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February 2022 Astrology Forecast

February 2022 Astrology Forecast

In episode 337 astrologers Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and special guest co-host Patrick Watson look ahead at the astrology of February 2022!

The astrology of February features a stellium of planets piling up in Capricorn, with Venus and Mercury stationing direct there, and Mars having recently ingressed into the sign.

Mid-month Mars will catch up to Venus and form a conjunction in Capricorn, and then later in the month the United States has the first of three exact Pluto returns.

The lunations this month include a New Moon in Aquarius and a Full Moon in Leo.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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February 2022 Astrology Alignments

  • New Moon in Aquarius on February 1
  • Mercury stations direct in Capricorn February 3
  • Sun-Saturn conjunction on February 4
  • Mars trine Uranus on February 8
  • Mercury conjunct Pluto on February 11
  • Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 14
  • Full Moon in Leo February 16
  • Mars conjoins Venus exact on February 16
  • Jupiter sextile Uranus on February 17
  • Sun moves into Pisces on February 18
  • US Pluto Return exact on February 22
  • Mars sextile Neptune February 23
  • Venus sextile Neptune February 24

Auspicious Date for February

The most auspicious astrological date for February is:

🪐 February 2, 2022, at 8:15 AM, with Pisces rising

For more dates in February see our subscription electional astrology podcast.

For dates later in the year see our 2022 Year Ahead Electional Astrology Report!

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

Watch the video version of this episode on the astrology of February 2022:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 337 transcript

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  • Thanks for all your thoughts. When it comes to the U.S. Sibly chart nobody seems to talk about the Neptune opposition natal Neptune happening at the same time of the Pluto return.

  • Thank you for this episode! Question/idea — because I initially got hooked on Astrology podcasts with Anne Ortelee’s show, one of the biggest differences I’ve noted between Chris’s style and hers is that Chris doesn’t appear to factor in the daily placements of the moon nor the void moons…(As far as I’ve observed) For example, when you ask Anne for an auspicious time, she seems to rely primarily on a good moon timing within a larger positive pattern with planets. I would definitely be interested in hearing more about this style difference in an upcoming podcast. Even better if you interviewed her! She has made some bizarrely dead-on predictions I’ve seen play out.

    Additionally, since learning more about your techniques, I’d be curious to know your thoughts about malefic planets that are in their home signs or exalted within a birth chart and what that could mean when attempting to make general predictions for yourself. Basically I’ve got all the “bad boys” dominant and/or in signs they like and I’m actually NOT an evil dictator. Lol. But I’m sure I’m not alone!

    Looking forward to the next one, thanks again!

  • Just watching this on Feb 13, two days after the Australian government’s proposed religious discrimination bill was essentially scuppered when members of its own party voted against it under the Mercury/Pluto conjunction. (See the 35 minute mark where Patrick talks about Mercury/Pluto and “defections” in the political sphere.) Patrick Watson is an astro-legend!