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April 2020 Astrology Forecast + Coronavirus Discussion

April 2020 Astrology Forecast + Coronavirus Discussion

In episode 248 astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan discuss the astrology of the recent coronavirus pandemic, and later provide a general astrological forecast for April of 2020.

This is our first episode together since we recorded the last forecast in mid-February, and the world has changed a lot since that time.

We decided to focus on talking about the pandemic in the first half of the episode, and then eventually transition into the monthly forecast later on.

A lot of our discussion about the coronavirus focuses on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that went exact in early January when the pandemic was just ramping up, as well as the Mars-Saturn conjunction that is happening in the sky now.

Later we briefly touched on some things like the doctrine of subsumption in mundane astrology, and the discovery of a new comet that may be visible soon.

Honestly we covered so much in this episode that it is hard to summarize it all here, so you’ll have to listen in.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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Planetary Alignments for April 2020

  • Venus moves into Gemini April 3
    • Enters shadow from April 9/10.
  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto exact April 4
  • Full Moon in Libra April 7
    • Mars square Uranus same day
  • Mercury into Aries April 11
  • Sun into Taurus April 19
  • New Moon in Taurus April 22
  • Pluto stations retrograde April 25
  • Mercury moves into Taurus April 27

Auspicious Astrological Date for April

April is not a great month this year for good elections, and the best chart we could find was:

🪐 April 18, at 8:45 AM, Gemini rising

We will present a few other elections for April on our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections in the next few days.

We also have a full year-ahead electional astrology report for 2020, which highlights some better charts for later in the year.

Watch the Video Version of Our April Astrology Forecast

Here is the video version of our April astrology forecast episode:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 248 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of Our April Forecast

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your device by using the buttons below:

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  • As I see it, Jupiter in relation to coronavirus–given Jupiter’s current planetary contacts, is manifest as an expansive-spreading effect–as seen in the exponential growth of documented cases of COVID-19.

  • I am concerned that no one seems to be paying attention to the coming long mars in Aries transit July 2020 to Jan 2021 once again strongly activating all the Pluto Jupiter build up in Capricorn along with the July eclipses.. Mars is traveling almost exactly like it did in 1941. The new and full moon degrees are the same as they were in 2001. The only other long mars rx in Aries since 1900 was July 1941- Jan 1942. There was also a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in early Taurus then, leading to Saturn conjunct Uranus in late Taurus later in 1941. The lead into US aggression with Japan started in July and ended with the attack on Pearl Harbor and US entry into WWII with the Saturn Uranus conjunction. We have similar energies this year, they are just arranged a bit differently. The big crisis incident may be over fast, but it can lead to a very big aftermath just as the Indonesian tsunami and the Japan quake did as well as Pear Harbor. Whatever blows up this year I suspect will have a long tail for recovery. The war lasted 4 more years till 1945. A long and winding road with lots of mountains to climb and possible a trip through the valley of the shadow of death thrown in for good measure. Stay safe and stay prepared. Helping one another is paramount.

    • The Mars retrograde in Aries was discussed extensively in our yearly forecast, and alluded to in this episode when we talked about problems in the second half of the year.

  • Thank you for the thoughtful and frank discussion….and best wishes for Chris feeling much better soon.
    I took some notes on the discussion & attempted to organnize them in date sequence.
    Predictions for April 2020

    A.Huge S—storm #1
    1 19,2020 marked the yearly Aries ingress of the Sun. The ingress is one of the historical astrological methods for looking at the year ahead. The energy for that day is locked into the coming year, This year it locks in the energy of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all at the end of Capricorn. This combination is an indication of difficulties in the vein of what we are now experiencing with the corona virus and economic recession, people losing jobs, huge bailouts for corporations….When multiple malefics are on top of a benefic as in this case with Jupiter, they cancel the benefic’s ability to be beneficial. Jupiter is outgunned. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is a wash; shows bail out for corporations; lots of help won’t go to right people. Jupiter has been sidelined for about 1 ½ months.

    2. A new comet has just been identified. Comets herald disaster.

    3. Saturn Pluto conjunction continues. ….feelings of isolation, building of walls, disease, times of government overreach. Traumatic events leading to totalitarian reactions. Sets stage of history that we will be dealing with for the next 30-40 years. We are back to participating in history rather than reading about it. We are now into a rough transition between epochs. The transformation on a bodily level will be very uncomfortable.

    4. April 3-6 – Mercury conjunct Neptune messes with Mercury’s ability to remember things & have clear communications. Disrupts travel, logistics, freight. ON April 11, Mercury moves into Aries and we become more practical in looking at what we should do.

    5. April 7 an explosive Full Moon as mars square Uranus (Ap 6-11). People will be freaking out. Plenty of bad news about plague statistics and dire economic situation. Very disruptive

    6. April 9 Venus goes into shadow of where it will retrograde back to. It is enclosed between Mars and Saturn which Venus aspects by trine. People likely to be feeling besieged enclosed be the quarantine

    7. April 22 new moon in Taurus . New moon conjuncts Uranus (thrust for liberation. People wanting to leave their solitude. “Give me freedom.”. ) Next moon squares Mars which is in freedom-loving Aquarius . This can indicate anger, volatility, uprising, rebellion. Very gnarly.

