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Astrologers Dating Astrologers: Advantages and Pitfalls

Astrologers Dating Astrologers: Advantages and Pitfalls

In episode 201 astrologers Eugenia Krok and Tareck Adeeb join Leisa Schaim and Chris Brennan to talk about what it is like for an astrologer to be in a romantic relationship with another astrologer.

Eugenia is the host of the Accessible Astrology Podcast, and she and Tareck have been dating for two years, while Chris and Leisa have been together for about a decade.

We thought it would be fun to discuss some of the pros as well as some of the cons of being in a relationship with another astrologer, since it brings some unique advantages and challenges to the table.

Some of the issues we tried to address were how much should you pay attention to what the astrology is saying versus just dating, having a shared language or worldview, and what happens when you have different approaches to astrology.

We also tried to address what it is like for astrologers to be in relationships with non-astrologers, and some of the positive and difficult points associated with these partnerships as well.

We also answered some questions that were submitted by listeners.

This was our first time recording a four-person podcast in the new studio, so it was a bit of an experiment, but it ended up going really well!

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  • Thinking on this question or “survey” . . . . I have thought a lot about that aspect of astrology and relating in the last 50 years, and seen many varieties of relationships develop.
    Now that there are so many many more astrologers of knowledge – depth breadth and originality – than when I first began in 1966-7, it was not a “mating game” . . . it was hard enough to find a good and reputable person who was an “astrologer” . . . because in the nineteen sixties/seventies a whole new mindset and “breed” of astrologers sprang up with the SA 180 UR /PL exploration, revolution and dashing of old parameters; also into the nineteen eighties our numbers and passion really grew. We even had to undergo a famous Witch Hunt – which some of you may not know happened – it was deadly serious, with an Us against THEM ethos; as often conflict does (the common enemy sort of thing) , it consolidated astrology in a very significant way.
    We had an enemy and it was the 180 scientists who signed an edict against astrology (Carl Sagan refused yay) And, in the US archaic witchcraft act laws were activated > > > it did not happen in Europe or the UK and seemingly not a problem in OZ . . .
    And, during this time, conferences truly became international, in this tie as well as many more individuals finding their way and becoming focussed on specific areas of interest and developing them in very significant schools of thought. Along with the programmers, computer and businesses, we found ourselves with a massive global tribe! The Weltkongress in Lucern Switzerland, , then United Astrology Congress.org founded in 1986 by a group of us with like minds and desire to share time, love, money and information . . . and the businesses formed in the late 70’s early 80’s by programmers and creators of what is now taken for granted: programs that make all our sixities and even seventies astrology absolutely archaic . .. (tables of houses, logarithms and hand calculations (which really makes a difference in the younger generation and “us”, my generation (I’m a MA/SA/PL of 1947) Thus, many astrologers or/ and students, began to meet up and find other commonalities and form close and even partnership relationships . . . I think I have seen some wonderful pairings of astrologers, but also it can be a problem in some situations – competition, for example – or disagreement with branch of astrology and so on . . .
    I love the talk and the sharing in this video! I think European astrologers are more likely to form bonds of love and romance with astrology as their primary income/focus/interest than American ones and build something together – SO FAR – primarily because of the differning nature / s of Europeans and Americans . . . I have found many Australian partnerships are really quite fruitful, as well as finding common ground in such a diverse area as astrology . . and can give a lot of space to each other . . .
    A fascinating discussion This is great – !!!
    I have still a strong recollection of being founder and head of Media Watch for AFAN in 80s during the witch hunt – and it was passionate, the most active and brilliant astrologers put their lives and minds on the line to bring astrology to where it is TODAY. It was not always this way . . . hundreds of conferences, huge numbers of attendees . . . it would make perfect sense that in that social milieu one could find a soul mate!!!
    IN our pioneering of “contemporary astrology” we really had to fight for our legality and safety ; it was the Scientists vs Astrology and also the law (in the USA): And thankfully they died off and we won!! ha ha ha
    HOWEVER, I’ll always remember this:
    One day, (I was living in my home country Canada then, and founded two great Astro Groups and little mag “The Ecliptic” – I got a phone call from a woman who said, “I am a card carrying scientist – and I want IN” . . . easily done, she’s great . . . BUT, we had a real ‘enemy’ out there for about a decade, and revolution in astrology really grew. And it that time, astrology came of age in our time. A struggle in a political/social arena can forge deep bonds . . . and many of us now who are ” old but not in the way ” are very happy to see what has come of the sixties revolution!
    In that time many couples got together and really bonded in deep ways, metaphysically and emotionally and physically! So, my feeling is that it is entirely possible for two astrologers to relate deeply lovingly and respectfully for each other!
    BUT they have to keep ego out of idea . . . they need to find common ground in astrology (not necessarily the branch of astrology or “school of thought” BUT respect for the other on many many levels. Love in itself allows for difference, and I think that is what astrological partners/lovers really have to focus on . . .

  • A brilliant podcast. So beautifully done, very authentic, clever and open.
    The new space works really well.
    Thank you.