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The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar

The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar

In episode 324 astrologer Luís Ribeiro joins me to talk about the life and work of his partner Helena Avelar, who passed away earlier this year.

Helena was a respected practitioner and teacher of traditional astrology from Portugal, and had influenced many astrologers through works she co-authored with Luís, such as their 2010 book On the Heavenly Spheres: A Treatise on Traditional Astrology.

She was also a scholar of the history of astrology, and obtained PhD from the Warburg Institute in 2018, with a thesis titled “The Making of an Astrologer in Fifteenth-century France. The Notebooks of S. Belle: Lisbon, MS 1711 and Paris, NAL 398.”

Her PhD dissertation was recently published by the academic publisher Brill, and the book came out just a few months after she died, under the title An Astrologer at Work in Late Medieval France The Notebooks of S. Belle.

In the first half of this podcast episode we focus on giving a biographical overview of Helena’s life and talking about her work and accomplishments, while in the second half we talk about her new book.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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1 comment
  • I only met Helena through Facebook and more in relation to animal welfare and my cats , that Astrology, though it had been my interest in Horary Astrology that had led me first to Peter Stockinger and then to Sue Ward and her website.

    Through them I learned about the, then forthcoming publication of ‘On the Heavenly Spheres’ and when it was published I obtained a copy and wrote one of the first reviews, on the (now defunct) Aeclectic Tarot website). At the time Peter and Helena were trying to get Sue to make use of Facebook, and as a Facebook member, I added my encouragement too.

    Helena became, as the other two did. one of my friends, but 95% of our exchanges related to animals and she was kind enough to comment on a number of my photos.

    I was impressed by her desire to help relieve unnecessary suffering and her clear enthusiasm for that cause. She was a lovely person and I was so shocked to learn of her passing. My thoughts and condolences go to Luis and her family.