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Astrology Forecast and Election for November 2017

Astrology Forecast + Major Alignments for November 2017

In episode 130 of the podcast astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show once again to talk about the astrological forecast for November of 2017.

The show opens with an hour-long discussion about news and observations related to the recent ingress of Jupiter into Scorpio, as well as some followup discussion about episode 127 on the lunar nodes.

The forecast itself covers transits such as the final Saturn-Uranus trine of the year, lunations in Taurus and Scorpio, and more.

Later in the episode we also feature an auspicious electional chart for the month of November, which is an Aquarius rising election with Saturn in the 11th house.

The artwork for this episode comes from the 2017 Planet Watcher astrology calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode of the podcast.

This month’s episode is available in both an audio version and a video version, and you will find links to both at the bottom of this page.

Initial Discussion and Timestamps

We talk about news, the tropical zodiac, the nodes, and Jupiter in Scorpio for the first hour of the podcast, and then in the second hour we focus on the forecast for November.

If you want to jump forward to the forecast segment of the episode, we start that discussion at 1:07:05 minutes into the audio recording.

Major Astrological Alignments in November

  • Full Moon in Taurus on November 4
  • Mercury moves into Sagittarius November 5
  • Venus moves into Scorpio November 7
  • Saturn trine Uranus November 11
  • New Moon in Scorpio November 18
  • Sun into Sagittarius November 21
  • Neptune stations direct in Pisces November 22

Auspicious Electional Chart for November

Here is the primary auspicious electional chart that we highlighted for November:

There are three more electional charts that we found for November, which we will be talking about in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that will be released tomorrow.

If you would like to get access to that discussion, then all you have to do is become a patron of The Astrology Podcast on the $5 or $10 tier through our page on on Patreon, and then you will get access to the 45-minute Auspicious Elections Podcast as soon as it is released.

Watch the Video Version of this Episode

Here is the video version of this month’s forecast episode:


Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • Regarding the amazon delivery straight into your appartment , the amazon key .. Amazon was founded on the 5th of July 1994.. with Jupiter in the 5th degree in Scorpio… when Amazon announced this new delivery system Jupiter returned to his position of the founding chart of Amazon.com. So a Jupiter return for Amazon … improvement of something ..in this case… the delivery service.. Jupiter was in the 4th degree of Scorpio when they announced this new delivery service
    Best regards to all of you…..

      • Excellent info for November! I’m a Scorpio so,feel good vibrations as the world goes to hellmaybe Jupiter in Scorpio will help But well…we shall see.

      • yes he has to hide now his big fortune (Jupiter in Scorpio )Amazon escapes or can avoid to some extent taxes in Europe(based inLuxemburg)also a way to get rich……… like Apple and Starbucks but that is another issue…
        But the richest man.???.. this is a distraction … the richest people can hide their wealth from the public… like the big banking dynasties….
        Best regards from Vienna

  • By the way i was born with Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio so i am looking forward to the exact conjunction on November 13th… the conjunction takes place nearly conjunct my natal Jupiter on 8th°11 in Scorpio….anyone else with jupiter and Venus in Scorpio ?

    • I would love to here how this year goes for you. I have a stellium of planets in scorpio. Mars conjunct venus and white moon with Mercury and Uranus also in scorpio. As soon as Jupiter ingressed Scorpio my mood shifted and changed everything up (mostly for the better). I’m loving it so far.

  • Sorry, folks – the concept of reincarnation is a delusion. There is no afterlife of any kind. This is the only life you have ever had or will ever have. Make your peace with it, and make the most of it.

    • Mm, sounds like god speaking . . . . amazes me how people can use these forums to dump their personal beliefs as applicable to all . . . Nah, actually it doesn’t amaze me really … its the nature social media . . . kind of tragic really . . .

  • I am surprised in a way there was not more discussion about the way Scorpio manifests either high or low. Spiritual or in the gutter kind of thing. It is almost as if rich Jupiter is the tourist and has no idea what he is visiting really but is enjoying the trip into this realm for a while, laughing all the while, not getting too sullied by it all. After all, he gets to move on. Also not mentioned was the investigative quality of Scorpio. Secrets get uncovered yes, but beyond sexual abuse scandals, I am thinking of the current Robert Mueller investigation charges that just came out. He has been given wide berth to go wherever things lead him and now they can go deep. Lastly, along with the investigative element is the medical component of Scorpio. I believe there is a healer archetype associated. Medical research that will be of benefit?

    • Thank you for posting this comment Jen. Yes! I was just thinking the same thing about the healing component. I mentioned in an earlier reply, I have a lot going on in scorpio and I am in the holistic health field. I am relating jupiter in scorpio to the mad scientist/medical research/ experimentation/ biohacking and observation. Able to root out the cause for whatever ailments or deeply study the nature of a disease, virus… From a psychological perspective, Jupiter may explore the debauchery of venus in scorpio and psychoanalyze it. Perhaps jupiter has a magnifying glass, prescription pad, and with the sun entering Sag a library of knowledge to aid the discoveries. Might we make some medical advances this year as well as some personal discoveries and higher self-awareness?

  • I felt this month’s podcast was substantially more streamlined. Notable how you’ve taken the feedback into consideration.

    A wry smile crept over my face listening to the Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio conjunction discussion. I have a natal Venus in Scorpio at four degrees, where she also serves as my chart ruler.