    8. April 22-30 Wide square between Saturn and Uranus will give us a sneak peek at the dynamics that will occur over the next two years. See some telling economic things. – how capitalism works and doesn’t work. Ap 22 new moon means that sun and moon will carry that energy through the next month.

    9. April 26 Pluto goes retrograde. This gives an intensification of the planet of regeneration and transformation through elimination and renewal; as well as Capricorn (ambitious with Conservative values), which it is transiting. Jupiter is conjunct Pluto which it will amplify. Mercury is square both of them . Mercury will articulate the message that Pluto sounds loud and clear.

    10. April 30 Mercury conjuncts Uranus.

    11. May 3 – Maybe the quarantine will end when square between Saturn and Uranus begins to separate

    12. Second quarter of 2020 is preview of 2021 and 2022.

    B. Intermediate S—storm #2: July- August 2020

    C. Huge s—storm #3: Sep-Nov 2020

    17 Dec 2020 Saturn moves into Aquarius. an air sign & a humane sign. Mars and Saturn in Aries indicates problems for humans to deal with. Jupiter with Saturn indicates some support, something can be done.. Jupiter has more capacity to help now that it is with less malefics.

    Doctrine of Subsumption
    Each individual birth chart is subsumed under a series of larger charts of increasingly larger magnitude in the context of astrology. So even if your chart looks fortunate in the coming year it is within the context of the city and country where you live. If those birth charts are showing the likelihood of war or famine or disease, then you may be safe and manage to get food while your friends and family do not.

  • Thank you very much for all your wonderful astrological contributions. Best wishes to Chris, may you be feeling much better.
    I know you all covered thoroughly many areas but it would be interesting to hear regarding the astrological configurations about the positive impact on the global environment such as the decrease of carbon release, clearing of rivers and seas, etc, and, also, about the spiritual side of development of consciousness such as not taking things for granted, development of compassion.

    • An excellent discussion! Chris sounded so sombre throughout – understandably so.
      Clutching at straws here: While Mars continues its co-presence with Saturn until well into May, maybe its entering a different bound around April 10 might still create some kind of boundary between the two malefics . . .

      • Hello Mansoor
        Maybe you meant to reply just on the general comments and not directly to mine, or did you mean that type of boundary could minimise the negative effects? I am not very knowledgeable but I was wondering if Saturn going in Aquarius if the global community would take responsibility for the environmental situation and thanks to imposed restrictions would benefit the planet, and, I was thinking if Neptune and Mercury in Pisces, although very confusing and troublesome, if it had a positive side of spiritually raising human values to a more heart level?

  • With the mars Saturn conjunct square Uranus, I wonder whether there will be increasing disruptions or overload of the internet/applications. We may have restrictions on usage!

  • Marvelous April insights. Who IS the person behind the Archetypal Explorer website? Unusually, there is no credit anywhere – on the site or on the extremely good article. I recognize those years with Rick Tarnas in the orientation, which I share.

  • Hi guys, I know people have wondered if there would be a baby boom after this lockdown, but in China they had a 25% jump in the divorce rate. If after the period that Venus is trapped between Mars and Saturn, she goes retrograde, then this could be the ending of relationships and increase divorce in the West? Just an idea. Keep up the great work and I hope you are better Chris.

    • Christine – I am not one of the” guys” but I think you make an interesting point. When the pressure is on, relationships get tested. I think to answer your question it is important to look at the condition of Mercury, who is ruling Venus. There is a certain duplicity and shallowness with Mercury, and with Gemini, but they also keep things lighter. Mercury at that point will be in Aries – so answering to the Mars agenda but still sympathetic by sextile to Gemini and AQ. So ruler Mercury, using the Mars agenda will get to Venus through the Mars trine. Mars has no clout in Aq. Saturn is still dignified. Interesting. Mercury through Mars seems like fighting words, or using words to push a point, or thoughts that arise from the anxiety produced with Mars in Aq – an air sign will flow to Venus beseiged by trine but moving away. Let us not forget, Venus is applying to Mars and Saturn, not other way around. Venus wants to flirt in Gemini and keep it light, Mars and Saturn are anything but. Venus wants wants wants all sorts of information, useful or not. Mars and Saturn in Aq, being applied to by Venus by trine are taking that information and using it. Mars taking action after the fact and Saturn still editing out what is useful and what is not. Venus activity here – which is not the light hearted fun she would prefer, will show results where Aries lies, which by sign is sextile to Aq and Gemini creating possible minor grand trines in some charts. My take is that there is a lot of flow – and could even be useful, Venus us being used.

      • part 2, the retrograde. Venus is being used, and in the retrograde, becomes more Mars-like – is really going for verbal assault perhaps instead of butterflying around, maybe wants a refund on all those glittery things she just bought. Where is Mercury ruler then? HIs movement over her long stay in Gemini will write the future chapters. There is a testing with Saturn. I think you are onto something here…

  • Full moon effect: I used to work in a bar in DC as a second job. Our bar, and basically every club/bar was usually packed on and around the full moons.