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Astrology Forecast and Election for August 2017

Astrology Forecast and Election for August 2017

In episode 118 of the podcast astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to discuss the astrology of August of 2017.

The main highlight of the month of course is the much-hyped solar eclipse that is set to take place in Leo, and will cut across the entire continental United States.

The month also features a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, a Mercury retrograde in Virgo/Leo, stations of Uranus and Saturn, the final square of Jupiter and Pluto, and more.

Later in the episode we also highlight one auspicious electional chart that can be used for starting different types of ventures and undertakings, using the principles of electional astrology.

As always, the artwork for this episode comes from the 2017 Planet Watcher astrology calendar.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode of the podcast. This episode was originally recorded as a live stream through Facebook, and it is available as both an audio or a video recording.

Astrological Alignments for August of 2017

Here are some of the major alignments that we talk about for this coming month:

  • Uranus stations retrograde in Aries August 3
  • Jupiter square Pluto August 4
  • Lunar eclipse in Aquarius August 7th
  • Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo August 12
  • Solar eclipse in Leo August 21
  • Sun into Virgo August 22
  • Saturn stations direct August 25
  • Venus into Leo August 26
  • Jupiter sextile Saturn August 27
  • Mercury retrogrades back into Leo August 31

Auspicious Electional Chart for August

Here is the primary auspicious electional chart that we highlighted for August:

There are three more electional charts that we found for August, which we talk about in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections this month. A preview of that discussion can be found in this video on YouTube: Two Auspicious Electional Charts for August 2017

If you would like to get access the rest of the electional charts we found for August, then all you have to do is become a patron of The Astrology Podcast on the $5 or $10 tier through our page on on Patreon, and then you will immediately and get access to the 45-minute Auspicious Elections Podcast, which is available in both audio or video format.

Watch the Video Version of This Episode

This was the second month that we experimented with doing a live stream of this episode of the podcast through Facebook, and it was a lot of fun again, although we are still getting use to the format. We will probably make this a regular thing with the forecast episodes from now on. Patrons of the show will receive a notification ahead of time to let you know when we are planning on recording the next one.

The video version of this episode is now available to watch on Chris’ YouTube channel here:

Be sure to subscribe to the channel on YouTube in order to receive updates about other videos in the future.

Listen to the Audio Version of This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • great podcast. I just had two thoughts I had to share.

    On the entire Indiana Jones in the ruins analogy for Saturn and Pluto sharing Capricorn, the framework for the battle over Donald Trump’s potential impeachment will be about the interpretation of arcane words in old sections of the US constitution. We will be having to dig through the ruins of 18th century intent to decide what constitutes treason and emoluments clause violations in the 21st century. In a similar vein, whatever Brexit deal is negotiated between London and Brussels, a majority in Parliament could still sink it. The arcane British idea of the absolute sovereignty of Parliament may well be something that upends this process, especially if a loss of confidence in the Prime Minister triggers another election.

    I would like to encourage everyone to take Austin’s class on Essential Dignity. I enjoyed it last year. On that topic Austin, I wonder whether the decanic dignity in the last decan of Leo is automatically activated. In my experience with chart work. I find that essential dignity of a planet requires mindfulness to activate. In takes one kind of mindset to activate trigon lord dignity and another kind of strategizing to unlock the potential of a planet in its own bounds. I find this to be particularly true of the decans, especially because of their connection with specific deities and ancient sacred images. And on the mundane level, it is the people that unleash and harness with the the dignities of each planet in the sky that achieve their agenda.

    In response to the image of a woman on an ivory throne plotting the downfall of her enemy, I can’t resist pointing out that Donald Trump is quickly making an enemy out of some of the most powerful women in America – republican women senators such as Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski both voted against the recent bill in the senate,. Shelley Moore Capito has also emerged as a problem in enacting his legislative agenda. These three women would play a key role if impeachment proceedings reach the Senate.

  • Always so informational and inspirational. The mention of Mars and Mercury appearing midday during the eclipse was particular thought provoking. It immediately made me think of the news around General Kelly taking over Chief of Staff as well as all of the recent chaos around the White house Communications director.

  • As if DC wasn’t having enough chaos already! This is going to be a wild ride. The perfected order rising out of this should also be i interesting to watch. I am currently in a situation where the executive director is leaving in August and major shifts will occur because of it. On a personal note, I truly do think I start feeling these eclipses as they get close. The eclipse impact scale that Austin suggested in his class on eclipses puts me close to the top. That is a great class – it has been very useful to me and I am glad I took it. Thanks Austin!