    I choose not to go too much into details about how this may be manifesting for me, but let’s just say it’s certainly dancing on the razor’s edge of social acceptability. Themes of possessiveness and shared resources within my most intimate relationship, where the two of us merging together results in a potential transformation of power.

    Whenever I think of Venus, I think of value. Liz Greene in I believe The Dynamics of the Unconscious, Vol. 2 in the Psychological Seminars, discusses this fundamental element of Venus, saying something to the extent of, where Venus is active, trysts follow.

    Suffice to say there is a strong element of taboo sexuality involved. Fatal attraction, indeed!

    I have a progressed Mercury-Pluto conjuction for quite a few years, and have felt notably more obsessed about extricating value from my life in terms of organizing knowledge and applying therapeutic principles in business and relationship.

  • As for Venus oppose Uranus Full Moon in November- Venus as the principle of both love expressed and love impressed or internalized as as beautification of feeling, here is galvanized and electrified by higher intelligence or a sense of world intellect. The Romance of the Rose? Or is it the dance of thrones and drones? Love and Intellect, Hermes, go straight for it, or face off?. In other words, great opportunity for hearts and minds to meet. The danger is in feelings or intellect going to extreme, off setting balance of heart and mind. None the less, sensuality and intellect will be at its dancing best here. Novelty, creative exuberance, play of opposites, creative genius is possible. Obviously for some, sudden break ups or break downs. Blessings.

  • Here Athena meets Hermes, or is it Weinstein meets Hecate? The Greek Tragedies always met and meted out wisdom, a sense of rising from the experience. These daze we meet ignorance and delusion and the trickster clowns sent out from the kings of worldly dharma. Seems the exciting crazy spirited aspect is the Jupiter trine Neptune day after Mars oppose Uranus. This Mars oppose Uranus is clearly instinctive to the Venus opp. Eh? Cheers!

    • Looking forward to Saturn being out of its shadow on the 24th myself. And about Venus – she gives to get. No Neptune compassionate selflessness there.

  • Thanks again for the great podcast. Your interactive discussions help give me needed perspective. I’m having an 8th house profectional year. Natally, I have moon in Scorpio aspected to Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus all in Aquarius, natal 8th house. With Saturn ruling my 8th house, I am hoping Jupiter will give me a broader perspective along with some optimism. It seems like your podcast helped to do that in a timely manner, just as Jupiter conjuncted my moon!!

  • Excellent, especially the first section deep dive on the nodes, which might be the clearest and most enlightening I’ve ever heard on the subject (much better than the podcast from a few weeks ago–and at 1/3 the length!). I’ve always considered that the key to understanding nodes (north vs. south) lay in the significations of the signs in which they have their exaltation. This jibes with some of the descriptions generated during the discussion (material vs. spiritual). The comparisons of the nodes to the lots and the separating vs. combining concept were ‘brilliant’ (as Chris would say). And I Loved the concept of the lots as filters. Also, loved the analogy that a full moon is like a cup of coffee filled to the brim with not enough room for cream.
    One thing, Chris, please push out your podcasts on Sunday, so I can start my week with a great Monday morning commute.

  • Great podcast as always!

    In regards to Venus/Uranus aspects:
    Here in the Bay Area, where people are open to a lot of different forms of relationships, I’ve seen Venus/Uranus aspects or Uranus on the Descendant manifest as polyamory, consensual open relationships or committed three way relationships. They are typically based on a very stable primary partnership, but in addition both members of the primary relationship also date and sleep with other people. They always state that it enriches the primary relationship. I’ve also seen otherwise traditional families with the white picket fence and kids, but there are three or four parents that are all sexually active with each other.

    • And this is where location astrology really gets interesting. The line that runs through San Francisco for example.

  • I just wanted to take a second to show my appreciation for these episodes! I love the chemistry of Chris, Kelly, and Austin, and their varied approaches to discussing and making sense of the transits. I find myself learning a lot just from hearing the three of you discuss the transits (as well as the many tangents, which I personally enjoy!)
    I don’t make it through every episode of the podcast, but when I see Kelly or Austin are joining Chris it’s a must listen for me.

  • Wow! I recently joined this month. Enjoying the first discussion. Another Scorpio Stelium here with Scorp Ascendant. I too will add that a major shift in me occurred as soon as Jupiter ingressed into Scorpio. At the same time some long term Saturn squares shifted. I feel Light as a feather! Really appreciate what you guys do. This is a great way for me to absorb info. Happy Birthday to me today! Venus and Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant exact! Should be fun! I might listen to another podcast with wine in hand.!

    • Happy solar return! I would also love to hear more about this. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with other like-minded souls. Please feel free to reach out to me in social media. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Chris,
    Regarding the significance of the Nodes and to what extent they speak specifically about past lives have you thought of interviewing Patricia Walsh, author of ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes’ ?. Pat has been a regression therapist for over 20 years with literally thousands of regression case studies which when compared to the client’s birth chart offer compelling evidence for past lives. Jeffrey Wolf Green wrote the forward to her book and you know Patricia she’s a highly credible astrologer and therapist. I think she is an important voice on the subject of the Nodes and their significance to past lives and a podcast dedicated to the subject would be merited. Thanks for your great work Chris!