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July 2019 Astrology Forecast: Mercury Retrograde ☌ Mars

July 2019 Astrology Forecast: Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Mars

In episode 211 astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan present the astrological forecast for July of 2019.

July begins with a tricky Mercury retrograde station conjunct Mars in Leo, and also features the first full set of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn.

We open the show by talking about Chris’ recent trip to Romania and the United Kingdom for astrology conferences, and reflecting on what ended up happening with the astrology of June, which was the first half of what has lovingly been dubbed as this year’s astrological “meat grinder”.

Later in the episode we also present one auspicious electional chart for starting different types of ventures and undertakings this month.

There is a section for timestamps below, if you want to jump straight to the forecast portion of the episode.

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This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

News and Announcements

Just a few pieces of news and announcements this month:

The Astrology of July

Here are some of the highlights of July:

  • Mars moves into Leo on July 1
  • Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2
  • Venus moves into Cancer July 3
  • Mercury stations retrograde conjunct Mars July 7
  • Lunar eclipse in Capricorn July 16
  • Mercury moves backwards into Cancer July 19
  • Sun conjoins Mercury July 21
  • Sun moves into Leo July 22
  • Venus into Leo July 27
  • Mercury stations direct July 31
  • New Moon in Leo July 31

Auspicious Electional Charts for July

The auspicious election this month that was chosen by Leisa Schaim is set for:

There are a four more electional charts that we found for July, which are available in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that was released yesterday.


  • 00:00 – 00:53 – The first hour focuses on recapping Chris’ trip to Europe, Kelly and Austin moving, and reflecting on the astrology of June.
  • 00:53 – 01:58 – The second hour focuses on the forecast for July.
  • 01:24 – 01:31 – Electional astrology chart for July discussed.

Watch the Video Version of Our July Astrology Forecast

Here is the video version of our July astrology forecast episode:

Listen to the Audio Version of Our July Forecast

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Maybe meat grinder part 2 will be more like being put through the wringer part 2 – which I find to be an apt metaphor as well, being that much emotion has been wrung out. Perhaps after July we are proverbially then’ hung out to dry’ in the Leo sun and feeling far less weepy or churned. Being that I have Saturn and Moon conjoined in the natal, this eclipse polarity is interesting. In opposition there is no synthesis, and the result of action in each polarity is usually found in two different places (respective sign rulers in two different places). For me, I clearly see how it all comes home to roost in one place with direction that comes from both Saturn and the Moon using the same toolbox to get things done. Once again, I see ruler-ship in the natal being key.

  • Have sun conj Venus &asc late cap opposite Saturn &Mars cancer sq Jupiter. Have been restructuring my life and releasing old phys &emotional stuff since last Sept. Garage ceiling fell in due to water damage Jan. Rebuilding and remodeling since. Finished kitchen, new interior color scheme restructured the energy system oh house and my life. Just finished major phase at the exact time of 7/2 eclipse. Big mountain climb. Had to wrestle with angel of God to get parts done. Hung on and now feeling blessed. Still lots more Sat Pluto throwing out to be done thru at least next ecipses at yr end. Knowing astrology helped me Ohmmm my way thru the day lots of the time.

  • J Mutch – that is quite the line up with the two malefics in the moon’s sign and part of the eclipse polarity. sounds like you are doing a good job of working the astrology. with Mars in Capricorn being sat on by Saturn myself, I envy your building project much as it has had its challenges it sounds like. The roof caving in is so Uranian it seems ! In Taurus that would be trine to your House 1. Whole signs it is House 5? New ways to have fun?