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In Defense of Prediction, with Adam Elenbaas

In Defense of Prediction, with Adam Elenbaas

In episode 99 of the podcast astrologer Adam Elenbaas joins the show to talk about using astrology to make predictions, some of the different attitudes that astrologers have towards the subject, and the pros and cons of the practice in general.

For more information about Adam’s work see: NightlightAstrology.com.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode of the podcast.

Announcing the Giveaway for March

Right at the top of the show I announce the two new patron giveaway prizes for March:

  1. A free pass to the upcoming Organization for Professional Astrology retreat, which will take place October 19-22, 2017 at the beautiful Zion National Park, in Utah.
  2. A signed copy of my new book, Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune.

For more information about the giveaway and how to enter see the March description page.


A full transcript of this episode is available: Episode 99 transcript

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  • Why is it wrong to say there are strong indications that something will happen – such as Hilary’s win? NO ONE thought Trump would win – even the Russians. Why should astrology be held to a higher bar than that? Astrologers are not psychics. Yes Yes Yes – all for bringing magic back into the world. Predictive astrology opens that discussion – and the awesome experience of hearing what you need to hear when you hear it from an astrologer is an expression of synchronicity – which is a very Jungian concept. Astrology is a touchstone – predictive is just as valid as non predictive. Not every astrologer is a psychologist, but all astrologers can provide magic and see trends – whether they are experienced externally or as an interior process. I see astrology playing out in the every day all the time.

    • No one said Trump would win? Perhaps someone who doesn’t feel a need to speak out loud saw the strong possibility?

      • Non of the polls – none of the major non astrological predictors, and even the Trump campaign, I have heard. Certainly did not have a Cabinet picked out. Also, he only one the electoral college, not the popular vote, so it is easy to see that a win would be predicted for the opposing party. My point is that astrology is not as precise as it would like to think it is and that indicators can be held to be true but final outcome may not pan out exactly as on may think, as in this case – a HUGE popular win, but not the election.

        • Very interesting talk, now I have listened to it again in 2019……
          Yes, Astrology, is inherently a “predictive” art . Sacred in all its aspects. Isn’t it but a matter of
          semantics to say it is not “predictive”..? . But we as astrologers have to be very careful how we handle this when dealing
          with ourselves and/or helping clients and friends…….*.

          I am very into Evolutionary Astrology/admire intensely and deeply the work of Steven Forrest… …and I don’t doubt that there is the rare astrologer who can accurately forecast what is coming…..

          Perhaps there is no conflict at all between Modern and Traditional Astrology….. Certainly they can live side by side without conflict, even within one Astrologer, it seems to me….

          Angela Pearson
          New Zealand

  • An interesting discussion. I was reminded of a dialogue in the movie “Evan Almighty” between Lauren Graham who was playing Evan Baxter’s wife and Morgan Freeman’s character as God. He is talking to her in a restaurant and tells her, if we ask for patience then God sends us the opportunity to be patient. If we ask for faith, then he sends us the opportunity to exercise our faith and if we ask for love then he sends us the opportunity to love. People tend to think that “growth” is somehow a purely psychological or metaphysical event, when the fact of the matter is our spiritual growth is found in everyday events…. when we see that everyday events are “fated” in order to bring us to growth then we can predict with a peace of mind.

  • This is a very important conversation, and I appreciate the experience, knowledge, and effort that went into it. I especially love the bit, about 31 minutes in, about the “cult of meaning” generating clichés and “lifeless spiritual tropes, and everybody putting a Rumi quote on their wall.” I laughed out loud. And I much agree with something Chris says later on, in reference to certain modern Jungian-style/New Age perspectives: blaming the victim, often — yes! Great to hear this pointed out….
    From my perspective, a lot of the philosophy/theology/psychology that grew up around astrology in the 20th century (primarily) happened primarily because without the revival of the ancient techniques that’s now going on, predictions simply didn’t work reliably. Anecdotally, yes; intuitively, sometimes, depending on the talents and skills of the astrologer. But this stage evolved as astrologers struggled with the lack of consistent and (just as importantly) *specific results* using then-standard horary, progressions, etc. In other words: these techniques just didn’t work well enough to impress anyone. Fuzzy generalities don’t really help when a person wants specific information. (Often, the astrologer’s response could be generated by anyone who’s learned a smattering of pop psychology.) This construction of psychological/meaning-based work (in which I’ve been much steeped for 30-odd years, on and off) was a defensive posture. Now, in my opinion, those who attack predictive astrology as it’s evolving are still being defensive rather than getting trained in and comfortable with the ancient techniques. This is not to denigrate terrific astrologers like Forrest; but let’s face it, if we can demonstrate that predictions work reliably, it’s a game changer. (BTW, I’m clearly no spring chicken and don’t represent a generational difference in POV. Just commenting on the situation as I see it.) … Very much appreciated Adam Elenbaas’s perspective on fear and anxiety, and the sensitive use of prediction. A wonderful antidote to today’s focus only on the positive; a much healthier way to go. BTW, I have purchased Chris’s course in Hellenistic techniques and had to interrupt it, but am looking forward to digging back in.

    • I agree with Bonnie! This was such a great interview! It has reignited some of my own thinking on this topic. Adam is a fantastic speaker. Thanks Chris, great guest and interview.

  • 60 million or more americans felt Trump would win – which is why they kept coming out in record breaking numbers during the historic primary. People preferred to follow the brainwashing of liberals main stream media. Prediction does often focus on trivial things. Those of us who think independently and also intuitively knew otherwise. Predictions are often influenced by personal beliefs, even if unconscious due to the influence of mass consciousness such as what was manipulated by media. I love astrology and tarot, its guided intelligence as well as Adam’s interpretations via his astrological guidance, but one must stay focused on what comes most intuitively through their own connection to the Divine and use divination as a guide only. For those who do not tune in to their higher consciousness this guidance has more validation than those who understand that our one Power of Universal Spirit coming in thru clear channels is an art and discipline most are not always connected to. In any case this was a good interview and enjoyed hearing Adam speaking as well as his ongoing posts. Thank you.

  • This discussion about the election seems like it is not really on topic with the focus of this episode of the podcast, so I’d like to end it here, since I’m not sure that much more needs to be said.

  • Namaste

    This is the first podcast here I have listened to, and it was excellent and eloquent. I thank you both.