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The Professional Astrologer Book Interview

The Professional Astrologer: Building a Successful Astrology Practice

Episode 65 features an interview with astrologer Maurice Fernandez about a new book that he edited titled The Professional Astrologer: Building a Successful Astrology Practice.

The book was published by the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), which Maurice is the president of, and it features contributions by a wide range of practicing astrologers which provides an overview of the field of astrology as a profession or vocation.

The purpose of the book is to give people a guide for how to make the transition from doing astrology as a hobby to doing it professionally as a full-time career.

You can order the book online through Amazon:

The Professional Astrologer: Building a Successful Astrology Practice on Amazon

Below you will find an outline of some of the topics covered during the course of the episode, followed by links to download or stream the recording.

Episode Outline

Some of the different topics that we covered during the course this episode include:

  • Background information on the Organization for Professional Astrology.
  • Discussing the purpose of the book and goals the organization wanted to accomplish.
  • Identifying areas of potential growth within the astrological community.
  • Improving the public perception of astrology.
  • Helping astrologers to feel confident about what they do.
  • Identifying different demographics within the field.
  • Giving an overview of some of the different chapters in the book.


Different chapters and sections of the book discussed during the course of the interview:

  1. Donna Young – The Different Orientations in Astrology
  2. Maurice Fernandez – Building and Sustaining a Successful Practice
  3. Sandra-Leigh Serio – Consultations, Counseling and Ethical Considerations
  4. Chris McRae – The Financial Equation
  5. Georgia Stathis – Making your Practice Financially Viable
  6. Anne Ortelee – A Business Plan
  7. Robert Woodliff and Leisa Schaim (AFAN) – Legal Issues in the Practice of Astrology
  8. Wendy Stacey – The Times are a-Changin’
  9. Monica Dimino – Building a Feedback Loop into your Professional Practice
  10. Jacqueline L. Janes – Counseling Techniques for the Consulting Astrologer
  11. Arlan Wise – Writing and Astrology
  12. Frank C. Clifford – In Print: A Practical Guide for Writers of Astrology
  13. Alexandra Karacostas – The Power of the Peer Group in Astrology
  14. Kay Taylor – Professional Development and the Community of Astrology
  15. Interviews with professional astrologers, including Steven Forrest, Melanie Reinhart, Kim Marie, Chris Brennan, Hakan Kirkoglu, Caroline Casey, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Linea Van Horn, Donna Woodwell, Ray Merriman, and Aleksandar Imsiragic.
  16. Resource Index – Nancy Beale


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 65 transcript

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  • It would be really something if students could take a degree, and their astrological degree could be wrapped up in a Philosophy, Psychology, Clinical Social Worker, Alternative healing type of a degree.