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Sect in Astrology: Day and Night Charts

Sect in Astrology: Day and Night Charts

In episode 274 of the podcast Chris Brennan gives a detailed overview of the concept of sect in astrology, which is the difference between day and night birth charts.

Sect is a fundamental concept that was used in Hellenistic astrology, but it has only been recovered by contemporary astrologers over the past 30 years through translations of ancient texts.

The purpose of this talk is to give a broad introduction to sect, first by establishing how pervasive the concept is in ancient astrology, and then to demonstrate how it works in practice through chart examples.

This episode was recorded as a live stream with an audience of patrons who support the podcast through our page on Patreon each month:


To learn more about sect, check out Chris’ book on Hellenistic astrology, or his online course on ancient astrology.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.


Here are the PowerPoint slides for the talk:

Sect in Astrology Slides

Alternatively watch the video version to see the audio synced with the slides.


Here are some timestamps for topics covered at different points in the episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:26 Day and night
00:05:09 Sect definition
00:06:45 Diurnal and nocturnal teams
00:07:57 Sect as foundational concept
00:09:43 Domicile scheme
00:12:37 Aspects
00:14:20 Exalations
00:15:05 Exaltations, sect, and aspects
00:16:59 Planetary joys
00:22:58 Triplicity rulers
00:24:14 Lot of Fortune
00:25:56 Master of the Nativity
00:28:24 Annual profections and sect
00:30:24 Important and pervasive concept
00:33:33 How to tell if chart is day or not
00:41:02 Twilight
00:42:59 George Lucas’ chart
00:46:32 Barack Obama’s chart
00:48:35 Using sect in practice
00:50:05 Benefics and malefics
00:53:43 Sect alters the mood of the planets
00:57:25 Most positive and negative planet
01:02:49 House placement of positive and negative planets
01:19:12 Example night chart
01:29:36 Ernest Hemingway’s chart
01:33:02 Example day chart
01:36:04 Johnny Depp’s chart
01:39:40 Lisa Marie Presley’s chart
01:42:34 Maurizio Gucci’s chart
01:44:11 Elliott Smith’s chart
01:46:55 Britney Spears’ chart
01:52:30 Planets ruling the ascendant
01:55:24 Alan White’s chart
01:59:54 Ted Kennedy’s chart
02:04:08 Michael J. Fox’s chart
02:10:00 Benefic and malefic in same sign
02:10:41 Kurt Cobain’s chart
02:16:00 Christopher Reeve’s chart
02:19:25 Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo’s chart
02:24:07 Mitigating factors
02:27:28 Rejoicing conditions
02:33:24 Aretha Franklin’s chart
02:39:54 Chart of a doctor
02:41:55 Other ways sect is useful
02:51:27 Concluding remarks

Watch the Video Version of This Episode on Sect

Here is the video version of our episode on the astrology of sect:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 274 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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  • Loved this episode and really helped me understand more about Sect.
    And why I feel more aligned with my Moon sign than my Sun sign.
    My question is though, I have my chart ruler Jupiter (Pisces Rising) conjunct Saturn (Night Chart) in my 8th house Libra and they both square Mars in the 5th house Cancer. Moon is also Conjunct Mars. Sun in Leo 6th house.
    Does Jupiter soften Saturn?

    • A little bit yes, although Venus would have more power to soften Saturn in a night chart than Jupiter would, if she was configured. Saturn being in the sign of its exaltation is a mitigating factor as well.

      • Thank you. I have Venus in my 7th house Virgo which semi sextile’s Saturn and Jupiter.
        Hadn’t thought to look at it with Venus yet. All I knew was that Venus is in its fall there.
        I’ve been listening to your podcast since July, so glad I found it during our hard lockdown here in Australia and have loved listening to it on my walks. Your mentioning of your book wired as I bought it and it arrived yesterday!

  • Would being born within the Arctic and Antarctic circles during the summer, i.e. during the midnight sun period, affect the influence of the sect phenomenon. Thank you for a wonderful podcast. The best there is.

  • Brilliant lecture thank you, I learned a lot from watching this. I’ve been so curious to learn more about the topic of sect as you mention it from time to time on the podcast so it was great to find a whole lecture on the topic.