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Aspect Patterns in Astrology, with Carole Taylor

Aspect Patterns in Astrology, with Carole Taylor

In episode 266 astrologer Carole Taylor joins the show to talk about aspect patterns in astrology, such as the T-square, grand trine, and yod.

Aspect patterns occur when three or more planets are aligned with each other in a chart through close geometrical configurations.

Carole is the author of my new favorite introduction to astrology book, titled Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life, which contains a brief chapter on aspect patterns.

We spent the first 30 minutes of the episode talking about Carole’s background in astrology and her book, and then at about 35 minutes we transition into talking about aspect patterns.

Here are the aspect patterns we talked about in the episode with timestamps:

🪐 00:00:00 Introducing Carole and her book

🪐 00:34:45 Aspect patterns discussion begins

🪐 00:43:00 T-square

🪐 01:20:35 Grand Cross

🪐 01:43:20 Grand Trine

🪐 01:52:30 Kite

🪐 01:57:20 Yod

There were a few aspect patterns that we didn’t get to, such as the Mystic Rectangle, but overall it provided a pretty solid introduction to the topic.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Here is the video version of this episode on aspect patterns with Carole Taylor:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 266 transcript

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  • thank you for this interview Chris…..as usual I really enjoyed your questions. It’s always so interesting to hear how another astrologer works, for instance which house system they use and why and as Carol Taylor coming from a very broard, knowledgeable perspective it was a pleasure to hear her clear and crafted articulation of aspect patterns. I look forward to reading her future book on the subject. Chris, I was wondering if you had ever done a podcast interviewing say 3 or 4 astrologers reading a chart from their different schools of thought/perspectives (Hellensitic, Psychological, Traditional, Vedic etc.)? I also thought it was interesting what Carol said about the use of house system
    and that the one that you use will be the right one for you and the example she gave of an astrologer using a different one for her own chart reading and it was appropriate for that particular reading. Personally, I found this reassuring as I have been struggling with the house system debate. A big thanks to you both.

  • What an informative talk. I’ve studied modern astrology for over 30 years, so nothing was necessarily new, but the way Carole explained it made it seem so. I appreciated the simple, educated explanations of her methods, and look forward to more of her.

  • I loved this podcast. I really enjoyed the contrast between Chris and Carole. I also loved Carolé’s approach. Every day astrology which is nevertheless life changing and numinous. I really hope she is taking clients for readings .

  • Great podcast. Carole is quite knowledgeable and informative. Just wanted to mention that William Frankland, who influenced Charles Carter, was using aspect patterns in the 1920s as a key feature of his interpretation of a natal chart. Based on my reading of Frankland, I feel that he was influenced by Witte’s work on midpoints during the same period. As Carole mentioned, Witte’s influence may have drawn attention to aspect patters.