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Astrology Forecast and Elections for June 2015

Astrology Forecast and Elections for June 2015This episode of the podcast features a new segment where astrologer Kelly Surtees joins me to provide a forecast of some of the major astrological trends for the month of June 2015, as well as highlight some of the most auspicious electional charts during the course of the month.

The astrology forecast segment is based on a column that Kelly writes for the website of The Mountain Astrologer magazine where she talks about some of the featured planetary aspects for the month of June.

My bi-monthly column appears in the print version of The Mountain Astrologer, and in it I provide a list of some of the most auspicious charts I can find each month using the basic principles of electional astrology.

We decided to combine some of the highlights of both of our columns here for a 45-minute podcast discussion about the astrology of June.

This is an experiment that we are going to try over the course of the next few months, and if listener feedback is good then it may become a regular feature of the podcast at the beginning of each month. The goal is to expand the listener base of the podcast, while still presenting high-level discussions about astrology that are interesting and useful for intermediate and advanced students and practitioners of the subject.

Episode Notes

  • Introducing the new monthly forecast segment.
  • Giving some background information on it.
  • Major aspect for the month is Jupiter trine Uranus.
    • Triggered by Mars, the Sun, and Venus throughout June.
    • This is a three part transit. Discussing the months/dates when it was active before.
  • Mercury retrograde for the first part of the month. Stationing direct around June 11.
    • Mercury square Neptune most of the month.
  • Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio June 14.
  • Venus moving into its shadow and preparing to go retrograde in Virgo/Leo this summer.
  • Auspicious electional charts for the month:

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