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Astrology Chat with Madeline DeCotes

Astrology Chat with Madeline DeCotes

In episode 426 astrologer Madeline DeCotes joins Chris in the studio for a wide-ranging discussion about astrology that covers eclipses, fate vs. free will, and the future of astrological research.

We open the episode by discussing the intense past month of astrology with eclipses and world events, the significance of eclipses in ancient times, and the origins of astrology.

We also explore the broader topic of negative transits, and how tragic events can sometimes lead to positive outcomes or new beginnings. The conversation delves into the nature of transits and how their manifestation may not always be immediately obvious, but can have long-lasting effects on our lives.

The discussion also touches on the personalized almanacs created by the Honeycomb Collective, which provide individualized astrological information and transits. Madeline shares her background in communication and information design, and how she aims to make astrology more accessible and digestible through visualizations and simplified data.

Later we explore the different approaches and traditions in astrology, and the challenges faced by new students in navigating the vast array of resources available.

The episode concludes with a thought-provoking discussion on the implications of astrology and its worldview. We explore the idea that the universe is alive and imbued with meaning and symbolism, contrasting it with the modern scientific view of a dead and meaningless universe.

We also touch on the tension between fate and free will, and how astrology can provide comfort and guidance in navigating life’s challenges. The conversation ends with a glimpse into the future of astrology research and the potential for innovation in studying personal charts and experiences.

Find more about Madeline’s work on the Honeycomb website:


This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.


  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:01:33 Eclipses have historical significance
  • 00:09:31 Astrology can reveal hidden influences
  • 00:13:32 Personalized almanacs for individual transits
  • 00:14:43 Astrology is a personal journey
  • 00:19:44 Structure aids astrology learning
  • 00:25:38 Astrology suggests a meaningful universe
  • 00:31:15 Astrology challenges beliefs about fate
  • 00:38:58 Fate and free will in astrology.
  • 00:43:29 Revolution in astrological research
  • 00:49:26 2020 as a Capricornian experience
  • 01:00:17 Astrology school sparked transformative journey
  • 01:07:10 Ethics of astrology in relationships
  • 01:13:59 Astrology requires understanding and knowledge
  • 01:19:29 Mundane transits can be relevant
  • 01:20:24 Focus on personal chart significance
  • 01:25:59 Astrology’s complexity an obstacle to scientific study
  • 01:31:01 Testing astrological correlations is complex
  • 01:39:30 Astrology may face political pushback
  • 01:49:19 Uranus in Gemini and events in the US
  • 02:03:08 Astrology forecasts require responsibility
  • 02:05:12 Finding balance between optimism and realism
  • 02:14:26 Astrology as a code underlying reality
  • 02:25:18 Specializing in multiple disciplines
  • 02:27:29 Astrology broadens knowledge and empathy
  • 02:33:53 Astrology evolved as a timekeeping technology
  • 02:40:18 Relationship between humans and nature
  • 02:45:05 Astrology’s potential scientific validity
  • 02:51:26 Astrology accessible to everyone
  • 02:56:05 Astrology’s historical importance is overlooked
  • 03:01:13 Astrology reflects natural phenomena
  • 03:06:34 Support the podcast and learn astrology

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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 426 transcript

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