Mercury is getting wrecked, in Pisces, square Mars, applying to conjoin Neptune. At least it is separating from Mars at this point though, and has the opposition with Jupiter.
  • March 12 around 11:50 AM with Cancer rising – Moon ruling the Ascendant, exalted in Taurus in the 11th house, applying to a trine with Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter is in the 3rd whole sign house, but conjunct the degree of the IC, in a day chart, with the North Node. Venus is now in Pisces, where it exchanges signs with the Moon, although it is being overcome by Mars and Saturn. Mercury is getting free of Mars, but applying to square Saturn still.
  • March 23 around 3:50 PM with Leo rising – Sun ruling the Ascendant, exalted in Aries in the 9th, with Mercury cazimi. Moon in Libra in the 3rd, just after eclipse. Venus applying to oppose Jupiter, square Saturn.
  • March 26 around 3:35 PM with Leo rising – Similar to the March 23 chart, except with the Moon now in Scorpio in the 4th, applying to sextile Jupiter and trine Venus. Venus separating from Saturn and Jupiter.
  • March 31 around 3:10 PM with Leo rising – Another Leo rising chart. Sun now applying to trine Saturn. Mercury conjunct Uranus. Moon in Capricorn in the 6th, applying to trine Jupiter, trine the MC to mitigate cadent placement.

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  • I love your electional options. Thank you. But in the whole sign house system, do you use the ruler of the IC or the ruler of the 4th when doing an electional around selling a property?

    • I primarily focus on the 4th whole sign house and ruler, although I’d still pay attention to the IC and its ruler as secondary.

  • I’m planning to use the timing of your March 23 election chart as the start for my new astrological consultation business (which it seems exceptionally suited for!). My question concerns the Mercury cazimi situation. In the case of an election with a cazimi planet, what is the difference between whether the aspect is applying or separating in terms of the cazimi planet’s condition, etc.? And, in either case, what are your thoughts about the following separating combust phase in an electional chart in terms of how that would play out in the matter of the election?

    Thank you.
    Love these podcasts!

    • I don’t know, that’s a good question. Normally they say it is better when a planet is moving away from being under the beams, which usually involves separating from the Sun one way or another. But then in this case if the condition of being cazimi is considered positive then you would almost think that it would be better to be moving towards that. I’d probably go with separating if yo have an option, since then Mercury is just beginning its solar phase cycle rather than just ending it.

      • Thank you for your thoughts. I especially like this, which I hadn’t thought of: “… separating… since then Mercury is just beginning its solar phase cycle rather than just ending it.” Also, I had wondered if an electional chart with a separating cazimi might also be more preferable because we may then be able to consider that the matter being elected has *already* been conceived within the heart of the Sun, and is now moving onward from that positive conception. Just a thought.