  • About Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn – interesting correlation perhaps to the structural decay that can no longer be useful to the Jupiterian spirit. I think it may be in Erin Sullivan’s book ,Saturn in Transit, where she notes that Saturn breaks down in order to re-incorporate where Pluto breaks down in order to transcend. Pluto in itself then is the breakdown of the structure. Perhaps the transit of Saturn will be the focus on rebuilding – the post construction cleaning up of the detritus of the old order happening in Aquarius later on. At the very least, Saturn will leave foundational planning for a rebuild. And some of us will have both of these heavy hitters hitting a natal Mars at the same time. Holy Cow Batman.

  • This podcast could have been so much more.

    – Strongly prefer a chronological order of the month. The biggest failing of the monthly forecast with you three is a lack of structure.

    – Chris, I feel you’ve gotta be more assertive in putting your stamp on your show when things are getting out of hand. Austin and Kelly ramble and digress with too little rhyme or reason.

    – I was particularly disappointed by the preparation of Kelly Surtees in particular.

    You were completely baffled as to Jupiter square Pluto? How is that possible? Particularly after the mention of the Pluto in Libra generation, and this square setting that aspect off as well.

    I also felt like she was regurgitating, without ordered assimilation or synthesization, what was freshest on her mind re the workshop with Demetra George she mentioned.

    It’s your job to synthesize and present dense information in accessible and insightful pieces. This felt way too off-the-cuff and casual.

    – This Eclipse Season is the Super Bowl of astrology? Then let’s treat it like that! Everyone is watching!

    – Painfully little discussion of the Mercury Rx.

    – A fair amount of Austin’s contributions were (if I recall correctly) regurgitated from the Yearly Forecast.

    – IMO the podcast is at its best when — led by Chris’ piercing questions and gentle-but-firm moderation — there is focus and sustained practical astrological discussion. The socialization–the laughing, the sexual tension, the nerdy jokes–are when the show is at the worst.

    – Introducing the month bytalking about the politics of Trump/USA was clunky and awkward. I followed much of it, but also had to fill in a lot of gaps for myself. A brief synopsis of context is always welcome and was much-needed here.

    So, in short, my feedback would be to please put more effort and energy into streamlining the presentation and transitions of the monthly forecast. The energy of this forecast in particular was, in a word, ungrounded.

    • Part of the issue lately is that this was only the second month that we tried recording the episode as a live stream with an audience and having everyone on video, and that is creating a different dynamic that we are all still getting used to. Ultimately I think that it will be a positive and necessary step in the long run, but it may take some time to get adjusted and get into a more comfortable groove.

      • Yes, it takes some time to get into a comfortable groove, especially with more than two people. I enjoyed the podcast, including the kidding,etc., which keeps things from getting too awfully heavy. I sense that you are on a learning curve, like many of us. I see us as students, not only as astrologers, but also students at relating to one another! So we always have room for growth and improvement, if we are open to it. I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your podcasts. I hope that you continue with them. Thanks1

    • I would love to throw my two cents in on this comment…the Astrology Podcast interview episodes are as suggested. Chris’ agenda, order, and “piercing questions”. The forecast episodes aren’t designed, I don’t believe, to be interview episodes. IMO, I have loved these forecast episodes from day 1, and I love them for the looser, less formal, more casual and more spontaneous fun energy that Chris, Austin, and Kelly bring to the table. And most of the forecast episodes, in my experience, do tend to follow a more chronological order of events, but come on! This month is an exception, with an truly exceptional singular event. Rightfully the focus was on the “Great American Eclipse” and I, for one, enjoyed hearing the “rambling” discussion (if you need to call it that) of contextual accompanying events, past and present. So we need to hear more about the Mercury Retrograde? Really?! Because the discussion of that 3x every year hasn’t been sufficient? And Kelly’s “lack of preparation”? I didn’t see/hear that. Personally, I dig the chemistry ( and omg seriously, “sexual tension”?! What?!) and format involved with these forecast episodes and I really hope that nothing changes. I have referred clients and other astrologers to these forecasts and my referrals have been pretty Universally happy with them and become regular listeners. PLEASE don’t change the format! Ya’all three are awesome, making astrology accessible, interesting and fun again! THANK YOU for each and every one!

