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Astrology Forecast for February 2017

Astrology Forecast for February 2017

In episode 96 of the podcast Austin Coppock joins the show to talk about the major upcoming astrological alignments in February of 2017.

February features a lunar eclipse in Leo, a solar eclipse in Pisces, and an exact Jupiter-Uranus opposition with Mars conjunct Uranus at the same time.

Kelly is away on vacation and decided to take this month off, so it was just me and Austin talking for about two and a half hours. The first hour or so is just catching up on news since our last episode was recorded in mid-December, which largely had to do with stuff in the world of politics. If you are sick of political stuff and just want to skip straight to the forecast then jump to about an hour and eight minutes into the recording.

Below you will find an outline of some of the different topics that we touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to download or stream the recording.

Current Giveaway Prizes

At the top of the show I note that we have two sponsors this month, and on episode 98 we will be giving away a couple of prizes to two lucky patrons of the show.

  1. The first prize is a pass to the upcoming Northwest Astrological Conference, which is taking place May 2529, 2017 in Seattle, Washington.
  2. The second prize is a copy of a new 2 CD package from The Mountain Astrologer magazine which contains copies of every issue they published from 20072010.

For more information about the giveaway and how to enter for a chance to win see the giveaway description page.

Astrological Transits for February

  • Venus ingresses into Aries on February 3.
  • Jupiter stations retrograde at 23 Libra February 6
  • Mercury ingresses into Aquarius February 7
  • Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 10
  • Sun into Pisces February 18
  • Mercury into Pisces February 25
  • New Moon/Solar eclipse in Pisces February 26
  • Jupiter opposite Uranus/Mars February 27

Auspicious Electional Chart for February

The auspicious election that we are highlighting for this month takes place:

The other three elections for February will be presented in  our 45-minute auspicious elections episode, which is available to Patrons of the show who sign up for the $5 or $10 tier. If you would like to get access to that then you can sign up on our page on Patreon.

Listen to This Episode

You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:

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  • New Moon EclipsePisces conjunct south node – the ending of the old 18 month story in this area of life – on an emotional level allows the birth of a new theme that concludes in the fall, I don’t see the one cancelling out the other. Tow two co-incide? Endings always lead to new beginnings.

  • Would someone kindly explain what ansticia (anticia) (sp) is? Austin referred to this perfected connection. Looks like a diagonal half of a rectangle to me. Is there a special significance? A connecting trine, opposition and sextile. Forms a congruent triangle this way. This is the diagonal half of that rectangle that forms /between Jupiter in Libra, occasional moon (anything in Leo), over to Uranus in Aries and then to Aquarius.

  • oh no – that is the mystic rectangle! the contra ansticia is the fact that both Uranus and the Pisces Moon are equal degrees from 0 degrees Aries – right?

  • As I was listening to the discussion earlier this morning, I was struck by a sudden insight which you seem to have overlooked in talking about Venus’ ingress into Aries on February 3rd. Having participated in the Women’s March on January 21, ( I attended one in my hometown in Washington State), I thought at the time it felt like the awakening of the Goddess – a sudden rise in militant feminism that I haven’t seen since the sixties and seventies. Many of the same issues have become prominent once again, with President Trump and his right-wing allies in Congress (representing The Patriarchy) threatening to defund Planned Parenthood, overturn Roe v. Wade, and set equal rights back fifty years.

    The seminal moment came with the release of the Access Hollywood tapes. (What was Venus doing on that day?) The Republican candidate’s cavalier attitude toward out-and-out sexual assault was an affront to women not just in this country, but worldwide, as evidenced by the thousands of protests that arose spontaneously in cities across the globe.

    I am only a year or two younger than Hillary Clinton, so I saw her candidacy through the lens of the Women’s Liberation movement, the ERA, and the long struggle against sexism and the double standard and the fight to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of domestic violence and rape in our culture. The presidential campaign represented for many women the 5,000-year-old battle between the Patriarchy and the Goddess.

    The day following the march, I wrote: The Goddess has awoken. She has come to reclaim Her status as The Great Mother and to usher humanity into a bright new age ruled by love, compassion, shared responsibility, and an abiding respect for the natural world and all its inhabitants. Let us celebrate Her coming and welcome Her back into our consciousness with the fullness of our gratitude. Let us vow never again to abandon Her. Let us protect Her against anyone who wishes to desecrate or violate Her. Let us join together and raise our voices in defense of our Mother, She who through Her Divine Grace birthed us and nourished us from the essence of Her own body in order that we might go forth and populate the Earth, and spread knowledge of Her to every corner, and teach Her wisdom so that Life continues to unfold.

  • watching the jeff sessions senate floor epic debate ,
    this whole thing resonates, bings, + bangs with so much of the feb episode, just to touch on a couple things verbatim as well as over arching in coincidence.

    the idea of this debate centralizing on the american political attorney general pings me to the Jupiter/ libra Uranus/aries opposition!

    rule 19 the standing senate rule – enacted “1st time in forever,” to (d) senator elizabeth warren, silencing her on the senate floor, (while she read a letter from the late Dr martin luther king jr’s wife Mrs. King.)
    (throw back to more civil rights, social tension to modern day tensions)

    the very end of the stream has (r) senator john cornyn – house whip – speaking on behalf of sessions
    saying “this debate over the nomination of senator jeff sessions has taken on some unusual twists and turns.”
    hahahah thats basically the forcast for this month huh

    he concludes by imploring senators to think with their hearts about the kind of man jeff sessions is, rather than to scrutinize his policy history, which i thought was pretty perfect when it come to this happening days before a lunar eclipse!

    love the show + yalls work, always educational, and thought provoking
    cheers wilder

  • Thank you for sharing your writing schedule ‘hits and misses’ in the beginning of the podcast, really helpful.
    Also, I just received one of the new planetwatcher posters, beautiful. Wondering if you could speak to why Maynard’s and Planetwatcher sometimes have different days for aspects/ingresses/retrogrades…beyond time zone factor.

    • Not sure. I’d have to compare them. Is it wildly off, or just a day or so? It may be similar to the ephemeris issue, where some ephemerides will begin at midnight while others begin at noon. That would only throw things off by a day though, so I’m not sure if that would account for what you are talking about.

  • About predicting the election —- Trump kept saying that it was rigged. Maybe he was telling the truth because he knew that his side was doing the rigging. Can you really make an accurate prediction if cheating is going on? = Saturn Neptune = undermining of reality/truth. Also there was and still is so much Uranus energy that maybe all anyone can say is that “something strange will happen”. Both candidates brought their own version of strangeness to the election. The country is pretty much evenly split and therefore with Uranus in charge maybe there wasn’t a way to know which way the cookie would crumble ahead of time. Maybe Astrologers got it wrong because the energy was so hot and unstable that it could have gone either way, which in fact it did.