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Saturn in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

Saturn in Astrology: Meaning and Significations

In episode 322 astrologer Diana Rose Harper joins the show to talk about the meaning of the planet Saturn in astrology, and what it signifies in a birth chart.

Saturn is the furthest planet that is visible to the naked eye, and so it is the last of the traditional planetary bodies in our ongoing series on the planets.

In astrology Saturn is generally said to signify contraction, constraints, rejection, exclusion, time, tradition, age, that which is old, confinement, depression, structure, seriousness, authority, concrete reality, and that which is cold and slow.

During the course of the episode we read through a variety of passages from ancient and modern astrologers in order to understand how astrologers have conceptualized Saturn in the past, and then we used that as a jumping off point for discussing what it means today.

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This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:19 Diana’s Saturn credentials
00:03:17 Diana’s natal chart
00:04:30 Saturn symbol and diagram
00:07:13 Vettius Valens significations
00:10:51 Benefits of Saturn
00:13:10 Saturn vs. Mars
00:14:28 Positive side of malefics
00:15:50 Visibility and slowness of Saturn
00:25:10 Saturn and actionable realism
00:28:50 Saturn and healthy fear
00:31:16 Saturn, mastery, and consequences
00:38:40 Elders
00:39:40 Depression
00:44:32 Austerity, reticence, and preservation
00:50:37 Benefits to native at expense of others
00:55:38 Deception
00:56:47 Restraints and imprisonment
00:59:12 Saturn’s rings
01:01:52 Freedom and limits
01:03:33 Boundaries
01:05:20 Farming and gardening
01:08:33 Karma
01:12:00 Death
01:17:32 Beauty and the Beast
01:17:56 Abu Ma’shar significations
01:25:51 Gravitas and deliberateness
01:29:10 Asceticism
01:31:13 Saturn is feminine?
01:42:50 Herding
01:46:30 Embargos
01:48:22 Water motif
01:50:49 William Lilly significations
01:55:20 Clowning
01:58:46 Domicile rulership diagram
02:02:43 Profound in imagination
02:03:50 Dignity and sect
02:08:31 Dave Grohl’s chart
02:15:33 Using celebrity charts
02:16:44 Reinhold Ebertin significations
02:22:30 Inhibition
02:24:34 Chris’ Saturnian personality
02:27:48 Stinginess
02:31:29 Normalizing hardship
02:34:43 Steven Forrest significations
02:40:45 The Greatness of Saturn book by Robert Svoboda
02:42:50 Dark night of the soul
02:45:27 Limitations and finality
02:51:00 Coldness
02:51:25 Richard Tarnas significations
02:59:00 Progressed moon and Saturn cycles
03:01:26 Diana’s Saturn return story
03:06:00 Saturn return cycle
03:10:20 Astrology Podcast episode 24 on Saturn returns
03:11:24 Saturn and time lord techniques
03:14:10 Saturn Venus and Venus exalted in Libra
03:17:18 Other Astrology Podcast episodes with Saturn references
03:19:00 Diana’s work and offerings
03:21:30 Concluding remarks

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A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 322 transcript

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  • Thank you Chris and Diana for another great episode on the planets. As an Aquarius rising with Saturn in the first house, conjunct the AC and the South Node, I truly appreciate the outstanding quality in regards to conciseness and thoroughness regarding the object under scrutiny! The two of you really succeeded in giving context and understanding regarding this concentrated topic. Saturn just isn’t easy to love and appreciate. Nevertheless I am grateful for all the saturnian hardships I have been presented with for the lasting gift of all things learnt from personal experience. I truly appreciate the amazing work Chris is putting out!

  • “Work really hard so you understand this thing.” I also have first house Saturn w/ Saturn ruling the 10th and 11th houses. This is the best comment about what motivates me I’ve ever heard.

  • I just want to say that as a fellow Saturn in Scorpio I love this podcast for showing astrology in a light that gives it clout/seriousness. Also, I could listen to Diana talk abt every planet. She has such great insight and is really great at using metaphor to express her points. More collaboration please!!!!

  • Diana Rose Harper – your construction of Venus and Saturn was noteworthy and your example was great – especially if you think of Saturn as giving concrete expression to the energies of Venus!

  • Perhaps I missed it…but got the impression you didn’t mention Liz Greene- “Saturn:a new look at an od devil”? Quote: ..”Saturn is the key to this invocation of the self with its transforming potential. In esoteric teaching Saturn is the planet of discipleship…a disciple is simply someone who is learning. He is not malefic; he is not a negative influence and is only inimical to those who cannot understand the educational value of pain. His path is not that of the martyr or the disciplinarian but instead contains the seeds of joy. His lineage is ancient and impeccable. His associations in the world of myh, religion, folklore and fairytale are immumerable and varied, yet always coloured by the idea that instead of running away from the devil, if one goes up and kisses him on the lips, he becomes the sun.”

  • Theolyn again…I wanted to also add that Liz Greene has suggested Saturn and 10th house can be associated with the feminine – mother is usually the first person to say ‘no’ to a child. I associate Saturn with the sefira Severity on the yin pllar of the Tree of Life – this placement is similarly identified in Renaissance diagrams (Athanasius Kircher). We can take folk/fairytale themes in which the scarey teacher in the dark wood appears as Baba Yaga, the old crone. In the Narnia stories perhap the White Witch is a Saturnian figure – bringing snow and ice, and turning living creatures to stone. Jupiter arrives as Father Christmas with gifts and jollity – melting ice, restoring life to statues. The Snow Queen in Hans Christian Anderson is a similarly negative portrayal of the ”ice queen’ aspect of the feminine when she is teacher. These tropes are worth looking at from a 21st century perspective when both men and women wish to escape from stereotypes – is the woman only ‘feminine’ when she is Venusian or Lunar? And…making this even longer…worth considering the feminine qualities of Neptune… just as Tarnas revisioned Uranus as Promethues, I like to think of Neptune as Amphitrite..goddess of the sea.

  • Wow … Chris and Diana
    That was amazing ,so comprehensive so interesting I love the format ,progressing through ancient astrologers to now and the opening up of language . My moon holds hands with Saturn. Today we stand tall . Thank you .