    • I kinda feel the same way. It’s an astrology podcast & wish there was more astrology discussed. Maybe it was the planetary alignment & they could stay focused on the topic. However I feel there was a build up from last months podcast to this one that left me unsatified. Maybe I’ve outgrown the podcast & it’s time for me to move on. You comments made me realize that it’s not just me.

  • i was thinking exactly along the lines of Jen re saturn’s movement through cap; we will all have to learn how to be the rear clean-up/rebuilding brigade – with constantly changing blueprints. oh joy…but many of us will also, likewise, feel able to try/accomplish during seasons of the transit. i hope so, anyway!
    as to adam’s remark, i just have to chiime in here as i am seeing a pattern recently. it is *crucial* to remember that astrologers have transits, too, and are not machines. i think the chemistry here is magic and consequently enlightening in (delightfully) random ways. for me, this signals and defines *authenticity*. these are top notch astrologers offering *overview* content for free Every Single Month. no matter what else is happening in their lives. and i learn.
    so thank you very much.

  • Thanks for putting together the synopsis of this month’s astro weather. I especially appreciate that you all tend to cover the transits that get ignored by most other mainstream astrologers. Most of us don’t need to know more about Mercury Rx, IMHO. Personally I enjoy the format. It’s like listening in on 3 friends chatting over coffee. Also wanted to offer up an astrological anecdote to convey how on-point the discussion about the 5th/11th house axis was: I have a packed 5th house and this month I’ll be starting a critique group for authors and illustrators of children’s books.

  • Regarding the quality of the show…some thoughts: It does seem like you’re still finding your footing with the live version of this forecast, and do not have the benefit of the post-production editing you previously did. I can see why it will be a moment before you hit your stride and I hope other listeners will be mindful of this.

    Also – I have to go on record to say that I read absolutely no sexual tension between anyone on the podcast. Playful, fun and lightly martial at times…but sexual? Not at all. Perhaps a complete misunderstanding of the laughter concerning “meditations on the eclipse???” Mercury Retrograde shadow and all that Sun-Mars in Leo energy? Look out, everyone…your lighthearted kindness may suddenly be seen as an aggressive come on during this Mercury Retro! (That actually just happened to me!! but fortunately we were able to clear the air.)

    This has been a very challenging period of time for me…I am being made to find the places where self-respect and respect for others meet in very gnarly situations. A consideration of the vast difference between something being “all my fault” and the actual truth of having some “responsibility.” The Jupiter-Pluto square all the way, baby! My mantra has been purify, purify, purify…my thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions. There is great wisdom in restraint these days. And also in purification….as Austin previously (July forecast) described Mars’ interaction with the Sun, interestingly. Hadn’t put that together til just now! I’ve just intuitively turned to doing that, as conflict began to crop up in my relational field.

  • It has absolutely nothing to do about learning more about Mercury Rx in a vacuum and everything to do about contextualizing astrology, which in my opinion is exactly what any professional astrologer should strive to do. No transits occur in a vacuum, whether it’s an eclipse, Mercury Rx, or a Grand Trine in Fire. This contextualization is precisely why chronological order is important.

    Mercury Rx will station at 28 degree Leo, within four degrees of the Solar Eclipse at 24 degree Leo. It will be roughly midpointing the Eclipse and the Jupiter square Pluto residue.

    Re sexual tension, if I felt it pertinent I would be glad to highlight the nitty-gritty details that I perceive quite clearly. Doesn’t mean I’m right, doesn’t mean you’re right, and nor do I particularly care what you think of my comments. I’m simply stating my truth. Nor do I mean to imply that sexual tension is bad, or abnormal, or morally wrong. It’s quite natural. My point was that, in context, I perceived as unprofessional and detracting from the art and science of astrology.

  • I try not to comment on stuff like this, but here I am…

    I listen to this podcast to heal real people speak, not robots. There’s enough fake people in the world as it is, I don’t want to listen to robots and I don’t want these people neutured, or spayed, In other words I don’t want them moderated. I like what they have to say and I like them being themselves.

    If anyone responds to this, don’t expect an answer, I’ve got too much on my plate to argue about this. This was just my 2 cents, peace.

  • The show is amazing as it is. Don’t change a thing. And.. um.. it’s free…. so you can really do whatever you want and those who have a need for something more can seek those things anywhere else!