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Astrology Podcasters Q&A Trialogue

Astrology Podcasters Q&A Trialogue

In episode 151 of the podcast I met up in person with fellow astrology podcasters Adam Sommer and Eugenia Krok, and we spent the afternoon answering questions that were sent in by listeners of our shows.

In this episode we cover topics ranging from our experiences with running a podcast and how we got started, to feelings around exchanging money for astrological consultations, and advice for newer astrologers about mistakes we made early in our careers.

Background Info

We met at Adam’s house in Boulder, on a snowy afternoon in Colorado. Somehow all three of us run successful astrology podcasts and live in Colorado, but we have never gotten together at the same time to record an episode. Since Eugenia is moving out of the country soon, we decided to take this last opportunity to record a discussion.

I brought some recording equipment that I’ve slowly been accumulating over the past few years, as I’ve been using some of the money donated by patrons through my page on Patreon to work towards building an in person podcasting studio. This was my first time really putting some of that equipment to use, and it went pretty well!

Three Episodes

We decided to make a full day of it, and to record three separate podcast episodes for each of our shows that afternoon, where we responded to questions from listeners of each of our podcasts.

Each of us is then going to release a portion of the discussion we had that day as an episode on our respective podcasts.

The first episode we recorded was this one, for The Astrology Podcast, and then the second part of this discussion will be released soon by Adam on the Exploring Astrology Podcast, and then the third part will be released by Eugenia on the Bridging Realities Podcast.

Be sure to subscribe to Adam and Eugenia’s podcasts to get notified as soon as parts 2 and 3 of this discussion are available.

Questions Discussed in This Episode

Here are some of the questions submitted by listeners that were used as starting points for the discussion in this episode on The Astrology Podcast:

  • What are your podcast origin stories, and how did you get started, or why did you want to start a podcast?
  • Maria F: In what way has running a podcast affected your consultation practice?
  • Belinda T: Do any of you schedule your podcasts, articles, etc. using astrological techniques?
  • Christina C: I’m curious if ancient astrologers earned a living as professionals on their work with astrology. I ask because in some astrology and New Age circles there seems to be shame around earning a living as an astrologer because its considered a ‘spiritual practice’ by many.
  • Maren A: Advice for newer astrologers, or mistakes you made as a younger astrologer that you look back on now.

In Adam’s episode, which will be released on his podcast later, we focused on talking about Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, and the relevance of that transit for things like cryptocurrency. In Eugenia’s episode we discussed what happens when you feel like you are missing the mark in an astrological consultation, as well as a few other questions.

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

I recorded both an audio and a video version of this discussion. The audio quality on the purely audio version is a bit higher than the audio in the video version, but they are both pretty good. You can watch the video version on my YouTube channel here:


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 151 transcript

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play the audio version of this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Thank you guys so much for sharing the stories of your journeys and your perspective on your present careers. Looking forward to the rest of the series 🙂

  • Excellent episode. I especially appreciated hearing from Adam about his efforts to reach other men. (By the way, I had not heard of either Adam or Eugenia before.) The talk about fair exchange for astrologers’ work, both in preparation and in session, was particularly good and valuable to many practicing and would-be astrologers.
    (Also by the way, as a subscriber I get the emails about special access to the podcasts. However, that function — for me at least — is, well, non-functional. What happens is I click through and get a page asking me to subscribe.)

  • Loved this! Thank you for bringing the ethics, Eugenia and emphasizing how powerful consulting astrologers’ words are since they carry the client projection of some kind of “word of god/the divine” or what have you. At the same time, I have accepted that sometimes people will hear things a certain way, no matter how you phrase it. I always make myself available for free to speak with anyone who feels odd after a reading, or would seek clarification or finds something I said particularly upsetting. It seems like a basic accountability thing.

    I have been researching the idea of doing a podcast, and perhaps the topic would be more about social transformation, but I think astrology would be more worth my while since I am well aware how much time, planning, energy, investment and so on it takes to do a good one!! Thank you so much for sharing your journeys, it gives me a better idea of whether this fits in with what my Uranus opposition transit has in mind for me. (*cackles*)

    Also – Chris – I hope you will do readings again! I would love some ZR insight from you, both to learn more about the technique and just to consider future events, epochs, etc. But if you charge $1000…..uuuummmm. No comment.

  • Great program. It was very interesting to hear how you all started out. Speaking as a strong Capricorn business consultant I would say that people need to be as honest with themselves from the beginning as they can be. Are you exercising a hobby or are trying to run a business? If you have a hobby you will never get paid enough to cover the time you put in. This is just fact. If you want the time and energy you put out to be your main life process/occupation, then you have a business and you must charge sufficiently for what you do and run your enterprise as a business. Whatever you do, it must be a fair exchange. If you don’t get enough reward for you output your soul will get very enraged and the whole thing will blow up in a bad way. I learned when I was in business that when I started having trouble with clients it was because at a soul level I was feeling cheated. This came out in hassles from them. I learned that this was the signal for me to raise my rates so that my inner self no longer felt cheated for the support I was providing. When I did this, the problems with the clients magically cleared up because when they came to see me, I was happy to see them and they could feel this.

    I would also say that Astrology is a psychological counseling process. People only come for a reading when they have a need of some kind and they bring all their psychological strengths and weaknesses, conscious and unconscious, with them to the meeting. It is no like taking your car in to have the oil changed. So of course you cannot control whether or not they like, value, appreciate, or respect you. They are not there to fulfill your emotional needs. You must be the one who likes, values, appreciated, and respects yourself. Of course, good clients will give you these things, which is what makes it rewarding to work with them. It isn’t good business or soul support to keep servicing bad clients.

    I think that all Astrologers who see clients need some counseling training just to keep themselves safe. Big emotional energy doors open during the consulting process and the Astrologer has to know enough about managing the energy so that things don’t blow up in their face. When you say the God’s name, the God appears so you need to know something about dealing with God energy before you summon them which is what happens in a consultation.