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2021 Astrology Posters

2022 Astrology Calendar Posters

Instantly Know The Major Transits For The Year At A Glance

The Astrology Podcast has released a new set of posters that illustrate the astrology of 2021!

With these posters you can easily look up where the planets will be during different parts of the year at a glance, when they will move into different signs of the zodiac, and more.

The posters were designed in a collaboration by astrologers Chris Brennan and Paula Belluomini, with background designs by astrologer and animator Jack Cusumano.

The posters are 20×16, all printed on high quality matte finish paper.

We have switched to a print on demand service this year due to the pandemic, so the posters are being sold individually rather than in a bundle, although when multiple posters are purchased at the same time they should should be packaged together.

Printing times seem to take about a week, and then shipping times vary between one to three weeks, partially depending on where you live and whether you select standard or expedited shipping.

If you have any questions then please email Chris at astrologue@gmail.com.