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2021 Horoscopes: Year Ahead Rising Sign Forecast

2021 Horoscopes: Year Ahead Forecast for Each Sign

In episode 285 astrologer Chris Brennan presents a set of year ahead horoscope forecasts for 2021 for all twelve signs of the zodiac.

The horoscope for each sign is about 15 minutes long, and they are meant to be looked at from the perspective of your Ascendant or rising sign, although you can also listen to the ones for your Sun sign or Moon sign as well.

I mainly focus on the movements of the outer planets through the signs and houses, especially Jupiter and Saturn having recently moved into Aquarius, Uranus squaring Saturn this year from Taurus, and eclipses taking place in Gemini, Sagittarius, and Taurus.

There are audio or video versions of each horoscope available below.

The video versions are in separate videos on YouTube, and the audio ones are all in a single audio file, although I will put timestamps below so that you can jump to specific signs.

2021 Electional Astrology Report and Posters Released

We recently released our 2021 Electional Astrology Report, as well as our 2021 Astrology Calendar Posters!

Watch the Video Versions of This Episode

You can watch the video versions of my 2021 horoscopes through the links below:

Timestamps for the Audio Version

Here are the timestamps for each sign for the audio version:

00:02:00 Aries
00:16:23 Taurus
00:30:08 Gemini
00:45:41 Cancer
01:02:43 Leo
01:19:31 Virgo
01:35:19 Libra
01:52:33 Scorpio
02:10:11 Sagittarius
02:26:45 Capricorn
02:43:19 Aquarius
02:59:12 Pisces

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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  • Explained well. Crazy accurate in relation to both my rising and sun sign placement (My children have my sun sign as their rising placement, maybe that is why).
    Welcome your brand new devotee!

  • Chris, an even more excellent ascendant-specific presentation this year, the solo speaker approach works remarkably well at succinctly and clearly noting the important transits as they appertain to respective houses. This was very nicely and cleanly and thoughtfully done, and it serves as the perfect complement to the broader group discussion of the 2021 forecast. Much appreciation!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah this worked out pretty well doing it by myself, and I may have to make it a more regular thing in the future at the end of each year.