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Transits in Astrology: An Introduction to Timing

Transits in Astrology: An Introduction to Timing

In episode 365 astrologers Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim provide an introduction to transits in astrology, which is one of the primary timing techniques that astrologers use to make predictions.

Transits relate where the planets are at in the sky now to where they are located in the birth chart, and can be used in order to study how individuals experience the quality of different phases in their life.

Transits are one of the most popular techniques in astrology for predicting the future, although they can also be used to study events in the past and present.

During the course of the episode we give a detailed overview of the concept of transits, talk about how they work in practice, and then later reflect on some of the philosophical ramifications of the technique.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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00:00:00 What are transits in astrology?
00:21:24 Studying the past, present, and future
00:53:54 How to calculate transits
01:03:44 Visualizing transits
01:17:04 Sign-based vs. degree-based transits
01:34:37 Length of transits
01:46:12 Degree-based transits and orbs
01:51:42 Different types of transits
02:12:44 Resources for interpreting transits
02:31:35 Other The Astrology Podcast episodes on transits
02:39:27 Transits are not the only timing technique
02:46:34 Understand the past to predict the future
02:51:42 What is the purpose of foreknowledge?
02:55:45 The scope and limits of astrological predictions
03:17:39 Mundane astrology and the doctrine of subsumption
03:28:23 Transits as the most compelling demonstration of astrology
03:39:12 Followup transits episode & soliciting questions
03:41:12 Wrapping up, patrons, and sponsors

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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 365 transcript

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  • Question for Q&A follow-up episode. Does any of the software featured allow for generating the significant transits or the capability to craft specific types of transits over the course of years? For example a client want’s a 5-year forecast or reading, would an astrologer have to cast each year separately then interpret or could they get a sort of outline that could be worked from?

  • what if transitting mars conjoins the MC in Gemini at 29degrees, 29 minutes – would the whole sign of Gemini and the whole sign of Cancer both be sensitive? Thanks for a great instruction.